Remember that the unemployment figures are anything but accurate in most instances , as they conveniently drop you off the list when your unemployment benefits run out. Then you take into consideration the movement of jobs, including white collar executive and technical, to offshore locations like india. I hate to say it but -- "Something is rotten in Denmark" -- as the saying goes. I am on a couple of distribution lists for financial analysis news letters and one , John Mauldin's , stated clearly, a month or so back, that the financial analysts in general simply do not understand what is creating this market rally. It is like these investors are out in never- never land. I am not going to put out any advice because most on this eGroup know what I have recommended for at least five years and it is spelled GOLD. And this kid puts his money where his mouth is. The only investment that has made major gains for me is a well timed transfer of equity from a money market fund to a precious metals fund about a year ago that has just gone bonkers. The illuminati are pulling out all the stops to try and stop the gold prices from rising but I have a feeling that that game is just about over.

The Sucker Traps - Part One
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Some people are just busy with their personal lives. So all they know
about the world is what they ingest from the oil-soaked, spy-riddled
monopoly press. If it is not mentioned there, well, it did not happen.
And common Americans, occupied with their personal circles, often do not
make time to sit and listen to their elders. Some rather ship their
elders into expensive warehouses called nursing homes. [The nursing home
rackets are a story for another time.]

So the wisdom to be learned from past generations and their mistakes
falls into the black hole of the unknown.

Here is a list of what ordinary people should have learned but often
have not. Such as the blunders of the 1920s and 1930s:

SUCKER TRAP NUMBER ONE: "Business cycles have been abolished". Oh yeah?
By whom and when and how? "Prosperity is just around the corner".
Slogans like that were mouthed off by President Herbert Hoover. Not
surprisingly nowadays, some mistake that name for the infamous FBI

A possibility that we are NOT facing a "great prosperity" returned, is
sent off to be studied by a "Presidential Commission". Their report, if
any, if ever, is filed in Never-Never land.

SUCKER TRAP NUMBER TWO: Invest in the "Great American Dream". Yes, if
you are young, and somehow survived a world war just ended, and was not
shot or bombed to pieces, you can rightfully buy stock in American big
business and expect a period of prosperity. Many born into the tail-end
of business cycles, however, refuse to realize their position in time
and place. Endlessly mouthing off "now is my time" may avail you

Do not expect the newsfakers to set you wise. Well-oiled press whores
are not about to risk their jobs to bring you harsh reality. They write
and speak on-air what they understand the presslords want said.
Contradictions are not specified clearly. The ultra-rich want to even
further enrich themselves by having as many Americans as possible paid
only minimum wage or just above that. "We have to be productive and
competitive". At the same time, they are flooding the nation with
non-citizens who do not protest being paid, under the table, LESS than
minimum wages.

What we call "the liars and whores of the press" have advertisers urging
us to buy fifteen and twenty thousand dollar cars. What? To be paid with
cheap wages?

Some grow up never having read Ferdinand Lundberg's great work, "The
Rich and the Super-Rich" (Lyle Stuart publishers, 1968, still more or
less available hardcover and paperback). Lundberg points out the ultra
rich are often just plain stupid. Certainly with a lot less sense than
the average working person. The very rich are forever beating down the
common people who sooner or later, as Lundberg shows, rise up and smash
their tormentors.

One reason there was no revolution in the Great Depression of the 1930s,
was the great number of newly arrived immigrants. They were quite
satisfied to be in America, even to sleep under bridges when it rains.
Better than elsewhere. Will common Americans, moreso born here not
elsewhere, now act also somewhat subdued in the face of adversity? Of
course, there were labor riots in the 1930s, beaten down by goons from
General Motors and hired thugs of Ford Motor Company. [The unemployment
and food riots in Argentina, December, 2001. Can THAT also happen here?]

SUCKER TRAP NUMBER THREE: "Interest rates are reasonable. So now is the
time to suck the equity out of your house". That is, pile up on yourself
more mortgages?

The so-called mortgage peddlers have multiplied like a swarm of locusts,
to eat out our substance. Basically, they are urging ordinary Americans
to wreck themselves.

