FINDING RARE BOOKS. Buy for a buck, Sell for Fifty Thousand.

STEP ONE:USE FAMILY OWNED THRIFT STORES where they don't know a first edition from old newspapers
 but just for reading,not selling, use ABEBOOKS dot com. and get to "TITLE CHOOSING BOOK HEAVEN!

by Anita Sands Hernandez

Don't you just love the word 'ABE'? Redolent with our most charismatic president's wise, tender, ancient wrinkled face. Well, ABE can do two things to your life which need doing. Supply you with wise, tender, ancient BOOKS! Abes can make you smart and here's a little extra: Abes can make you rich. Using its easy search engine to find titles that are THE BEST, most informative BOOKS for the conversations you want to be having in life will also supply you with VALUABLE INVESTMENT QUALITY BOOKS!

No more RETAIL bookstores with shiny  25$ titles. At last, you can afford to start READING and owning books, a buck a book & start educating your children. And if you're planning a trip to the U.K. book PARADISE ON EARTH  is something you have to see. Click on that URL for an instant voyage to and view of book heaven!

That trip to LONDON can and will be achieved by you and your sweetie if you just use an hour a week to become a BOOK SPOTTER! That's the next stage above book reader! Spotters will make a few thousand dollars a year extra, all cash, and do it learning to spot valuable books, from the INFO that I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU HERE.

Hit Garage sales, library sales, chum up the seniors in your neighborhood to buy their used books. You will  be spending pennies and earning thousands. This is a dirt cheap way to mine the diamonds that exist all over your town, unknown to anyone. My gal pal's Mom had a signed first edition E.L. Doctorow title that she tossed to me  to pay me for astrology work. I had no idea what it was worth. Looked it up at ABEBOOKS. $350.00 But a few years later it went way down.

ANYHOW, Picture yourself befriending seniors, cleaning their kitchens in exchange for used books. Picture yourself DOING GERIATRIC HELP CHORES, a small, easy list, and then getting permission to look at their shelves, paying them good cash for lst edition signed books. Most yuppie garage sales have old books and the vendor always says, 'oh these are part of my late mom's books, I have hundreds of her junk books." Perk up your ears when you hear that. Give them your phone#, take their phone and addie and tell them, 'how about next Wednesday? I'll bring the donuts and Columbian bean freshly ground." You have to know how to move, how to get agreements. You vow to do X, Y and Z and say "All I need from you is your phone number and a rough estimate of the hour of day you prefer to do this."

I grew up in the 40's and 50's with shelves of first editions of HG Wells, Hemingway, GB Shaw, first edition All Quiet on the Western Front, gone today, Charles Lamb Shakespeare collections, a few Charles Dickens (my grand uncle five times back). And a first edition of metaphysician (Philosophic Society) Manley Palmer Hall titled "ATLANTIS", a show copy, private edition, signed by author, as big as two telephone books laid side by side. Today no other copy of it exists. Not even at the premier reference site, ABEBOOKS.  It's worth thousands. Problem is, I SOLD it for twenty bucks!

Yep! I'm ashamed to tell it. One summer my parents left us teenaged kids with the maid and went to France. (My Dad conducted for Tony Martin who was singing for Onassis on the yacht and at Monaco for Princess Grace and Red Cross.) Pissed at no allowance money, sitting around with no cash and them with Onassis and Grace and Cyd Charisse, I sold that sumptuous book for a twenty dollar bill to a real bookstore owner who made a trip to my house. Today, I am so embarassed, so GUILTY.. That book is today several thousand. I apologized to my Ma who went to Manly Palmer Hall's Philosophical Society on Sundays. She didn't remember owning it. I do! And am appeasing the book Gods with this contribution here, to you gentle folks, to get my SOUL BACK! I know now why all my hardship karma in this lifetime. Plus I'm out the several thousand it is worth today!

BACK THEN, NOBODY knew that books could become worth this huge sum. Little tiny books by Manly Palmer Hall are 900$. What would this have been. I've lived 65 years and never knew about bookspotting, nor did my parents. All the first editions today are worth hundreds but my mother had one, by erotic friend of HENRY MILLER, Anais Nin that was signed!  My daughter Paloma told me about that last week, she said she'd seen it a decade back. Today my MOTHER has no idea where it is! She doesn't even remember how she got Anais to sign it! (I once saw Anais at the Academy showings for members theatre, in W. Hollywood, where Figaro Coffee shop is today, with her boyfriend, looking like a petite Michelle Pfeiffer with an updo. Looked forty was seventy plus. Swan neck, cameo profile. Beige blonde, stately. Her books are a buck each at ABES if you want supreme erotica!)

Sigh. What I'm saying is Valuable thousand and ten thousand dollar books are still available for you to find with seniors in your town who have shelves of books that they inherited from Granny, seniors who don't know what antique first editions are worth.

