Wonder how often it is that something that SOUNDS so WONDERFUL turns out to be a new RICH GUY'S ploy to corrode the Constitution and JUSTICE SYSTEM? TORT REFORM was a SLY MOVE to VICTIMIZE and exclude the poor ?  See http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/06/24/hot-coffee-documentary-skewers-tort-reformers.html

Corporations did NOT like the ease with which an 81 yr old woman who'd been badly burnt by boiling coffee got millions of dollars, assigning blame to a McDonalds fast food idiot. A bought press carried the story of not a welfare BARBARA but a WELFARE MCDONALDS! They quickly achieved TORT REFORM. NO FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS EVER AGAIN, NO HIGH JUDGEMENTS. CAP all frivolous judgements at some easy breezy sum. After the old lady won the INDUSTRY quickly swayed public opinion, got POLS to pass TORT REFORM LAWS, claiming they were squeezing out a lot of greedy lawyers.

So, along comes a l9 year old blonde beauty named JAMIE LEIGH JONES, her first week working for HALLIBURTON in IRAQ (Kellogg Brown Root) as a military contractor she is assigned a men's barrack (contrary to enlistment promises!)

There, she is sexually harassed, then finally drugged, dragged, beat unconscious and gang raped and sodomized by America soldiers, contractors for Halliburton. Trained killers by the way. Jamie Leigh Jones required body reconstruction afterward. As your daughter or mien would do, JAMIE SUED HALLIBURTON!

WITH CURRENT TORT REFORM LAWS favoring CORPORATIONS THIS HORROR was thrown out of court and called a frivolous lawsuit.

ALSO, MAYBE MORE INTERESTINGLY, HALLIBURTON, the BILLION BUCK CORPORATION, had a fine print contract which  Jamie had signed on enlistment --promising no matter what,  she'd never sue them.

This "FORCED TO SIGN mandatory arbitration contract"  essentially signs away all of the worker's rights. Such demands by employers can and will happen to you, me, your children, to everyone who buys anything or enters any work place in every profession who signs these fine print CONTRACTS before hand. And nobody can SAY NO TO SIGNING!

Even when you visit a website or use free software there's a mandatory  contract where you sign away your rights to sue.

Your signature BINDS you the unwitting contract signer to forgo your rights to a penalty. The contract always reads "that you will be subject to ARBITRATION by OUR own staff of hireling lawyers."

MANDATORY ARBITRATION, so the big corporation has no fiscal blame or ACCOUNTABILITY .

That's reality.  So what do we do? I'd say sign your contract ANY OLD NAME, "FIRST NAME FOOL, MIDDLE NAME VICTIM, LAST NAME DUPE " in an illegible scrawl and later say that's not me. Who signed this thing? FOOL VICTIM DUPE? My name is JAMIE. Go #*&O yourselves!

BTW. SENATOR AL FRANKEN took JAMIE to CONGRESS to change the law. Failed. HALLIBURTON demanded their ARBITRATOR HEAR HER STORY OF RAPE.  Franken testified at her arbitration.  To no avail. She had signed her name to the "YOU CAN EVEN RAPE ME" CONTRACT and promised to be silent forever and never to sue. SO SHE COULD NOT SUE elsewhere ever, like WITH A CIVIL JURY!

A civilian jury and a real court of law might have given Jamie a chance, given big Biz a death sentence. A big judgement. But WITH this newfangled TORT REFORM no worker anywhere has a chance. These corporations don't even have to police themselves because workers have no chance of getting help from an IN-HOUSE ARBITRATION from Arbitrators who get thousands of arbitration assignments from that corporation and don't want to lose the money by finding even ONE VICTIM to be honest, wounded, and offended. THE POORMAN or WOMAN is called a lying,greedy contract breaker from the gitgo.