With a recession belatedly officially proclaimed and an apparent new
Great Depression again looming, it is a time not to pull a wagon of
rocks. Too many ordinary Americans find their wagons so heavy, it
requires two horses, both husband and wife working. And everyone over
the age of ten should be working not schooling? Hey, have we all
forgotten the terrible struggles of bygone years to stop mis-using Child
Labor? Have corrupt public officials stopped enforcing Child Labor Laws
put on the statute books after great turmoil and bloodshed?

If you do not comprehend what is here being said, well, spend time at a
unit of McDonald's Hamburgers. The Child Labor rushes around polishing
doorknobs and such. And, often they work after closing hours, not paid
for that, while cleaning up the fake milk-shake equipment. McDonald's
seems to encourage their Child Labor to be illiterate. Cash registers
have pictures, not numbers.

In plain talk, it should be a time of no mortgages, no credit cards, no
vast installment payments. And Child Labor should be wide-awake in
school being educated, not sleepy-eyed, with no time for homework, not
used at cheap wages to enrich fast food giants.

Late night COMMERCIAL television is laughable. There is an ad basically
telling you that even deadbeats will be given credit to a buy a car. A
moment later, your local bankruptcy lawyer (or liar?) is announcing he
is available to save you. Oh yeah? As we have pointed out on our website
and on our NON-COMMERCIAL television programs (public access Cable TV),
the bankruptcy courts too often are a giant fraud, seizing for the
vultures of the local "Bankruptcy Club" what is left of the property and
assets of the sick and the unemployed.

Do the monopoly press ever tell you HOW to protect your hind-quarter?

SUCKER TRAP NUMBER FOUR: "I do not have to worry about my stockbroker.
After all, they are insured by the Government". Really? If your broker
goes under in a crash or scandal, your account in the meantime is
frozen. Your "great long-term investment" may melt to almost nothing
while you are powerless and forbidden to do anything about it. And
that's what's happening now. Same with FDIC. They have 20 yrs to
pay you back on l00k. That's the fine print. By time 20 yrs go by your
100k will buy dinner out. Dat's inflation folks!

And, are there adequate reserve funds in the supposed "government" set
up insurance fund? Really? Not everyone thinks so.

If you really understand finance, ask your broker a forbidden question:
"What if the Clearing House itself goes down?" The reply may be, "Stop
asking. That cannot happen". Well, in 1984, when Continental Bank of
Chicago collapsed, a ClearingHouse came within a hair of going down as
well. [I had the distinction of accurately predicting the downfall of
Continental Bank, a major owner of which was the highly corrupt Chief
Judge of the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago, 7th Circuit. I was a few
months ahead of my time, and some in key places enjoyed a brief period
of calling me a "liar". Later did they eat their words?]

Also, the regulations of insurance for failing and failed brokers are
riddled with traps and loopholes. Such as, your stock was bought through
ANOTHER firm which is actually holding the shares. Hence, YOUR broker is
not responsible.

More sucker traps identified.

Did you ever talk to the elders of your family? About how they or others
came to financial ruin in the bad old days of the Great Depression?

If you did, what could you have found out? Following the Crash of
October, 1929, the stock market by April, 1930, recovered by fifty per
cent, typical of horrendous bear markets. This was among talk that a
fresh prosperity was just around the corner. And that now was the time
to invest in American business for "the long haul".

BUT, who ever mentions there was an even worse, faster-developing Crash
in 1937? Stock prices did not return to 1929 levels until 36 years
later. Did all the victims of 1929 live that long?

The accepted pundits did not and do not bother to point out some key

[1] The gap between the ultra rich and the common folks had become the
greatest ever(like now). The income and assets of the aristocracy in the
1920s had gone UP AND UP. The wages of the ordinary people, however, had
become stagnant if not declining (like now). Farm prices, if anything,
had leveled off or had gone down in the 1920s and into the 1930s (like

[2] Ordinary workers and small business people were urged to own their
own home. In good times, that would seem to be a great idea. In many
city communities, there sprung up block after block of individual
residences. As you looked down some streets, you could see row after row
also of two-flats and three-flats, supposedly income producing

The properties had five-year, so-called Canadian-style mortgages,
typical of the era. Who bothered to think about what would happen if the
mortgage had to be rolled over or renewed in bad times? Who realized how
would-be owners would be pressured to pay up the mortgage if the bank or
mortgage company went under?