NEW first editions are equally valuable. The trick is to get a fine author. Ferinstance, a first edition signed minor MODERN novelist like Thomas Berger can be several thousand. Unsigned 900$. Annie Proulx, Ann Tyler, Bill Bryson, Amin Maalouf, all modern classics but few realize that they're gonna be that huge, yet. So, somebody went to a bookstore, stood in line, got it signed? THOUSANDS! John Dunning's 'Bookman' mysteries will 'splain it to you. Get all of them for a buck each at abes, also great mysteries! Promise me you'll do that as it opens up a whole, new world.

So is this about books or money? Books first, Money second. Let's not be greedy. Shall we first discuss reading books, and doing it for the love of LITERATURE. Later, we'll get back to a discussion of money.

THE GREAT NOVELS are more than entertaining. They give you a portal into another age. You can time travel with them. Read "KING OF PARIS" by GUY ENDORE. Life of Alexandre Dumas pere et fils done as a mystery.  A great Historical Mystery but it sits right beside "DAUGHTER OF TIME" by JOSEPHINE TEY. You're entertained by the MYSTERY angle while you get to read up on fascinating historical times. Now, if you want straight HISTORY, Philippe Aries is a great writer about the Ancient worlds. Just do a search on his many books. At ABES. You search nowhere else. It's the best search engine. Use it, and you can give your children a library worth thousands, but which also will give them culture, conversation, elegance, wit, CONTEXT!

And there's this option that you yourself can sell books, by being a BOOK SCOUT. not selling at ABES as they charge l00$ a month to their vendors, but via Craigs list. For free. Or by carrying books into used book shops which dot every city. The Bookman Mysteries by John Dunning tell you how. Also read Basbanes and Leonard Goldman and Lea Wait.

I lived 65 years in a family of readers without knowing any of this could be done. See, reading great books won't tell you anything about the BOOK SCOUT BUSINESS.  I just got quite a dose of TIME TRAVEL and ANCIENT HISTORY and a few personal vices as my reading was tilted toward Erotica. I 'd read PIERRE LOUYS at age 16, OVID and  Maupassant by age l7. Anais Nin soon after.

True, I noticed that they were big, ancient books in my Mom and Dad's shelves, Charles Lamb's works of Shakespeare was there, l9th century books on Buddhism from my Gramps who'd lived in China for four years and brought word of astrology back to my Mom having had his chart read in BeiPing but neither I nor my parents or their friends with books ever knew that one day these books would be sought after and a used book dealer would pay thousands for them!

I never had a clue that BOOKSPOTTING could be lucrative and fun. Like a BIG EASTER egg hunt only with pay offs in the thousands.  A lottery where you actually have a chance because NOBODY KNOWS about this thing. I have used ABES for two years without realizing that the search engine had a "HIGHEST" range. It's not the default butif you PUSH THAT BUTTON the same book I buy for a buck by Isaac Bashevis Singer is 2,000$ when it's a signed first edition.

1).  FIRST off, go look at ABEBOOKS.COM  Leave their front page search engine open, come back to this article, and I'll lead you thru its search magic, its million dollar features. (Literally, it is going to make you a million!)

2). WHEN YOU SEARCH,  Go to ADVANCED SEARCH BUTTON, up at top, choose that. Then you get to chose countries. & rule out  countries. Exclude England, Australia and Germany because postage is too and from those countries.Pick USA. Do this every time you boot it up.

3.) HOW HIGHLY IS AUTHOR ESTEEMED? To see if an author is considered hot, ADVANCED SEARCH lets you see the highest price on his signed first editions. Regular search won't. If he's on WIKIPEDIA somebody thinks he's GOOD. Google up his wiki's.

4.) THEN, ORDER YOUR BOOK. For instance. Let's look at AMIN MAALOUF. Get the spelling right. YardSale Store has a book for 4$. He's a real exotic keeper novelist who knows the middle east. SO I highlight that whole paragraph and I CARRY THE TEXT TO AN EMAIL and do CONTROL V and that paragraph goes into the email. I just paid 8$ for his LEO AFRICANUS in paper! (sigh). So you gotta realize, some authors are so toney they weren't mass pub in paper, and the few editions   of them is damn scarse so it's costly. He's one of those! (Unless, and here's the fun, some vendor puts it up without checking, doesn't know what he's got and lets it go for a buck! It can happen. And it can snow in July, too.)

 The First Century After Beatrice: A Novel by Amin Maalouf (ISBN: 0807613738)
Maalouf, Amin; Blair, Dorothy S.
Bookseller: The Yard Sale Store
(Narrowsburg, NY, U.S.A.)  Price: US$ 4.00

Book Description: George Braziller, Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1995. Book Condition: Good. RELIABLE library withdrawal with a NICE dust jacket in the plastic, protective cover. Stamped at the page edge, the card pocket page has been CUT out by the library. Some scuff to the plastic covers and the page edge. This edition remains USEFUL. Bookseller Inventory # AUERNov13VI17

I will cut paste but also cut that massive text down to INVENTORY NUMBER, title, ISBN and author's name and word PAPERBACK or HARDCOVER just that. and send that back to the vendor, well a string of six books. S&H goes down with six at a time.

