By Anita Sands Hernandez astrology@earthlink.net

NUMBER ONE- Let yourself be INSPIRED! If you open the right informational door, the SPIRIT OF the RIGHTEOUS WRATH of GOD can ACTUALLY ENTER INTO YOU. The great ones all had that. HOW to open the doors? Simple. Study the lives of the great ones who operated out of that spirit. There, read Gandhi's Bio. You can also find it ONLINE in ten seconds. Or you can own a copy going to abe books online shop....where used books are a buck  Read A TOP ACTIVIST's   SECRET TIPS on how to get books even cheaper from online vendors. HOW TO FIND THE TITLES?  Do a GOOGLE search on some great activists, like the barreling Berrigan brothers. Christic Institute, Daniel Sheehan. Note how many activists we have today, all of them chewing at the New World Order like mice and how few activists we had in ancient times. What's that about? It's about the fact that Kings can no longer shoot you or cut off your head for speaking out.

Although my email and that of other internet political writers is assaulted regularly by some unknown force which once upon a time could erase lists in my address book from the outside, I got a free online firewall, ZONEALARM, & you can too. Once I loaded it up, they never bothered me again. THEN I GOT WIN 10 and I guess BILL Gates keeps them from entering. Only HE can go in, maybe. Bill himself.

The NSA /CIA and their death squads do bother some folks. Danny Casolero was getting up close and personal, researching the CIA's famed "Octupus',   a very secret operation, told pals if he showed up dead it was CIA. Well, his motel room "suicide" was totally bogus and his pals screamed bloody murder. Biggest, angriest activist in America, William Cooper, was murdered in November, 2001 by police serving a warrent. Gary Webb, whose SAN JOSE TIMES  series and later, first book "DARK ALLIANCE" revealed to the entire world that the BUSH FAMILY was dealing coke out of Latin America, brought by CIA, sold with the aid of barrio gangs. WHAT A SPLASH THAT was. GOOGLE his name. WEBB was probably murdered. His suicide was more realistic than CASOLERO's. Read THE DETAILS OF THOSE TWO BULLETS IN HIS HEAD by DOING A SEARCH ON DEATH OF GARY WEBB. The. Fact that he had written an article about how ARMY is tied into video games requiring fast pistol skills, love of killing, developing them, putting them out in public, finding kids with high scores and recruiting them.

I was motivated, WORKING ON A BOOK!

Gary was working on a new high profile book on public corruption. Nobody who knew him said he was unhappy.That he'd sold his house as mortgage was too high.  But he didn't leave pals like CASOLERO did, saying 'if I am found dead, they did it!" GOOGLE these three murders. See if I left anything out. Then there's Senator PAUL WELLSTONE. His plane went down. Those little toy planes get their carbs  rebuilt real easy in the hanger at night! Big Cheney enemy, so mucho cui bonum there. And then there's the JFK hit. The truth just came out on how LYNDON used the CIA to murder him. Then Bobby murdered CIA guy's wife Mary who was JFK's last mistress. And Ben Bradlee's sister in law, a posh blueblood. Read the JFK HIT, it's all there.

The fact that such murders happened and that all web activists report hackers assaulting their PC's tells me that what we are writing is being read by nervous-in-the-service types on top and you know what? We're flattered by the attention. We remember hearing the Watergate Tapes Nixon had to hand over, where he fumed about activists and demanded peaceniks' names be collected.

It's nice to know that the Internet makes the slave-to-corporatism (i.e. fascist) Prexy and his handlers paranoid enough to send the NSA after us. Evolution has been speeded up by the internet. There is a fence keeping the Dobermans of corporatism from running everything. It is democracy, civil rights. That fence is manned by all those ACLU type groups that fight punitive government's trigger finger. Throw in FM radio, Radio Pacifica, the ultimate Paul revere. Last night on our local Pacifica Radio station, (Do a websearch on this radio syndicate) I heard that Congress is trying to pass a bill abrogating all civil rights so that the FBI and cops can better catch the 911 Terrorists. The bill allows them to arrest suspects, keep you in jail without a trial, take all money they find on you and not give it back. But never fear, the INTERNET is going to spit nails about that. Expect a veritable wildfire of activism about to start against this law. BE IN ON IT!

NUMBER TWO. LEARN TO USE YOUR TOOLS, the old fashioned, DUAL CASETTE ghetto blaster that costs 5$ at a Salvation Army store and lets you record such FM radio shows, dupe them and share 'em with pals. Learn to use the WORD PROCESSING PROGRAMs in your PC. The Manual for Dummies which shows you how to work the program and thusly write articles, save 'em in HTML, then FTP them to your own website. Every ISP or server gives out a free website these days. Get yours. Create your own political, instructive archive there. Collect articles there so you can send a pal to read and be informed.

Above all, learn to TOUCH TYPE. Download MAVIS BEACON online,(google the name + free + download software,)  it used to be free.  You'll type 100 wds a min in about a week....doing it an hour a day. The LIBRARY also has a book for mastering typing in a few days. It 'sits upright,' in an UPSIDE DOWN V.

BUT DO learn to type. You have to be able to grab the research and turn it into articles, typing like the wind, not hunt and peck, then publish in cyberspace, then write the press and give them the URL. Act as a P.R. agent for the idea. Somewhere there's a manual for your software, run thru it to learn the keystrokes. Pals have other word processing programs. I actually prefer Word Perfect for Dos for a fast moving first draft. Then I switch it to WORD to format it, turn it into HTML for web presentation. Microsoft WORD, being aWYSIWYG graphic and byte heavy, is cumbersome. WORST of all, slow. And you can't inhale other files super fast, with one keystroke, the way you can with WP for DOS.

