DEAR BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN GIRL WHO WANTS TO DATE MEDEAR DYING CANCER PATIENT WHO WANTS TO GIVE ME TEN MILLLION DOLLARS. HELLO, YOU WHO I SUSPECT IS NOTHING BUT A CRUMMY THIEF/ SPAMMER, Thank you for your kind Business Proposal and your sweet desire to give me ALL THE MONEY I want or could ever need, all the  SEX I WANT and / or fifty million dollars if I contribute my bank account however I recognize your kindness as a total SCAM as I GET fifty quasi identical letters A DAY, all the same, though most say: “I am from an African nation, friend of King, Relative of King, a bank president saying 'we want to send you money. Or the Widow of some Ruler like the PALISTINIAN GUY ARAFAT, though many times it’s “I’m dying of cancer.” Or “my uncle was in a highway accident…. His money is in the bank.” Or some say “I'm EBAY or “I AM PAYPAL so help us update your account. (THOSE letters get forwarded to spoof@ebay or and they arrive here, guess what?  I am no freakin’ MOOGOO, baby! I GOT YOUR CODES, and I get paid to report you to the GOVERNMENT. So I send a copy to the BUREAU BELOW who now knows that YOU ARE AT THAT SERVER. HOW DO THEY KNOW?

You don't even realize that you send your server codes when you send an EMAIL. I'm just a regular person but I CAN SEE them by hitting VIEW PAGE SOURCE. That's what I send to my GOVERNMENT's EXPERTS who then can determine who is your server, who is the AGENT IN CHARGE OF ABUSE AND FRAUD there. I also tend to like to write your server to get you thrown off but I am convinced that my government's employees do it and i get paid if they can actually convict you so... I always send it to the government.  Some good news to brighten your day... 


Nigerian Advance-fee Scammer Gets 12 Years  

THE FACT is that at least half of the mail I get daily purports to be from some employee of a big bank or the widow of some Saudi or AFRICAN PRESIDENT who has left milions, and they beg me to help them get it out of the bank! A good part of my daily mail says YOU WON this or that LOTTERY. I swear on my children's four heads, I GET twenty million dollars at breakfast forty million by lunch, daily by MIDNIGHT ---I HIT the level of BEING MAGICALLY GIVEN a billion bucks a day, every day of the week.. But guess what, so does every person on line in america, if they've been online a while and put ads up at craigs list, which I do but now you have given me a second income! Yes, REPORTING YOU to the government agencies IS MONEY IN THE BANK FOR ME. We American PC users GET PAID TO CATCH YOU! We do it by going into your EMAIL CODES. Yep. Take this letter I’m sending you right now. HIT VIEW, HIT PAGE SOURCE. See those codes? THE IMPORTANT one is your server code. ALWAYS FOUR NUMBERS, like but always four bundles. Now do CONTROL A to highlight it all. NOW DO CONTROL C to copy it into an email. OPEN a new email to go out, DO CONTROL V and that whole code of yours will go into the email. NOW go to and/or and search on my four number bundle. THAT IS THE KEY CODE. FOUND THIS AD IN NEWSPAPERS RECENTLY and it also appears online here all the time. IT sez “If you have been contacted by fax, internet, or mail regarding a Business Proposal, it is most likely NIGERIAN, even if it masquerades as coming from another country, Sometimes other poor countries do this. They are attempting to get your bank code numbers. " ETc. and it gives us government emails to send your letter to. INTERPOL. AND I do the server just to make sure they nal you fast. So let’s run thru this again, please HIT BUTTON on browser that says VIEW, select PAGE SOURCE. This will show you the routing marks so that the precise PC they are on will be available. To capture them do CONTROL C, then open and email and do CONTROL V to paste the info inside, Then either print out that letter or email it to the SERVER. HOW DO YOU FIND IT? Go to and put that four number bundle into the window, hit SUBMIT. It gives you the server and abuse @ server. com address. 

GOOD NEWS IS,WE AMERICANS get l00$ reward for each criminal that WE help them catch. So citizens forward the CODE information you sent to the United States Secret Service Financial Crimes Division so we are very MOTIVATED to quickly capture & SEND IN YOUR SECRET CODES! First by EMAIL and then a copy to :1800 G Street

N.W. Room 942Washington, D.C. 20223”For more information regarding the Nigerian Business Proposal, please

visit:   US TREASURY / GOV google up that addie. HERE IS WHAT THEY TELL US:

“You can also send the stats/ the VIEW SOURCE by email.

To file a complaint with the United States Secret Service regarding an

e-mail you may have received or to contact the United States Secret

Service, please visit:

The United States Secret Service website is:

SO MY NIGERIAN FRIEND. YOU ARE as good as in jail, and they will be coming to your house where your computer is, or to the WI-FI zone to pick you up. I suggest you  FIND A BETTER WAY TO MAKE A LIVING! EXPORT of artisanry works as your country has low wages, a tea towel made there is worth twenty times the price here. TEXTILES are very enchanting to us Americans or, baskets. Or copies of BENIN SCULPTUREs, (those heads.) USE CRAIGS LIST ORG Find a New York boutique. Ship direct! See this website for new career ideas and : MAKE REAL MONEY!

You will end up in jail if you continue CRIME And we all laugh at you. The reason is that we get twenty letters every day of the week. EVERY ONE of us! Ask The United States Secret Service who is the federal agency investigating this matter. Or don’t. Because the government promises that if they catch that criminal at that computer and the Nigerian government prosecutes, we will get 100$ cash, well by CHECK. BUT GOV checks are good. I earn dozens each month by sending routing marks. They catch the people easily.Interpol does. I make half my rent turning in Africans!BUT here is what ELSE I DO. I go to and find out who your server is, and then I WRITE THEM IMMEDIATELY, I send the time you wrote letter, size, title of file, your codes, the whole COPY of the codes….and you lose your server!PERMANENTLY. 

Signed ANITA in CALIFORNIA and I’m a 70 year old woman, no tekkie, and I can figure this out! What do you think the YOUNGER more technical children are doing with your spam? Hmmmmmmmm?They are making a living off you fools! You end up in jail, all of you.

WISE UP. Go into exporting. If your country only pays 10c an hour salary, get textiles, baskets made, supply them to stores as you know the INTERNET so well.Signed ANITA SANDS. Grandma of THREE. P.S> Sorry to lose you chum as you’re paying my rent!