HOW TO ESCAPE DEATH! ONE CURE FOR ALL DISEASE - Everyone's dancing around a little too close to the SKELETON WITH A SCYTHE. We take chances cuz hey, Burgers, Cokes and ice cream tastes so DAMN good! But the man dying in a hospital bed, in pain that morphine can't fix, says 'if I'd known it would hurt this bad for so long, I'd have eaten better & taken better care of myself." If you're like most people, chances are, you or someone you know suffers from one or more of the following totally painful diseases: Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Asthma, Diabetes, (gangrene, blindness, kidney failure,) Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Alcoholism, Hepatitis, Herpes, Emphysema, Periodontal Disease. And the new big one, on the COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE as it was just discovered, CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, THE CAUSE OF ALL THE OTHER DISEASES. Imagine never having to worry about getting one of those killers, or even  getting the flu again -- or suffering from migraine headaches, gum disease, sinusitis, anemia, lupus, bronchitis or others.

What if you no longer had to live in fear that one day you'll develop a disease that "runs in the family" or get diseases that naturally come from "getting older" or from bad lifestyle choices? And what if you had an easy  change to a vital diet where FOOD BECOMES YOUR BODY's CURATIVE MEDICINE. This isn't a 180 degree turn, it's basically a tiny SWITCHING LANES kind of a cure (which costs no extra money to self administer) but it is a lane change that could get rid of virtually any disease in the event that you actually acquired one? I know, I know. You're probably thinking, "That just can't be true! How could one simple lane change possibly cure all diseases? There's no such thing as a panacea." Well, you have every reason to be skeptical. I know I was. But if you can suspend your disbelief for a moment -- you're about to learn the most amazing health secret anyone could ever possess. Your life -- or the life of your loved one -- could very well depend on this information. It is simple information. Hear me out. These are THE LIFE ENHANCING, VITALITY BUILDING LANE CHANGES YOU CAN EASILY MAKE.

1.) WATCH YOUR PH BALANCE, FIRST AND FOREMOST.  Bone up on the PH factor. Eggs, meat, sugar, flour and grains are ACID REACTION FOODS. You have to eat something alkaline when you eat them. Disease thrives in an OVERLY acidic body. The breath smells (poop too,) in an acidic body. Balance every acid food with an ALKALINE FOOD in same meal, one which combines with it, (Fruit may be alkaline but it DOES NOT COMBINE with ACID meat!) Learn the LIST of easily available ALKALINE foods, available at any corner cafe or market. Learn also to food combine (Protein with greens or green vegies, Grains also eaten with greens.) Fruits eaten alone. No mixing fruits. Have five times the fruit you normally eat in a meal but don't mix.

That way you will achieve PH balance and you will have the PERFECT, sweet smelling, disease free BODY. BONE up on acid/alkaline BALANCE and also study the basic laws of FOOD COMBINING. Many foods we love need STOMACH ACID to break down protein. So protein is eaten with alkaline greens or vegies. Not with sugars, cokes or starches which would dilute acid and cause protein to ferment. Protein in the blood is serious trouble. You let proteins ferment, they go thru the kidneys undigested, freaking them out, and causing edema from kidney failure. That's why all seniors look a like, a big pudding face. No features left. Now on the other hand, Starches require saliva to digest. Add liquids they can't digest, add sugars, they ferment. Do the math!

2.) GOD MADE IT FIRST & BEST, MAN CANNOT IMPROVE. - You want a sweet dessert? Ripe fruit by the pound: oranges, grapes, strawberries, sweet melon, (*Do not combine each branch, sweet alone, semi sweet alone, tart alone, dried fruit alone. If you combine and ill digested food goes thru your gullet, it causes INFLAMMATION of some part of the body and that causes all disease. ) These sweets beat desserts that clog arteries, ice creams, cakes, donuts (oil boiled endlessly until it's lethal?) Fruit does not combine with grains or proteins, so wait 'til your MEAL is digested or eat your desserts alone, between meals.) Simple? Carrying washed fruit with you at all times is REALLY SIMPLE! Some come in their own packaging! (banana, apple, orange.)