[3] There were plenty of newspapers supposedly competing with one
another. But, they all relied for their existence on advertisers. The
small amount paid by readers could not, by itself, keep the publications
going. One subject was generally taboo. They did NOT publish pictures,
if they had any, of the very wealthy, or if they did, were obligated to
show them in a good light, smiling. And, they did NOT condemn the
Establishment, the elite, for taking financial advantage of ordinary
workers, small business folks, and yeoman farmers.

[4] There were plenty of community banks. And the big banks were
"downtown". In some cities, you could see three different banks on the
same street corners. The banks took deposits at the same time they sold
corporate securities and mortgage bonds(after years of being prohibited,
banks through their holdings firms or even directly, now sell such)..
Chicago, for example, was a center to banks selling "Gold Bonds". That
is, mortgage paper, the interest on which was payable in gold per month
or per quarter. Some workers because they worked on several jobs were
able to save up enough to buy such bonds and used the proceeds toward
their rent on their flat.

[5] For investing in American business, some workers and small business
folks found it convenient to buy shares in Investment Trusts. That was
the name for the middle-men who, in turn, bought shares in stock. Few
bothered to read the contracts which had a lot of technical legal

Here are some of the consequences and follow up details:

=== Some common folks put their family money into Wall Street as a
result of the market "recovery" of the Spring of 1930. With a background
as an engineer and developer for the super rich worldwide, President
Herbert Hoover made statements he ought to have known were most likely
mere puffing and false. He said words to the effect that, following the
1929 Crash, the American economy was on a sound and solid basis. Perhaps
the present generation does not like to study history. Too many young
folks think this Hoover was "the head of the FBI". This nonsense and
lack of knowledge just causes the gap between the generations to be
wider than usual.

=== Those who re-invested in the "market recovery" of 1930, or failed to
get the Hell out of Wall Street, as time went on, saw their stocks lose
90 per cent or more of their value or become entirely worthless. Unlike
the direct purchase of stock, those who bought shares in Investment
Trusts most often lost everything. The fine print of the contracts (if
they were even shown or given a contract) stated there is a redemption
clause. That meant, if too many investors tried to redeem their shares
in the Investment Trust, the entity was frozen up. Thereafter, any
investors left in the investment pool got zero; they could not transact
in, out, or redeem. The Investment Trusts went into all manner of legal
snarls for years and years, and receiverships, and some just plain

If you listened carefully to the family elders, you heard them curse the
"downtown banks". And even worse hollering was against the "stinking
Investment Trusts". When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared a
Bank Holiday in 1933, he ended up ruining the community banks in favor
of the "downtown banks" which survived. After World War Two, what sprung
up as middlemen in stock purchasing were called MUTUAL FUNDS.. The term
Investment Trust had become a dirty word.

By the 1990s, the Mutual Funds had multiplied like locusts, tens of
thousands of them. Like the infamous Investment Trusts, their alter ego
and ghosts arisen >from the dead, Mutual Funds had the rotten redemption
clause. Like in the 1920s and early 1930s, who bothered in the 1990s and
thereafter, to read the contract about what could cause the Mutual
Funds, formerly Investment Trusts, to be frozen up? Certainly the
oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press are not about to discuss this
aspect of Mutual Funds, which are heavy advertisers and financially
interwoven with the print and electronic media.

=== Who in the press tells you about the supposed brokerage insurance,
SIPC, not having sufficient reserves if a bunch of stockbrokers go bust
in a bad downturn in business. And so you think the U.S. Treasury stands
behind SIPC? Oh yeah?

