What is a LEPTIN? This little protein hormone that is supposed to trigger important body responses. Normally, leptin's function is to reduce appetite and induce fat burning (among many other functions). That is what high leptin signaling in a brain would do. Low leptin (in the brain) is like THE MUNCHIES, being an indication to eat more and store more fat (to successfully reproduce and to live long enough to do so). However, elevated leptin in a fasting blood sample indicates leptin resistance and likely low leptin signaling to some parts of the brain while other parts of the brain get the full high signal. In other words, some of the brain only hears a whisper while other parts (of the brain and periphery) get screamed at. Loony Leptins are the reason!
Low leptin signaling getting through to the appetite center of the brain induces the brain to want to make the rest of your body hungry and will alter physiologic functions so as to make you store more fat. Ultimately, and finally, increasing fat stores should manufacture more leptin to overcome the resistance but, in the meantime, one continues to get fat and often ultimately obese.

This is similar to insulin resistance, when high fasting insulin indicates low activity in some parts of your body and a disruption in insulin signaling that is being compensated for by your pancreas making more insulin. What is lost, however, is your orchestration of insulin levels among various tissues. If your liver is insulin-resistant, it continues to make sugar out of protein, and if your muscles are insulin-resistant, they cannot burn that sugar either.

However, until your fat tissue becomes insulin-resistant, it continues to "hear" the high levels of insulin that are caused by the elevated sugar, and insulin's signals to fat tissue is to take that sugar, make fat out of it, and then store it. The positive side of this is that you're still able to take sugar out of the blood to make fat out of it. This keeps you from becoming diabetic, at least in the short-term.

In this regard, one could say that obesity is the price one pays to keep from becoming diabetic. One continues to gain weight until the adipose tissue ultimately becomes resistant. At this time, your "wastebasket" to store the excess sugar becomes full, sugar accumulates in your blood, and conventional medicine will diagnose you as a diabetic, though the root problem of insulin resistance and perhaps more importantly, leptin resistance, began decades prior (perhaps even before you were born if your mother was feeding you lots of sugar/starches when you were a fetus).

Leptin Resistance Distorts Hormone Levels Too

Likewise, when one becomes leptin-resistant, as indicated by high fasting leptin, once again you lose the fine orchestration of hormone levels. As the appetite control centers in your hypothalamus become leptin-resistant and cannot hear the message from leptin to curb hunger and stop storing fat, it believes that you do not have enough fat stores to live through a potential famine and you must eat more and make more fat.

Also lost is the knowledge of where to put that fat, and there is a preponderance stored in your abdomen, including your abdominal organs such as your liver, disrupting your liver's ability to listen to other signals such as those from insulin. This causes your liver to manufacture too much sugar from protein contributing to diabetes, and contributes importantly to the breakdown of your muscle and bone causing weakness and osteoporosis. The communication and knowledge of where to put calcium is also disrupted. Calcium is deposited in your blood vessels instead of your bone, which contributes to osteoporosis while calcifying and hardening your arteries.

However, it appears that the master control center of your sympathetic nervous system in your brain does not become leptin resistant, does not put in earplugs from the years of excess noise and it continues to hear the loud messages of elevated leptin causing overstimulation of your sympathetic nervous system. This can create serious problems to your health, including the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Increases in blood coagulation
  • Elevated T-3 and temperature
  • Heart disease
  • Increased inflammation
  • Hormonal resistance is bad because of the loss of the intricate orchestration of those signals, and less so because of diminished signals that could be compensated for just by "yelling louder." (I believe that that is a very important concept that needs to be taught to the public and doctors alike.)

    To summarize, normally leptin, secreted acutely in response to a meal or chronically in response to increasing fat stores, in a leptin-sensitive individual, will reduce hunger, increase fat burning and reduce fat storage.