3.) PURE RATHER THAN TOXIC, FRESH RATHER THAN RANCID OR OLD - Old cans leech metal into ANYTHING INSIDE and metal gives Alzheimer's, brain damage. SENIOR AMNESIA mean anything to you? All new cans leach plastic now that they put BISPHENOL-A linings in there, (as they realized leeching metal was giving you all Alzheimer's). PLASTIC KILLS too and is TOXIC. It is estrogen and makes guys lose their masculinity! SHUN CANS!.TOXIC! And then there's RANCIDITY, endemic in a market place that needs 'SHELF LIFE' which is really SHELF DEATH!  All foods 'turn.' Grains especially. Seeds that have seed GERM power have an oil at its center which 'turns' with time. RANCIDITY is CANCER! Grains must be so fresh that they can sprout. Ergo not stored, not milled (flour) which opens the wheat germ to air. Keep a loaf of BIBLE BREAD in freezer at all times, made of sprouted, rinsed grain, that is turning alive. No flour in it! In freezer,  the germ doesn't turn rancid! Heated oils (margarine, all frying,) creates a lethal rancid oil. So simmer foods in water, or STEAM so vitamins stay in the food, not dissipate into water, and then put garlicky oils/ dressings on top

4.) THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS, SO IS GOD - OIL is required for the nerves and brain but once you fry oils did you know that they turn lethal with free radicals which drill holes in the entire body letting one cancer cell become twenty thousand? To keep your cell walls firm, no heated oils! So learn to pour seasoned, garlicky cold pressed OLIVE oil on top of a food, never heating it! You get the POWER AND GLORY of the UNIVERSE, the universal lubricant oil shot into your brain where it improves nerves and thinking. FRY that oil you get free radicals, little killer atoms that penetrate our bodies with death rays bombarding holes thru every molecule, giving Cancer cells the ability to roam, creating withered, saggy flesh, weak muscles.

5.) RESTAURANTS BREAK ALL THE RULES SO FOOD TASTES ADDICTIVELY GOOD! SHUN THEM!  THEY want you to grow fond of their"PALATE NORMS" and RETURN TO BUY from THEM. - RESTORE your own palate norms, the ones nature gave you. Fresh, fully ripe fruit has bliss in it. Really well grown organic vegetables are tasty! Organic eggs have peak flavor. Stay outta cafes, fast food joints, etc. They're serving you 'tricked out food.' Over salted, MSG is endemic out there in the marketplace, a brain destroyer. Carry your own PURE, NATURAL meals in an ice cooler in the car. Mornings, you throw a new slab of blue ice in there with the food. Nights you take the ices back to freezer. Your tastebuds soon return to loving normal food with no free radicals.

6.) REPLACE THE BAD VERSION WITH THE GOOD ONE- Devitalized Crunch head lettuce gets replaced with all the POSH TASTY dark greens, arugula, romaine, spinach and avocado on top. Toasty croutons get replaced with pumpkins seeds, sunflower seeds, piled on chewed so SEED power goes into YOU!  Inhaling LIFE. Get the idea?  ANYONE over two does not need any milk product. Vegies have calcium but in recognition of our  INNER CHILD, YOGURT is OK, the real kind.  Ice cream gets replaced with real yogurt and sugar gets replaced by honey.  Get Yogurt at middle eastern store or Greek as they make a good one. IF YOGURT does not bleed, it's American style, useless yogurt.) You can get full fat yogurt from all those little arab markets. If you have a cooler with you, your avocado is there waiting for lunch, your seeds waiting for that romaine salad which the decent cafe will sell you. The honey jar is there. So you pull in to the truck stop, order a few patties, covered with onions. And put together a decent meal. Or make a batch of 20 freeze 19, carry your thawing tofu burger in the car. (TOFU BURG RECIPE) The recipe tastes better than meat, actually. Try it once.

7.) From now on, AVOID THE KILLERS flour in any form, any baked good, transfats are loaded into them. (ruined, carcinogenic fats.) Avoid MILK in any form except real yogurt. And then only as a treat, occasionally. Alcohol in any form except a 1/4 glass by the bed at night to allow hypoglycemia insomniacs to sip a slug and go back to sleep after rinsing mouth (water also by bed). Avoid FRIED MEAT, fried anything. Avoid Sugar in any form. Honey is fine. You won't crave SUGARS if you have decent nutrition.

Now, what finally happens is, your energy comes back. You look radiant and the opposite sex is stirred by you. You sleep a full 8 as you only had one cup of coffee in the morning or tea... you didn't have to slug it down all day self medicating as you were so wasted. Do that ALL DAY STIMULANT thing and you cannot sleep 8. Your body inhales all those fine foods and in a healthy body, any cancer cell that starts, your immune system can kill it.

Know what else happens? Death at 60 gets replaced by high energy at 100. Vegan George Bernard Shaw was almost 100, up on a ladder pruning his own trees, fell. Broken bones not set properly killed him. He'd a gone to a vital 120 easy. So we missed out on his best plays! Let's not miss out on what you might do after retirement, with a second, vital half to your life, and you'd be wealthy enough to enjoy grandchildren and guide them in career/ vocation/ money making  and oh yes, teach them the rules of that they could follow you.