=== "Gold Bonds" became a great scandal of the 1930s. Who corruptly
covered it all up? Why, Joseph P. Kennedy, first boss of the
newly-then-formed U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and "Founding
Father" of the Kennedy clan. Gold Bonds were based on mortgages. Real
estate, being the only free market in America, went down in price when
the bubble burst. Nowadays there are shares on the Big Board of Fannie
Mae, a huge mortgage pool (sort of like "Gold Bonds" though not paying
in the precious metal). Some have the false impression that Fannie Mae
is a Federal Government agency and supposedly in a mortgage foreclosure
crisis, would be bailed out by the U.S. Treasury. Not so.

=== In the 1930s, when real estate prices collapsed, the market price of
many properties was lower than the mortgage. So, some would-be owners of
individual residences, or apartment buildings, left a note inside their
abandoned property for the mortgage company. "Goodbye, mortgage company,
nice knowing you. Here is the key." The would-be owner could most often
at the time purchase a similar property nearby, for cash, if they still
had any, at much less than the mortgage on their then current item. The
press whores now cannot discuss such things. After all, the Sunday
edition of most newspapers have a large real estate section. Telling the
truth about real estate, then as now, is bad for business.

=== In recent years, a swarm of mortgage companies have shown up >from
No Where. They urge owners to suck all the equity out of their property
through re-doing the mortgage or adding another pile of bricks on their
head through a second mortgage. The liars and whores of the press
advertising these mortgage peddlers, do not bother to inquire who they
are. Some of them (certainly not all of them) are purveyors of criminal
offshore loot, proceeds of gangster enterprises too often jointly with
corrupt tax collectors, plain old-fashioned mobsters some in bed (as we
have shown in other situations) with judges and other public office
holders. The dirty money is being laundered as "mortgage lending".

=== In the 1930s, the enterprising tenant could live in an apartment for
a time without paying. So many apartment buildings were partly vacant,
that the landlords offered three-month concessions. That meant, you
could live there for the first three months for free. There were plenty
unemployed to move you elsewhere, in the dark of night, when the rent
freebie expired. (Is more of that coming back, such as with the
overbuilding of condominium buildings?).

=== When banks collapsed in the 1930s, some of the bank presidents
opened the Safe Deposit Box vault and looted the contents of some of the
deposit boxes. After all, the Deposit Box Companies were then, and are
now, completely separate entities housed within the bank building. Few,
if any, know this. The vault companies generally carry no theft
insurance. And what box holders wants to report to the police or the FBI
that some jewels, some gold coins, and other valuables are missing from
their deposit box? And can you PROVE what was in the box? Do husbands
really want their estranged or legally separated or divorced wives or
ex-wives to know what was kept in that deposit box? Do corrupt
politicians want tax collectors to know what the public office holder
has siphoned off some public agency's funds? Hey, do you think highly
corrupt IRS officials want to divulge what is in THEIR safe deposit box?

Two examples. A top Illinois state official was criminally prosecuted
when his estranged wife blew the whistle on fifty thousand dollars kept
in his safe deposit box apparently embezzled from his state office. A
Mayor of Chicago took bribes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in
the form of diamonds. This loot somehow disappeared from his deposit box
when he croaked. Who could prove what?

=== Gotten rich during the Great Depression era from the looted deposit
boxes, some banker's families after World War Two used these funds to
establish a form of competitors to banks, called Savings and Loan
Associations, appealing to home ownership and such. Good references:
"The Rich and The Super Rich" by Ferdinand Lundberg, Lyle Stuart
Publishers, 1968, reprinted in paperback in later years. "The Great
Crash- 1929" by Kenneth Galbraith.

Can America's secretive PRIVATE central bank, the Federal Reserve, keep
pumping up the stock market? Are they actually now reversing position,
and selling short against the unsuspecting American common people? That
is, having made the market go up, secretly profiting from making it go
down? Is the Federal Reserve technically bankrupt? What is the
treasonous history of J.P. Morgan & Company?

What is it that they do not teach at the most supposedly prestigious
business schools, such as at Harvard or Rockefeller's University of

Not part of the curriculum are the ways in which "the powers that be",
the Establishment, the Ultra Rich, the Ruling Class---whatever is
labeled as THEM---further enrich themselves on the backs of the common

How, then, do the sons and daughters of the Aristocracy learn how to do
such things? Simple. It rubs off on them just by growing up among their
elders. It becomes second nature to them. Since the more ordinary people
do not grow up in such an environment, they do not ever understand the
mindset of plutocrats..