NEXT, learn to make your email legible. If you send emails via Microsoft Outlook, they're a mess to people who don't have it. So get NETSCAPE Vers 4.7 as it's user friendly. INSIDE is this COMPOSER word processor, real easy to use, putting IMAGES in is the simplest with it, whereas MICROSOFT makes it a bitch to load images! Whatever browser you use, EDIT THE PREFERENCES so you send in txt. No MIME.

If you want html, (meaning you must send it as an attachment or post it in cyberspace, at your website,) you make it in WORD (part of MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE,) or COMPOSER (inside NETSCAPE) You make the links alive by clicking on chain ICON as you write. Your Browser's HTML sends all the links as dead links. See this http://billgates.com dead. dead! Make it alive this way, write it out, highlight it, hit the CHAIN LINK icon top of screen, filling in the exact same letters. It becomes a live link, like http://www.alternet.org/ Why send on FORWARDs that someone wrote in MIME or HTML. They're illegible, useless. Often they go thirty feet to the right so your pals have to scroll sideways on every single LINE! Or if you send to a journalist, it's an illegible mess! Why bother? Either clean up the files (by saving as text, and turning it into legible HTML) or go smoke a cigarette, eat ice cream, play video games, watch prime time tv and forget about being a share-file activist person and know that your grandkids will be landless plantation slaves only l9th century slaves had it BETTER!

NUMBER THREE. Be conversant with our era's most pressing ISSUES and HELP OTHERS TO KNOW THEM. I FEEL that resinstatment of the DRAFT by Congressman Charles Rangel is a pip of a cause now, at height of Iraq war. I did a mailout you can have as your first project! Get a sense of your issue's importance in the LINE-UP. Actually many peole wrote me and said I was wrong. A DRAFT makes certain CEO kids go to war to, so CEO's and politicos won't create wars. Hmmmmmm. I think richkids always got out of it, to wit Dan Quayle and Bushkin. Then, who is funding the fascist presidents, why? You learn to find THE KEEPER ARTICLES on this subject of why WAR IS SELF PERPETUATING like MIKE RUPPERT's "THE BEST ENEMIES THAT MONEY CAN BUY" article which alleges that USA wants and NEEDS interesting, hate-able enemies to keep WAR ALIVE! CIA STATE DEPT will do anything to have an interesting HO CHI MINH or SADDAM type, including building him into a war lord, which we did on our dollar, Funded the former for entire WWII, the latter for last few decades. Then HITLER, who created him? You'll be real surprised to hear it was Bush's grandpa. USA fined him for it, too! A mere handslapping fine.

So learn all sides of what is the issue? Which end is up. Are Chem trails more important than the perpetual war economy promulgated by those who elect presidents, (campaign funders). Or MAYBE LOWERING our personal TAXES should COME FIRST? Starvation kills more of us than war, frankly. SO then are Gatt Treaties more dangerous than CIA dealing drugs to our children? About EQUAL and both equal with HIGH COLLEGE COSTS and lack of scholarships as all leave our kids doing nothing all day but spacing out. HUNGRY, defrauded, used by their own government. CANNON MEAT.

Bush's Texas Oil/Gas chums at ENRON socking it to California by doubling gas prices in one day, i.e. the day BUSH WON ELECTION.. is that important? If grannies freeze to death and farms have to go bankrupt it is. Abrogation of civil rights ostensibly to catch terrorists is not a good thing, as King Bush the First would have said. Not prudent. Yet he's DOIN' IT in his illegal THIRD term! Cuz the kid is a sock puppet. This is the BUSH legacy's  THIRD TERM!

Know your Conspiracy Theory and talk these concepts over with your friends. Most people are asleep but when they hear the ring of truth in their ears, plenty of logical facts, they awake with a start. You are part of an international Paul Revere Society.."Bell Ringers and WhistleBlowers Are Us". NOISY FOLK! Maybe even complaining or worried folks but you know? Bottom line, when you're feeling pain, you know you're NOT ASLEEP. We're glad to be awake. Glad to pay the price tag. (READ the activists prayer and mission statement.

NUMBER FOUR: After you learn to WRITE FAST, WRITE FURIOUS. Don't be a shy Miss Manners when you're writing. On the other hand, don't let rage provoke swear words. Re-read when you cool off. Short of profanity, DO, say ANYTHING it takes to grab readers' interest and win. The aim is to find and pass on information effectively. The internet was designed by God to make that easy for us. Grab onto that info hanging in cyberspace and rewrite it so it is thrilling. BECOME A Rewrite Specialist, FORGER, PLAGERIST AND COPIEST if you have to, after all, chewing and spitting out knowledge really isn’t plagiarism. Trees grow food, we don't call eating that fruit or giving it to starving children stealing from the tree, do we? You can include the original writers' name and his URL. ALL GOOD INFO hanging out there is grist for our mills as writer-activists. If you want, in the paragraph’s end or in footnotes at bottom acknowledge… say ‘ so sez, Ralph Waldo at his website http://emerson.com and make it a real link (not a phony like this one) so that people can flash over to Ralph Waldo's site and see more. STUFFING LIVE LINKS into every article you write so it's like a RAISIN cake is  how it's got to be.  Efficiency. Much more than footnotes! SALT YOUR ARTICLES! So it's descending atomic level-worlds or endless mobius loops. A Maze, An Alice's Rabbit hole they fall into, floor after floor.

