Do people know HOW HORRID IT IS?

You know that KABUKI PLAY where the HERO wears a tragedy mask with a LOOK OF HORROR and DESPAIR and pretends that THE VILLAIN IS REALLY KILLING HIM? Well OBAMA CARE wears a PHONY SYMPATHETIC MASK. It pretends to be a saintly big giveaway, and a CHORUS of HORRIFIED MASK REPUBLICANS are behind him SCREAMING that OBAMA is giving away the palace to the poor and WOE is the KINGDOM.

IN REALITY, the SO CALLED liberals who invented OBAMACARE are eating the candy store out to the walls...and the GOP is wringing its hands and weeping crocodile tears ENCOURAGING all liberals (the poor,) to SIGN UP for the OBAMAPLAN as it's a big fat greasy DO NUT! Foisted on us by REPUBLICRATS. THE DEEP STATE, THE CORRUPT SYSTEM.

Once you BUY THEIR PHONY GOOD VS BAD STORY and SIGN UP, suddenly free med care for SENIORS and the POOR EVAPORATES! It'll cost you 300$ a visit to see a doc and you are PAYING YOUR OWN MED BILLS or they come for your house and car. And ruin your credit.

SO GUS AND MAISIE, you're NEVER going to get that repeating pneumonia fixed. YOU ARE going to infect SHOPPING CART HANDLES and cough in infants' faces on the bus, killing them. But get that simple condition taken care of? NEVAH!   Not at 300$ a shot! You'd rather be TYPHOID MARY than pay those rates.

THE OBAMA SHAFT probably happened to everyone poor or over 65, ALL THE LOGICAL TARGETS of HEALTH-SUSTAINING freebie med care have been isolated, PLUCKED AND COOKED and today are getting their first 300$ "PAY NOW OR ELSE!" billing.

So if the state capital's Health Office calls YOU --don't answer the phone. It's all concocted BS. Someone in SACRAMENTO SEEMED so very concerned about me and wanted me to get on THEIR MEDICAL PLAN. OBAMA CARE. LA SINGLES they called it or something like that. Seemed so cute and trendy. I could see tofu and tennis rackets ahead of me. 

I was led to understand that I HAD NO CHOICE. They sent a lot of forms to fill out, I mailed them in. A week later someone called me, said You have OBAMA CARE (called LA CARE so it would sound swift, sexy, special.) Congratulations! (bright intonation).

I was so happy. THEY CALL ME A FEW WEEKS LATER, HEY guess what, YOU GET A NEW DOCTOR! Not the IRANIAN ROBOT, running an assembly line who never listens, no, you are going to get a Vietnamese robot who will not listen to you. MILES FROM YOUR HOUSE is the only problem. 

Now the difference is, I know my old doctor's address, I WANT MY OLD DOCTOR I SAID. OKAY they said. Just that. Fine. Snotty but fine. CLICK!

End of conversation. At this point I didn't know what my medical status was. THERE WAS NOT AN EXPLANATION OF ANY KIND of what was entailed. Without my knowing consent, or any sense of what I was doing ---I was just following this kind advisor's indications for me, I UNWITTINGLY was LED to give up Med-i-care and medi-CAL (california's plan for the super poor or seniors,) precious membership in what insider social workers call MEDI / MEDI.

Mind you, I NEVER KNEW that I gave it up, I just did what I was told related to some FORMS they wanted me to send in. FORMS ARE APPLICATIONS, never ever be fooled by the word FORMS.

Without even knowing, I GAVE UP MEDICARE! Gave up my NO PENSION/ SENIOR/ SUB POVERTY LEVELS for folks with no property, car, food, earnings. For whom FOOD STAMPS ARE NOT available, total blinding impoverished persons.

What's weird is that the VOICE FROM SACRAMENTO led me to believe I WAS GETTING THE WONDERFUL LA CARE ---an arm of Obamacare.  How wonderful when SUDDENLY 45 days later, MAY 1st , I GET A BILL, for a MARCH 2015 single visit to my reg doc, (I was ill, U.T.I, (kidney infection, but bad......blood in my urine, possibly close to ruining my kidneys and needing a lifetime of dialysis, you'd a thunk the State would want to prevent that.....) I went to my regular doctor for a prescription. (which I Never used. Instead, got organic sour cranberry juice 3$ and it did the job.)

Well, 45 days later OBAMA CARE said "MEDICARE TURNED YOU DOWN for payment of that March doctor visit" And BILLED ME nearly 300$ for this single visit/ urine test was 40 bucks of it.

Now, MY SOCIAL SECURITY check is 340$. SO EVERYTHING I HAVE this month might pay the bill. BUT.......I have huge rent, huge department water and power bills, huge phone bills, internet bills, cat and human FOOD costs and am a senior living alone, had no roomies at that point.

So, if I don't pay the bill, they what? SUE ME? Take it out of my SS CHECK? I don't own a car to take. They gonna take my BIKE? Ruin my credit at age 74? 

I GO ONLINE to see what's up, find these articles (BELOW) which point to OBAMA SHAFT happening to people with INSURANCE COMPANIES, and those forms you signed? They suddenly get you cancelled for any pre-existing conditions that you may have admitted to!

It is clear that OBAMASHAFT is for the SUPER SUPER POOR, OLD frail AND DYING --to get them to move off the trail faster!