It has occurred to me that you are a STUDENT, reader, philosopher, writer/ email sending activist/ teacher/ article saver/ specialized THEME-Researcher type like ME! And, like me, you want to FORWARD THE ACTION, help Planet Earth and the folks on it --EVOLVE. A 5$ a month website, 15$ a year domain name and waitaminnute here......YOU could BE AN EDITORIALIST. A blogger. A gal created the amusing MOMMY WEBSITE DOOCE com and her ads give her 40k a month for her. Well, she entertains. They PAY BIG MONEY for that!

But you have a special tilt and that's what you want to capture on YOUR post in WONDERFUL WEB WORLD. To do that, save articles, rewrite them, POST THEM. You could triple the ease of reading online, saving text, rewriting it, posting it anddoing wonderful research with a text editor. Free software ten kinds can be downloaded here : a text editor, you save TYPING work when you find VERBAL TREASURE surfing the net. 

Or suppose you get an email in htm and your brower gags at saving it, If you can’t find the URL on that text, the fountain of provenance, you simply save text. Or say there is this EMAIL where someone basically writes an article. YOU SAVE it as text. Or say you found great info on CURING FLU and you want to save it and send it out again. SAVE IT AS TEXT.

You accomplish this with a good FILE MANAGER and TEXT EDITOR. That’s Free software! THE KIND you download ONLINE. You don’t believe it? JUST WRITE “FREE TEXT EDITOR” into your google menu. 5,000 of them. THEN go down to the bottom and where it says “SEARCH WITHIN RESULTS” add pfe hit enter. You get 94 available ones!(NOTE: PFE may not be in play anymore though some user could give it to you, actually emailing you the program which is under a million bytes.)

With a PFE TYPE text editor in your machine, you could hum along, you could send out all kinds of files to friends or work maybe, creating a whole list of clients, finding info and rewriting it then re-submitting it to e-zines, collecting information and saving it in chunks, then joining them all together and making a big article, and submitting it or sending it to your mailing list....or putting it on your website for people to find and just sending them an URL (i.e. and have it be a live link, which it is in TEXT. 

See, on this whole NET SHARING INFO thing I’m moved to say that you must be watchful of MESS! No one will read your letters with zest when they have all the old email <>>headers and <B>code and crap in it. So in your future on the INTERNET, you want to be an effective communicator and CLEAN those saved DOCUMENTS UP in your cache, some time after you save them there. THAT is what a TEXT EDITOR IS FOR! I usually clean files at night, got it down to where I can even do it while I talk on the phone! AND TALK ABOUT REFORMATTING a paragraph. WORD CANNOT DO IT. Yet text editors can. Hit Control E and whatever the code is, maybe a letter P for paragraph and the motley, jagged edges shape up into a formatted, square PARAGRAPH! I’d kill if Bill could do that! I’d kill Bill cuz he can’t!

But as for the usefulness of TEXT compared to html. As you know, on the internet, WRITING comes two ways. We either get HTML or text. Those are the two choices. HTML is all formatted and messed up with CODES so I save most docs I see to cache as text, even if the original document was in HTML. 

And then I go INTO the cache using a ‘text editor’ (a kind of software you can get for free on the NET, downloading it) and clean it up so that there are never lines starting with >>’s or with that hazy italic print that indicates this is second or third hand text. And there are never headers saying it went to a mailing list of twenty people and then another of forty, etc. and on such a date it was at this server. All that’s extraneous fat on the ham!

You really DO want to remove all the headers and all the >>’s. Don’t just flip the article out of cyberspace or out of your email into a forwarding with all that mess on it. NO. It’s simple to SAVE IT TO CACHE as TEXT, never HTML. Then, go into ZTREE (a great file manager that you can download) and then edit them. Don’t use Microsoft or Windows Explorer, our standard file manager. NO WAY. You can’t edit your findings in Explorer. It’s relatively useless. So you need a professional’s FILE MANAGER. A visual one.

Go to Kim Henkel’s fabulous and download his amazing, miraculous FILE MANAGER called Ztree. It was a rework of the fabulous XTREE. (A REVIEW of it BY a TEKKIE MAG IS GLOWING, CLICK HERE!) It’s free for 30 days, really cheap to buy (30$). Doesn’t have clients, it has paying fans, the review says. It has a GOOD text editor in it, but for some reason my tekkie told me to get the PFE one, (I’ll give you their URL, below, too, and he was there to help me load it)...They used to have one zipped but now there’s an UNZIPPED version. Makes it easy. Just download and off you go!

See, what it will do is going to be visible when you click on that blue URL above. You will see what you are going to GET! And it’s GORGEOUS!ZTREE will make a “tree” , so every file on every directory is legible, visible, size, date, etc. like a menu from your wordprocessor.....and you can go up and down the tree, in a visual way. You can enter any file and work on it, then shut it up again. You can sort them, any way you want, alphabetically? Or by the date you stored them. Do Alt key then Sort key or S, then do Date (D) or NAME, (N) so alt, sort Name and BINGO it resorts the files in that directory. And about l00 OTHER THINGS TOO!

