by Anita Sands Hernandez ne Szendrei (stage name,) Really Shatz

An Anti Semite with whom I am acquainted, via the internet, (he lives in UK )  is on my liberal leftist political list so he gets my conspiracy finds as EMAILS. I sent the list some grisly fotos of Auschwitz, Berkenau, thin bodies no, not thin, BONES WITH SKIN ON THEM, GAUNT FACES, MOUTHES HOLLARING TO THE DARKNESS, stacked like firewood ten feet tall. Some new collection of old photos, right? Well he wrote back "They were victims of USA/ UK bombs!" Then he went on:

a. A photograph can speak a thousand words. True!
b. Photographs can also tell lies. True!
c. Dwight D Eisenhower was a Jew who was selected by high level Jews in the U.S. administration to become Supreme Allied Commander Europe. His selection was over and above
higher ranking U.S. officers. His military and intellectual capabilities were by far inferior to other military personnel of the same rank before he was 'elected' by the Jewish cabal. Upon war's end Eisenhower stated that he hated  Germans and wanted to destroy them all. He therefore ordered that all German military personnel should be rounded up and imprisoned in concentration camps throughout Germany, and that they should have no food or water. (The camps were in open countryside without trees, surrounded by barbed wire.) There was no shelter whatsoever for their protection. Over the ensuing eighteen months an estimated 1.5 million prisoners died from starvation, dysentery, typhus, typhoid, hypothermia, pneumonia, gangrene and other illnesses.

d. As for the so-called photographic 'evidence' of the German concentration camp victims. The photos
were real all right! But they were the result of over six weeks of total bombing of all infrastructure
surrounding the camps by the Allies. The purpose being to completely destroy German capabilities of
any and all forms of manufacture, both military, civilian and food production. Thus the death toll of the
inmates through starvation, dysentery, typhus, typhoid and other diseases
became horrendous over the ensuing six-or-so weeks. Also it was cold four winters in a row, 1942,
1943, 1944, 1945. Shit happens!

Just think for yourself - if you had no food for two or three weeks. How much body fat will you lose
during that period? It will probably be between 40 to 60 pounds in weight. Now extend that period of
starvation by another three-or-so weeks! At the end of that period you will become skin and bones ---
just like those photographs your friend is so ignorantly pumping around.

Added to that, because your immune system will become depleted through starvation, you will become
susceptible to any illnesses floating around.

It is on record that during WWII typhus and typhoid became endemic in Continental Europe. Fumigation
systems had to be used on a regular basis for clothing. Hence the use of Zyklon-B in all the concentration camps
--- to disinfect clothing, nothing more!!!

e. Throughout the war the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) made weekly visits to all
concentration camps: i. Bringing food parcels, clothing and personal correspondence for the internees.
ii. As part the ICRC's program they took meticulous details, recording all information of any illnesses of inmates and any deaths by sex, age and cause of death, and of births. Yes, births.

f. As a direct consequence of six weeks-or-so continuous Allied bombing of infrastructure surrounding
the camps the ICRC were unable to visit any of the camps during that period. Hence no food was
delivered, the consequences of which was death, starvation and disease.

g. The only true account of the concentration camp activities during the war was that recorded by the
ICRC, for which their meticulous accounts were recorded in three volumes printed in 1947, of which I
have a copy.

We should never forget: the absolute fabrication of events during those terrible years, purposefully created and broadcast by the Jewish-controlled forces.

Tell you friend to do some indepth research using her own integrity. Not research based upon the mainstream harlots. But real research to get at the truth.


I now TUNE A PAL into this E-conversation. Saying "He said IKE was a JEW. The pal google some stuff & writes the NAZI and me:  "Eisenhower's paternal ancestor, Hans Nicholas Eisenhauer, was probably of Lutheran or Reformed Protestant practice. Eisenhower's mother, Ida E. Eisenhower, previously a member of the River Brethren sect of theMennonites, joined the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (now more commonly known as Jehovah's Witnesses) between 1895 and 1900, when Eisenhower was a child.

The NAZI then SENT ME THIS URL So REAL JEW NEWS DOT COM is the source of his sewage. Good to know. Meanwhile an observer of this E-exchange, my liberal friend, and not Jewish, writes: "So you discount thousands of GI eyewitness accounts and thousands of Jewish, Polish, German, Slovakians  .... plus all the journalists accounts with their pictures. Truly there is no hope for you. I have never encountered anyone as gullible and as ignorant. You discount the piles of ashes, the purpose of the ovens, The piles of jewelry, clothing, lamp shades made of human skin, the conscription of laborers of all nationalities into the factories for the German industrial complex who were worked to death  , the many who helped some Jews escape the horror. The fact that 6 million of this one race disappeared from the face of the earth and say instead that the 6 million disappeared in six weeks?? And that they were all Germans? You discount the meticulous record keeping of the German's themselves .... including their own filmed records of deportation, lining up for the ovens etc: Are you Muslim a Skinhead a neo Nazi or from some other solar system ?  Or just one of the sonofabitches  Ike was referring to? About the only thing that could be said in your favor is that you are consistent. Consistently stupid and nothing can be done to fix stupid !"

Now, I will admit, the smartest men on the planet, the Rothschilds, mastered banking and took it to its upper limits, opening up countries at the LIVER & bankrupting those countries. The OLIGARCHS, the GLOBAL ELITE are mainly Jewish bankers. We claim to love capitalism and we kill commies, don't we? But when some group does capitalism really well, making us all look like schnooks, especially those of us who bit down on variable rates and bought homes when they were high... well, those are the breaks. What do you want, communism? Collectives? I don't think so.