5.) NOTE that they tell you it's a library book which means no collector will ever want it. But I like this writer for his writing, so I don't care. His first edition books  that aren't ex-library are worth hundreds if not thousands already and  I'll bet you never even heard of him. Is that interesting or not? OK. I want it. NOW I GOTTA find the YARDSALE STORE and write them. How do I do that?

6.) Go back to that page. Spot the words "BOOKSELLER PAYMENT INFORMATION" at bottom left and click on them. NEW PAGE appears. Now SEE at bottom right it says "BOOKSELLER's HOME PAGE?" Click on that! 90% of the time it has their email on that page. Only big book companies make you enter their own shopping page. I will never do that. Ever. I go straight to their office, to their desk, to a human via my email or I don't go.

7) Take that address, capture it in mouse by highlighting, go back to your email letter with the RED DESCRIPTION (above) stuck in it, and now address the email. IN SUBJECT LINE, always put "DEAR YARDSALE STORE" Because that will help you find it in your browser among hundreds of stored emails. The subject line is a great help!

8). DROP THAT TITLE and DESCRIPTION OF BOOK into the email.  Now, go back to that page, and see at top right it says "SEARCH THIS SELLER's BOOKS? CLICK ON THAT and you go into his own private search engine. Enter title or author or both. It says NO. USE GREEN BACK ARROW, <--to go back one page and ENTER ANOTHER author/title. IF it responds no, always use back arrow before you search again! Otherwise they will search every vendor and you dont want that. You want four titles to give to this vendor.

IMPORTANT BROWSER NOTE: Famed browser named "MOZILLA FIREFOX" saves all form info. NO OTHER BROWSER DOES! Next time you go to a search engine, say a week later, You start to write an "A"  in author space, the BROWSER quickly, instantly comes back and says "AMIN MAALOUF? ALDOUS HUXLEY? ALBERT BROOKS?" It gives you every 'A; writer you ever ever ever put in there! You go to the right line and punch enter. I type fast, I don't do it for that reason. I do it cuz I forget the titlse I want to buy! Take a moment, go to the MOZILLA FIREFOX website and punch DOWNLOAD button. You won't be sorry. I only use this browser for book ordering and CRAIGS LIST and other form-intensive sites. See, who's gonna remember all the fave authors he's searching for? ME? NAHHHHHH! But Mozilla does!

9). Now, finish the email letter off. I say, "Hello! I am a California Senior, can read 4 books a week, will be a lifelong client, my life, not yours, please allow me to use email to order as shopping carts put me off. I lose all form info. Crash out. Depressing too. And I can pay by check or paypal as you wish."

(They make more $ with check cuz paypal takes a %.) I may fill in titles of four to six books. They will really want me for a client then! I TELL THEM I want these four to six books. THEN, I ASK:

1.) HOW much would it be to media mail* them to 91335 and add that sum to book cost, please.
2.) what will I owe total?
3.) What is their paypal name of their EMAIL ADDRESS if that's how they want payment? and
4.) if Check, what is their address?? WHO IS CHECK PAYABLE TO?

Off my email goes. I have made contact with a vendor! Sometimes I tell them in front that I'm going to send free garden seeds, often it's a surprise later, when I get books. Reseda Seedy Seed lady wants some more books --that's a good thing to tell the dealer. That makes sense to them. So I send:

A few hours later or maybe next morning, I get back my answer but with the same subject line "DEAR SHOP NAME HERE STORE" (important and useful as my NETSCAPE VERS 4.7 will allow me to COLLATE by date, SENDER, SUBJECT or SIZE !!  for quick finding conversations from last month in my 4400 stored EMAILS!!! Every day I erase all emails except important ones, still have that many!)

SO I save their reply with SUBJECT reading DEAR YARDSALE STORE" and of course their letter reading: "You will owe us 9.50 with shipping included, paypal it to SHOP NAME HERE STORE & AOL.COM. The specific address that they use for their paypal account. WHEEEE! Four titles for 9.50

10). NOW I go into PAYPAL and fill out the payment form, and I carefully insert text from my mouse for each book: "AMIN MAALOUF, title and price, STEINBECK, title, price, ANNIE PROULX title price. etc. All INSERTED BY ME into the actual payment form. I want exact records! Maybe later, you think only four of the five books came. You may have to go back and find this list, this info. Or they substituted another title or something. Or it got lost in mail, you want your money back. So stuff that info into the form!

PAYPAL leaves your records on their high security site. So you go in, you find a stored  record of all your payments over last few years. HIT HISTORY BUTTON, tell it, "MARCH 06," it finds it! IF YOU PAY BY CHECK, THERE IS NO TRACK for me at least as I have no check stubs, and bank sends bupkes these days!! You might create a notebook to store info on all checks to vendors sent out, to whom, what city, what books, exact titles. My bank no longer sends me cancelled checks so this may have to be done.

