The URANUS PLUTO Recession that's out beyond 2009 (like 2010? 2011? and 2012 and even out to 2015!)

When people think back on the beginning of a difficulty, memory doesn't quite serve. The events of murder and war can start during a wedding, during a time of joy and festivity. While the bride and groom dance, nobody notices that the in-laws are all armed. Pistols poke out of vests. Later, nobody remembers that the genocide started there.

Uranus & Pluto first formed their first square off during the CHINA OLYMPICS. This chart is the opening day ceremony. Uranus in PISCES square PLUTO in SAG and OPENING DAY, Mars went into the third corner making a MUTABLE T-SQUARE, very volatile indeed,  falling out in GEMINI of publicity. Only one casualty. Some American tourist was shot on a tower in a suburb of Beiping. That halcyon week, that CHINA event, was the start of a URANUS PLUTO square that will last thru 2015. So CHINA was present at the birth of the RECESSION, she was a poker player at the table. A world presence showing up in a moment of glory and beauty. (PISCES rising, NEPTUNE the chart ruler in SOCIALIST, COMMUNISTIC AQUARIUS, opposite a LEO STELLIUM describing the host and symbolic 'native' whose chart this was as artistic, surrounded by beauty.' Also interested in friendship, alliances. But the unseen presence at the ball, the 13th fairy, note that we have "TRAPPED CONFIGURATION " just starting a few hours later. Trapped means NO WAY OUT. And  as soon as that single LEO SUN moved to that NODE/ SATURN DOORWAY hours later, the RECESSION OFFICIALLY STARTED. China's anger an element, an American on a tower the symbolic victim.

You cannot make a victim out of AMERICA. She was born with URANUS conjunct PLUTO in the degree of war, 29 ARIES. Hitler's SUN was 'minutes' off this degree. THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, AMERICA, the BIG MOMMA AMAZON country. See her birth chart, see Uran/Pluto conjunct in 12th house of SECRETS!

                    birth chart. SAVE to cache, double in size.

So America's part in any war is secret, veiled.
Her decision moment, her motives, Secret.

Now, let's cut to the next big event, in our PARADE of RECESSION SQUARES. Saturn in VIRGO opposed Uranus in PISCES, both beginning to square Pluto. A T-square which arrived AUTUMN of 2008. SATURN moved far enough forward in VIRGO to begin to square PLUTO but its main close aspect was that SATURN was OPPOSED URANUS. That gives severe grinding of gears. The Saturn/Uranus opposition is very tight. Pluto off to the side. And what does that give us? We observed the appearance of the American Meltdown, the Wall Street Panic. The opposition of Saturn (banking, government, CEO's corporations,) to its own wealth planet, (URANUS, its 2nd house ruler, also technology, the tech sector, innovation, media blitz) has severe repercussions. TWO SLOW MOVING planets in bad aspect cause WORLD EVENTS.

I feel that the 2008/ 2009 RECESSION DUE TO AFFLICTED SATURN 2008 / 2009 RECESSION won't be that bad.   An astrology client asked me to do the Mundane Astrology of the Recession,  calculate the BAD months and how long it would last. He has been asked by his partner to sell his half of a technical corporation and thinking that the recession would be deep, he was going to SELL, move to Europe and buy gold.

I DID THE MATH and was very surprised to find that the SATURN/URANUS part of the Early 21st Century Recession would be short. I told him not to sell or move. In doing  the calculations, I discovered that (--if astrology is real and I have amazing stories that prove it IS --) that this recession will not be horrible at all. It will just be another shopping expedition for the super rich, buying the treasures of the MERELY rich (who are going to jail.) Not gonna harm you. Easy to hold out for less than a year. And not all of that year, fine  weather months exist within it. UTILIZE the RECESSION to acquire books, real estate, stocks. A FARM maybe? Certainly a 4-unit building as they'll be bottoming out, price wise, as we speak.