WHILE I AM WRITING an article if I get to something interesting, I save article, but don't push it offscreen. No, I go to HOME PAGE which is GOOGLE of course, and I GOOGLE the NAMES of this person, and find this person's website. I find his photo. I CAPTURE THE URL by highlighting the menu box at top, I CARRY the URL in my mouse into the article. I HIT AUTHOR's NAME, I HIGHLIGHT it, make it bigger in size, change color, and then I HIT URL i.e. the CHAIN LINK at top in menu, and DROP what the mouse is carrying right into that box. BINGO the AUTHOR's name turns into a live link ! So learn how to make a link live. Microsoft Office 97 will do it, a great piece of software, avoid the newer, 2000. Or you can do it in PAGE COMPOSER inside your NETSCAPE as it has 'LINK' as a choice at the top. You write the http thing out then highlight it, then go up to the link thing, fill in the address and WHAMMY SHAZAAAM you will see it turn into a live link! What a thrill technology is when you understand a little of it! SALT STUFF WITH LIVE LINKS!

Liberally sprinkle your articles with URLS so people can leap over to that other site and read. Start SALTING your HTM FILES that you are going to send out.EVEN if someone else wrote it. Get it in htm, in WORD, salt the whole story with little extras, like putting pecans, coconut and raisins in a cake.  I leave notes on my desk. Instructions to myself: "WHEN HAVE TIME --SALT this piece or that piece." ANY article that has a lot of arrows pointing other directions, let each one turn into a live link. Some articles you can't do it, MOST YOU CAN!

In the old days we'd grab the other author's text, that great writing you find elsewhere, leave the guy's name on it, his email, and use it in your own article and give him credit. NOW I just do a live link to where his article is posted. BOB X SAYS THIS IS TRUE .... BINGO a LIVE LINK TO BOB! His site, his article, whatever.

Writing for the web is sometimes as tempting as writing a paper for college. ONE COULD CRIB! But the activist spirit is this, doesn't matter who gets credit. We honor those who went before us. Why pretend we are having original thoughts, not all our thoughts are original. So say "BOB SAID THIS:"

SOMETIMES I find raw material, rewrite it slightly so as to become REALLY FASCINATING, meaningful INFORMATION. I rewrite some people who are too tettibly dull. I write peppy if I want other people to read it. (and I think we all do!) SIMPLE PEPPY ENGLISH that sounds like a human voice.

SO try this, find the great thinkers, simplify them,  they're pundits, they have to sound puffy. You make it meaty,not puffy. Make the dry facts interesting. If it’s dry as popcorn in places, well then, butter it by inserting phrases that underscore RELEVANCE so your readers can translate what these facts mean to their daily lives.

(On a recent article on the huge, hidden CAFR fund investments possessed by all state and city govs, I underscored the fact that we could have better schools, more PC’s for our kids, better Free Health Clinics if that CAFR money those cities had invested and hidden from the budget, were used. It hung at RENSE. COM  for a long while. Millions of readers go there a month. The popular sites can attract as many readers as a magazine, so don't hesitate to write for them just because they don't pay. THEY take from a dumb uneducated girl like me, they'll surely take YOUR article! He put another one up, five years ago, and that's still there! GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF THE CIA  DEALING DRUGS TO OUR KIDS!

Collect pieces of the quilt from online, throw them together, write it. Don’t worry, whatever article you throw together, even if it’s someone else’s research, will get published. Nobody is going to come screaming, ‘that was my research, give me my profits.’ Cuz there were no profits. This isn’t the magazine industry. ON THE INTERNET most everyone you submit to, E-zines, big popular websites, WILL PUBLISH your finished piece. You don’t charge publishers, probably half the reason why! Ezines need grist. Give it to them. These editors aren't just playing publisher. THEY ARE PUBLISHERS. They chose to be, they are. They designed themselves and their life. Now you choose to play reporter! CHOOSE TO PUBLISH! SUBMIT!

In this milieu, I have learned how to be a fairly effective researcher/activist, successful in that my ideas reach thousands. I do not care that I do not MAKE thousands. I am here to forward evolution, assure there will be a planet here for my grandchildren to grow tomatos like I am this summer and not a big slave camp where Pharaoh has all the whips and guns.

You can be a promoter of the future, webwriter activist too. The trick is, Know your issue, love your PC, Know its capabilities. Learn to do web searches and save info to some directory you keep for research, (as txt,) then at your leisure, REWRITE THE FACTS YOU FIND so the info flows, is moist, not dry. Turn it into documents, then HTML so it can get onto the web.

Before final rewrite day, you STORE FACTS as text, and when you get a big pile, throw them into one file. Learn how to save emails and research you find to a DIRECTORY called C:\research. Save it with cute names like CAFR$.txt might be LOST$.txt or CIA dealing to ghettos would be BUSHDRUG.txt. To me that's cute. It tells me what it is and I get to stay amused.

Everything you download from web you download as either txt or html right? That's what the WEB IS, those TWO! text (mostly what you see in emails,) and HTM which has to be attached. I NEVER send emails in HTM as folks can't save it and send it on as easily.

THEN,  save what you just got in an email, or found online. If it's beautifully formatted and colorized, you may want to save it as HTML. That's called SAVING THE PAGE, AS IS.

If someone sent you an email, all unformatted, >>>'s in it, or forwarding marks, you want to clean that up. So save it as TEXT. You can easily edit stuff called TEXT. Use a text editor (free programs to edit text  are online. Do a google search on the phrase 'free text editor' .)

