My friend Bob the deer feeder lives in the Rockies. He must have good karma from feeding all those deer, all those raccoons, all those many skunks that live under his house, hidden away from the landlady who occasionally comes to seek them out & do them harm. He uses up a bag of feed every single day of the year and he lives on Social Security! SEE BOB AND HIS "PETS" HERE. Well, his PC died. But voila, he had a fixer software on his shelf! He used "Spinrite" softare and brought his whole PC back to life and wrote me "I ran Spinrite software which looks at the surface and takes out or repairs the surface. My surface is old and is falling apart.

Well if I fed all those big animals, I'd fall apart to. I only feed about ten home cats and ten wild ones and a family of possums so my Karma was pretty good too. I used Bhanu Patel. The village fixerman with the neat shop! It's 5 miles west with no valid car tags but I carry the dead PC to him, say 'por favor, load my old hard drive into a newer faster box?" and he did . He wanted 220 but i said "hey you sold me this lemon that died only 4 mos ago, i paid 250 I think it was, maybe 280, no longer recall. so why should i pay full price for this one? he said OKAY, 140 two checks later, one Dec and one for Jan, I  was outta there with a faster box and hey isn't that every woman's dream? Take my very smart up to date brain and just stick it in a younger, faster box?