MEDIA MAIL is very cheap. Add 60c. if you want tracking. In May 2007, Media mail just went up 25%

11.)  Hit the Streets both Saturday and Sunday for Garage sales. You will find families dumping their books by the box. Carry your eye glasses and carry your own, strong  apple boxes in the car so that you can PICK THROUGH the items and take the ones you want, selecting only the titles that are a.) first edition, b.) old and rare by that I mean twenty yrs to l00 yrs old. c.) great authors.

12.) KEEP HOME SHELVES READY TO RECEIVE.  You will unconsciously TURN AWAY from buying books if house isn't ready for them. You actually will not want to buy more if at home you have books on the floor, or have run out of shelf space. Always be ahead of yourself on empty, ready shelves or you will unconsciously seek NOT to buy books. Always keep books on shelves and have that extra space ready and waiting. This means you have to buy shelves at garage sales. I just passed up four boxes of great books, all of the Grishams, bio of Judy Garland and Lenny Bruce, I'd never seen before. This woman said TAKE ALL FOUR BOXES for a buck! I TURNED THEM DOWN because I was thinking this book stuff has become a vice and why? Because I had books spilling off of shelves, lying all over my bedroom floor and no ready shelf space at home and I knew it. Within hours I knew I'd made a mistake, went back and books were gone.

TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. TAKE BOOKS SERIOUSLY. Take educating your family members seriously. Take leaving them the great books, seriously. You will be leaving the descendants to come, generations of them, the supreme legacy of wit, culture and context. Frequently tell the bunch over turkey or summer barbecue, let it drop that you dump all junk books on friends, neighbors but you have left them the great books and look them in the eye until they get it and shiver.

SO THOSE are the twelve rules for people with brains

Although let me tell you, a brain isn't enough. For sixty five years, I've read books, handled books, often first editions, read them in my parent's den (California low rent word for what in posh homes is called a library,) without realizing that some of those books they owned would TODAY be worth up to $70,000. (complete set of Charles Dickens?) The  signed ANAIS NIN fer gawds sake, I had all those hot radical books in the VIETNAM yrs that ...well IMAGINE this. A book by Peter Dale Scott, on the REAL REASON we were in VIETNAM, sells for 500$ used. He's not a well known writer, just average --today goes for 500$ smackers This is a unique book in that it didn't have to be marked FIRST EDITION, and it is found UNSIGNED. Reason is a big transnational corp didn't "take to" the book. They were part of the VIETNAM WAR STEERING COMMITTEE, just as OIL companies are part of IRAQ and ITT took it off the market. I truly believe that happened to ANTHONY SAMPSON's SEVEN SISTERS where he reveals that US went into NAM for the biggest oil wells on the planet. Which brings me to the recent OJ 'IF I DID IT" BOOK. That will be worth $30,000 each if you had bought one on EBAY that first day before the media closed in on it. But the big money isn't just freaky deaky books. I've been studying the used book market. Find that there are 1902 DICKENS for 70k, a GOETHE for 160k, but of course, first editions. I just found a First Edition by Father Juan Antonio Llorente --his famous expose BUST of the Spanish Inquisition, pub in London in 1820 and translated into ENGLISH for only 37$ at an Aussie dealer. This man Llorente ran the record archive for the Holy Church DURING the Inquisition in the 1700's and wrote up the DETAILS on the sly. i.e. "They Burned Jose, his only crime was being Jewish and refusing baptism, etc,) I'm buying it from the Aussie as I know it's an important book even if I go without pork chops for a few weeks. (Chops are 99c an lb this summer so that's 37 lbs of dinner I'm going without or 7 weeks to pay for it. But hey, you love books you gotta give up SOMETHING!

Studying ABEBOOKS and its pricing info makes me think I am going to go to garage sales more often and talk to seniors on my street tho I won't find any FATHER LLORENTE there!  I'll go to thrift stores and OPEN THE BOOKS and check for hardcover first editions with good jackets. They're there, like MAD! (Dealers buy those and pay for them.) I will hit the library sales, and there are many, listed at BOOKFINDER type SITES. Do a search on BUY USED BOOKS" in quotes, at GOOGLE. LIBRARY SALES.

I will study ABE's search engine to see who's hotter: SALMAN RUSHDIE or CHAIM POTOK or PHILIP ROTH or BERNARD MALAMUD or SAUL BELLOW or HEMINGWAY. These chumps are NOT my favorite authors....but I'll plop down my dollar,  come home and crank up ABES and see what it goes for. If you had a portable PC you could do it right in the BOOK SHOP but what a sight that would be!!! (You crouched at shelves clicking away on a laptop like a CIA spy! Anyway, you won't need to check references. An hour of reading up on books here with me and clicking around on Abe's search engine & you will be loaded for bear!

There are four authors who teach this artform in their novels or non-fiction books and they are very cheap little books! John Dunning, Nicholas Basbanes, Lea Wait  and Lawrence Goldstone. Their books, used are 1$ and it's worth studying this art for it could represent some PIRATE SHIP BOOTY-SCOUTING FUN and a TREASURE CHEST full of  moonlighting money.