The reality is that DEPRESSIONS are very useful tools in the hands of the big guys. I should say THE BIGGEST GUYS. It allows them to buy all the gold, china, art, paintings & jewels in the palace that the SMALLER RICH GUYS own and even buy the SMALLER RICH GUY's palace!

The MERELY RICH are now in agony. They suddenly have to sell everything  THE SUPER SUPER BEYOND RICH GUYS are ecstatic. They can buy everything. For them, it's CHRISTMAS. This isn't the FRENCH REVOLUTION. Starving Peasants don't rise up and flood the palaces with blood anymore. There are no working guillotines. The peons are all sedated by celeb worship, TV reality shows, ESPN sports events, denatured food, toxic toothpaste and chemicalized air. They live in advanced STUNNED addict conditions that don't allow revolutionary modalities to surge.

The danger in a recession is the SUPER SUPER RICH GUESTS and FRIENDS of the MERELY rich who have pristinely INTACT wallets and who can BUY UP EVERYTHING they ever hankered after, or fancied, or spotted on their earlier visits to the MERELY RICH GUYS' HOMES. In fact, they plan to PULL the cords on the ECONOMY right after the BRITISH OLYMPICS, August 12th, 2012. The inflation will start then.

The RED T SQUARE is visible on the HORIZON, where URANUS sits in ARIES, square Pluto in the midheaven. Also visible and at play, "TRAPPED CONFIGURATION."

As an astrologer, I've analyzed the GREAT DEPRESSION (1929) and the lessons that it taught. (a 'trapped    configuration was just ending, and its alignment on its very last day with Mars hitting the nodes was the trigger.) BANKERS know about crashes and recessions. They can clean the small players out of the game, buy off every jewel, every mansion on the gameboard. Close down their competitors. For the Top Shark, a recession is dandy. The VERY TOP SUPER RICH OLIGARCHS know full well how to engineer these things or at very least how to exploit and 'surf' those currents. '29 taught them  that only in a HUGE DEPRESSION can they waltz in and go shopping for the stuff they want, the rubies, the  palace silver, the tiaras, the factories, the skyscrapers. IN DARK DAYS, they can pillage art and real estate,  gems, palaces, chariots and such from their lower-down-the-tree chums. Or who do you think did the Bagdad Museum the day Saddam's country fell? Somebody with highly paid workers.

The big guys thirst for a DEPRESSION, crave a shake up occasionally and the bigger the better.  A BIG WIND of CHAOS blows the flakes out of the tree, shakes the ants off the picnic, the scammers off the economy . All the little Enron Lehman gnomes who were stealing get driven into their prison caves -- while the real Wall Street bandits and banksters who survive get their goodies. The unsuccessful thieves, the Bernie Madoffs, the CEOS caught taking gov money and then handing out bonuses are finished. The rabble are allowed to rise up and cut THEIR lying throats. But for every 100 bankers that go off to jail or who fold in disgrace, a dozen superb bankers, every bit as criminal, go on shopping sprees for lo and behold, the bad bankers' goodies are up for sale! And in the chaos, the SUPER RICH TARGET the hordes of the pirates, also the CEOs who are suddenly down  to their last billion, shaking in their boots and the super rich make their purchases. So a RECESSION is like  CHRISTMAS for the Dirty Dozen..

This 'RECESSION' or 'market correction' started as  SATURN, the planetary significator of all corporations, big  businesses, all banks, all finance houses and Wall Street itself ---OPPOSED URANUS, the 'whoops' factor. Uranus is the planetary ruler of Saturn's 2nd house ergo a MONEY MAKER for these guys. Because it's lord of  their 2nd house. URANUS isn't just 'whoops' accidents, (all planets have a good side or a bad side, can go either way,) Uranus also rules science, technology, new inventions, new modalities of being, universality called New World Order by some, it rules the internet and all governments, the big LILA's NET and is a constant money maker for these super rich guys.)

