Tips to Make You Quit Singing the “Winter Dry-Skin Blues”

Is smooth skin a hopeless goal for your winter? can we get rid of spots and blemishes? . These  strategies can help…

1.Hydrate your entire system with lots of water and high anti-oxidant green tea. During winter there’s a tendency not to drink as much due to cool temperatures. You may want to bring your water to room temperature to encourage drinking more. Or enjoy more warm green tea, like the Royal Matcha Green Tea

2. For keratinosis (flat potato chips lying on the skin,) use Black Salve. Great for SKIN CANCER, i.e. those peeling spots that don't heal, be daring. PEEL them off in a few days with BLACK UNGUENT.

3. Eat a healthy diet of 1/4 raw foods in a salad, olive oil/ garlic and lemon as dressing;  1/4 lightly cooked high color vegies, 1/4 proteins, not fried, and 1/4 Bible bread rather than any other type of carbohydrate. Get fresh fish high in omega-3 fatty acids which produce a hydrating effect from the inside out. Winter might be a good time to increase your intake of Krill oil also, for its omega-3s.

4.Take a revitalizing bath – in warm water, not hot! Why turn skin into potato chip material? Hot water is damaging to your skin, so stick with warm water.

5.Himalayan salt baths are rejuvenating, and help dry skin to slough off.

6.Wear gloves when you wash dishes or go outside. Sure, you’re ‘just’ running from your car to your office, but gloves will help protect your hands from winter’s ravages.

7.Moisturize daily with non-clogging organic moisturizers such as coconut oil or body butter. These nourish your skin instead of clogging it, as many toxin-impaired moisturizers do. But do wear an old cotton jama ankle to neck to not ruin sheets. Well, not ruin, really more like STAIN.

8. It’s especially important to cleanse and moisturize before you go to bed at night, to remove impurities from your skin before your revitalizing sleep time. Just be sure your moisturizer isn’t tainted with toxins. Many have solar block, not good for skin.

9. When cleansing the face/neck skin - be gentle! No scrubbing. It's helpful to cleanse sometime w/sesame oil or sunflower oil or, any natural oil which gently removes toxins * not canola
 * another article on toxic canola  oils

10. It’s especially important to wash your face before you go to
bed at night, to remove impurities from your skin. Invest in a bar of
holistic soap, SEE this soaper's 'gentle recipe.'*, using no chemicals.
The above soaper says "we use lye in the form of sodium hydroxide
crystals instead of the lye-water your grandparents would have used."
Make your own HOLISTIC SOAP. A recipe or two

Next, be sure your moisturizer isn’t tainted with toxins.
if you see SBF on a label, drop it. Too often this nasty chemical is
preloaded at the factory into moisturizers. Shun those.

When cleansing the face/neck skin - be gentle! No scrubbing.
It's helpful to cleanse sometime w/sesame oil or sunflower oil or,
any natural oil which gently removes toxins

11.) Handle ECZEMA and more important: this testimony: "My four year old son has had eczema his whole life. What works best for us is Aquaphor cream (available at Wal-Mart or CVS) and a putting a humidifier  in his room at night. Since we've done the combination of those two things  his eczema is much more under control. The doctor also prescribed a steroid cream (mometasone) that we use very occassionally when he has a major flare up - which he hasn't since the Aquaphor/humidifier combo. It took us a long time to actually spring for an humidifier and now I wish we had earlier. It's made a huge difference in his skin."

40 plus years of experience and thousands of dollars to dermatologists
in a lifetime suggest these things...

 Eczema feels like having poison ivy all the time.  Consider that when
deciding how far to go to make a child more comfortable.

Think of Eczema as almost an allergy to air and water. The skin, which
tends to be dry, but not always, becomes so sensitive and reactive to
the tiny molecules of dust, fiber and other things that you almost
feel you need to wrap up in an air conditioned cotton space suit to
avoid it all.

Pools of water- baths,  swimming pools, the sea, dishwater are bad
because not only do they leach the water out of your skin, but even
"clean" bath water is full of tiny particles and chemical residue. The
water makes it easier for all skin to be exposed, and wet skin is more
easily infiltrated.  When an outbreak is bad, never bathe, shower
briefly if needed, sponge bath even better.  Do not ever let soap or
dirty water touch the rash Cetiphil is one "cleansing lotion" that you
can use as a soap substitute."

"Even perspiration can badly worsen a flare, so avoid letting the child
get too sweaty in the summer and wear breathable fibers like cotton
year round. Avoid scratchy or non breathable clothes and bedding like
wool. nylon or polyester.  No commercial PJ's- all modern ones are
treated with a flame retardant chemical and are usually some sort of
polyester.  Stick with all-cotton long undies or something similar.
Even poly-cotton may be intolerable during an outbreak.  Fortunately,
100% cotton sheets like flannel or jersey are easily found these days.

Now, the washing machine. Detergent just isn't going to work for
the EXC-person. Residues would kill them. Try borax, vinegar.
Wash their sheets separately from family, plain water rinse. Ditto
the clothing they wear.

The chemicals that cause reactions are different depending on the
child, so it usually just becomes easiest to avoid scents and other
artificial additives  much as possible.  Old fashioned Petroluem jelly
while not "natural" rarely causes a reaction, but often helps as it
provides a barrier between skin and air particles unless   it makes
you too hot so you sweat. Diet can be a factor and emotional or
physical stress is certainly aggravating.

Prescription drugs can certainly help  with the symptoms during a
flare. Steroid creams, anti-histamines, there is even a tranquilizer
with the side effect of reducing itching (use only at night) that can
be a lifesaver during a very bad spell when you feel like scratching
your skin off and can't hardly sleep.

People usually improve as they get older, only because environmental
conditions have changed, not because they are less likely to react.
By adulthood you have figured out to avoid baths and probably tale
showers. You don't swim much, as you have a job or think you look fat
in a bathing suit or whatever.  You have dropped some items from your
diet that you may have been forced/expected  to eat as a child, often
plant or dairy based.  You have learned that you have to wear gloves,
to handle soap, dirt, chemicals or cold weather. You know what clothes
are most comfortable and wear what you like, even if it is open toed
shoes in the winter to keep your feet from getting too hot and causing
a histamine chain reaction.(Better cold feet than all over itching!)

You have probably developed more effective stress relievers or
organized your life to avoid the things that stress you most. Many
people don't even realize they still have sensitive skin  or why they
do things a certain way as these habits have silently taken away the
symptoms.   Children are at the mercy of whatever comes along,
clothes, food, schedules, climate. Most have little control or choices
on any of these things and even if they did they wouldn't have enough
experience to know what works best for them yet.  You can spend lots
of money until you get it all figured out.

While in an unhappy marriage I had a rash on my wrist for over seven
years. In the beginning the doctor said it was unlikely to be cured as
long as I was so stressed.  Eventually I got divorced... relatively
rash and stress free since. So go figure!"

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