BUCKY FULLER challenges you to be a planet saver

"If success or failure of the planet and of
human beings depended on how I am and
what I do ... How would I be? What would I do?"

Buckminster Fuller

1.) USE EVERYTHING TO BETTER THE SOIL. All bio-garbage except meat or fat goes into ground outside back door, in the ground. Save it in a big bowl near sink, when it's full, keep shovel out in yard near your composting area. it does not smell or draw flies.  Get the FISH MONGER to give you fish trash, spines, bones, skin and the soup it came from, once you fridged it, removed the fat and put that candle-waxy stuff in a container to go in the weekly trash dump. Bury this recycle-able potage outside. Every few years, move your spot so the worms don't get overloaded. These little silent workers turn garbage into finest HUMUS SOIL. The soil makes organic vegies, you cook them and the waste goes back into the soil, a perfect circle.

2) CONFINE THE USELESS TRASH! I saw a Pacific island nation on Nat'l Geographic. The entire population waded out into the ocean to take buckets of tin-rich sludge. Children worked all day so they could sell the tin! Instantly I started RECYCLING all tin cans to make it easier on them. Wash food remains out, keep in a separate waste paper basket or bin with your coke bottles and cans. Cities pick up recyclables with the newspaper bin. Or go to get paid by recycler. Keep this in the back of the car, visible to all. I note that keeping them visible in my hatchback cuts down on traffic tickets. No cop will give a ticket to someone so poor they collect cans and bottles. Re-use all plastic bags that arrive holding your fresh groceries, (*for winter clothing storage, bulbs and corms from the garden, seasonal Shoe storage. sweater storage with some lavendar or moth balls in warm weather,) so the bags never end up in trash. Well, they will eventually but you got multi uses out of them first. I keep oliferous trash out of my kitchen by keeping a bag hanging on doorknob. It gets a lb of junk it then goes outside into great big trashcan.

3.) USE THE EARTH! Green lawns take up way more water than vegie gardens. Lift out squares of lawn with roots, Compost these divots upside down with manure, get your local chicken farmer to sell you ten buckets of bird dung. In a few months you'll have a magnificently fertile compost pile or garden. Then visit ANITA'S GARDEN ARCHIVE and learn the easy breezy seniors' method of sowing, growing, hoeing, mulching and then eating home grown produce. Organic soil gives plants impervious to bugs, cuts down on pesticides stored in your body, creating disease. How to get a small farm and orchard one gas tank away from city, you and ten families sharing cost/ labor and go tax free thereafter? READ "VACATION VILLAS for your VERY CLOSEST CHUMS on your SOCIETIE ANONIME FARM"

4.) USE THE CAT! Old fashioned cat litter after a week in your litter box is full of urea, best amendment for clay soil, makes it loose, friable. But you cannot buy CLUMPING LITTER! Old fashioned clay particle litter is what you want. Remove turds with hand in plastic bag (We're reusing bags, right? ) They go into trashcan, bagged. LITTER goes into garden, gets dug in and watered well. Improves friability of clay soil as these are large particles. Good black soil is already friable.

5.) WATER and TOILET PAPER CONSERVATION Silly rock singer Cheryl Crowe was wrong about using less toilet paper.. Six squares of toilet paper is a better butt patter than her ONE as then you do not have to wash your hands so well! (Which wastes water). GARDEN WATER SECRETS? CV PIPE DRIP METHOD.

6.) All GOOD GARBAGE goes to ANIMAL LIFE! Fruit and vegie wastes that look almost edible go into the area where your possums are. Mine is a huge huge redwood fence made into a chin high woodpile. POSSUMS love nightly donation and replicate. The little marsupials love snails. I have not had to bag up my hand and with flashlight pick up a lb of snails every single night since my possums multiplied. When WWIII hits, I've got MARSUPIAL, the OTHER WHITE MEAT! And as they eat all my chicken bones they are going to be FAT and tasty!

SWISS chard is too generous with me, so I cook it last five minutes that the cat's CHICKEN thighs are boiling. The stems get 5 min, the leaves 1, then I use the fat off cat's chicken soup as butter, plate it up. Slide plate into the woodpile, in those spaces where I see possums crawling. Morning, it's gone. I see my cats seated their backs to me, watching the woodpile for hours at midnight. Reality TV. THE POSSUM SHOW no more boring than all those OTHER reality shows! Cats now get  the chard cooked into their meat, (I cook from scratch as chicken is 59c lb, while catfood is 5 oz for that price. ADD MALLOW foraged from garden, vacant lots. )

7). SHARE THE CAT FAT - Chicken is always on sale somewhere. It ends up being way cheaper than pet food. If you boil up chickens for your cat crew, you skim the broth serve the meat, throw broth into fridge in a saucepan. After it's fridged overnight, you will get a thick layer of hard fat. Save in coffee can. Twenty coffee cans of chicken fat every six months is my norm. Put an ad in Craigs list 'SOAPMAKERS come get your free TALLOW" Kept fridged fresh and cold. This is two times frugal: Cheap cat food, Free soap! You also meet the right kind of people thru soapmakers, or my garden ads, free fruit trees exchange for bag potting soil, great folks!

8.) AC's are the most wasteful electricity-eaters of all, highly expensive. Grow trees around house, on four sides. Wake up, it's 95? Spray trees, up to 40 feet high, every leaf wet. It's a refrigeration grid, chills air instantly. Then turn on AC for a few minutes, that's doubly chilled in house. Never spray trees after 6:30pm as they may not dry and darkness would make every leaf on them MOLD, on certain varieties, Lost an apricot tree that way. Damp at dinner, by MORNING it was GRAY toast!