The closer they get to "ONE WORLD AFTER ALL," the NEW WORLD ORDER, the happier they are. The sooner they bring this crazy spoke-throwing Rube Goldberg Machine to a smooth humming purring motor with the cream at the top, no vibrations shaking that cream, i.e. what the Nazis called hierarchical control, the more it suits them. Power must be organized from the top. The way The Empire runs things, the way the military runs things. One bank after all. (Stepfather bank!)

In SEPTEMBER 2008, the WAR of  URANUS opposed SATURN seemed to put the brakes to the system. We heard COGS GRINDING and thought 'oh no! 1929 all over again!  The SUPER RICH thought oh Goody. Christmas is here. I get to buy treasures fer pennies!

And so they did, bigger banks buying smaller ones. See the BIG FISH EATS LITTLE FISH ARTICLE at the AMERICAN MELTDOWN STUDIES webpage. . JUPITER was trine Saturn during the whole Sept. Oct, Nov 2008 arrival of   RECESSION!!! So the posse rode in fast even while the enemy was attacking, with soldier support ...There were wise moves, generosity, Hank Paulson style. He knew that the gov had endless money, and he could talk them into it. The tax payers screamed but then he changed his lingo. You can buy a share of us, good people, he said. What he didn't say was that nobody on top was poor, That all govs, state and nat'l are loaded. Don't kid yourself, they have invested money for two centuries! Have way more than they admit to. California isn't bankrupt.  Ahnold is hiding its coffers! Supposedly bankrupt Washington may be in debt to the tune of l0 trillion  but it is hiding its wealth too. The super rich use 'recessions' as a MACY's SALE.

JUPITER trine in AUTUMN 2008 gave the SUPER RICH a LIMO ride to the MACY's sale with the Bush coffers flowing freely into the hands of these supposedly parched-on-the  desert-surrounded-by-injuns bankers! MID DECEMBER 2008, that protection FLEES as Jup moves on toward the  Northern border where it abuts Aquarius. Then it's slightly deep waters immediately for the BANKERS. XMAS is dark -seeming indeed! Saturn is not doing well. The COMMERCE (banker's) planetary ruler is "common and cadent" a bad  position, (as it is in Virgo in Saturn's own 9th,) so the Corps/ Bankers/ Gov cannot, will not land where they think.

To read any event, on Mundane Scale, all you have to use is the Big Planets' aspects, the slow movers like saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. I found a superb example of BIG PLANET research at the GLASTONBURY WEBPAGE, where a Master Astrologer PALDEN JENKINS untangles the skeins of HISTORY using those BIG GUYS. GO there and look at the year 535 AD. Saturn/ Neptune and Uranus all tightly linked, three malefics at once. That year a mega- volcano went off and EARTH had its lights punched out for three years. Almost everyone on the planet died from starvation produced by the darkness. Livestock had nothing to eat, people couldn't live off meat for very long, when it ran out they could eat each other. But again, no side dishes at all cuz no vegies.. Tree rings corroborate this event for scientists but the ancient CHINESE also left a record saying "Feb 4th, 535 it went dark. We heard a big boom. AND SKY WENT DARK FOR THREE YEARS" Just read the article.

So --Life is nothing if not surprising. Darwinian Tough times make for Tough people. The darkness let the Bubonic Plague in, The plague conferred immunity on Europe for the AIDS virus. Mutate, evolve, Mutate evolve. Now while 2008 doesn't have THREE MALEFICS except for a day or two, it does have TWO malefics linked with Jupiter interfering to make things semi-OK. Remember, two contradictory aspects do not cancel one another out, first rule my Mom taught me. They both happen. Jup helps, Sat/Uran decimate.