Just visit this site and download it. Unzip it. Voila, you’re suddenly back in your first wordprocessor days when a MENU full of your titled files was as available as a scroll-down. BUT THIS IS YOUR INTERNET SURFING GLEANINGS, all neatly stacked! You’ll love it!

With the help of my tekkie, I went one further, I got a more sophisticated text editor called PFE and stuck it on another directory than ztree, and use it to edit all my internet files (findings) as it has even more features for the editing aspect.. They were at what is now a disappeared website. (SIGH!) and last time I searched for them, there was a NOTICE "sorry we aren’t making it anymore"  NOT TO WORRY, it’s free online as share ware and you can google it.Or go to my friend with shareware, DAN THE MAN,buy some vintage software for a dollar or two, he mails you the software, I’ve used him for years. Or GOOGLE these keywords “DOWNLOAD TEXT EDITOR FREE. “

The text editor that I still have in my PC isn’t supported any more, no more downloads, it came from some university in Lancaster, England where they understand good writing and writers’ needs. And it’s totally FREE! I got for Windows 95 to 98. That was last version they made. IF you have a new Bill software, get some later one. hey have three kinds but that’s the one you’ll probably need. THEN, take it home by downloading it while you go cook a potato….then come back to office and unzip it. Now, go to ZTREE, enter it. To install PFE use “configure” then hit ALT f-10, fill in the path where you put pfe.exe so that z-tree can find it. There, you’re LOADED FOR BEAR! HAPPY HUNTING! 

Now, I go to my desktop at any time in my day’s work surfing the net, I click on my ztree icon which is right there on my Windows Desktop (a green TREE) and immediately see the menu of my C: drive, or if I log over to it, the D: DRIVE. I can log to c or log to d. It’s like DOS used to be. Remember it? Log to any drive? 

You can use the alt- F8 key to create two boxes, C- drive on left, D:Drive on right, then copy files to other directories, in any language.But you can only ENTER and EDIT them in text or html. Well, you wouldn’t NEED to enter a WORD document this way. THAT you can do with WORD VER.7. This is for your internet jottings. You can enter any file in TEXT or HTML (formatted text) and rewrite things. See, you NEEDED THIS!!!

At night, after surfing the net, and collecting files (which I save in TEXT not HTML!!!) I go into ztree, go to the directory that I call “(hold” (not cache as I don’t want it erased) and do alt-sort then hit “D” for date. That gives you the whole list of files on that directory in the order of their being ‘taken’. Then you go to the end and you have the latest files you downloaded. Those from that day.

I tap on“E” key for edit which allows me to go in each, edit it, take out all the >>>> by saying find >> and replace with blank, nothing. then you say GO. and it goes bang thru entire article in a second and takes those out. No more >>> And no more of the list of twenty people who were on the old header as somebody sent this article to twenty friends. You want to get all that stuff OFF of the article or file. 

How? Well, I enter my HOLD directory, scroll down to the article I just saved, I highlight the HEADINGS ... and erase it, the stuff that reads from jane @ to etc. routed thru etc. TAKE THEM OUT. It mucks up these important files you’re sending to the world. Makes people NOT WANT TO READ THEM. You want to be an effective information sender or activist, so learn to make your info look sharp, edited, trim and GOOD!

Get Ztree and a TEXT EDITOR though sadly it probably won't be PFE. (And you have a faster, newer computer, so you want to google search out one. Who knows if 2014 machines STILL HANDLE TEXT cuz TEXT is DOS...Google search terms "free download text editor" with plus signs between those words. I wonder why a University out of UK, with hit software,stopped putting it online. But they did, so search 100 revamped versions that folks offer online, by googling up the right keywords, or find a free, downloadable text editor, that will format paragraphs. ) The master combination for people who want to affect the future. If you have questions on how to load, unzip, create the start up icon for ztree, or install the PFE and have it boot up when you touch EDIT.

Now, don’t go. We’re going to start this NEW PRACTICE or HABIT right this second by saving this lesson, Yes, this letter. Today. Now.How? By hitting ‘FILE’ at upper left top of screen, then ‘SAVE to’ and your PC is going to ask you where you want to stick it. Pick your (hold directory. That’s what I call mine. Call it “(hold” with a parenthesis in front so it’s at the top of the tree. If it were just HOLD it would be somewhere in the middle of the tree, harder to get to. And if you call it cache, it might get erased by the PC that knows how to erase automatically every few days!

Don’t have a HOLD cache? CREATE one. Go into explorer or your file manager, and create a directory. ANYWHERE. As long as you remember where it is. For me, it’s D:\earthlnk\netscape\(hold but you can call it anything. I have that so memorized that when machine asks me ‘where do you want to store this file?’ I can type that ‘string’ in the dark.INFORMATION is the most valuable commodity in the new millenium. 

Good saving to you! from ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ or astrology at earthlink dot net

Another FREE TEXT EDITOR that you might look at: