We all could write a book. All of us have the ability to be a fiction writer of some kind or other. To figure out what KIND of work you'd do, it helps if you know what kind of writing your horoscope suggests. Perhaps you should do that, first. Cast your natal horoscope at ASTRO.COM  Knowing your rising sign and ruler and its placement will tell us what you could put your soul into and even sell!

IF you write love stories, short stories, plan on writing novelettes or even full on novels, or screenplays, look at your ruler and rising sign for cues as to what your own personal energy is like. That will tell you what kind of writing you could be selling.

ARIES RISING, MARS RULED? Write epic, action mini-series like PETER THE GREAT, GHENGHIS KHAN, EISENHOWER. Ho Chi Minh. Of course, to sell them to television they really ought to be a successful novel, first. But ARIES loves the challenge of trying something totally new! The dynamic personality of the hero you write about carries you to finishing. Cuz you're a great starter. Hint. Screenplays go much faster than novels. Time is money and ARIES is impatient. Good thing you can do research on the internet cuz you will not sit around libraries waiting for books to be retrieved from the stacks! PATTON may be your favorite film.

TAURUS RISING, VENUS RULED? Write novels about Women of Substance. Edna Ferber type novels where a canny woman survives the failure of her father, husband and men to take care of her and her babies and rises out of dire squalor to the heights, pitting herself against challenging circumstance and villains. MILDRED PIERCE is your favorite film.

GEMINI RISING, MERCURY RULED? - Research is easy for you. Just re-word all the passages you read by putting them down and doing it from memory and also changing the order so no one can accuse you of pilfering or plagiarism. Gemini has a natural trickiness, so that's easy.

CANCER RISING, MOON RULED? - You understand the feelings of women with a status plight, victimized by their families, who forgive. You do woman's soap opera novels well, so DANIELLE STEEL may be a favored authoress. But search for an upgrade. Read THE RED TENT by Anita Diamant. Research the Muslim woman and decide, is she really a victim?

LEO RISING, SUN RULED? Endlessly creative. Can be a screenwriter or playwright. What sign is your sun? The SUN ruled person become his sunsign, changes according to it. IF IN ARIES you'd like War films, in LEO, love stories. In Sagittarius, Biographies. You are very able to create, but the fire of LEO is tied to the sun, meaning some months you go into eclipse and feel dullish. You want to time your writing spurts to SOLAR aspects. You adore film, are up on show biz and would find SCREEN WRITING fast and easy. You love William Goldman and should read all his books and screenplays. AMADEUS, GHOST, CASABLANCA and GONE WITH THE WIND appeal to you.

VIRGO RISING, MERCURY or CHIRON RULED? The Working class interests you, the problems of the peasant class. You are interested in the modern day peasants of the workplace. Norma Rae with Sally Field would send you into a tizzy.  A Virgo man UPTON SINCLAIR, a social realist hated urban filth in the early 20th century. He wrote more novels than any other writer, THE JUNGLE was the one on the Chicago slaughterhouses. Fave Film? WORKING GIRL. BARBERSHOP. Plebes in the workplace. HOTEL RWANDA, about African peasants. Ernest HEMINGWAY had VIRGO RISING, his ruler Mercury in LEO conjunct the star of KINGS, and three violent planets in a T SQUARE (Only serial killers have that,) only JUPITER IN SCORPIO (death, bullfights, big money ) on top of them.

LIBRA RISING, VENUS RULED? You have insight into marriage and intimacy, a respect for propriety. You could write the definitive novel or romance that shows us what it is and isn't. " The queen of English romances.

SCORPIO RISING, PLUTO RULED? You adore mysteries. Your writing gurus will be Sue Grafton, Lee Child, Robert Crais and Michael Connelly. Or a man who knows SPIES and the MOSSAD, DANIEL SILVA.

SAGITTARIUS RISING JUPITER RULED? Biography is your specialty. You also are enchanted with a foreign country. Pearl Buck was raised in China as the child of missionaries and understood its customs well enough to do a string of hit novels like PEONY, THE GOOD EARTH. Read a few. Pick someone who's never been done. JESUS, the LOST YEARS. Or Reverend TYNDALE, the man who got Bible out of Latin and got burnt for it in 16th century.

CAPRICORN RISING, SATURN RULED? You like TV series like DYNASTY or DALLAS which show a tycoon CEO patriarch male. Tony Hopkins is a favorite actor of yours and you adore the utter coldness of the stars with Capricorn predominancy, Sinatra, Sean Connery, Hopkins. Write for them. That's called targeting an actor, creating a VEHICLE for him. Do a day dream on what you'd like to see this actor do on screen. Or, as you're smart, you'll do the novel first, get the first round of revenue there, then do PR like mad to get yourself on talk shows and then Hollywood has to pay even more to get hold of the property.

