There is a way to cure HEPATITIS C or the minor liver maladies where you are BILIOUS? Have sharp liver pain occasionally. Have Yellow whites to your eyes? Brown urine? Mild toothache-like Pain under the right bottom rib, way inside? Do you have Nausea if you exercise or move your head fast? Or were you Diagnosed with Hepatitis B or C? Naomi Judd had HEP C & got over it. Read how --at  Her site used to tell about the vegan diet she went on to lose this fatal malady but it was a really pure diet and for that reason,  she's afraid of lawsuits from people who sue if their headaches. So, she doesn't tell all her little tricks anymore. She mentions the generalized TYPE of holistic diet in above article though. Were you diagnosed with Liver Cancer or any kind of cancer? Well, you need a LIVER cleansing, FAST!

In the 90's, famed mystical Author Carlos Castaneda came to visit me for an astro-reading. He looked like a hunch backed Cesar Chavez or Desi Arnaz, about that Desi height too, but what was scary was, his irises were black, not brown. That is a sign of liver toxidity and his eye 'whites' were the color of ochre daffodils. That is jaundice. Five years later, he was dead of liver cancer so you can deduce (as I did) that one can live for years with a bad liver but if you don't fix it, you're going to be pushing UP daffodils in a very few Christmases.

Take a look at your eyes out in the sunlight, with a mirror. If your whites are the least bit yellow, first thing you do is go see a regular doctor as they have the diagnostic technology, but they do not know how to cure a liver. Ask NAOMI JUDD. You need a holistic or alternative naturopath doctor as they have unusual nature therapies that work! Third thing, quit all fats and dairy and fatty meats, all fried foods and all the fats they give you in cafes in foods, dressings, which are junk oils. Switch to eating double the amount of food you now eat but make it healthfood. Eat PERFECTLY. Next, take the holistic cure the second doc gives you, do the lab tests first doc gives you as you will see PROGRESS in wreaking a CURE via the first doctor's lab tests. They have the machinery. You are going to PROVE to regular medicine that holism works, so always tell the doc, hey the quack is giving me angelica and lemonade so I just want you to know.

The liver cure that I am going to give you came from Dr. Selig of Austria in l802 where livers got dirty fast (ever hear of schnitzel?) It  was written down by Dr. Hannah Kroger whose clinic is still active in Boulder Colorado even though at over age l05, she isn't. I once spoke to her on the phone as my galpal Judith was a client and regular visitor. I am told that you have to clean the colon first so go vegan for a few days and take raw vegie juices between meals. That will do it.

Here is the liver cleaning protocol:  Take two cups spring water, heat to boil. Turn off fire. Drop in l tsp dandelion roots and leaves from the garden. (wash off dirt), l tsp angelica, (or dong quai, the oriental name for it.) or, if you can find some, l tsp arnica. Also Drop in l tsp wormwood (ask me for some I have it growing wild, you send me postage I will send you cuttings that you can root, overnight mail. ) and you should also locate l tsp gentian herb. COVER and simmer very very gently for 15 minutes. Roots and bark can simmer longer, leaves should not go into boiling water ever. When it boils, turn fire off, then drop leaves in, cover and let them BREW. (These herbs are available thru mail order, from ads in healthfood magazines.)

 Now, make 2 quarts of apple juice with the juicer. (Wash apples well with dishwashing soap used straight all over the fruit's skin and a soft toothbrush to rub off wax. Then rinse well. That will get wax and poison off the skin. There is a lot of it. I remember giving my toddler son an apple and after he'd consumed it, he broke out in hives.)  8 cups of juice go in an old juice jug.Now you will take the COOLED TEA, add it to the juice. Add four ounces (1/2 cup) real lemon juice from very ripe lemons. (weigh them in the hand at the market, getting heavy ones, that show no green, as they're juiciest, ripest.) A firm fruit & good cosmetic skin on a lemon is sign of an unripe lemon. A kind of SUN BURNT skin and slightly DENTABLE fruit is fully ripe. Farmers don't let the lemon stay on tree the full 3 yrs. They pick when it's cosmetically pretty, after 2nd year. NOT ENOUGH.

 Drink the whole pitcher in a day. With your fruit meals and between meals. YOUR MEALS will be STEWED FRUIT and apple juice. Do this two or three days once a month. It is said that it takes off all 'old age spots.'

 If you have serious liver illness, you'll have to do a real fast. Forty days on raw juices, or fruits only is considered seriously cleansing. I knew a rather thin Israeli who went to a farm and did forty days. He looked fine and I met him right afterwards. You should have a fasting tech come show you how to do internal lavage, massage intestines. You should go to a colonic irrigation person, (Many chiropractors also do colonics) and be given the whole nine yards cleansing regimen, and have colonics regularly as a fasting person can't clean his colon without outside aid. Colonics are very pleasant. Don't worry about that. and you must cleanse the colon before you can cleanse your liver. See:
and See

 EDGAR CAYCE said serious liver ailments require the castor oil packs, done with flannel and a heating pack on top. Many tumors disappear completely with this miracle oil. The book on this is "The Oil That Heals" by Dr William McGarey, M.D. Find it at abebooks a used online bookstoe.

OTHER REMEDIES: BIOFLAVENOID  TEA: Find a ripe grapefruit, best bet is organic ones from healthfood store as so much citrus is picked a year short of real ripeness! Wash grapefruit, cut in pieces, add 1 1/2 quarts spring water, boil 15 min. Strain off liquid, sweeten this liquid with honey. Drink six ounces once a day.

Another is blanched almonds as skin of the nut is astringent, causes stomach discomfort. Only  never buy supermarket blanched nuts. NO NO no! The whole NUT thing must be done fresh as rancidity is going to happen to a nut the second you open shell. The only way  is to crack your own nuts and then blanch them. Rancidity in any fatty food hurts the body, causing free radicals. So take freshly extracted almonds,  pour  hot water over them, (NOT from your water heater. Take good water, heat to 150 deg or so)  In an hr or so, you will have loosened skin and can skin nuts, then dry them off. Delicious. Grind if you want in blended protein drinks.

CHEAP AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE LIVER CLEANSER - Go out in the garden, pick all dandelions with the roots. Or visit neighbors' homes, tell them you will nail their weeds as you need them for medicine. Use an elongated weed trowel which goes deep, under the roots. Get them home, wash your stash free of all mud. Blend a few plants into froth with 1 and 1/2 cups cranberry juice. (Each plant has about l0 dandelion leaves. If smaller use more.) Strain only ONE CUP worth and drink it. LEAVE dandelions in the other cup until afternoon and THEN strain it when you drink it. Drink in two portions half mid-mornings, other half mid-afternoon. Go back to garden and get fresh ones every time. Or every few days. Store plants in fridge with wet toweling wrapped around roots, in a plastic bag so the dry air doesn't desicate them.

PICROHIZA, stronger than MILK THISTLE (which means when you take it, the ache in liver will be MORE.. Get ready for that.)  Picrohiza kurroa (Kutki or Picroliv) is a liver tonic from Ayurveda that, when used at low doses, appears to exceed Milk Thistle silymarins in potency. It is under-researched, but its liver protective effects and some other immuno-modulatory properties hold potential. You can buy it online, google it.

If you're really ill, quit your job, get out from under the car payments and kick back and heal yourself documenting your progress after you heal yourself of your malady with a local medic so that he will spread the word of miracle healings.. When you test clear, become a professional healer for other sufferers. The fact that you did a miracle to yourself, first proves that you'll be able to rescue others.    

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