I've been telling my daughter Paloma about this. She lives in the epicenter of book sales, the BRONX district called Riverdale, where Ralph Lauren was born and raised, 10 minutes north of Manhattan on the subway. Seniors cannot give estate sales, garage sales or tag sales as they live in apartments! So boy do they have the books stashed high! And JUDAICA brings a very high price. Malamud, Singer, Bellow and Aleichem!

I feel that penetration into their homes with girlish charm is the way. This is a century old Jewish neighborhood. My daughter's father is Jewish and from the Bronx originally and I'm half Jewish (Spaniard husband, so I have a right to call these bozos, Los Hijos De Cortez)  Paloma grilling Jews in the Bronx would be informational on an historical level, too. To hear their STORIES and all. She could get a FABULOUS NEW YORKER article out of this entire GAMBIT were she so inclined. She isn't!

My own grandparents recognized Hitler was trouble when he burned the books, including 13 titles my Grampa wrote on Jewish Music (David's Harp, Music of the Diaspora,) and they skedaddled out of Germany in 33 to live in PROVENCE, in CASSIS til 45. Like most SENIORS, they never even told me their holocaust stories. So I have been E-MAIL-NAGGING my kid  to make pals with all the reaaallllllly old Jews and offer to take them cookies and freshly ground coffee or good Chinese jasmine Tea and go by their flats and inspect their shelves and give them CASH for their used books. And boy does my kid make money! Google BABY PHOTOGRAPHY BY PALOMA as her website has so much FLASH my 20 yr old PC can't visit it so I cannot recall its name.. I confess I also demanded that she go to the Antiquarian Book Fair in Manhattan every APRIL not with her finds cuz one probably can't enter the joint with books, but ....she could bring her descriptions or bring digitals or collect biz cards of vendors, send a list later...This entire biz is done with the allmighty description with details on important features, like DUST JACKETS.(DJ's)  See below.


Bookseller: Kenneth Mallory, Bookseller
(Decatur, GA, U.S.A.)   Price: US$ 500.00
 Shipping within U.S.A.:
US$ 4.00
Book Description: Bobbs Merrill(1972)., Indianapolis, 1972. Probable first edition,
not actually stated. The book reveals the hidden history of United States
involvement in Southeast Asia over the 50s and 60s. Peter Scoot succeeds in
achieving the new insight into the American war in Indochina with his meticulous
and fascinating analysis of intelligence conspiracies and the links between the
intelligence communioty and corporate power. This is a fine
hardback in a near fine jacket that shows just a bit of wear, making this an
extremely nice copy of what is a truly uncommon book as it was successfully
suppressed upon publication by then ITT owned Bobbs Meriil. Bookseller Inventory
# 1677

-=-=-=-=-=NOW HERE IS THE BIG ONE!--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 The Complete Works of Charles DICKENS
Bookseller: Bauman Rare Books
(Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.)  Price: US$ 70,000.00
 Shipping within U.S.A.:
US$ 3.50

Book Description: 1902, 1902. DICKENS, Charles. Works. New York: R.G. Newbegin, 1902. Sixty volumes. Octavo, contemporary full red levant morocco gilt with morocco floral onlays on spines, raised bands, boards beautifully gilt-tooled with central large gilt arabesque of gilt flowers and morocco onlays, green levant morocco doublures with gilt red morocco floral onlays, green watered silk endpapers, all edges gilt. $70,000. A truly magnificent set, one of only 15 produced, of the "Definitive Edition" of Dickens' works, splendidly illustrated with numerous engravings mounted on India paper (85 hand-colored). This set uniquely extra-illustrated with over 200 original watercolors by "Kyd" and H.C. Green, and with an autograph note signed by Dickens to his publisher, Frederic Chapman, discussing the sale of pirated editions of his works. The autograph note to publisher Frederic Chapman, Gads Hill Place, 22 August 1869, is tipped in to Vol. I and reads: "Twenty Second August, 1869. Dear F.C., I have cautioned Charley against Mr. Austin. I think it highly probable that Mr. Austin uses his name upon the smallest author possible. I hope Mr. Worthington's statement proves correct, but I shall not be surprised to find that a very large part of his sale is of piratical editions. Faithfully yours Charles Dickens." Charley was Dickens' eldest son, and had taken over editorship of his father's monthly journal, All The Year Round; at the same time, Dickens himself was waging battle against the publication and sale of pirated editions of his works, as well as unauthorized adaptations for the stage. By the turn of the century, the popular taste in Dickens illustrations had moved toward the creations of watercolorist Joseph Clayton Clarke ("Kyd"). Clarke's engaging Dickens characters appeared on cigarette cards, postcards and fore-edge paintings-full of humor and personality, expertly representing the expression and "way of life" of given characters. This exquisite collection of original watercolor drawings by Clarke and others depicts most of the major characters. A series of chromolithographs were made from Clarke's drawings, some of which appeared in The Characters of Charles Dickens Pourtrayed in a Series of Original Water Colour Sketches by "Kyd" (London, Paris and New York: Raphael Tuck and Sons, circa 1889). A splendid production in fine condition. Bookseller Inventory # 30112


You can do this biz (though not on THAT level!) with SMALL MONEY at GARAGE SALES. Yesterday I went to one, found a dollar SCORE! A 1970 hard cover book with PERFECT DJ (dust jacket) by HELEN & SCOTT NEARING worth 14$ (checked at ABES,) though if had been signed, worth hundreds. Title: " LIVING the GOOD LIFE."  (How they retired to a farm and made it pay.) This book is a rare sensation among vegans and gentleman farmers. The garage sale Gal invited me to her house to see all of her mother's old stacks cuz I loved books so much. I had brought a business card with my telephone, which says "ANITA SANDS, INTERNET ASTROLOGY! That card does not mention that I have undue interest in RARE BOOKS, nor should yours.