    However, when one is leptin-resistant -- as indicated by an elevation in fasting serum leptin -- the part of leptin's message that would normally reduce hunger and fat stores and increase fat burning does not get through to the brain (here mimicking low leptin), so one stays hungry and stores more fat, rather than burning it. However, the message to increase sympathetic nervous system activity gets through all too loudly and clearly, so one stays hungry, continues to get fat, and gets elevated sugar, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart disease and accelerated aging.

    When one becomes more leptin-sensitive after following the program outlined in The Rosedale Diet, a recent book.... as indicated by a lower fasting leptin, all of a sudden your brain is able to hear leptin's messages much more clearly, and the now louder and more accurate message to your appetite control center and other parts of your hypothalamus to reduce hunger and get rid of some (lots of) stored fat gets heard. Now, your brain finally realizes that you have stored far too much fat, it is a danger to your well-being and the brain had better do something about it.

    The lower leptin reduces the volume that your sympathetic nervous system hears. The hormone is making less "noise," but instead is allowing the orchestra to play the fine music that was originally written.


     There is a Polish scientist, Jerzy Beltowski, whose research leads
    him to believe that Leptins are the cause of MS (eating the wrong foods).

    The reason Americans are so fat is tied into conditions before birth.
    Unfortunately, it starts before birth due to what Mom is eating and what
    she is already deficient in (trace minerals, essential fatty acids,
    etc.) It can even start with damaged DNA due to Dad's sperm batch being
    exposed to toxins at the time it was being created, or Mom's Mom being
    exposed to something when Mom was in the womb, or Mom herself having a
    toxic system. A study of WWII people showed that ill health, including a
    "thrifty" metabolism and stunted height, was noticeable in the next
    generation when the fathers were starved at the onset of puberty (age
    10-13), and when girls were starved in the womb due to their Mom not
    getting enough calories. That is because that is when a person's
    reproductive system is "set" for life. Americans do not think about
    conceiving usually until they know they are pregnant, which is too late.
    Would-be parents should avoid tobacco or avoidable pollution exposure
    before conceiving for Dad or Mom for a year ideally but a few months for
    Mom and several weeks for Dad at the minimum.

    After birth - No one in America breastfeeds enough. Breastfeeding
    teaches a baby to eat slowly until they are full. Bottle feeding teaches
    a person to eat fast (bottles release milk instantly, whereas the breast
    has to "let down" milk) and not until they are full, but until the
    bottle is empty (this is the parent trying to get the child to finish
    the bottle even tho they have already full and have stopped the feeding
    of their own accord). Furthermore, formula is crap, it is basically junk
    food for babies. It contains no CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, severely
    lacking in the American diet and making us fat - more on that later), no
    Nervonic Acid (responsible for coating the nerves in the brain and eyes
    - thin myelin causes bare patches later in life, also known as
    De-myelinating Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrigs Disease,
    and others so "mysteriously" prevalent in the US). The only significant
    source of Nervonic Acid people ever get in their life is through breast
    milk, at exactly the time they need it - when the brain is being built
    in leaps and bounds, between conception and age 3. (yes, in nature and
    traditional societies, women breast feed until the child is age 3).

    Breastfeeding sets the metabolism AND eating habits by a combination of
    nature (the contents of what the child is eating) and nurture (the
    act/habit of breast or bottle feeding creates different eating habits in
    the child). The longer a child is breastfed, the thinner, healthier,
    smarter, better adjusted, and taller they will be as adults.

    Furthermore, many parents put juice such as apple juice in their
    children's bottles, which is really nothing but pure fructose, hitting
    the pancreas fast, and is too much sugar for young children and babies.
    It provides nothing to build a brain or body with. It lost its vitamins
    in the pasteurization process. A baby/toddler should eat real, raw fruit
    ground up if you want them eating fruit (but not too early).

    Furthermore, breastfeeding creates the correct immune system, preventing
    allergies, weak immunity to viruses, and autoimmune conditions in
    childhood and adulthood.

    Bottles, unless glass, are plastic and contain the environmental
    estrogens, messing with the child's endocrine system, as well as being
    cancerous. Extra estrogen causes the body to hang onto calories and
    prevents normal muscle growth.

