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Anita Sands Hernandez

I read a wonderful and witty quote on the internet today --- The Activists Creed:" We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible --for the ungrateful. And we have done so much, for so long, with so little, that we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing." Author unknown!

How wonderfully that quote caught the amount of sweat on our foreheads, drool on our chins as we concentrate on SHAPING THE FUTURE so that our babies or our grandchildren don’t suffer like we suffer with joblessness, taxes, fines, a greedy justice system or get poisoned by the air, burnt to a crisp in planetary heatwaves or drafted for wars to get more oil for billionaires who cause more poison in our air.

We are activists so that we don’t get tsunamied or quaked as these oligarchs drill out the center of the planet (ACEH drilling site collapsed THE GROUND, gave us TSUNAMI). Fracking creates earthquakes all over places that never had them. And coal mining toxes us ten ways from Tuesday.

While there seems to be some apparent futility to any ‘work’ to create change and save humanity --- the unofficial Paul Revere society, the Internet Informers knowfull well that it takes verylittle cage-rattling for the oligarch jailer to become afraid and ease off on his pillaging! AND when you join this TRAINING we’ve got here, you within days become an Internet BELL RINGER who will Inform-on-the-Planetary-Overlords and you get to cage rattle an hour a day for life and participate in the NEW REVOLUTION.

The quote above captures something, doesn’t it. “WE ARE QUALIFIED TO DO ANYTHING!” Yep, it’s true! The effort we activists make is so great, that if we spent it in any other way than FIGHTING the power hierarchy --- we could possibly JOIN the planetary overlords in the thrombosis of money making that’s OUT THERE and be so very OK that we’d stop whining and sniveling! But I'm only joking. We liberals remember that burst of democracy and charity during the depression thirties that created unionism and Social Security and welfare for the starving. We don't want to tear apart those systems. They don't get made all that often! In fact, BUSH is trying to tear all three apart, right now and abrogate the Constitution which inhibits him from making wars on anybody whose oil he wants.

But with the post 911 World Trade Center “Empire Strikes Back” War on THE OIL RICH COUNTRIES, we who admire the boons LIBERALS gave us are STYMIED by all this WAR! There’s not only a war going on against our own civil rights but a war against some ignorant, poor fanatical third worlders clinging to their religion.In such a bloody climate, activists have sharpened our pencils, wits and tongues for our own WAR against MURDERERS, PILLAGERS, TORTURERS. 

We have paid ISP’s like AOL or Earthlink and utilized PUBLIC SERVANTS like GOOGLE and with them, created our own NSA/ CIA and with the INTERNET, we have informed ourselves and buried our noggins in research at ad hoc websites. We then sent said info around as emails! This is an act of secret WAR against the OLIGARCHS running this planet. Our is not a war of bullets or hate. It isn’t evena war of sedition. IT IS A WAR of REFORM like the one GANDHI ran against BRITTANIA and won!

From time to time, I ask my self occasionally, what long hours have we spent in our chair before PC’s that might better be spent in gainful employment, hmmm? Maybe joining city hall is better than fighting it. Am I a ‘devil of doubt’ when I say that? I know there are these legends of the war that activists like us caused actual social change once... Gandhi, a single man, buried Brit Colonialism forever after with non-violent demonstration! 

GANDHI’s mobilization of the people allowed INDIA to emerge as a fruitful self-determining nation with nationalistic modes that gave them (along with freedom from exploitation,) their own industries, but, eventually, their own Indian overlords who colonized them from the big city capitals and extended that exploitation back into the province. And finally, the transnationals burrowed their way back in, with genetically modified seeds that required poisons so that now, VANDANA SHIVA tells us, Indian farmers are going broke and committing suicide with those very poisons. Click on her name, go visit! She tells us how many kill themselvs DAIILY after having gone broke with GMO seeds.

SHIVA is the froth on top of the tide of the NEW activism in the third world. Such froth always appears when required. In NYC, back in the30’s, activist liberals created LABOR UNIONS although they were shot at, called socialists. The movement persevered and forced the government to give the workers a pension. The Social Security Adminstration was spawned and my grandfather’s generation (truly they must have been soulful hippies like us) protested the factory owners taking all, giving nothing back and shamed the system into giving AID.WELFARE was created. 

Then there’s the sixties generation which protested Washington right out of a colonial, expansionist war in ASIA in the 1960s, though it took a few years of yelling to do it. (BTW, that war was because VIETNAMhas the biggest oil field on the planet, just offshore. Bigger than RUSSIA or ARABIA! Buy Vietnamese oil drilling stocks on the emerging markets, you won’t go wrong. CLICK ON THAT URL, see the info. 

