busIf you rightly perceive a civil disaster could occur in the big city one day,  get a VW BUS now, while they're still cheap. If you have thought of gas mileage as a problem and fear that a school bus or RV takes too much gas money to be endurable during  a food-is-scarce depression -- get a NICE VW BUS! If you have that acre of land planted to orchard, with a fireplace and cement foundation, and want time to build the cabin... and it's all ONE GAS TANK away from the city, here you have a great LUMBER CARRYING VEHICLE and drills, hammers, even table saws can fit in the back. Even a GENERATOR! If you know a great camping spot at the lake where there are apple and nut trees, and the city's wall to wall riots, you want a fast getaway on solid wheels and some sleeping bag space. Perhaps you want to get a pick up TRUCK with a SHELL on the back, convertible into a small bedroom at will. Perhaps a TEAR DROP trailer to haul behind you has appeal. Consider your needs. It could be that the cheapest vehicle would be a VW BUS and it would do the job, one bought for a thousand or two dollars with a good, solid, re-built motor. You want sixties or seventies vintage. They can do surprisingly good speeds on a  freeway, go quite fast, have a air cooled motor. These things are big in back. You can carry your tent, camping stove, a few boxes of books, provisions, bedding, sleeping bags, camp lanterns, water supply, children, dogs all on top of a mattress that fits the entire bus 'hold.' Sew up some opaque cotton curtains for the circle of back windows in case you use it at the Sleepy Beagle Camp Ground and you don't want strangers to look in and see the spectacle of  the dog on top of the kids who are parked on top of you. Don't expect all your breaths to steam the windows, cuz they won't and on a cold, moonlit night you might be the only reality tv in that trailer park!

go to the guys who know which year/ vintage/ make was best

This guy is really good. He lists every site he knows of on BUSES.