GROWING BERRIES.(Black berries, boysen berries, raspberries.)

Here's how I plant berries. First, I go to the market's big dumpster, lift out pounds and pounds of wilted berries that my market had to throw out as they were soft. I put them in water, mash them with jam masher or you can blend in blender. Then I plant the mash. I could strain the seeds out but I don't bother. every seed grows berries of all sorts, strawberries. raspberries. Probably blue berries but we don't do blue in SoCal as they want cold. I do black berries mainly.

The nursery is on tables. As snails decimate anything on the ground. I took a very ancient pingpong table, cut each half in two so that I had four tables. I added legs to all four as each pc now has only two legs. Each pc now has four legs. I brace them a bit w. diags. set on south side of house. a tree semishades the area so it's dappled southern sun. Not the north side which has no light. The sunny side is the baby plant nursery.

You go look behind your market. ALL SUMMER LONG, the DUMPSTERS behind stores, markets, even our 99c store, are full of trashed boxes of thousands of overripe berries. Throw them thru blender for one second, with water, pour on flat of potting soil, cover lightly with soil,  Plants get six inches high, you replant them alone, each in his own pot. I keep mine on a table on south side of house where trees give dappled sunlight. Babies can't have California's fierce summer sun when temps are 110. An adult plant in a big enough pot might tolerate that heat but not babies. I GIVE the babies a year to fill out. Next, I must get the back yard ready. The babies are in pots, some a foot high.  Time to put each up against a trellis.

HOW TO MAKE A TRELLIS. This is built easily with branches or sticks taller than a man. The STICKS go in coffee can with cement poured in around it. The Can is set in the ground. TOP OF CEMENT SLOPES so water runs off or stick bottom rots where it contacts cement..

Place/ cans/ Sticks every six feet. so you have this palisade of Parallel vertical sticks. THEN  string, cord, wire, anything you want ... between the sticks. Tell the berries to climb that.  It's EASY!  If you speak BERRY!

You want berries, sweet and wow
I am going to tell you how.
Go to dumpster, berries there.
Growing grayish green long hair.

Take the boxes, take 'em home.
Throw them in some H20
Squish around to mash the berries
loosening seeds like flying fairies.

Have a sunny plot of fertile SOIL?
Dump berry soup! Mmethod's free of TOIL
Berry plants watered daily, that's all you do to greet 'em.
By summer you'll need a stash of jars just to boil & eat'em!