IT TOOK the OVERLORDS of WALL STREET a failed war, then a thirty year wait but now they got the oil they wanted. So, as they’re doing it in a more kosher way, now there’s a moral way to make some money and be an activist. We can have it both ways. But The war in Vietnam was a resource war. Read Anthony Sampson’s THE SEVEN SISTERS” available at And that oil is going to come into play very soon. Hopefully it will belong to VIETNAM and not just the Seven Sisters.

The oil corporations run this planet right now. Conspiracy theory that you occasionally hear is true;the big Daddy Warbucks really have the planet WIRED now. It’s an internat’l community headed by a needle sharp POINT (one single man) way at the top and he and the 14 families run it all. It is like a Nazi hierarchy. And I’m betting the CIA/ RAND tank and SAIC have all our numbers and look down from on high and laugh ‘No chance these puny activist weirdos will stop us. We are going to seize control of the entire planet and get rid of anyone who isn’t useful to our machine, all those useless eaters, whom we will identify when all cash is off the table and everyone has to use plastic, and when they all have SS numbers.” 

Is there a flaw in believing that the international business community on the grand scale can EVER work for the little man? IS THERE TRICKLE DOWN? Can they train every last one of us to be a handsomely paid cog? THEY, the big guys, have the entire world wired so that it most economically renders all the fat into their hands. They do this globally as well as locally. We idiots in hometown USA are not even good at being LOCAL. We haven’t an ounce of control over anything in our own communities. Not a POTHOLE are we able to fix. We have no way to signal OUR local leaders to see to using the real estate left when our steel factories closed, because not on a local level, not on even a nat’l level is anything going to be done for anything in our hometown. 

NOBODY on top has any affiliation to the needs of OUR TOWN. And if the order doesn’t come from ON TOP in this new society, it’s not coming. So OUR TOWN has to mobilize to get the folks on TOP to send what’s required. MOBILIZATION is the operative word. When we don’t mobilize, they run things to suit their needs. 

Steel will be made in Africa because resources and labor are cheap. And our steel workers will be jobless, our factories closed while the third world becomes a little more comfortable and we have to learn another profession. Not a denim overall job, those were shipped to Mexico, Africa, India. It used to be computer programming worked but that they shipped to INDIA.If you don’t get busy and find a cottage industry that works, in case your job goes, you could be left without a paddle, without a canoe when your job dries up. And when DPSS welfare dries up in the NEW Gobi of the MILLENIUM, our ex steelworkers will be hijacking food trucks at the outside of town and coming into our yard to eat the oranges, and then the poodle and parakeet in that cage.

In PRIMARY COLORS, "Clinton" (played by Travolta) tells us we’re going to be jobless if we don’t upgrade and learn to do first world jobs. The other kind (blue collar, computer jobs) were exported to the third world where they belong. We have to go back to school. He tells it to an AFL/CIO bunch of unemployed factory workers. Car workers, I think. And they applaud the news that in their mid 30s they have to start over, hit the books again. Well, it was a mooooovie, guys.

See, it’s soooo damn hopeless. And the more we hate them, the planetary overlords, the more we subtract ourselves from the widget they are building, The NEW WORLD—and probably the farther down stream we’ll end up shipwrecked on its future shore so I suppose I should close up shop and take Novell Networking classes and go get an honest job.

But some tiger instinct in me says ‘hate what the rich guys do to you, making you a cog, alienated labor and all. Mistrust it, despise it, hate them for plotting their economic convenience,’ they who run around in Bentleys and dine on Caviar at the Ritz. However, I recognize the scent of jealousy on my caviar-free breath.

My stupid side says just relax, love them that do you evil, trust in Him that runneth the show. He will fix it. God will fix it all. The Planetary Overlords are really a personified version of God. They will make a cozy world. Milton Friedman said so. Trickle down occurs. But I really haven’t seen any of that. I see the super rich cutting up the pig, no pork chops on my plate. Just hooves. My Dad worked, bought a home, a boat, had a mistress. Paid her rent. My mother didn’t have to work. That was the comfortable happy fifties. Today, all my L.A. California friends work two jobs, him and her jobs, and this sad, tired family is still renting!

YET THE PLANETARY OVERLORDS assure us that trickle down is coming if they, the G.O.P. runs the shebang. SHOULD I believe them? Isn’t this how people fall asleep and dream the most beautifully just when they’re freezing to death in the snow? Dying in a deceptively warm dream of cozy safety while their body turns to solid ice? GET UP AND RUN, FIGHT THEM!” That’s what the cagey old war-scarred internet warriors and activists of the thirties who gave us labor unions, welfare, food stamps are telling me. And they’re political activists, they should KNOW. Maybe God manifesting on earth as a political institution of absolute purity is a Hegelian#(%&#(#% pipe dream. Dya think?? Iam answered by the voice of Karl Marx, "God is a seduction rigged by the rich to tame the poor, and put them to sleep."