    Bottlefeeding can lead to oral fixations, due to carrying around a
    bottle all the time, going to bed with one (which is not recommended
    unless it is water). Americans grow up to be snackers, smokers, gum
    chewers, etc.

    Women who don't breastfeed are missing out on the easiest way ever to
    lose weight. The "baby weight" is your body's way to prepare to
    breastfeed. We would not have so many fat women in America today if they
    were using their stuff as nature intended (and they wouldn't be running
    their kids to the doctor every month for ear infections either!) A
    thousand calories a day can be burned breastfeeding. Plus, your bosom
    looks good, you're losing weight like crazy, and your skin has that
    "radiant glow." Breastfeeding lowers the risk of breastcancer - the
    longer you do it, the more you lower your risk.

    Estrogen imitators all plastics and synthetics, inlcluding colors and
    scents, cause an estrogen reaction in the body. An over-estrogenic body
    does not have a fast metabolism, is often cold, and has a hard time
    building and retaining muscle. Avoid plastic containers for food and
    drink, synthetic cleaners and body products such as shampoo and
    sunscreen, going with the most natural options you can find. The lining
    of cans contains bispehnol A, an estrogen imitator. Especially do not
    heat food or drinks in plastic.

    White foods - flour, sugar, milk, rice, potatoes these "white foods"
    should be limited as they are the main cause of diabetes in the US. Do
    not eat any white starch with the exception of potatoes with the skins
    left on in moderate qtys. Milk should be raw if possible, but preferably
    not at all as it is outside of the Paleolithic diet we have not evolved
    out of yet. Milk consumption in infancy and early childhood is one of
    the #1 causes of MS and Diabetes Type 1 (insulin inections, childhood
    onset diabetes) in this country. "Just say no" to milk for your kids
    unless it came from YOU ; ) Gluten and dairy are major causes also of
    allergies in children and adults, manifesting as headaches, stomach
    problems, etc. White starches contain no fiber, no B vitamins, and paste
    up your colon like a plugged pipe.

    Don't Drink your Calories Liquids are quickly digested leading to a
    quick sugar spike in the pancreas. Eating cheese and fruit like the
    French do (who eat more fat and alcohol than we do, but are thinner) is
    way better than drinking fruit juices and milk, because they digest
    slower and make you feel fuller, whereas liquids quench your thirst but
    not your hunger, and hit the pancreas too fast.

    Latchkey kids are taught to stay inside in the afternoons with the doors
    locked, not roaming throughout the neighborhoods on their bikes like in
    days past. Places like parks and empty lots, a woodlot, etc. are not
    always safe, often contain transients or drug users unless in a sparsely
    populated rural area.School sports are "pay to play." Chores are done by
    machine. It's not very safe for kids to walk or bike.

    We need to stick to the Paleo diet as well as the Paleo lifestyle as
    much as posssible. To quote the book "in defense of food" - "Eat food,
    not too much, mostly vegetables."

    Grains, high carbs, milk are not what we evolved to eat. We evolved to
    eat mostly proteins like meat and fish, and vegetables, nuts, seeds,
    eggs, fruits in season, herbs, oils/fats. Sugar, salt, fat and protein
    were the rarest things in the Paleo diet and thus the things we crave
    the most, but must curb our intake of due to the deleterious effects.

    Then, we work sedentary jobs, do our chores by machine because we are
    too tired to do them another way, or don't have time, and choose
    non-active entertainment. We commute too far to work and end up eating
    fast food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    We also eat like pioneer farmers when that was a short period of time in
    history where people worked more strenuously before or since, clearing
    land, having many kids, farming, logging, etc. The farmer breakfast or
    lumberjack breakfast full of sugar and fat is for someone burning 6,000
    calories a day like a forest firefighter.

    Final note: cinnamon helps blood sugar, so use it liberally. Toast, oatmeal
    cookies, stews, drinks, in hot coffee. Pumpkin, yogurt.
     Fruit salad. unsugared.

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