After XMAS, 2008, there are no trines going on, Sat/Uran opposition continues like two arm wrestlers in a hammerlock and NEP IN AQUARIUS (public opinion, hopes/ faith) is in the very same degree but quincunx or semisextile the dueling pair, brings an element of chaos and panic. Nep is quincunx SATURN. There's NO WAY TO REBUILD society or the economy with a quincunx. Not to NEPTUNE cuz that planet ain't a rebuilder! For yogic vegans it's high hopes, clear envisualizations, psychic arts but to a banker it's a total panic button planet. A quincunx to NEP inhibits planning. CHAOS RULES.  That pattern continues all winter long! Just as the wart hog is sticking his head out of the lawn in Mulagatawny, or Poxhamoney or wherever that is, end of winter, JUPITER, NEPTUNE, MERCURY AND Mars conjunct in AQUARIUS and we get a new trend: SUPER SOCIALISTIC wild card! I imagine it's an outta-the-box Economic NECESSARY QUASI SOCIALISTIC F.D.R. type PLAN BY OBAMA which affects that SATURN....Why?  Cuz triple Aquarius brings that FDR kind of UTOPIAN, HUMANITARIAN, Communal solution.

Mercury, Mars conjunct Jupiter and NEPTTUNE, that's a STELLIUM IN AQUARIUS. First since 1962! To an astrologer, AQUARIUS STELLIUM at WORST is COMMUNISM BREAKING OUT, also a bank run or two as Mar/Nep in Aquar is the center of the four planet stellium. Mar/Nep is panic. EARLY MARCH, like first week this occurs. (You might take your money out before that date. ) And at best, it's a totally nouveau  socialistic equation thrown at us by the Gov. An FDR type plan which the absolute panic justifies.

THE ECONOMY DIGESTS that wild card morsel in peace for a while and then the whole recession thing recedes from danger all Spring and Summer. Then, Saturn turns around and goes back to duel or tangle with URANUS late summer, and Uranus is all the  things that are its own money source. And they duel in SUMMER's last weeks and AUTUMN's first, SEPT 2009  making the R word return. Sat/Uran difficulties surface in SEPTEMBER. It's always a black September, isn't it.  Neptune again is in the same degrees as Sat/Uran so nobody knows what's going on, there's confusion. Sky is  falling, but knowing that is GOOD FOR YOU. Sept is a market falling month, so BUY STOCKS while they  bottom out. Market corrects fast so BUY STOCK in first days of OCTOBER, which translate to being the last  days of the new panic.

And that's it. That's all the recession that I feel is coming our way. It is a scare or two, an E ticket ride on a roller coaster but no reason to move to Europe. Pharoah's 7 bad years will be Pharoahs' ONE BAD YEAR. So don't  cash out. Instead, gather your money right now, work harder and during the LOW POINTS, which is XMAS  2008, thru MARCH 2009, or FALL 2009 when everybody is thinking, oh the plague is back, buy a farm. Buy a  4 unit bldg. Or stocks. Do what the SUPER RICH do. When the Economy is down, GET ON TOP OF it, grab  it by the neck pull out your knife and boldly carve yourself out a piece! form a square to Aries have Ocurred at time of Great Depression, historically created big financial troubles. But three malefics squared off is unusual and very heavy. Uranus will be in ZERO ARIES Sign of war, anger, military takeovers. It is square to SATURN in Libra and square to Pluto in Capricorn in SUMMER 2010 and that is worse than the Sat/Uran opposed we had at time of the MELTDOWN on WALL STREET.

ARIES rules military so I expect some soldiers in third world will take over governments. Last time Uranus went into ARIES and squared PLUTO in MOONCHILD, HITLER took over and so did FDR. Hitler was the Pluto and FDR very URANIAN. They squared off. ARIES squared MOONCHILD. America is ruled by MOONCHILD.

In late May 2010, Uranus will be in a house that it likes --it's own third house. in ARIES!  Third house is a GEMINI energy area and Uranus being Aquarian does well here. Saturn in a sign it's strong in, Libra, where it can take over, be prominent, be seen, be public. Saturn can handle that. It is in its own l0th house of power, a house it likes.