I may have ten text files on BUSH and ENRON. I join those chunks of text research together into a partially written article as text. I used to use NETSCAPE BROWSER which had AN HTM COMPOSER IN IT. A third menu choice up at the top; COMPOSER. Page composer is a great web page designer. BUT NETSCAPED DIED.  RIP NETSCAPE!  And now  I USE its TWIN... SEAMONKEY a GREAT HTM MACHINE. FREE TO DOWNLOAD ONLINE. There may be better HTM software but not cheaper. Go to their site, download it. Takes one minute. Use it to OPEN UP ANY TEXT FILE that you have stored on any directory. I also WAS USING a text editor I downloaded online. ZTREE. I made sure it had PARAGRAPH FORMATTING commands. SO that scraggy paragraphs could with ONE COMMAND be aligned at 65 char or 80 characters a line. 

I do the final polish of the text in AN HTM COMPOSER. I do not like MICROSOFT WORD 2000 and above as it puts 20,000 bytes of commands in the front of the article, in meta text, hidden codes.. NEVER bother to save a file as a doc, as you cannot put doc files into cyberspace . Save everythingas HTML.  You want to have a directory where you store your research. I used to call mine C:\HTMDOC. That's the path, or the directory. BUT I had so many subjects I had to do C:\Activism c:\BABIES C:\BUSINESS C::\ COOKING C:\ECONOMY C:\HOLISM C:\MONEY and I even learned to put some at top of tree by using a PARENTHESIS C:\(ACTIVISM will stay on top when there are ten other A' directries.

SEe how putting a Parentheses before the DIRECTORY's name will get it to the top of the TREE? USE YOUR FILE MANAGER to play with this feature. So it is C:\(HTMDOC or you might call it C:\SAVEDSTUFF --whatever. A file manager will let you create directories and name them. Very important. Like a file cabinet with many drawers, all labelled!

So get the picture: Save the files that come to you. I give a big article on CIA dealing drugs to BARRIO by the late GARY WEBB as WEBBDRUG.htm. or for an article on BUSH SENIOR DOING the drug sales thing as bushdrug.txt. Use some catchy title that you can recall later. If too many files show up, get specific BUSHPEREDRUG.htm.

I USED to use Microsoft Word as an HTM composer or Office 97, my favorite, (Word 2000 has some very bad features, HUGE META TEXT VERBAGE, THOUSANDS OF BYTES of it.  I sent it packing.

Microsoft's outlook also is a bad browser. Illegible to people in other worlds. Gates has turned the NET into a tower of BABEL!) I settled in to use NETSCAPE Version 4.7 which was the best, an older one, free online. BUT GATES' NEW NET only readable with WIN 10 took over. Had to dump all that software. No way to use its PAGE COMPOSER to write HTML  Just as good as Microsoft OFFICE 97. An older, Safe version of Microsoft software featuring WORD.  In MICROSOFT WORD, you may save it as a doc, first, then as an html file, so it's web ready. IN NETSCAPE COMPOSER, you save things you find online as TEXT, then open it in COMPOSER and there you can turn it into HTML. No DOC format.

My OLDER PC has two drives, C: and D:  I save and cache files/ info and articles to share on the D Drive. I don't want to lose the data ever. Crashes can screw up a C: drive. D's often don't take the hit. Plus I like my C drive spacious, fast. D: is storage. BHANU PATEL my PC guy has convinced me to use a later model with just a C:drive. He assures me that all info is retrievable. I've seen him suck the guts out of a pc via a wire, in a minute, and reload it into a new PC so I know he's good. Or the thingie is good. AND INFORMATION stays in those hard drives, no matter what!

So OK.  TEXT will work for a first draft. Just type! You can even send it out to share in an email as text to pals. SEND A COPY TO YOURSELF BCC! Save the email letter to cache. CREATE directories. Save it to the MY ARTICLE directory. When the article is in its first draft or roughly there, as text, USE A TEXT EDITOR THAT WILL FORMAT PARAGRAPHS! I use PFE from UK but it's not avail, so test a few free online download  text editors to make sure you can format paragraphs as EMAIL is raggged at best. Now, one can use WORD. Do  HIGHLIGHT< then push autoformat and it takes the spaces out. How? HIT CONTROL-A which will HIGHLIGHT ALL, then HIT FORMAT, then choose AUTO FORMAT. BLAMMY it looks terrific! Rarely do you have to do much more format changes. Maybe change case to size 12 instead of l0. How? Control -A. (highlight all txt) then Format, then pick font and size.

BEST FILE MANAGER online is ZTREE. Much better than Microsoft Explorer. Download it, it's small. Enter it with a TREE icon on desk top.http://www.ztree.com
Which brings me to another issue. See how that URL  there is colored purple or blue, depending on what color you chose for URLS, it's a live link folks! You can click on it. It's a clickable URL. You want to hit the CHAIN LINK at top of screen after highlighting URLS you include to make all your URLS live links. As Dr. Frankenstein screamed, 'it's ALIIIIVEE!"

LAST, the most important thing when you write is to send the writing to Congressmen and Senators. NOAM CHOMSKY says that complaining about HOW IT IS can only be useful if we complain to those who can fix it. That is public figures like big movie stars, journalists as their voices get listened to but really it's just people who are high up in government. Sending crank letters to other cranks doesn't cut it.

NUMBER FIVE- MAKE ACTIVISM A PARTY. The noble tradition of the LIVING ROOM GROUP. In George Bernard Shaw's day intellectuals were not distracted by Television or Movies. The Fabians and socialists found cozy venues, served tea and biscuits and had huge attendance at activist groups. They offered lectures, discussions. Over a decade of attending, talking, speaking publically, Shaw perfected his ability to convince and influence. Then at age 40, he began writing amusing plays that were pure progressive activism and made millions. Activism was his apprenticeship.

