Ever seen those ads in magazines that promise you millions if you just pay this company the price of a NEW CAR?

I have worked on Psychic hotlines and talked to women across America. A LOT of women have paid $8,000 to get what virtually is a few pamphlets on doing MEDICAL BILLING, and they get a few 3.5 discs of software which last I heard cost 20-cents each, and they are promised they can create an at-home business which will make them hundreds of thousands of dollars while they stay at home and watch the babies.

The only people making out like bandits are the bandits who make those promises! The moms and babies are STARVING.

These poor, desperate women will scrimp, save, borrow from indigent families to become MEDICAL BILLING PERSONS, to do it at home......and I WONDER if any of them make a penny. Somehow, I've never spoken to a billing person and I speak to thousands a year. What's that about? I'm sick of this rip off. WORD has got to get out on all the BAD things that are out there.

I don't know about those real estate courses. They cost hundreds. I did put one piece at the SNOOKERED INDEX,(URL AT BOTTOM of this page)  Let's find out how many bum steers are out there.

I just got a lady on the hotline who paid this 8k fee MEDICAL BILLING STUDY COURSE. I got her address and told her I was going to write you and that maybe you'd investigate, be an ombudsman of sorts. She is: Janet Thomas at 177 Apple Jack Road in Lyndon VA 22642. Maybe she's still there if she isn't homeless embittered and on the street. I couldn't find her on GOOGLE. 


And when you want to take on PSYCHIC HOTLINES, send ME an EMAIL astrology at earthlink dot net and I'll write you back on the terrible things that go on in that "INDUSTRY" I have observed LOVE JUNKIES at the end of their tether, who don't know where to go with their pain, --and seen them get strung out on these 4$ a minute ripoffs. If you could see the people who work at these Psychic Hot Lines. In the phone room where I worked, there were people with altars worshipping Satan. You don't want to take your problems to them.