HEATERS are second most wasteful, whether dryer or room heater. Putting on your sweat suit is free. Heat your body not the whole house! This issue recalls to me the old Indian saying: "Indian build  small fire, sit close up.  White man build big fire, sit way back."

9). EVEN SHMUTZ HAS A USE! Vacuum up that mixture of soil, dust, cathair? Great compost! Stick it
out in garden. Worms are attracted to hair. Must be the pasta of the VERM WORLD. I have so many red worms it's not funny. So that inspires me, I GO FISHING off the rocks in Malibu and get thousands of dollars worth of the world's freshest, best fish, but you also get FISH COMPOST. Fillet the fishies, put the FILLET in plastic wrap wi. lemon juice in the freezer. Then those Fish wastes, fish scales? Bury with shovel. SQUANTO KNOW HEAP WELL HOW TO GROW CORN! And when I bury fish parts, deep so cats won't sniff it out and bone themselves, I GET BETTER CORN, better chard! It's a CIRCLE OF FERTILITY!

10 A.) ALL WASTE WATER GOES ON flowers in YARD. Before you step out of the bath tub, take the hose tip from window, pull IN the hose, affix to the FAUCET, turn cold water on full force. Outside in the garden, that water is LOWER than the tub level and starts a 'suck' going. Put hose quickly in the tub water. Tub empties in to garden. B.) MOP with ammonia water? Best fertilizer. DUMPIT OUTSIDE! Squeeze mop dry over the soil beds. Rinse again in bucket and toss that too. C.) Wash dishes in two sinks, use two plastic square tubs exact size of sink. Finished rinsing? Pick them both up dump on garden outside kitchen. Dishwasher machine wastes electricity and tons of water unless you hook up the empty-hose to garden which is an idea. D.) RAIN GUTTERS, send the water to the right part of garden.

11.) Don't waste money on flea sprays for your cats. Vet bills for cancer will go thru the roof. Get a flea comb. Stand Fluffy on table, 2 pts of water in a container nearby. Comb a dozen strokes then pull hair off into water. Repeat. ONLY BATHE KITTENS. No adults go in a tub. In fact, you can USE THE BABY KITTENS as flea vacuums. Daily, pick the little guy up, sink in water to his neck, use the soap to suds him a bit, fleas come up to 'top side of the craft.' and you pick them off into water. Then towel him, carry into sun, set on white towel surface, got your specs? IN SUNLIGHT, the fleas shine copper bright, can't move in wet fur, pick off. Towel for a sec in sun, return him to his mother smelling of Irish Spring. A very fine tooth flea comb works for adults. Stand them on sink, two tubs of water full, comb, pick fleas off comb. Wet his chops, nose, forehead, THE TOPDECK main place fleas love and they rise to tip of fur. Comb them off.

12.) FRUIT FALL GETS USED! In L.A's interior valley  we can pick up every kind of citrus free, off lawns, alleys. I know where a huge GUAVA tree overhangs a public alley. Owners tell me to take what's on the tree but I can only reach lowest ones so also take guavas that fell on the ground as I know they are ripe. I wash, slice/edit, then simmer with sugar into jam. Rest gets mixed with water, SEEDS AND PULP) sieved into a plastic bottle. I have an electric citrus juicer for limes, lemons, grapefruit, Keep that in a plastic container in fridge. If soft drinks are on sale or on the bent rack, I'll buy a six pack and fridge a can at a time. Slosh some of that soda into a glass, add fresh squeezed citrus, put a bottle cap or grape over the CAN hole so that flies can't get in,in case there's a fly in my fridge. Hey, it's been known to happen. That SINGLE CAN OF SODA lasts me three days as I ethically will not let myself have soft drinks without the addition of FRESH FRUIT FALL juice. I love the carbonation, the hit of ice cold that the soft drink gives, which raw juice doesn't, and after a savory meal one MUST have a big sip of sweet/ cold fruit juice to cleanse the palate so I rationalize with that combo recipe there.  FREE FRUIT ALSO BECOMES JAM. One neighbor has a yellow fig tree. Rather cloying flavor done up as jam but if one adds LIME or LEMON ZEST AND JUICE as one makes the jam, it is very tasty. Lemon trees overhanging ONE alley allow me to use my neighbor's fig fruitfall. Another Bucky CIRCLE! If I had a bigger kitchen I'd do Cuban guava on top of vanilla cheese or custard pies and sell them. So for some gals, alley fruit can provide an income.

SAVE THE SEEDS. Citrus seeds get planted immediately, they cannot dry out. Peaches may not be identical to the store fruit; they are better, sweeter, juicier, resembling the way God made original peaches. Carrot tops root if they have 1/4 inch of orange carrot left on them.  Every flower bed gets sown. Flats, pots also. The curb plot on my corner is 3,000 sq. feet of garden space. I coposted it and planted it all. These lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit trees get to be a year or two old I THEN put an ad at CRAIGS LIST. (FREE FRUIT TREES, TWO YEAR TREES trade a bunch for a bag of potting soil.) Gardeners come over, I trade a bag of super soil for little year old trees, give away a dozen small ones as well as bags of seeds to everything else I grow or maybe find out in the wilds of suburbia. FULL SEED LIST. I mail seeds to people in every state and UK. But those who come to pick up the fruit trees that are free sometimes become friends or client. How does a senior meet people? I'm a hermit who doesn't go anywhere ever, who is in the astrology tarot, palmistry business, so seed pals, that's a useful sequence.  Read 'HOW TO MERCHANDISE YOURSELF." 

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