NUMBER SIX - PUBLISH. When the info's right, hang it in cyberspace. Sooner or later, you'll start attracting buyers for your articles. Collect research, clean it up, make it as interesting as WE CAN and then publish it . You just can't pass it on to opinion makers by email. These people hate big files. They hate slow-load letters. Give them a one sentence description of what the buzz is, then POINT THEM AT AN URL. A LIVE LINK. They didn't get to be opinionmakers being dopes who don't recognize a hot story or hotter angle when they see it, sniff or get a whiff of it.  Let them do their own scan of your email, see what you're talking about. Let them CLICK on the URL and load their own screen. THEN they will value what they see and put the issue on 20/20 or Dateline or the evening NEWS.

When you want to reach the media with your final work, realize that this little article stuck in your CACHE ---or on your RESEARCH DIRECTORY ---even if it’s written magnificently, by itself it is NOTHING IF THE PRESS or media CANNOT FIND IT AND ACT ON IT. Don't expect them to read a long article SENT to them. No good. They resist that. Too much like "this stalker sent me this weird internet conspiracy theory." No, PUBLISH it, let them run across it by sending them a TIP to go see this 'story that's published'

So always get it published on the WWW before you start conducting tours to that cyber site ! TO GET THE media and all cyberspace to read your article, SUBMIT TO an E-ZINE. When it’s hanging at SIGHTINGS now called RENSE dot com or DAVID ICKE’s popular website, THEN direct media attention to it. Write that news anchor, "WOW did you know this? The truth of what's going on is over here at http://sampleURL.com Etcetc. That's about this fact, this fact. You say one or two things to get them very very interested in it.

It may be that you're a gifted thinker, writer, speaker. You want to help but you aren't conversant with key issues. You know something's wrong in this country but you have no particular gripe list. No 'take' on what or WHO is the enemy of the people. I don't want to force feed you and say a priori that it's the IMF, Federal Reserve, bought elections with oligarchs doing the buying, Debt and tax issues, our CIA dealing drugs to our children and the ghettos but hey, if it quacks like a duck flies like a duck and farts like a duck it MAY BE A DUCK.

Get to Know your own personal enemy, in your community. If you don't know what's screwing up your city, how are you going to grasp what's making the planet a mess? Without my programming you with MY ISSUES, let me send you a terrific bibliography or list of books that some radio show intellectual named Dave Emory put out and I got hold of a copy. JUST READING THE LIST OF BOOKS is an education! Another way, go to BIBLIOGRAPHY  PAGE, where there are dozens of political conspiracy only titles listed, many out of print but available for a buck at abebooks. Or listen to talk shows on Public Radio or go to http://www.rense.com be worth copying to cache to share. I save it as txt when I share and it's easy there, as there are no frames. As they have thousands of articles on where and HOW the few are screwing the many you'll be vastly shocked and entertained at once and then, very BUSY sharing with pals.

Once you've picked a subject, do a SEARCH over at http://alltheweb.com or http://www.google.com to find the really great research. I ask my brilliant poly sci minded friends to help me out by doing a LIST LETTER, addressed to myself, with a BCC to the political list. I say 'hey, you know where I might find info on this?' Some of them may know exactly where such info is. Some might run a quick search at some engine I don't know about.

For instance, the BUSH LINEAGE OF DRUG DEALING. Fifty five years of drug running for the CIA. I asked activist pals to do a few searches. WOW, the stuff they pumped back to me, was phenomenal. I don’t know how they found these websites. There must be a Gonzo Journalist dot com somewhere I don't know about. Essentially, my article was pre-created for me by pals (who do a search better than I do,) then cemented into an article by busy little hands at home, ME.

Next when I rewrite that pile of facts, I try to make the intrinsic meaning or VALUE of it apparent, the uniqueness, the importance of it SHOW. So the blood shows through its veins and the story has JUICE. I say ‘ the government or transnational or candidate TOOK this money, now the people don’t have it, which means your children can’t get scholarships to go to college.’ I underscore what this thing is going to do to their lives. Then I say it in a different way, a little more BOLDLY. WITH WIT, often semi-vernacular speech, quick easy-to-understand language. It must 'flow when it reads' so the eye never hesitates.

When it’s all finished, I post it at a website so it has an URL. For instance, here’s  an article, FIFTY YEARS THE CIA IS DEALING DRUGS! (now it's 55, but don't let that stop you from reading it,)  I don't tell many people I wrote it. It's one of several I haven't signed. The more you cut down on obvious authorship, the more your website doesn't get hacked. I hear the NSA can take down a website at WILL and it's NOT like you get a notice in the mail!

 WHEN an article you wrote finds its place, in CYBERSPACE, like RAT HAUS or Jeff Rense sites, it’s easy to write media, all the news shows saying ‘HOW CAN MY teenaged CHILDREN NOT HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM when GEORGE BUSH and his CIA pals have been dealing coke and heroin to raise money for covert operations for the last 55 years???" That personal touch really gets the matter handled. Nobody suspects an angry mother is an commie activist for Liberterian semi-socialistic political reform conversant in conspiracy theory!

By the way, that wonderful website, http://www.rense.com has the entire press/ MEDIA’s email addresses right on his website! Makes it easy for you. Go to that URL right now, and download the list or save the URL to your bookmarks file. The media reporter who gets my email sees me as a concerned parent asking him to read an easy to click on URL. So in a way, I act NOT as my own PR agent, but just as someone who saw info and wants to share it with the press. I always try to stay out of it when I'm pointing the press toward a story. I act AS THE PRESS AGENT FOR THE IDEA! I say ‘there's a serious issue, BUSH has been running drugs to fund the CIA’s cov ops for 55 years. He was part of heroin in the pre-Mao Tse Tung period, part of cocaine in Latin America and heroin in Vietnam. Go see this article please." And I give its URL. Well, over at sightings, you better be certain MY NAME IS NOT ON THAT ARTICLE!!


