HEY! REMEMBER The ole BCC TRICK when you do lists, or letters to multiple recipients. ACTIVISTS frequently let themselves be penetrated by having addies out in full view. Say you're a progressive, in any field. Each addie leads back to a person, their SERVER, their home address, phone number. I just saw a letter to various government functionaries, plus activists, i.e both sides of the war, with all names hanging out in view.  The CIA or NSA or city gov/ the cops do a HIGHLIGHT, CUT PASTE COPY to their files and they're all on you like white on rice! Another reason to hide addies: BCCing is a way to prevent our getting on spam lists  which are circulated, sold, causing us to be deluged with junk mail so that our delete button finger atrophies! SUCH HORRORS and headaches start with OUR letting multiple names hang out on our OWN emails. ALWAYS hit BCC on all but one of the names when you send copies (CC) But safest of all is to make LISTS of your people BEFOREHAND. I MAKE the ONE NAME my own name as my delete finger is strong and my house inpenetrable by government agents!

Here's how to BCC. Go into your address book, hit MAKE NEW LIST, GIve it a name. 'PAL LIST' that's the first line, right? Or if it's your COMMUNIST MARXIST LIST call it "PTA PARENTS" Then, fill in the PAL LIST with names of people who are already in your address book. The second you write first few letters, the whole name will appear as your BOOK already HAS that person in it. (It won't let you add a new name to the list. So you can only use people you already have in your address book.) Then when you send a multiple, use that list, don't type in each name. The list shoots all forty names in WITH ONE STROKE! Can't improve on THAT can you? If you want to add a new friend, go to the LIST NAME in your address book, "PAL LIST" then HIGHLIGHT it, now tap on 'properties' and you'll be whisked INSIDE the list, see all those names. Go to end,
cursor at very end of last name, then slide down one line by hitting ENTER, NOW add a name this new line and then hit 'OK or SAVE' ) X to exit.

Now, when you mail a joke, hit TO: fill in PAL LIST, then go back to the
'TO' and turn it into BCC by clicking on it until menu appears. No doing
the ole BCC on forty names, nahhh, much too tedious. Now the letter
isn't going to anyone. They're all invisible, so make another TO: and
put your own name there. Means you have to put your OWN NAME AND EMAIL
INTO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK!. Any hackers out there going over letters, they
aren't going to notice a letter FROM YOU TO YOU, and they can't
penetrate the identities of all those names.

Now, one more thing, say you want to write the story of your life and
send it to your Aunt Edna? A lot of work. You've done this whole long,
email. Now hit BCC and write your own name. YOU WILL get, y return mail,
a copy of your labors, which you've addressed to yourself. SAVE IT to

YOu have to use EXPLORER or ZTREE to create a directory called my stuff
or ME or I call it HOLD. It's under my server software or
D:\earthlnk\netscape\(hold that is the pathway so I can just tap that
out and save to that spot.

I also use ZTREE to go into the files in HOLD and edit out all markings,
make 'em clean, get all the >>'s out of them, RESAVE so I can send 'em
to pals. Stuff I see on the net, I always save it as txt not html.
Easier to edit.

By the way, SAVE THIS VERY FILE HERE. Save it as bcc.txt. When you get a
multiple list name, all hanging out, spilling private names to spammers,
you've have maybe forty people that you can tell about this, So Save
this letter to cache as BCC.txt Then, when any communicative pal sends
you a multi-named letter, you hit the entire list quickly with REPLY TO
ALL RECIPIENTS, THIS letter BCC.TXT goes to them and then all those
forty odd people will learn this secret and pass it on. Pretty soon,
spammers won't be able to deluge us with ads. I was on your list today
as a recipient of the message. My only problem is when I DO REPLY TO ALL
RECIPIENTS, unfortunately, this isn't my list. So the names are hanging
out in cyberspace. I would have to go down the list hitting BCC on each
individual name to 'turn that around' and make 'em invisible. It's work
if you wanna do that. I didn't. I have to pay rent. But click on them
all turnin them BCC as you don't want YOUR OWN letter to cause these
hackers to hit pay dirt.

IF your browser does not have the MAKE LIST feature, download
NETSCAPE VERSION 4.7, free online. An oldie but a goodie,
and transfer your email addies to it.

I don't SURF THE NET with this old browser; it jams at sites
with flash and java. But I totally use it for email, coming
and going! I use mozilla firefox  vers 2 for surfing. cuz 3 crashed this
old Windows 98SE sytem! Had to buy a new PC. Don't download
stuff not meant for your OS!!!

*       *       *        *        *       *      *      *

From a racheted up NSA we're fleeing
they're nailing our names and addresses.
join me in EMAIL BCC ing
FEMA CAMPS one of nature's worst stresses!

For instructions on how to make your house inpenetrable by government agents, read :