NETSCAPE BROWSER was like a beautiful, Greek
From the very first day I entered Cyberspace in 1994, I was accompanied by the
Beautifully designed NETSCAPE BROWSER. Like a temple in Ancient Greece
or Rome, it was an elegant relic that the CITIZENS of Mozilla-world had abandoned
in Cyberspace to crumble to dust. A relic---only nobody told its users. Like mice
playing in the ruins, the Halls of Netscape 4 were alive with users.

Ever had a PC software or hardware crash and ensuing panic? I just had two
straight days of it in the wake of my relic not FUNCTIONING ANYMORE!
As I'd just posted an article on HOW WE AMERICANS CAN EASILY DO
A 1776 REVOLUTION all over again, I thought that was the cause! I'd been
HACKED by the NSA/CIA . Definition of a DEGENERATED NARCISSIST is, they think
everything bad that happens HAS TO DO WITH THEM, THEIR ACTIVITY, and
who could be doing the spying? CIA, NSA is the most frequent paranoia.

that too.
We curmudgeons offend a lot of people. So maybe they hire hackers.

Or was it just that the NETSCAPE  BROWSER CORP  stopped supporting
to do AOL and get revenues and nobody has the story online yet.

There's now this massive weirdness in the NETSCAPE BROWSER, .. the fact
that its front page jams stony frozen, you can no longer SURF the net with its
NAVIGATOR, it jams if you ask it to go to GOOGLE. You can no longer edit
preferences. Any version of the netscape sisters 4.75, --4.78, ---4.79... even
young sisters like 8 and 9 --- once freshly downloaded JAMS the same way.
I de-installed them like a brigade of fired chorus girls,  re-installed a different
version, but the same glitches were in each, fresh downloaded yet freshly glitched!

I went thru this many times, de-install, is that the word? Reinstall a new
one, fresh off the net. All were glitched in the same area! It won't let your
receive big EMAIL, it jams if there's coding in 'em.  But sending email is OK
And you can't EDIT PREFERENCES any more, so to me, and it won't allow
me to look at my own articles if they have too many slow loading graphics. So
that sounded  like a HACK from the outside, not a glitch.

Downloaded the 15 mil program, the 22mil. None would give me my homepage
GOOGLE as I wanted, they'd SLIDE automatically to NETSCAPE and then TO

THE MAIN PAGE slides from to and a 404 and total
jam. When jammed, the ONLY WAY OUT is control alt delete twice and then hit
BYE BYE. and you sink down to your desk top barely breathing.

So that's why I started to believe this was "BROWSER WARS" or something, some
sabotage to the NETSCAPE webpage off the frigging internet  so their parent corporation
AOL could send you whatever new browser they're peddling. It was logical.

Sorta like the DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX and AERIAL 100 bucks to get NO TV at
all,  forcing you to buy CABLE SERVICES.
TimeWarner might be offended by that article and maybe THEY sent the hackers

So I kept looking for an IMMUNE version of NETSCAPE with my free
DOWNLOADING software talents, INSTALLING VERS.. 4.79 4.78, then 8 and 9,
haha, so-called newer versions? ALL were JUST USELESS. AS IF A HACKER
in Herndon Virgina HAD them all BY THE COLLAR and were strangling & yanking
them behind the curtain

I had a Pegasus Mail on my desk top, no Greek temple lemme tell ya, it asks you
questions you don't know the answers to, the path, the whatever, but I don't know
coding, Earthlink net smapauth server codes bewilder. Gad, what coding? What language? What
words?  Had nothing to consult to find out what those mail paths were. So that was a wrong turn.

Tried out the most primitive NETSCAPE BROWSER, 4.51 from mid
nineties, first one I'd ever used in 94 or so. I stepped LIGHT! Real quick in SET UP,
I imposed one thing  NO ADDRESS AT ALL IN MY BOOT PAGE please.
That helped. No longer did it try to leap from BOOT up PAGE to PROPELLER 404. Now, I HIT MESSENGER its built in EMAIL.  Went to MAIL 2 WEB.COM and sent myself a message. As long as I kept one message in there and clicked on it fast, i could keep the MESSENGER OPEN and working.

