Q:)  l am having a tooth crowned this week..l have the temporary on
now...can anyone advise me on what mat'l to use and what NOT to use
for the crown..l dont know if it is too late or not. thanks.

A: ) Anyone needing any dental materials used in their mouth would
be wise to have this test (prescribed by a dentist or a doctor)
done in advance :

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing :

Here are two safe and strong, non-metal dental materials for
fiber-reinforced, poly-ceramic crowns and bridges :

Targis Vectris :

Sculpture FibreKor :

Any dentist can find a lab which uses these materials.

The following metals, when used in dental alloys, are toxic (above
a very low level) : mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, tin,
manganese, copper, aluminum, palladium, beryllium, and chromium.

The safest metal for crowns is a "high noble" alloy of (only) gold
plus platinum. Pure titanium is usually safe, also.

It may be best to avoid any metals in the mouth. At the most,
it is safe to have only one type of metal, or metal-alloy, in the
mouth -- because ANY TWO different metals or alloys (including
two different formulations of one alloy or amalgam) will produce
an electro-galvanic current between them.

An electro-galvanic (battery) current will accelerate the dissolving
(or mercury vapor outgassing) of one of the metals /alloys /amalgams.
Also, many dental metals are highly toxic -- or even if they're not
"toxic," they can produce severe immune reactions. [This restriction
to one type of metal also includes: any metal in braces, or dentures,
or amalgam fillings that may have been left hidden under crowns.]

This unwanted electro-galvanic current will also irritate the
acupuncture meridian(s), and your related bodily organ(s), which
"connect" to the artificially- electrified teeth.

See: SCI: mixed metals in the mouth and oral galvanism
by Bernie Windham,

Corrosion of dental alloys
[in Italian, except for final summary and 100+ references]
online TRANSLATORS exist for any language into any lang.

Serious immune reactions to metals are detected by the new
MELISA test ("Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay") :

Also, many white-plastic composite dental materials leak
Bisphenol A, a synthetic estrogen, into the body. Synthetic
estrogens are Endocrine Disrupters. Bisphenol A is the same
estrogen which is contained in the sealants that dentists paint
onto young children's teeth. (Bisphenol A is also contained in
polycarbonate 5-gallon water bottles, and in most baby bottles.)
Some people may have serious reactions to Bisphenol A -- also,
it contributes to weight gain, early puberty in children, and
possible sex damage to male fetuses and nursing infants.
almost half of all degenerative diseases out
there are linked to toxic, allergy-producing metals
and infections from root canals!

What this basically means is that if you have a
cavity in a tooth that happens to be along the
thyroid meridian, you may battle with thyroid
issues due to that cavity. This is especially
true if a toxic metal was used to fill the cavity
and if that tooth went through a root canal.
That same tooth, or teeth, would also be
connected to right stomach, pancreas, front
of knee, jaw, sinuses, and spleen. And it is
filled with toxic fillers. SEE ROOT CANAL AS CANCER CAUSE

Who could have imagined that a few badly
performed root canals, filled with toxic materials,
could contribute to something serious? This is
such important information because so many
people who suffer from a chronic condition may
never have thought to look in their mouth for the

It could be that removing toxic metals and/or
having an old root canal re done could be just
the prescription for what ails you.

It is widely believed that one of the main contributors
to the problem are mercury amalgams. Mercury is
used with silver to fill cavities and is and extremely
controversial and questionable practice to say
the least.

Mercury is a poisonous substance! It has no
place in your teeth! I myself had a mouth full
of mercury removed over the course of 15 years.
My dentist actually found bits of mercury down inside
an old root canal!

I could write a book about all the side effects my
mercury had on my health and how so many of
those cleared up as I replaced my fillings. I charted
every tooth and got to recognize my signs and
symptoms to alarming accuracy.

I would highly recommend that almost anyone
who has silver/mercury fillings to have them
replaced as they get old and worn down.
Some people prefer to have them all removed at
once and others prefer to replace one at a time
as needed. I would also recommend having
some compatibility testing done to find out
if there is a sensitivity to some of the alternative
metals as well.

Certainly, if you suffer from any immunity issues
and/or have any kind of chronic condition then it
is well worth your while to explore the inside of
your mouth and have a conversation with a holistic
dentist. Some indications would be allergies,
chronic fatigue, bleeding gums, intestinal issues,
depression, headaches, heart irregularities... the
list goes on.

As you begin the process of removing toxic metals
from your mouth, it's important to go through a
chelating process to then remove the metals from
your body. Most holistic dentists are knowledgeable
on this topic and can help you with this process.
This typically involves a supplement regimen for
a specific period of time. This is a very important
step that can help you avoid other health issues
associated with mercury toxicity.

As with everything, it is important to embrace this
process from a positive and "under" whelmed place.
Our bodies are incredibly resilient and can recover
beautifully from all kinds of imbalances when they
are faced calmly, openly, and positively.

For those of you who are curious, you can find
a Tooth-Organ Chart on several holistic dentistry
web sites and print them out for reference.

It's fun and interesting!

Until next time,

Adrienne McLaughlin NTP
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I want to emphasize to only go to a dentist
that does not use any mercury in their practice.
Also, to never allow a dentist to take too many
old metal fillings out at once. There should be
some months between removals. And it is very important
to be chelating for a few weeks before, during and for a few
months after mercury removal. Our Extended Health Oral Chelation
product is the number one product I would suggest.
Unfortunately, I have heard many holistic dentists give
inadequate advice on this subject. So do your research
and talk to more than one dentist.

Bisphenol-A references :
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What's Coming Out of Baby's Bottle?

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Here are a few types of white-plastic dental composites that
are claimed to -not- contain Bisphenol-A :

1) Procera
2) Diamond Lite and Diamond Crown
3) Targis Vectris
4) Sculpture FibreKor

PS - A few key books for further information :

Elements of Danger : Protect Yourself Against the
Hazards of Modern Dentistry,
by Dr Morton Walker
Paperback - 304 pages (November 1999)
Hampton Roads Pub Co; ISBN: 1571741461

Uninformed Consent : The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care
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