Pluto is a sneaky little rock, harmful in intent. In its own third house of ideas. In CAPRICORN. And the URANUS/ PLUTO orb tightens towards 2012 - especially June 24, 2012 through March 17, 2015 when one source quoted said "we will see the worst unfold for the U.S. " THREE YEARS of slow moving MALEFICS in square in CARDINAL SIGNS, Aries, Capricorn

Another big problem before then is Saturn in Libra that begins October 29th 2009 all the way through October 5, 2012 as it squares off to the other two. Uranus in Aries and PLUTO IN CAPRICORN. We haven't had PLUTO in CAPRICORN in centuries. But let's look at Pluto just being in Capricorn in History:

1762-78: a time of economical and political crisis. US was born there but the more influyent French Revolution had to wait till Pluto reached Aquarius.

1516-1533: Religious and political crisis with the Protestant Reform. The
Empire of Charles V and the Papacy challenged but not yet crumbled nor

1270-87: A complex period of replacement of old states by new ones
(favored: Mongols in East Asia and Iran, Mamluks, Aragon, France…)

1024-42: fall of the Caliphate of Cordoba, division of the “Navarrese
empire”, Italy incorporated by Germany into the HRE. But again some major
events, like the Norman invasion of England, had to wait till Pluto was in

778-795: the core of the Age of Charlemagne.

532-550: age of Justinian (with Belisarius), Nubia converted to
Christianity, supposed date of the death of King Arthur. The earth turned
dark under this in 535 AD when a volcano in China doused the world with a
few yrs of ash. happened Feb
8th 535 AD

286-305: post-crisis of the Roman Empire: exactly the period of the first
Tetrarchy (Diocletian-Maximinian)

41-60: period of Claudius and (partly) Nero in Rome (but all the “action”
of Nero’s reign came in the Pluto-in-Aquarius period actually).

An author said " I tend to consider Pluto in these signs (Capricorn and
Aquarius) as sign of major changes, not necessarily creation of a “New
Order”. I'd say 'death of an old order.'

Uranus in Aries brings discoveries related to ARIES ENERGIES:

Hydrogen discovery - Henry Cavendish - 1766
Energy conservation law: first law of thermodynamics - Joule - 1843
Measurement of light's speed - Fizeau - 1849
First particle accelerator - 1928 - Wideroe

PLUTO IN CAP (found online)
Forecast for 2008 and Beyond: Pluto in Capricorn!

The big astrological news in 2008 is Pluto's entry into Capricorn. But
Pluto will still be nostalgic for its Sagittarian years: it retrograded
back into Sagittarius on June 14, 2008, then re-enters Capricorn DEC 2008
to stay there, (through 2024, anyway)  UGH!

Astrologers who write about this focus on the dirty secrets of big
business being exposed, as well as this era being make or break time for the
global community to deal with the world's environmental crisis. However,
Pluto in Capricorn has many more ramifications. And this critical sign
change sets a world-changing chain of events into motion that extends well
beyond 2008.

Let's start by examining the archetypal energies we're dealing with. Pluto
is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth. Metaphors for its
processes include a phoenix burning to ash and resurrecting, a snake
shedding its skin, and a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. Pluto can
also represent tremendous power and/or wealth. I imagine it would have
to be on your JUPITER by trine. Doing some earth trine thing to your chart
And you'd be in even better shape if it went over a planet that already
had some natal trines ...

Capricorn is the sign of existing institutions and structures, including
big business, governments and established religions. It's inherently
conservative, traditional and resistant to change. Its shadow side can be
cold, dictatorial, and ruthless, believing that the ends justify the means.
Its more evolved qualities include integrity, commitment, and perseverance,
as well as being the "wise elder."

Some historical perspective is also helpful. Pluto orbits the sun about
every 250 years, so a quarter of a millennium elapses between its passes
through Capricorn. The last time it was there was from 1762 to 1778, during
the American Revolution. The time before that, 1516-1533, Martin Luther's
Protestant revolt created a religious and political crisis for Emperor
Charles V and the Catholic Church. No matter how far back we go in recorded
history, Pluto in Capricorn periods correspond with revolutionary changes
to the existing world order.