The Ultra Rich felt endangered by their creation, the Soviet Union. So
the oligarchs in the U.S. and England financed the rise of Adolf Hitler,
as a bulwark against the Moscow government.

For examples, refer to "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" by
Antony C. Sutton and also his opus, "How the Order Creates War and
Revolution"(the Order being such as the Skull & Bones Secret Society)
and his book, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler".

The very wealthy Americans such as the Rockefellers, shared profits with
Nazi big business even in the midst of World War 2. "Trading With the
Enemy" by Charles Higham.

The British Monarchy, secretly pro-Nazi, through their ownership of
Prudential Insurance Company of Newark, New Jersey, controlled and
selected what targets, if any, in wartime Germany were bombed by the
Allies. Knowing the value and insurance of corporate properties in Nazi
Germany, Prudential was in charge of the Strategic Bombing Survey. (A
well-equipped library has books on the S.B.S.)

So, for example, the Nazi chemical octopus, I.G. Farben, was NOT bombed
and was 93 per cent intact at the end of the conflict. (See "I.G.
Farben" by Richard Sasuly, a book by a U.S. military officer in charge
of the end of the war survey of Farben.).

Because of the business tie-in with General Electric of the U.S., their
facilities in Nazi Germany were not bombed. [See, Sutton's documented
work, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler".]


The pundits for the super rich pushed the high tech wreckage onto the
ordinary people. So, mouth-pieces for the major brokerage houses
promoted the telecoms, the computer wonders, and the energy shysters,
onto ordinary people, as a "good investment". More and more of those
dot.coms are into bankruptcy or soon there.


That is sort of like the crowd rushing from one side to another. An
analogy from history might be useful. Early in the 20th Century, a major
Chicago-based company arranged an outing for their employees. Over a
thousand persons gathered, like for a party, on a boat in the river in
Chicago. To watch some other event, all those on the vessel ran to the
other side of the ship, which, thus unbalanced, capsized. Nine hundred
ordinary employees were drowned. Of course, that was an accident.

NOT an accident is the way the suckers fleeced in the equity markets are
being shoved into BONDS. Cynics purposely mispronounce it as BOMBS. The
innocents are thus made to run from one side of the financial ship to
the other. Will the financial markets vessel capsize?

Various types of bonds are vulnerable, so are so-called "money market
funds". By the time you see, if at all, the periodic prospectus of a
money market fund, the data is stale. You do NOT find out what the fund
is into NOW. Are they trying to temporarily boost the return by
hocus-pocus book-keeping, called derivatives? Are they using highly
hazardous hedging tricks? Are they invested in commercial paper of
companies on the verge of bankruptcy? Brokers pushing clients into
"money market" funds are not about to tell you.

A typical conversation of a broker to a client. "So, you do not like
stocks? Fine, we'll put you into Municipal Bonds". Not identified are
the municipal bonds actually issued for private and non-governmental
purposes. In a bad recession, will the purposes generate enough funds to
pay the municipal bondholders? And get this. Municipal bond GUARANTEE
FUNDS are considered by savvy sorts as a bad joke. Do they have enough
reserves to make good possible widespread municipal bond defaults?

Then there are the so-called "Federal Agency" securities. These are
known in the financial trade as GSE, "government-sponsored enterprises".
Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, Freddie Mac. These securities and mutual funds
supposedly investing in them as a go-between for mutual fund holders,
are peddled by brokers and others as if they are securities actually
guaranteed by the Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. Treasury.

Sponsored by Vanguard Funds is Bob Brinker, a long-time pusher on the
radio who urges listeners to invest in mutual funds holding Ginnie Mae
securities. He tells the listeners that such securities are backed by
the U.S. Treasury. Some, however, have substantial doubts.