So as you can see, I’m hearing voices. I’m having an inner conflict, here. I distrust my own hatred of the Nazi hierarchy as Buddhism teaches that all hatred is to be avoided. All rebellion too --- that was supposedly the original sin of Lucifer. Rebellion is not only morally objectionable, it is FUTILE. Rebellion will be punished as it is a kind of sign of our distrust in our loving Father. The perfect son of a devoted father recognizes all duress as a blessing, all challenges as gifts, all lack as a badge not of LACK OF APTITUDE, but lack of self-recognition of Godhood. We are able. Just clutzy. We are GODS and live in a dream created by a loving God-Father. That dream is the MATRIX. And in it, we wear fine suits, carry briefcases, have great jobs. LIFE IS FINE. And if we support this molecule madness, this illusion of well being, and DO NOT FIGHT the matrix, we will be fine. OK. We can ride around in ACURAs. BUT if we stop, pull the plugs out of our heads and FIGHT the matrix, like all activists, we will be poor and jobless. Plus fighting the system means you have a lot of hate in you. You’re not a good Buddhist. So why let all those hormones ofrage get into your blood. Just lie there and don’t pull the plug out of the back of your head. 

BUT there is rage when I see the dead babies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda (the USA decided not to intercede when they could have stopped a million people from being murdered). Or the rogue US corps polluting Bhopal, or our CIA killing a million in Indonesia. I get angry. It’s my pattern, my way of being. I listen to AIR AMERICA in every city in USA, find it,) and I hear how badly the USA treats the third world countries where it purloins resources. And some primal rage in me is exacerbated.

See, my real father on earth, Big Al, is such a cheatin’ shit sonovabitch who stole my wardrobe for his girlfriends, and disinherited me, that I think I’m only an anarchist cuz I’d shoot him if I could. My own father. And at least TWO of my ‘ex’s.’ Shoot them too. Maybe three of my sons too. AND DEFINITELY the main BOYFRIEND. Right thru the eyes. Although, there are two other body targets I might waste a bullet on. 

So, see, I’m just an angry lady. My politics should immediately be suspect. Maybe Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were angry too. Lenin’s brother was killed by the Czar. Jesse Jackson was sired by a married playboy stud. Maybe like them, my problems with authority figures are that I hate MEN and my problems with MEN are why I’m an anarchist. I own up to having some serious authority figure problems. Maybe Gandhi did, too. He didn’t do too badly. WHATEVER IT TAKES, kiddo!

SO, how about you guys? Should we launder our gall, shrink our adrenals and dry out our anger hormones up with a yoga session before we take up the pen? And when we’re drycleaned, should we just go work at the bank? Or trust in Dad, the ghost of Ronnie Reagan and the Republican party, die and go to Capitalist Worker heaven? 

I mean at time of writing this, I have an oppressive, threatening landlady, who breaks laws with impunity because the rental board changed things around so horribly, favoring landlords. My slumlord is currently raising the rent ll% at a swack, I have no heat, rent is way over my head and I am jobless. My son has already gone mad and is being dosed with chemicals at a state mental hospital. I can’t get him out as he lit a firecracker off at work and there was some serious FIRE damage and now the state of California has a felony HOLD on him. They think he’s Kozynski. (Note, we pleaded him crazy as Public Defender insisted, so he’s in a mental hospital, and instead of six months in jail, it’s been SEVEN years in the KRACKER FACTORY that was described in that Ken Kesey book…the Jack Nicholson movie “THE CUCKOO’S NEST”…but he’s as sane as you or I again as he wasn’t schizy long. (We ran out of food for a while there). He was given food, sleep and in the first month came out of delusions….The longer you are delusional, the harder it is to cure. But the problem is, the state of CALIFORNIA owns his butt and he won’t be around for a few years more. If we’d have let him take a felony rap, he’d have been out in under a year, but he’d be crazy from the daily rapes so we didn’t go that route. He’s a very handsome Tom Cruise kind of kid, gentle, always prayed over sick kitties.) 

I want to say this about my son’s illness. Neither the state of California, nor its many mental clinics nor the FEDERAL Government did anything when he started being delusional. I tried to get him into Dede Hirsh Clinic in W. L.A. and Cedars Sinai Hospital’s THALIANS Mental Health project, in West Hollywood. Both demanded 75$ an hour for first visit! That was what we spent on food for a single month. We had no food stamps or aid. Nor was any offered even when he got Social Security for being delusional. 

A FREE CLINIC said he was too nuts for them to see him. We lived in a Dickensian void where there was no health care available. I’d been a heart invalid who worked jobs lying on the floor (Psychic Hotline,) and required open heart surgery. There was no way to get it. Not even heart meds. No state aid or federal. Same for the son. He was borderline for a year and I could get no help. When I finally foned the SSA and got him to a MEETING, they instantly gave him SSI status, but they did not give me Med-I-Careor MED-I-Cal cards for any doctor visits. That does NOT come automatically. 

