MAKE a list of 10 businesses you could do if you had 50k. The stipulation being that you can give the lender of 50k twice his money, meaning 100k per annum as a return on his investment...off your work in this biz.  Send your mind off with a pad and pencil, grinding its cud, digesting ideas, concepts, sharpening our money sensibilities, our sense of current REALITY. .What's the cui bonum for crowded USA, our gov letting in all those impoverished immigrants? The gov knows something we don't? YEAH! Land an immigrant in USA, he goes into hypermode, like the battery bunny, earning, paying taxes, two jobs, every male in the family gears up. They had their butts burned by some 3rd world dictator, his cops, his jails, the poverty and famine in that third world country. They are new brooms that really sweep and they'll take any job for a broom and work their way up like the Cuban who bottled Cokes at Florida and later became COCA COLA Chairman of the Board.

You take a Jew from any ghetto in Europe, land him in Africa, south America, wherever, he instantly finds things people really need and starts selling them. Then he rents the store. Where is that kind of APPLICATION in us laid back American Yuppie Princes and princesses? TRUE GRIT is "I WANT YOUR MONEY" and what can I do to get it? Be ambitious as Napoleon. It's OK to wear your NAPPY HAT at times. God wouldn't have invented Napoleon if he didn't want to give you a role model. Another tear down kind of guy, Mohandas GANDHI. He worked in South Africa for decades, an expatriate Hindu community which really needed the little, ferocious lawyer on their side. He cut his teeth on ostracism, took it back to INDIA and handed his subtle mule stubborn polite balk to the British colonizers.

Read the Biography of William Casey by Persico, available used for a dollar all over the internet. (Abe books.) Casey understood that rich men sat on huge investment capital, venture capital, they wanted to find novel ideas for cornering the market on a service or product. They were interested in manufacturing, in inventive products. He thought a few up. That's how he made enough money that he, born a lace curtain Irishman, was able to attract Ronnie Reagan's handlers who begged him to hook them, advise, connect them to gain the presidency.

Consider that figure we regular people hardly know or understand who has this WEALTHY FUNDER MODE going. he's searching for a bargain business which  pays high. Talk their language. Supply them with YOUR innovative ideas and a 'work promise.' YOUR WORK. Vow to do the work to bring the ship in. They're into discount offers that YIELD 100% a yr. on the investment. They pretend to be polite, are essentially tough as nails, sure of one thing. DOUBLING YOUR MONEY annually is what works. They/ he has/have carved out a deep pocket, power niche. Who is that funder? Know them? Talk to that person now. They talk very little, so you describe the l00% ration, work promise/ language the way their ears want to hear it.  Their main thing is telling people there's nothing they need or want but that's not the truth of it. Don't tell them you know that the 100% yield is what they want badly and lack and you can deliver it. SO

If I send you off to run around the track, stop watch you, I'll bet that you can run a mile in ten minutes. But if I put 9 Olympic runners with you, boys who can run that mile in FOUR MINUTES, I'll bet you, yeah soft you, could run it in FIVE MINUTES. We could double your time if you saw the competition.

CHECK OUT your COMPETITION DAILY. Check out the man pushing a broom on the street. Check out the guy in the alley behind that big office bldg loading trash into the dumpster. Check out what they earn. How many jobs they have. Park on the highway and ask those men picking string beans what they earn. I was asking around and heard that car factory workers make between 21 and 58 dollars an hour now, in 2011. Either is a good living if you rent a house, grow your own veggies. Learn to Live Frugal and grow your own, be happy with renting until your business hits it big.