Not much publicized was the Dow Jones wire service item, dated 8/5/02,
datelined New Orleans. "Government officials and investment experts
worried about the impact on stock prices of alleged corporate accounting
fraud are paying too little attention to risks inherent in other
securities widely regarded as being safe, according to William Poole,
president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.

"Speaking at the Council of State Governments' Southern Legislative
Conference, Poole said that certain government-sponsored private
agencies, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan
Bank System, are undercapitalized relative to their debt load.

"He said if the imbalances of these and other so-called
government-sponsored enterprises go undressed, they could lead
eventually to a capital crisis that would send a shock through the U.S.
housing market."

Further referring to Poole, "Similarly, he said, 'no one should
underestimate the potential importance of the ambiguity over the
financial status of the GSEs.'

"A serious problem, he said, is 'the market prices GSE debt as if there
is a FEDERAL GUARANTEE, or a high probability of a guarantee, standing

"Poole recommended that the federal government act to dispel the notion
GOVERNMENT." (Emphasis added.)

Typical of their method of operation, the Ultra Rich, having taken
themselves ouf of so-called "Federal Agency" securities, have pushed
them onto the suckers who sooner or later will get clipped.

Seldom mentioned is the history of U.S. Treasury securities.

Starting about the fall of 1979, was a U.S. Ruling Class liquidity
crisis, falsely referred to by the press-fakers as a "U.S. Government"

To try to calm know-nothings, the head of the private central bank, the
Federal Reserve, held a rare joint press conference with then President
Jimmy Carter. The commotion revolved in part around gold, considered by
some as "independent money".

Tending to undermine the validity of paper money, gold prices by 1980
peaked temporarily at over 800 dollars per ounce. By 1981, U.S. Treasury
securities were priced in the market to yield 16 and one-half per cent.
The yield goes up as the price of the bonds go down. Some U.S. Treasury
paper was priced near 75 cents to the dollar face value of the bond. The
best corporate business risks paid a minimum of 21 and one-half per cent
for capital transfusions.

In all the commotion, never discussed in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled
monopoly press, was the way some foreign investors were protected. Since
the fake embargo/oil crisis of 1973, major buyers of U.S. Treasury paper
in Japan and Saudi Arabia have had THEIR purchases backed by U.S. Gold.
Of course, there is no such guarantee for U.S. residents. And the
alternative press in the 1970s forced a partial audit of Fort Knox. The
opening of just one vault there showed the supposed depository of U.S.
gold did not have it. All that was found was some orangish-looking, poor
quality gold-like stuff, apparently melted down gold coins from the 1934
seizure of gold by the Roosevelt White House. Forcing even this partial
audit was the Chicago-based tabloid "National Tattler", (now defunct),
in which a key role was played by crusading journalist Tom Valentine.
According to a published statement of a U.S. General, he led a convoy of
trucks taking away most all the gold of Fort Knox about 1968 to New
York. It was shipped to London, to try to stem a run on the gold in the
Bank of England.

Currently, Japan owns about forty per cent of U.S. Treasury Securities.
Japan needs to bail-out their greatly insolvent banks, many of which are
the largest in the world. On a pre-arrangement with the American
aristocracy, the Japanese may suddenly dump their U.S. Treasury paper
which may suddenly, like in 1980-81, decline to 75 cents per dollar face
value, or even lower. Thus in part renouncing the U.S. debt and
impoverishing ordinary folks but further enriching the oligarchs.

This would be joined at the same time with an attack or "run" on the
so-called "U.S. Dollar", actually hot-air Federal Reserve notes. In
simple terms, the Establishment considers ordinary Americans as the
enemy, to be plundered. Attention was diverted for many years by the
press whores, on behalf of the Ultra Rich, leading ordinary folks to
believe the "enemy" was the Moscow government, now becoming more and
more a trading partner with U.S. Big Business and Big Oil.

Who dares mention an historical truism? That is, that sooner or later,
every sovereignty repudiates their debt which they knew all along they
could not pay back. A very astute observer on international finance,
forty years ago and more, was Franz Pik. He would impart his wisdom to a
select, small cricle in closed meetings. Each listener paid one thousand
dollars to sit there and hear him, at a time when that amount of money
was considered huge.