I CAN SEND messages as long as there is ONE SINGLE MESSAGE there to hold it
in place. So I sent myself a message NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD PEOPLE TO LEARN TO WORK WITH A DICEY NETSCAPE BROWSER! and keep it there, never erasing it. However, I CANNOT "GET" EMAIL there from others as it jams. It can't read coding, java, just my
plain one line message to myself. Means I have to use MAIL2WEB to get mail, using MOZILLA browser to get to that website.

I've learned to watch tv holding an aerial over my head, to deal with Social Security cutting my fat 342$ pension check down to 285$ I can learn to live with no email coming IN but the bigger problem, I CANNOT look at some of my htm articles. IN NETSCAPE's HTM COMPOSER. If too many graphics, IT WILL JAM. BUT I was able to DO A NEW ARTICLE and add a graphic. THIS ONE HERE. with TEmple at the top for instance.
But my regular weekly star column, all those graphics in a 330k byte file,
ten, twenty PHOTOS in it? OR DRAWINGS/ GRAPHICS? cannot touch it with this
browser. IT FREEZES. So I have an allergic browser. I can live with that until I get a new PC up and
running. Have a DELL in a box somewhere here, brand new. Damn thing has no 3.5 floppies
so I couldn't load it except with freeware found online.

The venerable NETSCAPE BROWSER I drive now (with bullet holes) orig came with:

#1, A BROWSER for surfing. Yet it no longer will surf anywhere. That part
is dead. So I have mozilla for that, I'll live. Netscape always was
temperamental in that area, crashing at java or coding.

#2. An HTM or text COMPOSER for doing HTM files with graphics. LIke
microsoft word but it won't handle DOCS. That one has limits now but can be
used. Write stuff, post it. I am going to post an HTM verision of this
letter at my WEB TIPS SITE with a
graphic of me, prostrate bleeding from all orifices. Sweating nails. Crash

#3 THE MAIL SECTION which first had An address book that held names, bios,
fones, and the inbox which I'd moved to C:\BACKUP directory at first sign of trouble
Four million bytes of emails with Courtney Love, they're fun.

#4 A list of emails received (many copies of what i'd sent and bcc'd to
myself,) four yrs of em, and the ABILITY for me to collate by subject,
date, by name of sender, practically collate by the ideas.

#5. The"MESSENGER section of the EMAIL for doing letters, email. That one
is diced now, too. JAMS STONEY COLD DEAD on the average letter that comes
in. So I can never let my fingers do "GET MSEssAGES! Not ever! ONCE JAMMED
the only way to fix is GO INTO DOS, go into the INBOX and erase, line by
line. You'd rather wait in the DPSS waiting room with no food, lemme tell
you! SO  Old habit, --GET MESSAGES, --have to break it! have to make do with
MAIL-2-WEB for receiving all letters. NOTHING can come here. I feel like a
teen, no visitors allowed.

SO WHY USE NETSCAPE AT ALL? It sends better letters by an increment of l00
over GOOGLE CHROME OR FOXFIRE. They are practically NET READY! I can format them in
composer and turn it into an article. I turn a lot of mail into articles. PORTAL TO THEM

CANNOT do that OVER at MOZILLA. Besides mozilla wont let me send emails. it
jams. Cuz it isn't prompted right as i don't know the ingoing outgoing codes: smtpauth
and POP something. Also it's not the default browser or mail client and it seems to

I've been sorting it all out for two days of panic. I even complained to a pal who's
married to a govnm't programmer saying 'your husband keep the exact software I need now, a year
ago when I had that pc open on his office desk  The one which he never
fixed. Yeah he kept some. beauties, vintage stuff. Netscape 4.75,
a WINDOWS 98 OS which I need to reinstall to lose glitches. I used
the word ABSCOND and BRUTE. Now she's mad at me  I tell you it was a two day upset,
a crash panic that leaves you weak in the knees. But what don't kill ya
makes ya stronger, right? Just doesn't make your PC STRONGER is all.

P.S. I wrote this posted it and then found an old version of 4.75 in my closet
on a cd and I got that Netscape to work fine. I don't open just any ole letter
as many jam it, I have to reboot the browser, but I open emails in mozilla
using get rid of half million and up byte files, spam there, then
allow the email to come in to NETSCAPE. If any jammer gets in, I go into
dos thru ZTREE, go into INBOX and edit out that  offending email.

PS. Now I use Google Chrome with Windows 10 and hey, I'm Ok. This piece is just
to venerate an ancient structure of beauty, value and use. And tip current day
architects to try their hand at something a bit spiffier than Google Chrome.