This will also be true for us. The powers that be, however, never go down
without a fight. Pluto and Capricorn do have some things in common - they
both love being in control, for example - and so we can expect more of the
"Big Brother" style surveillance and invasion of privacy that are already
spreading through the United States and other countries such as Great
Britain. (Saturn can also bring fear - of terrorism and other real and
imagined threats - to justify government's systematic erosion of our
fundamental civil liberties.) Government will seem to believe that, in
order for freedom to be kept safe, it must be locked away.

The forces of authoritarianism and ever-increasing government control are
likely to gain power through about May of 2010. On May 27 of that year,
however, Uranus brings the planetary energy of revolution and paradigm
shift out of its seven-year stint in Pisces (dreaming, visualizing and
imagining) and into Aries (the leader or warrior taking impulsive action).
At that point, we may well experience the start of something resembling
another American Revolution in order to set our ship of state on a more
enlightened course.

This idea is also supported by the fact that Uranus is aspecting three
planets in the United States' natal chart around that time (Pluto, the moon
and Mercury), and conjuncting the nadir! (I'm using the Sibley chart for
the U.S.) The U.S. is also about to undergo the most powerful Pluto
transits it has experienced since the 20's and 30's: between now and 2015,
Pluto will oppose the United States' Venus, Jupiter and Sun. Venus and
Jupiter rule the U.S. midheaven and ascendant - powerful and public points
- and the Sun is the core of identity and vitality.

These Pluto transit alone are enough to guarantee that the U.S. will be
profoundly transformed over the next seven years. My feeling is that we
will emerge a more humble country, either by choice or because the rest of
the world finally got fed up with us! Hopefully, we will move away from the
arrogant "cowboy diplomacy" of recent years, and will instead adopt the
spirit of harmony and cooperation that has become so essential for the
well-being of the global community.

The Pluto oppositions just discussed are unique to the United States, but
Uranus' entry into Aries will have a global impact. Other countries and
institutions will experience revolutionary events relevant to their
particular situations.

By 2010, Uranus and Pluto will already have been radiating some of the
energy of their impending square (a 90° angle of challenge for growth).
These two planets create revolutionary transformation and powerful paradigm
shift when their energies connect. They were most recently conjunct
1964-1966, when the revolutionary fervor of the 60's shifted into high
gear. (Their prior conjunction coincided with the French Revolution.)

Uranus and Pluto will make seven exact squares to each other from 2012
through 2015, wiping out old structures of all kinds that have outlived
their usefulness. A square is much more dynamic and challenging than a
conjunction, so this wrecking ball effect may make the 60's look tame by

This may sound scary, but look at the stakes. Nothing less than a radical
shift in how the global powers-that-be operate - be they governments or
multinational corporations - will be sufficient to save the planet from an
environmental catastrophe too horrible to contemplate. Archaic assumptions
that have held sway for hundreds of years must fall by the wayside if
mankind, as well as most of Earth's other species, is to survive. These
include the outmoded ideas of endless economic growth, unrestrained
population expansion, and mankind's right to exploit Gaia's resources
without regard to future consequences or future generations.

Some people hope for a miraculous rescue. It could be that, when the Mayan
calendar ends on the Winter Solstice of 2012, mankind will experience a
quantum leap into a more enlightened state of consciousness. (To hear my
free lecture on that subject, "The Astrology of 2012," click here.) Or
maybe the alien motherships will finally descend from the skies to save us
from ourselves.

I could more easily believe in such a deus ex machina if Pluto was in
Pisces, the sign of saviors. But Pluto will be in Capricorn, the sign of
sweat equity, hard work and keeping your nose to the grindstone. Its
spiritual motto could be, "God helps those who help themselves." If 2012
does mark an evolutionary leap, I believe that the exact nature of that
transformation will be shaped by what mankind has done, individually and
collectively, up until that moment to raise its vibration. At this point in human
history, more so than ever before, the work each of us does to awaken
ourselves can profoundly benefit humanity as a whole.