Who dares mention that the watering down of the paper money and the
renouncing of the debt, led, in part, to the French Revolution and the
chopping off of the heads of the King, Queen, and the French
aristocracy. Refer to the book, "Fiat Money Inflation in France" by
Andrew Dickson White, written in the 19th Century but still true now.

Studying the class structure is not a popular subject in American
education. Some contend it is a feel-it-in their-bones known subject in
England and elsewhere. So common Americans are generally completely
blank on this, when it come to understanding Class.

Special note to the naive and poorly-informed: We are NOT shills for
some type of investment house or brokerage. Hence, do NOT bombard us
with requests as to WHAT we recommend to put your paper money into, to
save yourself. Our upcoming follow-up story, about the impending Real
Estate Crash might nevertheless be helpful.

In nailing bribe-taking judges and bribe-giving lawyers, we do NOT
proceed applying some overall conspiracy or plot. We do not like to
think of events solely in terms of a conspiracy, nor we do wish to be
falsely labeled as "conspiracy theorists", a favorite put-down of the
oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press.

We do not like "pie in the sky" ideas or mere philosophies. Our group's
corruption investigations have turned on highly technical details, our
specialty based on over one million records, court files, secret
notebooks, audio and video tapes, and similar items compiled over four
decades of our work. Fingering corrupt members of the bench and the bar,
from our standpoint, does NOT depend on whether they are conservatives,
liberals, Democrats or Republicans. In four decades we have hit enough
of them between the eyes, in our public interest crusading, more than in
the entire previous history of the nation. These are matters of record,
not theories, that should reassure even skeptics that we are not
inclined to make idle statements.

So, when we call the PRIVATE Central Bank, masquerading as a U.S.
Government unit, the conspiratorial FEDERAL RESERVE, we do not know of
any more specific way to describe them.

If you watch with an eagle-eye, occasionally the instruments and
mouthpieces of The Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling
Class, whatever you call THEM, you sometimes get an advance warning from
a faction in the Aristocracy.

Notice this item:


"The Federal Reserve may have lowered interest rates to the once
unimaginable level of 1.25 percent, but senior officials insist they can
still FLOOD THE COUNTRY WITH MONEY if they need to."

"'The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press---or,
todays, its electronic equivalent---that allows it to produce as many
U.S. dollars as it wishes AT ESSENTIALLY NO COST', Ben S. Bernanke, one
of the Federal Reserve's seven governors, said in a speech to economists
here today."

"In a detailed analysis that tracks fairly closely with more general
comments last week by Alan Greenspan, the Fed chairman, Mr. Bernanke
described the many ways the central bank could INJECT VAST SUMS OF MONEY
into the economy to combat DEFLATION, even if interest rates were to
drop to ZERO."

A story, datelined Washington, in the New York Times, 11/22/2. (Emphasis

Like in the wake of 1929, the Establishment currently is not about to
admit that an horrendous financial meltdown is in the works. AND THAT A
FACTION IN THE ARISTOCRACY, with prior treasonous knowledge, diverted
attention, temporarily, from an impending financial debacle by way of
Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

The small to medium so-called "investors", having become sour on stock
losses, have been advised by the brokerage trade, "Well, then I'll put
you into bonds instead". And the price of U.S. Treasury Securities goes
UP as the interest rates go DOWN, and vice versa.

To just TEMPORARILY delay the inevitable financial collapse, the Federal
Reserve is going to RE-FLATE WALL STREET, just long enough for the "big
boys" to get their rear ends free and clear, if possible, of financial
fall-out, destined to rain-down on know-nothings, the unsuspecting
suckers, like so much mostly fatal nuclear economic residue.