View your fellow soldiers in the flock for signs of similarity, not difference. Proclaim to that black, Jew, that Chinese, ‘hey, amazing we should be so similar in our life philosophies and our family lives.’ I’m so glad you’re fighting this battle with me."

I find that many activists in the Libertarian camp, the MONETARY REFORM camp especially, have a great grudge against the Jews. That is because they identify BANKERS with JEWS. It’s a holdover from German thought ca. 1933. Protocols of Zion a phony document supposedly found in a Temple that said 'we'll achieve getback with our pawn shops and banks, heheh" and much Shylock squinting with glee.

The minute that an activist says ‘Jewspapers’ or Hymies or Kykes, he alienates a group of greatly organized, very participatory intellectuals, a group that has a longtime tradition of anti-fascist thought, brilliance in writing, and a tradition of group mobilization second to none. Hey, the big anti-fascist, Karl Marx was a Jew. Lapsed but a Jew nonetheless. He invented the word ‘transnational' and described how their CEOs are the true enemy of the worker, that line of thought. He didn’t start this anti-semitic business as he didn't care if the owner of the transnational was Jewish or BLUE. Just anybody who bent the worker, the tax codes, the politicos and/or the laws to favor his profits.....that was what he wanted to see disempowered enough to even the playing field.

The so called Protocols of the Council of Zion that maintains all Jews are trying to wipe out the goys with their business acumen has suspect origins. The Jews have never had an agenda against anybody. Anti-Semites just think Jews SHOULD have one. So if you’re going to bandy around words like JEW you’re making the same mistake Black Muslim Minister Farrakhan made, when he identified the HYMIES OF NEW YORK as slumlords. Immediately all those Jews who hitherto loved Farrakhan as he was teaching blacks to get jobs, get educations, stop raping their sisters and giving girls flocks of welfare tots...well, they abandoned him. He was doing good work and the Jews appreciated that, but when he said NY was HYMIE TOWN. GOODBYE FARRAKHAN and any hope of a rainbow coalition went out the door. Farrakhan was immediately quarantined and lost the parabola toward the Gandhi profile toward which he travelled. That and the fact his group is rumored to have wiped out Malcolm X but hey, he is a fellow traveler. Give him that. The little bigot.

We cannot hate any other part of the rainbow, any other participating group. It would slow down our work. TRUE, many of the families of bankers that were strong from the day of the Rothschild's (in 1540 through to WWII) were Jews, i.e. Rothschilds, MORGANS, Warburgs, but now they’re outnumbered by GOYS who run banks. What we gotta watch out for is really just bankers and oligarchs, forget their race --- beancounters who bend laws, practice usury, enslave workers, control countries. It may even be that the head banker who runs IMF/ FEDERAL RESERVE and has every country working for him IS A JEW. But 2 billion other Jews don’t do what he’s doing so why should they get their names blackened? In the race we want to run, we need every clever man and woman with a PC and a gift for writing that you can get. Many of the best are going to be Jews. Jews will work like an accountant at tax time, research, write, publish but once they figure out that you blame their race for Christ's death on the CROSS and the ascendance of the MORGANS, Sayonara Cohen and Abie Lefkowiz, you lost their interest! So in an army, don't offend the soldier next to you. You need every man.

VIEW YOUR ENEMIES as people TOO. It's too convenient to hate the greedy and paranoid. They are under the spell of fear and a lack of logic. They feel there isn't enough money, food, land, wealth to go around. That obsession is burrowing in their brain like a worm.

Ever since the days of Magellan when Europe first found out that the world was round, ergo quite finite, the super rich have moved to get all the goodies for themselves, get the unknown territories colonized, the natives murdered or enslaved. The rich have felt righteous about killing. They have this 'us and them', Darwinistic, polarized thinking, (involving survival of the fittest,) and read Mr. Darwin to mean, "He who Kills the Most People and Takes over the most land wins". Imagine walking around with that head and heart. So pity them. Don't be like them. Continue to remind people that there is enough bounty, and if we'd just stop using land for cattle, there'd be more food and land available. This cow thing has to stop. Mad Cow disease came straight from God. SO many indigenous people are forced off the land by cattle, coffee, sugar, stuff nobody should be eating anyway!

EIGHTH WAY TO BE AN EFFECTIVE ACTIVIST. Don't expect plaudits from the millions. The web is a one-on-one teaching circuit. If you want to write lies and publish in Life or Time magazines, you can have thousands of dollars and millions of idiots for fans. But if you're writing for the web, only smart people will read you, in smallish numbers, but each will have a one-on-one personal relationship with you. That's called 'webpals' and as Martha says, "It's a Good thing."

It may be that you also do have a business, and gradually these folks who love and respect you get to prefer to buy hand-made olive oil soap from you, or get their taxes prepared by you, or their horoscope done by you. It's worked for me. Bumping around in activist circles gave me a very lively group of Hi-I.Q. clients. If I were wandering the streets of LA talking to people in super market lines daily, I couldn't have met as many brainy folks as I did on the net. Publishing brings fan letters which translates to a new, like-thinking person for your mailing list. Chat rooms rarely bring pals. LISTS are better. ICQ brought too many weirdos, I quit that. I found that publishing was the best way to make friends so I usually sign my real name and always include my email addie.

But what if the stuff you're writing is too truthful, seditious, inflammatory, or maybe semi-illegal as in 'avoid taxes' and you don't want to sign your real name. The CIA has had the SS working for it since 1945. They brought the best Gestapo spies over here in PROJECT PAPERCLIP, google it. EVERY SINGLE weird op invented since was by these nazis. They do what they did to the WHITE ROSE society. They are in the business of locating activists and stopping them. It's called PHOENIX program (maybe because when they burn you up, you're reborn on the other side as an immortal hero and get to play chess with Gandhi upstairs, which I wouldn't mind.)