What else can one person do when faced with such daunting astrological
energies? Let's take some inspiration from Pluto itself. It's a tiny planet
- not even that, if you accept its new "dwarf planet" classification. And
it's nowhere near the heart of the action - so far out in the boonies of
the solar system that the Sun hardly looks brighter than any other star.

Yet Pluto is astrology's most powerful transiting planet. Its diminutive
size demonstrates that small things can be very powerful. It does, after
all, rule plutonium, a tiny amount of which can either power or decimate a
city. In the same way, one person - working with Capricornian discipline
and Plutonian obsessiveness - can make a huge impact during this time. By
doing whatever you are most called to do - however insignificant it might
seem - you will be playing your perfect part in a leaderless web of perfect
synchronicity. (For more on this idea, read Daniel Quinn's empowering book
Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure. And as long as you're
book shopping, pick up Richard Tarnas' Cosmos and Psyche [click here for my
review], which presents compelling evidence of the outer planets' powerful
effect on human history.)

Pluto's entry into Capricorn isn't the only significant astrological news
of 2008, although it is by far the most important. Jupiter will be making
three sextiles to Uranus, on March 28, May 21 and November 13. The periods
around these dates will be times when following your intuitive flashes will
bring you enhanced good fortune. You would also do well to heed any
lightning strikes of sudden illumination regarding religion, foreign
travel, higher education, publishing or politics.

However, the astrological event that I would rank second in importance to
Pluto entering Capricorn is Saturn's opposition to Uranus. It occurs on
November 4, the day of the American presidential elections! It represents
the struggle between Saturn (conservatism, business as usual) and Uranus
(revolution, paradigm shift). This opposition, which will occur five times
between November 4, 2008 and July 26, 2010, will serve to open chinks in
the armor of the powers-that-be, and will pave the way for the
revolutionary shifts (Uranus entering Aries, Uranus square Pluto) that
we've already covered. WAR AS A REMEDY FOR MISMANAGEMENT!

So what can you do to make the best of 2008's Plutonian challenges? The
bottom line is to stay open to change. As I tell my clients who are having
powerful Pluto transits, the more you resist transformation at such times,
the more you suffer. The more you embrace change - even if it's frightening
and you can't see where it's leading - the more empowered you become.

Pluto can be experienced as cruel and greedy people and institutions
conspiring against you, or as a river of divine power that flows through
you." Sez this writer. If that's so and it's helping your chart, it's the ole MONEY TRAIN

" ...And that river is always strongest when you allow your actions to be
guided by your inner wisdom. As with any astrological energy, you can use
it or be used by it. The choice is yours.

Pluto is after all a radical planet and in CAPRICORN ..ruling government
structures, tends to BRING down the structure if that PLUTO goes over
a country's STELLIUM IN CAPRICORN, say adios.

MEXICO is a CAPRICORN country. There is an area of study related
to this, Mundane or World Astrology. It's based I believe on the
birth date of governments. America is 4 JULY ergo MID CANCER.

My Mother left me books on this. I will get them down soon and add to this
article but right now it seems to me that Mexico goes down. SHELL OIL
will step in and buy PETROLEOS or the IMF will. Or the FED will.

PROBABLY anyone with big bucks in his pocket could buy up a lot
of good stuff in MEXICO at that time. I advise Guadalajara area,
San Miguel de Allende area, Yalapa and Puerto Vallarta. Acapulco, Taxco.
CHARMING city after city, beautiful to die for. Artisans galore so a great
cottage industry on every street corner. This is a much prettier country than
ECUADOR Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, (all so very steamy) where so
many expatriates are moving and it has a richer Kulture by far. Now,
as the coyntry is poor as dirt, have a gate, a fence, a security system, a dog
and a gun.And wear a rebozo when you leave the house. Look like the maid.

So, start saving your money to buy your first property. Best place to invest is a
four unit building. A very safe place in America, and a better investment than
a one family home. Flip it, and then you'll have enough to buy a vacation home in