You can go to estate sales, (though the RESALE professionals who give THESE sales have book dealer come FIRST, so they're not as good. You can go to LIBRARY BOOK SALES, listed at some sort of BOOKSALEFINDER SITE,  LIBRARY sales and THRIFT SHOPS. The GOODWILL THRIFT SHOP that I visited wanted a buck a book but what an awful selection! Tom Clancey and Danielle Steele and Judith Krantz. Myself, I LOVE Ms. Krantz consider her a fab Jewish writer, Mistral's Daughter her best...but she's considered declasse and outcrowd by dealers and she was so HOT in 1972 that there were too many copies out there in the land. ANYWAY, nasty GOODWILL, there books cost 4$ a paperback. While the enormous, UNIVERSAL THRIFT STORE IN RESEDA CA has 1/2 price sales last weekend of every month and their paperbacks are 50c so now ONE SLIM 25C QUARTER. LOVE THAT JOINT!

*The Nearby Salvation Army had books starting at 45c and up to a buck each (Note, this was written a decade ago, now, late 2011, GOOD WILL has paperbacks at $3.99 each and it's non negotiable. No car to get to the Salvation Army, so I don't know about them.) But then I found some  first editions hardbacks of modern writers and I ended up buying a few. Not the Heinlein lst edition hardcover. I left it there. Just didn't have the money.

From long experience I know that Garage sales can be better, sometimes a quarter or three books for a dollar. They are your really best PRICE bet, but you cannot control the title. It's random pickings. And hey, I had specific authors I wanted, Daniel Silva, Stephen Hunter, GB SHAW, SUE GRAFTON, Robert Crais, Lee Child, Saul Bellow, Robert Anton Wilson, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Arthur Miller. 11 book History of everything by Will Durant, (I got 9 so far,). Harold Bloom, George Gissing,  the BOOKMAN mysteries by JOHN DUNNING which explain this whole book world to you in a HIGH-OCTANE way! His detective is an ex Denver cop and (as is the author,) a book dealer with a huge shop.

I began using ABE BOOKS website, initially uncertain if  I could make money buying books for 2$ each .. but now I note that many are first editions of recent authors. JOHN DUNNING tells you in "BOOKED TO DIE" how a man buying good writers over twenty years created a collection worth millions but ABE DEALERS don't let those go for under a few thousand. You have to hit the garage sales or talk to seniors in the park to get the RARE books. Read that Dunning title. (The Character who bought this collection, one a month for twenty years named Mr.BALLARD and they get really valuable if you go to book signings.) Then, when your kids are ready for college, those lst editions that are in the 2$ range may make their tuition payments! I imagine a future day where a Raymond Chandler PAPERBACK could be worth Fifty bucks, a Hard cover with Dust Jacket a few thousand.

THE OTHER AUTHOR to READ:  GOOGLE "LEA WAIT" her Shadow books series, all a dollar, are about a book and print dealer. Easy way to learn about prints.


*SOME GENIUS WEB DESIGNER created the ABES  search engine which takes THIRTEEN THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED  separate vendor huts from that immense Brazilian jungle of bookshop chaos and organizes them! Each vendor out of 13,500 himself has thirty thousand titles but is this a mess? NO! ABE BOOKS sorts it out with the ALLTIME GREAT BOOK ARCHIVE/ SEARCH ENGINE. (if...everytime you hit an EMPTY,  you back-track.) Go do it. Now. Remember to use A MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER for all this, as it retains your fave authors' names so U don't have to type it out all the time and remember to use the

*Now,-- while I APPLAUD ABE's FABULOUS SEARCH ENGINE, I just won't pay for it. I dodge their SHOPPING CART tea ceremony and go behind stage and write the vendor. Hey, if they don't want me to do that, stop supplying me with each vendor's EMAIL and website! Be like ALIBRIS which won't!

*TO KEEP TRACK OF BOOKS I WANT,  in a little notebook by my desk I glued tabs:TITLES, AUTHORS, What I ALREADY ordered, what I paid for already, (though paypal keeps a record and in each letter when I send money, I list titles and prices!) BOOKS, VENDORS, ORDERS, WHO HAS SAME TITLE CHEAPER and whether first edition or hardcover. On each tabbed page, I chronicle in columns:

a.) BOOK VENDORS who take Paypal. their EMAIL, their store's name, their personal NAMES. As I send them free garden seeds, do they garden? Jot that down. ABE BOOKS will show you who does take paypal and on another page, I list:

b.) TITLES I AM LOOKING FOR or authors. HAVE been searching for like  Arthur Miller's bio, TIME BENDS for a long long time, finally I found a two pound hardback for a buck!. SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE by Stromgberg. Great metaphysics, but more entertaining the work of COLIN WILSON. TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA, two dazzling minds. Wow. I KEEP authors' names on a page in this book.