AQUARIUS RISING URANUS RULED? You love the liberal leftist heroes of old, Bakunin, Marx, Engels and Trotsky, Michelet. Marx had Aquarius rising, so does Jesse Jackson. Read up on liberal leftist heroes with "FINLAND STATION" by Ed Wilson a buck online at ABEBOOKS. Then learn to save text to cache, your research... WEBTRAINING. Then, go to work. You adore biography so you could combine these characters  and do a three man Stage play. You also have the gift of patter. Write odd and Bohemian and somewhat WITTY movies of the week as your ruler understands the needs of TELEVISION. Write novelettes. I think of Aquarian writer COLETTE, who wrote GIGI as a novelette; you know her GIGI short story? You can get it at library. You could be the most far-out evolutionary romance writer. There's no telling what kind of love affairs an Aquarius predominant person will write about. Your love tastes and plots will be BOHEMIAN, outrageous, perverse, kooky, modern, and will pivot around unbonded relationships, maybe not blessed by the church. AS IN "THE LIFE OF A MISTRESS." or TEXAS OIL, eighties, sleazy rogue CEO and girl who loved him. and leaves him, hopefully or she's no hero. Write about situations where there is a third party who doesn't know what's going on. Think of the power lady AQUARIANS. Tallulah, (outrageous) Vanessa, (her kids are illegit) Colette (both ways) and ZsaZsa, epigramming her way thru 7 husbands, "the first time for love, the second for money, the third time for friendship." ALL THESE AQUARIUS energies may play out in some of the ladies in your life whose stories you can borrow for a sharp, witty novel, gals who will be like this, only it isn't ONLY women you know,---to some extent, it's YOU. We 'cast' others in the karmic roles we have written into the script. Then we allege 'it's them,' when it's really US. Some astrologers say this sign AQUARIUS is half traditional and half unconventional as Saturn and Uranus each partly rule Aquarius. The staid Saturn side will carry on love affairs for years with devotion and genuine friendship which never diminishes, but who do they love? oddballs. Then, they're capable of doing unbelievable turnarounds and walkouts for almost no reason at all. You are as obstinant as prone to doing the unexpected.  But you're a gregarious, feather light, amazingly perceptive natural psychologist who takes pleasure in pals, clubs, brotherhoods, team goings on. You don't exactly love to BELONG to groups, yet you recognize the power factor in group work, hence 'hang out' effectively. What you like is to just sit on a street corner or hotel lobby and watch people pass by. New and strange is better than the familiar. Your love for the new manifests as always boning up on experimental, avant garde subjects, getting the latest therapy so you can pass it on --watching flicks or art shows so you can tout the good ones. You're reading books half to read them, half to tout. Meaning you say 'read this." YOu're a one woman OPRAH book club. Cuz you adore her. She has a lot of AQUARIUS planets. You could end up BEING her if you wanna be. TEAM WORK is a good gear now. In your home. Your new biz. Nobody moves the project ahead as fast and well as an Aquarian. Your pleasure is to go to places where your mind is stimulated, comedy stores, philosophy and political groups. You love avant garde, are non-judgemental of sex films when they're high minded, but hate sleaze, exploitation and artless porno & you're keen to tell which is which. In love, you sacrifice and give to takers, you're fixed, don't play around, except for an occasional nothing quickie here and there, based on new friendship. Monogamous in your fashion. In your sweeties, you like terrific humor, brains, & connections. Looks are not important, but intelligent EYES are. The lover's eyes must fascinate. Believe you see greatness in someone's eyes, you're halfway to being in love. You have eyes like that, full of warmth and intelligence, typical of this placement. Your brains show and that's what you like in others, too, and, not just commonplace PHD- intelligence, but forwardgear, avant garde, modernist brains. Because your sweeties are so smart, all your loves die down into keepable friendships. You never pick up junk. If a love does something LOW in the friendship stage, you dump them, which Aquarians frequently do, without an apparent look backward. They like aristocracy of action, not necessarily a birth pedigree, but spiritual aristocrats. There's a certain up/down/fire/ice quality that makes friends and family think you're distant and unapproachable and strangers think you're the warmest thing since booties. You practice democracy, have sympathy for people you've never met before, downtrodden or problem people and you picket at demonstrations. But if you ever find out they're LOW in any way, you cut 'em dead without a thought. You're a natural advisor, could easily be a MENTOR for young children and could late life become a social worker, the spirit of PEACE corps ghetto repair. GOT A GHETTO THERE? Write about it as Aquarian Charles Dickens did. You're impatient of societal dullness, bored by small I.Q's.. Your disregard for convention makes you fascinating and that shows up in your writing. You'd be unique.ALSO AQUARIUS is political. You could do a political love story, Washington DC, like the famed mini series, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Or, a two character stage play, perhaps SIGMUND FREUD and his wife and their homelife but you cut away to scenes where he's healing maniacs. OR do a bio PIC like GANDHI but as he's been done, do MARX, ENGELS and MR TROTSKY a three character play.

PISCES RISING, NEPTUNE RULED-You like the fantasy genre. Read Mists of AVALON which was an original feminist take on Arthurian legend. Read mythology and be stirred by ancient Celtic folk stories. It's not a genre for kids, and if it were, the writer of Harry Potter is today richer than the Queen of England, so is that all bad? Neptune gives variations depending on sign. If in SCORPIO you like Brat Pack energy if in Libra, unicorns, troubadours and romance. If VIRGO, holism. If SAGITTARIUS, Philosophy, biography.

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