I'm a DOG but I'm a larky,Happy dog
cuz i snagged all your moola! WOOF!

MEET a DIRTY DOG, the MET LIFE INSURANCE CORPand their insidious DEMUTUALIZATION RACKET. That's where they SWITCH your valuable stock and mutual fund accounts INTO THEIR worthless ANNUITIES! This is SECURITIES FRAUD and INSURANCE FRAUD! Why do they do it? Deregulation, the same thing that got wall Street, allows them to combine securities with insurance. Massive commissions taking by agents is why the agents do it! PROFITS! HUGE PROFITS for the corp as THEY DISAPPEAR YOUR STOCKS, ENRONIZING THEM into thin air.  It is a PONZI Scheme. They take your big dollars now and give you back small dollars at the end of a long period of time.


Once upon a time, there was once a Louisiana Dentist who had a run of GOOD LUCK. He made millions drilling teeth. He had a beautiful wife and three very smart children and a beautiful estate by the water. A kindly man, who loved his offspring, he thought he'd like to leave them his life savings in some untaxable form so he got them some CLASS A MUTUAL FUNDS, the creme de le creme, a hedge fund created by IMPERIAL NO NAME, MUSTN't GIVE NAME but trust me, no finer Mutual Fund in the world.

As an afterthought, and here's where his luck changed, a REALLY BAD AFTERTHOUGHT, almost as bad as his decisiion to put his big two story mansion so close to  that rickety LEVY in New Orleans, the dentist got three  l0k life  insurance policies which would mature when each child turned 59. Tax free as is all life insurance, see REALLY BRILLIANT ESTATE PLANNING. Smart way to leave a kid cash but the corp he did it with, MET LIFE were fraudulent goniffs. That's Yiddish for steal the buttons off your coat.

Age fifty nine? I can hear your surprise. What generosity is that?  The insurance won't be paid out 'til kids reach AGE 59? Well yes, but in a way, it was smart. This guy drilled rotten teeth for a living. He knew people don't brush or floss and Mr. Kleen didn't approve of his children's recreational or social lives and gauged that they'd exhaust the big money in the MUTUAL FUND real quick. It's logical that by that advanced age of 59, they'd really need cash just for false teeth and mouthwash. He hoped that nearing sixty, they'd have straightened out from their beer-swilling, pot-smoking, skirt-chasing ways. Being a dentist he was into PREVENTION. He wanted to leave some of the money to dribble into their senior laps. But just like buying land on the New Orleans Levy, here's where the best of intentions lead straight to Hell.

One day, into their home walks a MET LIFE agent, who convinced somebody, either the dentist (by then  early Alzheimers,) or the kids --who were cooling down from teen years spent bent over bongs...that these PRIMO MUTUAL FUNDS were a dumb way to leave money and hey, METLIFE HAD THIS neat PRODUCT CALLED AN ANNUITY.... well, to make a long story short, MET LIFE got THE THREE KIDS to DEMUTUALIZE AND ROLL OVER THE STOCKS into a METLIFE ANNUITY! And some funny signatures got that job done. The kids claim it wasn't even their signatures.

REMEMBER, by then, the Dentist himself was senile, so MET LIFE just had to swagger into the house and approach the three kids and sales pitch em over candy bars, "gang, let's switch those ritzy ole mutuals into A plain ole honest Amurican MetLife ANNUITY." But The MET LIFE AGENT did the actual SWITCHING on his own, writing the IMPERIAL HEDGE FUND and having the MONEY SENT TO METLIFE. Yes, he reached into the children's HUGE IMPERIAL MUTUAL FUND ACCOUNT and grabbed nearly a million dollars inside it, and turned it into worthless MET LIFE ANNUITIES.

Only they did it to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ACROSS AMERICA. There is now a class action lawsuit as apparantly, METLIFE did this to a lot of people who are in line, hollaring behind the ENRON losers, the
BERNIE MADOFF losers, the PENSIONERS who lost life savings frittered away in the WALL STREET DEBACLE, and frankly, the METLIFE crowd is way at the back of the line, trying to be heard and trying to get their class action suits thru federal courts or to the REGULATORS FOR THE SECURITIES INDUSTRY who are a bunch of alphabet soup agencies,  SEE: http://www.policyholder.info/

METLIFE has many other fraudulent or biased practices besides forced demutualization and there are a
lot of lawsuits against them for these: http://resources.bnet.com/topic/metropolitan+life+insurance.html

Many are class action lawsuits. If you know your John Grisham, you know that's where thousands of people are airing their grievance using ONE COMMON LAWYER...who collects gadzillions and splits it between them all. "KING OF TORTS" is a great novel on this theme.

METLIFE indulged in SECURITIES FRAUD too, and universities now teach a class on just this aspect of the INSURANCE INDUSTRY.  http://securities.stanford.edu/1034/MET00_01/

METLIFE tries to blame it on its thousands of independent agents getting a little frisky but the dentist's daughter found out these agents were TRAINED BY METLIFE in how to do the bilking and the milking... that's why she's an important person to contact if this happened to you!

More ARTICLEs ONLINE related to THIS FRAUD: (Note some are outdated but they prove point)
which tells us these free wheeling agents may be doing the dirty deed. METLIFE has had to pay off seniors bilked out of their LIFE SAVINGS which were put into BAD STOCKS


NEW YORK TIMES sez you already won a lot of money on this one. CALL THE LAWYER and
he'll send you a check http://www.nytimes.com/1999/08/19/business/metropolitan-life-in-accord-for-settlement-of-fraud-suits.html

IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU, PLEASE get in touch with me, I'm calstarlady@gmail.com (I list myself that way so METLIFE won't come here, tie a bomb under my car or have me shot!) and you can join the Dentist's daughter in a BIG class action LEGAL FIRM running a lawsuit to reimburse thousands of victims for their huge losses. The dentist's daughter promises you that the bong is long gone and in its place a lot of righteous wrath and a desire to BOIL DOWN what's left of this seamy corporation so that victims can get reimbursed!

AFTER THOUGHT! No wonder their LOGO is a DOG. A HAPPY, LAUGHING, nakedly ROGUISH DOG! They are the utter Butt licking dogs of the insurance industry. You lie down with dogs, you get up with FLEAS, so don't get hitched to METLIFE for anything! They come after your kids looking to DEMUTUALIZE THEM. Who needs that!?