When the CIA sponsored deathsquads did civilian murder of intellectuals in Vietnam and Latin America, it did get press. But in the USA people are too busy watching SURVIVORS to care if a journalist dies of a heart attack. Not to scare you off but  rent State of Siege by Costa Gavras, or Z or Missing also by him. Rent "Under Fire" and AIR AMERICA (same director) Spottiswoode. Or rent SALVADOR and JFK by Oliver Stone. An oldie, "Seven Days in May" and the 90's "The Package" both show you true details of the JFK hit, too. JFK hit was Defense Intelligence, more than CIA. General Ed Lansdale was the man who actually headed team that did it. Psy War expert, a radical anti-commie who killed like he breathed. See the JFK HIT TRUE FACTS

Political assasinations are well covered but the deaths and disappearances of us wee activists are not covered. William Cooper just got murdered. He was the noisiest activist, and the most knowledgeable, having been longtime Military. They shot him full of holes trying to serve a warrent. Colonel Fletcher Prouty's writings, tapes are wonderful, and they let him live to 90. Do a search on these names, visit their websites. Some get killed as bogus suicides like reporter Danny Casolero. Auto accidents like Silkwood.

The CIA, DIA and huge corporations all have death squads everywhere and they've been doing hits for years and are very good at it so don't help them to do it to you. Sign nothing. Use stage names. Even at meetings. Nom du plume or nom de guerre, I believe they're called. And we're in a guerre, make no mistake. When the head operative of the oligarch-sponsored INTELLIGENCE agency has been drug running with impunity for a half century and conducting  covert operations all over the planet seizes the American presidency itself, and then puts his pal CHENEY and his son on the same throne, and he is now free to create the GATT treaties and oil/gas /nuclear power prices and currency changes that these oligarchs need to get every cent we earn, from us--- wrest maximum profits from our puny lives, denying our children basic human rights, well, then you know it's time to spring into action and be all the activist you can be.

NINTH WAY to be an effective activist is to do just the opposite. SIGN YOUR NAME to the article you publish and risk death. Not 'cause you actively wanna die, but because when you're OUT IN THE OPEN people can find you. What this does is it gives you an EMAIL ADDRESS that can appear on your article and now, people can email you back! And you can create a list of 'students', webpals and even butts for your next meeting.

Send these readers research that is of interest, get them started writing and circulating articles and doing PR for URLS. Every single article you write and publish at Ezines will get you a dozen 'fan' letters and you start communicating with fans on a personal level. Get to know their families, hometowns, their dreams. And keep sending them info! Start walk in groups in your various cities.

People in progressive movements are GRATEFUL for good info. They aren't going to scorch you with wrath. I've written inflammatory stuff, I've never had any real, HATE MAIL. Just a few letters, 'why can't you be more patriotic.' And I write them that this is my way of being patriotic and they quiet right down. I have webpals who are those ex-flamers who accept me as a friend with different beliefs. What does that tell you about the internet? These are upper level I.Q. people, evolved souls. So, start communicating with these people, personal letters. They're angels like you, concerned like you. They can be your best friends, your teachers or your students, ( activists in the making).

My feeling is that internet activists even in Backwash Tennessee, top anything I accidentally bumped into at HIGH SCHOOL or squished with my shoe perambulating around HOLLYWOOD. Send your new, best E-pals articles you've found and saved, research work, articles you stumble on or are sent by lists, newsletters. Send URLS regularly to them (rather than the whole damn slow-loading file) Determine their special interests. Gold Standard? Debt Issues? Ecology? N.W.O Conspiracy Theory involving CHEM TRAILS? Not paying taxes? Getting a rural farm? Whatever it is. Everyone has their own thing. Work with them with their issues, don't just shovel feed your own. Wherever they're GOING, they're going from here, where they are, so validate where they are, what they perceive. They will gradually become more global as an infant moves from his bottle to pablum to solids to eating exotica like avocados and then quiche and then finally snails! (That's progress?)

TENTH WAY- Learn to use a file manager. Windows Explorer just ain't that handy. Go see Ztree. It's at http://ztree.com. That thing is like a many armed technicolor Shiva which can do acrobatic file juggling tricks that help an info sorter sort. I can see if the version of an article in my cache on D: is newer than the same one in C:\microsoft word. I can see both at once, by splitting the screen with a simple click on the F-8 key. I can see file size, date it was made, hour too. Go download a quick version right now off the web. Play with it for 30 days. Kim Henkel is there day and night to help you use it. FREE for thirty days, then thirty dollars for the treasure of the planet. But while you have it, free, push buttons and see how it works. With it, you will be able to save emails, txt, clean off the routing markings, to send on to pals as text, with out the >>'s. After you do an edit, use ztree to send it over to your C:\My Documents where you turn it into HTML. Nothing is as fast as this file manager. IT moves files, sets them in the branches of TREES. Each branch has many fruits, your files. I can't explain. It's a visual thing. Soon you get a sense where things are, like when you face a huge storage unit and know which shelf things are on it's TRIUMPH! On my C and D drive, on twenty diff directories, 20,000 files. A few thousand on some DIRECTORIES. No problem. Doesn't a library have 20,000 books on a shelf? Why shouldn't your PC?

