Forgive me for being such a date collector, I'm a stargazer. Today, from a quick glance at history, I see that 911 seems to be cropping up a lot in America's SHAMEFUL events, always IN THE SAME VEIN TOO, the BOILS on the Face of FASCISTIC CAPITALISM pop up. Just when planets get to 22 degrees mutable signs, which is 911. September 11th.

SEPT 11th, 1789 we had ALEXANDER HAMILTON  appointed first US SEC OF TREASURY. This is the man who dreamt up our LETTING FOREIGN BANKS run our money printing, give us loans. He attached us at the umbillicus to STEPFATHER BANK. (see how by clicking on that).

SEPT 11 1941, was the GROUND BREAKING FOR the PENTAGON, actual 'birth' of the bldg. that is responsible for 14 14 ILLEGAL invasions of small countries by USA in last l00 yrs

SEPT 11 1973, Salvador ALLENDE was murdered in coup that the CIA and ANACONDA copper engineered, a model takeover which 'put a new monkey on the throne'

SEPT 11 birthdays? Macabre Brian de Palma who did a film about Ed Kennedy and Kopechne called BLOW OUT with Travolta playing a snoopy reporter. His only political conspiracy movie but very watchable.

And 911 is the birthday of  DAVID S BRODER Wash Post journalist, Dean of the Washington Press Corps, born Sept 11th, 1929,  a man who licks the boots of capitalist fascism for breakfast daily. He takes money from HMOS/ PHARM is best buddies with KARL ROVE and supports Fascist views. So he's basically the POSTER BOY of bought journalism. And tell me what is more offensive than polluting the journalistic pool of truth with big fat bought boys and lies that line pockets of oligarchs? Hmmmmh?

The first three Hamilton, Pentagon and Chile really light my wrath being three cobras in three baskets and I'm seeing impeccable synchronicity here. First, HAMILTON,the guy who sold us out to the British bankers, i.e triumph of Capitalism over reason and American self interest, both. Then the creation of the chief supreme headquarters of capitalist fascism which gets first shovel of dirt dug SIXTY years to the day BEFORE IT GETS partially BLOWN UP by who knows what? Rocket or hijacked plane. Charlie Sheen says the FORMER.

Then same date, the demise of socialist CHILE --- PROOF of how powerful Fascist Capitalism is, that the American NAVY can sit off CHILE and send in secret agent type men to guide the death squads, kill the elected president as well as 30,000 intellectual, progressive Chileans, (RENT the film MISSING by Costa Gavras.) These people were not killed in skirmishes. They were picked up by Stasi, KGB type secret police, herded into the soccer stadium, interviewed off files on them, then led down one of two corridors. "live or die" hallways & most shot in the head! All to take back Anaconda copper which Chile/ Allende nationalized saying --"hey this is our damn copper. "

These items are huge, really a pernicious trend and dwarf the supposed 911 biggie --- 2001 ---When Capitalism takes a very minor slap on the face from 19 munich residents, Saudi funded,  maybe ostensibly led by a Saudi prince  who knows if that's even real. So now I'm asking myself what does the USA horoscope have in the middle degrees of VIRGO, 22 degrees?

WELL, MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE, 22 GEMINI to 22 VIRGO is in the American natal horoscope. ( JULY 4th. 1776). Addicts, liars, Serial killers, bank robbers, wife murderers have MARS square NEPTUNE. It's tricky mendacious, sly, it's CIA evil. America seems to have a real poisonous MOTHER#*&(@! streak down the middle of her natal chart along with that gorgeous SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER IN MOONCHILD, sign of the Good MOTHER.

But here's what's really odd --- as soon as Saturn transits in our skies and gets to 22 VIRGO and Uranus is 22 PISCES and they're starting to conjunct and square the two villain-planets in those very degrees, back in 2008, we get this SUDDEN ONSET DEPRESSION, Mortgage failures, Lehmans and everyone started crashing, right around 11 SEPT 08

Turn forward a year to Sept 11th, 2009, and the entire DOLLAR is shaking, the U.N. wants UC. Currency off the table, wants a New World Currency. AND guess what? THIS WEEK Saturn and Uranus are in the very same degrees of VIRGO doing their second opposition! Like some kind of clock work.

Weymss the greatest stargazer of last century said the 23rd degree of PISCES was the degree of insanity. And we've been in it since Sept 2008 and still are, October 2009.



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