C.) NOTES on WHO GOT HOW MUCH MONEY. Ten books can be l0$ even with shipping. PAYPAL stores the whole bill, and I always do a CUT PASTE job putting the ten titles in the PAYPAL "SHE PAID " letter. You have your own HISTORY at PAYPAL. Summon it up any time to review stuff delayed in the mail. "l0$ on Oct 3rd to BOOKNOOK." That kind of thing.

D.) MAKE A COPY- I BCC my own addie at top, in ALL my outgoing emails to the vendors. EMAIL comes back to me in 2 seconds, I have permanent record of who has what book at what price! Dated! Only the EMAIL of NETSCAPE VERSION 4.7 (downloadable free online,) yields this kind of STORAGE CAPACITY and VISIBILITY and collating features.

E.) USE THE DRAFT SECTION! While I'm searching stacks, I keep an email to the vendor, keep adding titles, by punching the  "SAVE AS DRAFT " option. Only netscape allows me to do this. I use NETSCAPE version 4.7. Download it now, it's free, easy.

I USE MOZILLA FIREFOX for websurfing, NEVER Netscape. It crashes with JAVA, jams up. Reboots in a sec but annoying.  NETSCAPE is unparalleled for the build in email section & you'll need it for letters to the bookstores. Now here's a tip: you keep two browsers open. I CAN DO all the INTERNET surfing fast as LUCKILY my ALSO free, downloadable browser, MOZILLA FIREFOX LATEST VERSION retains anything you put into a website-form, like TITLES, authors names, I just do I and it knows I'm talking about Isaac Bashevis Singer, though it gives me a few other 'I' authors, Isabel Allende, etc.. (Google-search 'free browser' + mozilla + download" LOVE mozilla as it saves form info and springs it up at ya!

SHOW you what a dif a good browser makes. When I put ads at CRAIGS LIST, I am going to put that ad in with ONE of  my l00 different email addies  that I require for multiple craigs list ads for my four  FREE SEMINAR - websites. No sooner than I type 'S' does it shoot back at me, STARPOWER? STARLADY? STARGAZEUR? Sandstorm? And I slide down and pick the one I want. Believe me, you want a STORED HISTORY and stored FORM capacity in a browser. Mozilla FIREFOX is only one I've found that has this feature!

When I go to put author's name in SEARCH ENGINE and type that first letter, it responds. If I type 'B' it says BERNARD SHAW? BERNARD LEWIN?  BELLOW? Basbanes? I slide to my choice --as all the B's I ever put into that box are still remembered by MOZILLA!!!  I slide down to one I want as I'm continuously searching for that author's work. TROYAT on TOLSTOY was one I looked for.  Maybe ten vendors have it at 5$ to l0$, I continue to search cuz some NEW GUY might come online with Troyat for a buck! THIS JUST IN, BOUGHT IT FOR A DOLLAR! Loved it. Now reading Troyat's CATHARINE II of RUSSIA! Gonna get Chekov soon.

Now, ABE BOOKS gives you twenty book vendors who have your title or maybe l00, the CHEAPEST COME FIRST, but say you're looking for first editions? Ask SEARCH ENGINE to find the most expensive. You will see a 1902 CHARLES DICKENS for 70 thousand dollars. Bauman is a high prestige dealer. He probably paid ten thousand for it or twenty. As you inspect each offering, you see who takes PAYPAL! That's also a factor! OPEN your account now at this wonderful NET BANK.  Then when you get paid for your merchandise, keep the cash there. Ready to spend on books!

To see if he takes paypal, check the area that says "BOOK VENDORS PAYMENT PLAN." After you read that, and you score a YES on PAYPAL, then hit 'vendor's website" and you will see his email addie. Get that email letter started now in your browser, "Dear JOE at book nook, I note you have TROYAT's TOLSTOY do you also have....? and leave it blank while you do search.

You then enter his stacks, see if he has any of your many lists of authors.  Throw each one into your email.
I see you have SUE GRAFTON's "S is FOR SILENCE. " Give me that at 2$ (It's her newest, the other letters A thru R cost a buck.) Read her, she's fab! She reads and admires Ross Macdonald and Len Deighton so now I'm searching for their work.

So while you're ON THE ABE SITE, going thru many vendors' stacks,  identify WHO TAKES PAYPAL of all these vendors. For me, that is important as I don't use check stubs and would forget any check sent out now that BANK SENDS NO CANCELLED CHECKS BACK to one. List them in your own notebook  in neat columns. With their email.