Believe me, you won't be able to find some half saved, half edited and half remembered file in the middle of the night searching two hard drives, with forty directories, without it. You cannot line files up by date, name with Explorer!. Nor GO INSIDE the file in a second and see the whole page, what's inside, and then EDIT the thing without going NEAR your word processor program, and in a second clean it up to send on to people. Ztree is a real winner. You can juggle the files, zoom-move them to some other directory (either as "COPY" or as "MOVE".) You can NAME/create directories to hold things.

Ztree is like having a storage unit in corner of the room. You can design the shelves in ONE MINUTE. You can sort the objects ON THE shelves by size or content, change names, view and change file extensions, group sort them by file extensions maybe, or group by recently written and/or written a long time ago, descending order, and once you find THE FILE, you go can go right into their center and nibble and read. And enter it and make changes without going into your word processor! It's breath taking.

ELEVENTH, POST online.  Maybe not all of us can research and write those dynamic articles that are so super readable, that when we send them out, everybody finds it a palatable, easy to 'down' news story.  BUT WE CAN SIMPLIFY things we find so that JOE THE PLUMBER can understand them.

We activists who are also "posters' can't always just send the article as it was found by us. I often simplify, interpolate, inject "OVER NARRATION", explain the inscrutable parts, untangle the thicket of TECHNOTALK. It's floating around the net, nobody accuses me of screwing with it, or  purloining it, I leave the original author's name on it. Why not simplify it, step in, editorially  speaking and make it so super understandable, so dramatic, so readable  that people of lesser intelligence can sail right thru it!

In an email, I prefer simple text. I stick to text so folks can send it  on to their chums real easy. if i create an actual file it's formatted, colored, has graphics, is in html but that's for FILES, ready to FTP to a site. If I do all that work, I append it to an email as an attachment and give folks the URL where it's posted in cyberspace, (posting it at one of my little freebie websites from Earthlink too small to be of any use. ) Or at the two bigger ones I DO PAY FOR DOMAIN MONGER and 5$webhosting. Great webhosts

But I have so much TROUBLE getting and handling those HTM emails from folks ---I refer to EMAIL. Another thing that gives trouble is a LIVE LINK as when it's shared, the LINK is no longer alive. THE SUBTEXT with http: is no longer there. It's not alive. It's just MARTHA'S SITE.

Well martha's site, who knows what that is. It's no longer clickable, right? And what's the NET if not click and go?

So I don't USE HTM and I don't like to GET IT being unable to send them on or even SAVE them. I really exhort poster persons like you who have the gift, to TEXT all emails and append files as htm, then it's fine.MY BROWSER won't even save an email  in htm! Howdya like them apples?

Now, I am not very expert at all the webstuff if I CANNOT get you to read it. That's my final test. If I can't do it how much LESS will my readers be able to save, SEND on , share, forward, cut or paste, anything we send one another to wake us all up.

12th, the FINAL WAY TO BE AN EFFECTIVE ACTIVIST. Know this. THE MOMENT YOU ARE AN ACTIVIST and start talking about an issue, creating websites, advertising it as a free seminar at CRAIGS LIST, in GROUPS or LESSONS area. You'll be doing flyers on your block to create GROUP NITE LIVING ROOM PARTIES, you'll then get neighbors' email addies, doing freebie e-mail outs to your LISTS, enlarging LISTS, having living room groups, conscripting CITY COUNCIL to come in on the censure of whatever issue, person, event happened and/or having public demonstrations full of JUICY STREET THEATRE, and getting press coverage....because your POSTERS and PICKETS are THAT GOOD!

NEW AT 11 CAPTURES YOUR DEMONSTRATION, your STREET THEATRE, at that point, your movement has WON. It will turn out the way you want. When the People unite and rattle the bars of the cage, presidents tremble. Gandhi did a few parades and sit-ins and moved the British out of India. Fidel got a few soldiers together and they threw the corrupt aristocracy out of Cuba. Nixon was known to cower in the Oval Office, watching anti-war demonstrators outside, freaked out of his gourd, demanding that his people find out ‘who we were’, make lists of our names, go get us, just do something. But in the end, we were the ones TO DO something. We got Nixon out of DC and the US out of Vietnam. It took longer but we got the CIA and its death squads out of Latin America. Right makes Might. Not the other way around. Being an activist is how you connect with the RIGHT end. Not being one means that you are going to end up where you're headed. Into being a sheeple, fleeced yearly of everything you've got so that a few oligarchs can double park their Rolls outside the Ritz, order ten desserts and nail starlets and take the corporation for everything the stockholders paid for when they expected company profits for their old age.

Maybe the Rich ARE different. But if you work hard at being noisy, they will sure have to hide that fact or change their slovenly, thieving, greedy ways or maybe just pretend to be kind, thoughtful and generous. That's ok. Assume the pose, any pose, and to some degree, you become it. Kings used to order executions with a wave of a perfumed hankie. Justinian had his army collect 30,000 citizens in the baseball stadium for a cash giveaway, locked the doors and had his soldiers kill them all. And they call him the great Lawgiver. When citizens note a King or dictator doing that kind of stuff, it made them super unpopular, and some of them  had peasant uprisings or even revolutions over such details--- so Kings and Presidents stopped. A little bit. They learned 'false flags' and to make an enemy they could control to give them a reason to kill enemies they couldn't control. But men in power never stopped wanting to kill rebellious subjects. To a certain extent they pretended they had, ergo they evolved. Fashions in government evolve. We have every reason to be hopeful that such evolution will continue. Wanna be a part of it? That keyboard sitting there is how it's done. Those hands at the end of your arm. That head on your shoulders. Googling the right keywords or search terms like  'who killed JFK' or 'what is the octupus' or just put 'octupus' with Casolero. Then, your fine eyes. Good equipment. Babe you are loaded for bear.