After all, who remembers. that the greatest losses were inflicted AFTER
1929, on those that believed the newsfakers and the Herbert Hoover White
House that "prosperity is just around the corner". By 1930, plenty of
suckers were lured back into the stock market and got clipped and

A good text book of the events in and after 1929, is J. Kenneth
Galbraith's opus, "The Great Crash-1929", several times re-printed since
1959. NOT in October, 1929, BUT IN SEVERAL YEARS AFTERWARDS, quite a
number of wrecked "investors", caught also in the real estate bust that
followed, "took the gas pipe", then typical lingo for snuffing
themselves out at a time that not all gas stoves had safety pilot

No, they do not nowadays jump out of windows in some spectacular "end it
all" situation. In fact, cynics point out that it cannot now happen
anyway. After all big buildings, such as near Wall Street, La Salle
Street, and such financial districts, do NOT have windows that open, and
roof entries are locked.

Only old-timers remember the unemployed bond brokers of the 1930s,
walking down the street, without a topcoat in the winter, in the last of
their fancy suits. Who remembers the Wall Street Journal almost went
into bankruptcy in 1935. Then and now, as the peddler of Establishment
lies, the Journal is trusted by WHOM, and WHO needs them, after all?
(Some sarcastic sorts read the Journal the cheap-way, on-line, just to
see what the "Big Lie" is currently being circulated. For the purpose of
dissidents and commentators to be able to refute the Journal on Internet
or wheresoever outspoken types can be heard.)

In the Fall of 2002, the Wall Street Journal apparently got tired of
their skilled team writing stories about corporate finagling. So, in the
name of "cut-backs", the Journal dismissed their entire "legal team",
the label for 23 of their writers of cover-up and whitewash stories of
corporate bandits and pirates. If you believe in conspiracy theories,
can it be said the Bush and Cheney White House ordered this
head-chopping? AND, who, if anyone, will write such big lies in the
future, to protect the Aristocracy and their corporations? Will it be
their worldwide wire service pack of liars, the Associated Press, AP,
the same ones who promoted big CIA lies, such as a "lone gunman"
assassinated President John F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
and Robert F. Kennedy?

So, will the Journal merely re-print AP stories of corporate gangsters,
the Journal's own writing team having been wacked?

In their item 11/22/2,the New York Times does not dare go into more
specifics or contradictions, such as:

[1] Is the re-flating supposedly of the economy, going to be quite
temporary, just long enough to get the "big boys" out and lure the
suckers back in?

[2] What will happen to U.S. Treasury Securities, now that so many
ordinary Americans have been herded into that?

[3] Will the re-flating actually be able to stop, what savvy sorts see,
namely, that dreaded long-term, on-coming DEFLATION?

[4] Will the Federal Reserve's trick device be able to actually stop the
impending real estate bust, considering that real estate is one of the
only free markets in America?

[5] Actually, if not theoretically, would not re-flation, even if
temporary, cause the good stuff, the independent, real MONEY, namely
GOLD, jump way up? And would the big-time derivatives swindlers, like
J.P. Morgan Chase be already out of their wrong gold positions, being
some 23 or more TRILLION dollars, like three times the gross product per
year of the whole U.S.?

[6] Why is a faction in the Aristocracy through their mouthpiece, the
New York Times, supposedly warning any of us commonfolk at all? To
head-off a pro-Nazi-like, fascist-type of element, an opposing faction
in the Aristocracy that installed a financial incompetent named George
W. Bush?

Do we have to right HERE include all the details elsewhere posted on
various websites, showing the documented items that the Bush Crime
Family promoted and financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, before, DURING,
and after World War 2? [Some examples are in Webster Tarpley's book,
"The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush".]

Do we right HERE have to show the list of the Ruling Families that
formed the Federal Reserve in 1912 and their descendants, agents, and
surrogates that continue to own and operate the Federal Reserve? Others
on various websites have shown the 1976 Congressional Report detailing
the same.

Unfortunately, some not-well-informed sorts, highly naive, would require
us to re-invent the wheel of history every few paragraphs..And, greatly
heckle us for not doing so.

Here's one SKOLNICK didn't get
Seems that folks who work for big biz who do their  401k pension stuff
get snookered and can't sue by class action.

This article above sez class action suit won't work to sue the corp / boss/ bank.
Everyone has to get their own lawyer. Will lawyers be the only people with a job during recession?
Have a clue what people can do? What legal remedy there is? Know one?

*       *        *        *         *          *           *

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