FINALLY, months later, when prodded, the federal worker gave me 15 days of med-I-cal status IF I went to some FEDERAL office that was hours away by car, to sign up. I couldn’t get there. By then, my car had no tags, I was driving illegally, risking jail. CAR Tags in California are given when and if you 1.) smog car, 700$ motor work for my heap. 2.) Pay State DMV fees on car itself, 100’s. 3.) Pay to have the car smogged by State, this isn’t the motor work, no, it’s just a TEST and it costs huge money, like 75$. My little 83 HONDA ran but its exhaust was not clean enuf to get tags on back of car. What I’d have spent on buses was out of our mouths and he was going crazy from a lack of food and so was I.

So I have every reason to be an anarchist. Why does my hand tremble as I pronounce the word REVOLUTION? Why am I afraid of a word that has the delightful ‘evolution’ locked up inside of it?

EVOLUTION COMES THROUGH REVOLUTION. All kinds of activism, picketing, anarchy, strikes, unions of labor, popular groups will create the CHANGES you want! These activities work! Bigtime! ANY revolt or picket or demonstration or job where you can affect public policy, like being a DJ… (FREE DJ SCHOOL,) or any article you send around, (especially if you write it correctly,) will work! YOUR EFFORT will bring change and change will bring benefits. If you were to do one thing to change the future, find your brightest, most noisy pal and get them to go to the FREE DJ SCHOOL (it’s all online classes,) so that they can be the GANDHI of the future.

Utilizing the MEDIA and getting elite info out to popular sectors is the name of the game. THE RULING class is afraid of us and our opinions, our rage, our OUTRAGE! Their only weapon is to get us to watch too much dumbdown TV and sports competitions or cable movies, all of which take the revolution out of us. BOGUS CATHARSIS is such a good DRAINER of HORMONES!

Now, it’s always possible you want the REVOLUTIONARY GENE in your body to die out! Maybe activists might want to DESTROY the surly part of themselves so that they can concentrate on being like the OLIGARCHS, into making piles of money with their 24 hour day! That’s a Faustian choice you have to make. Seek the devil money or just seek to put out of biz the greedy thieves who take it all so that any worker can do ok instead of being nose barely out of water.

The fact that YOU as an activist are fearlessly moving toward EVOLUTION certainly doesn’t require that the State grab you and your PC and website and stop your work, or reprogram you. What was it called in the novel/ film “l984” when you got your politics rearranged? Some sort of cerebral diskwipe. You saw more of it in “CLOCKWORK ORANGE”, an old Kubrick film you should rent where they reprogram delinquents by taping their eyes open and giving them a slide show of aversion therapy combined with electric shock so they learn to hate the murder they previously embraced. Can we apply for that? And just stick some ‘trade tech’ in there instead. You know, get a job, make some money, rent an apartment with an AC for all that global warming, have some brats who get in hock to the bank for student loans….the usual dimwatt little life. 

SUCCUMB TO THE SYSTEM? Is that your only recourse? Your only alternative? Actually not. There’s a combination of WILY COYOTE Guerilla Capitalism and activism, which is extremely powerful. Nixon used to sit in the Oval Office cowering in fear at the pickets outside. Noisy activism is the best way to fight the system and secure benefits for your children. HOW?

1.)CREATE ACTIVIST PARTIES/ MEETINGS. Get on Net lists. Send the most scorching material on --to pals.(Make LISTS in your email browser so one address PAL LIST sends that same email to l00 people. Download a good free, email client like one in Netscape Browser Version 4.7. Don’t surf with it, just use it for email. BROWSER TECH.

2.)Learn to format text a little. To save stuff online as txt or htm, then ‘fix’ it, clean it up.

3.)Call the talk radio shows. Never tell the screener what you’re really going to bring up! Give them a pablum ‘issue’ or concern. When you’re on the air, very politely go with the ‘hot issue.’ This takes brass, btw.

4.)Get your own website and use it for articles. Then make ADS for it at CRAIGS LIST.

5.)Get a freebie lecturer and have him talk at a FULL ON PARTY! Hold a 5$ a head SINGLESPARTIES. THEME it with the lecturer’s specialty. 

6.)Raise funds for DARFUR and other needy sectors with MORE PARTIES

7.)SHARE THE LEARNING about these ISSUES with your family by making the learning a fun, family CLOSENESS moment.

8.)GO PRO and become a LOBBYIST for NEW AGE, SENTIENT GROUPS. Not the pay that DOW or MONSANTO give but it’s clean money, all you’d ever need for rent/ food/ and the kids and that moola will actually will go farther!

*   *     *     *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     *     *     *

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