You may go thru a dozen vendors at abe, look look look and never find a paypal user and then the thirteenth will take it. THAT IS WHY you keep a notebook to track your CULLS. You won't go thru this if you have a credit card and use it online. I don't. I only have debit card and it doesn't work online.

If a vendor has no paypal but does have books cheap or many titles  you adore, maybe a check would do. I'd be wary of using a Credit card unless you're a great record keeper! You might also promptly  WRITE HIM. Have a saved piece of text "Sir, do you take PAYPAL? etc. I'm a senior who could read five books  a week, but I am not about to use a credit card online. Check OK?"

I never use credit card online. Well, once at Walmart, a juicer on sale, hamilton bch carrot juicer, l9$ couldn't resist, and it worked out tho I've never once used that machine!  You use cards on line? Let me know your experiences.

BOOK TALK: My Fave mystery writer for a long while was SUE GRAFTON (A is for alibi, b is for burglar got thru entire alphabet, only one I haven't read is S is for Silence. She swears Ross Macdonald was her guru. So I gotta read them, right? cuz she's sooooo bloody good. ALSO very GOOD taut writing comes from Michael Connelly. Then, of course the Parker mysteries. The Bernie Rhodenbar BURGULAR series by LAWRENCE BLOCK. He's very good. Fletch was good in the old days, but the image of Chevvie Chase being Fletch kind of ruined it for me. And it's so 70's. Now I read LEE CHILD and ROBERT CRAIS!

Why I read like crazy is

a.) I am an insomniac, need at least an hour of book time to want to close my eyes,
b.) Basic cable television sucks. THE GOOD WIFE is about it.
c.) I am writing a mystery! "DEAD GIVEAWAY" it's called. Ask me to send you 4 chapters!

So after reading Grafton A to R, I went and got BLUE CITY by Ross Macdonald. Found BLUE CITY at Abebooks, probably Ross Macdonald's first book, right after WWII. Gritty realism cinema noir with a touch of Italian post war GRIMY CORRUPT "OPEN CITY" feel to it . There are some signs of the all round writer in him, for a moment there he was good but looking at a later photo on this reprint of a 1945 novela, I can see the genre combined with booze swallowed him up. But I haven't read his next ten books so will reserve judgement and see if he sobered up, or if like my ex BF, Ross wrote better dry mouthed, craving sunset so he could open the gin. As a ghost, my ex still wants to neck with me the second I go to sleep, there's probably a short story in that!
But as I can't go back to sleep at that point, I'm too stuporous to write it!

I am going to try another author SUE GRAFTON likes  She also esteems LEN DEIGHTON, a Brit. Had a few sent me, haven't read them yet. SHE IS THE BEST though. I trust ole SUE.

Funny how forty yrs later, great titles are recalled. I loved BITTER FRUIT by KINZER. Gave it to one of the great CIA whistleblowers as a gift. Ralph Mc Gehee. I want all of  NY TIMES STEPHEN KINZER . His latest are so fab. It's all about GUATEMALA and the DULLES brother, So I started looking for it and of course I wanted the DULLES BIO, a  book that I once owned, MOSLEY's THE ALAN DULLES/ JOHN FOSTER DULLES bio. (Just got it for a buck! a huge hard cover).

My dialogues with vendors.must drive them nuts. Reminds me of 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD, by HELENE HANFF, another author I want to get my hands on. They adapted 84 into a super movie with Bancroft and Hopkins. RENT IT! I'm chiding vendors as she did, saying to them: " YOUR SEARCH ENGINE IS coming up DRY!!!!! Get more books. I put twenty titles or authors in, none was there. Not getting  any book hits on your search engine. Hit those garage sales." or "I browse your stacks for a buck book like other vendors, yours are all $2.49 minimum. What's that about?" I chide.  OR, "If you lower prices. RED HAT DAYS 1$ by COOPER would be a second book. maybe a third UNSTUCK 1$, what would it cost to ship three? or two? MEDIA MAIL to 91335 ALWAYS tell them the zip so they can calculate cost of MEDIA MAIL!

Listening to me rattle on about buck books, my  very fave bookstore owner, Donald Quick of ARBOR Books realized I didn't know anything about the hidden world of profiteering in books. Because I was talking about how I adored 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD, he knew that I had it in me to learn more, so he said "read about buying first editions (the kind that go for 70 thousand each.) To learn, read Nick BASBANES,  LAWRENCE GOLDSTONE,  JOHN DUNNING". So I do and instantly I understand that all 13,000 of these book guys are out on a TREASURE HUNT. There's a whole PIRATE world out there. One you can leap into on Saturdays. You can find old people in your neighborhood, real seniors, and say 'hey could I bring cookies over, look at your bookshelves, maybe  buy some books." You bring your glasses and a pillow and a few grocery bags. Serve up the coffee and cookies and talk about anything but books. THEN put on your specs and sit down. First go thru the shelves looking for the IMMORTALS: Next, go through these and pick HOT STUFF. What you want is first editions, moroccan leather covers, gilt edges, inscriptions by the author, boxed sets, that kind of thing.  Even a recent author like ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER can be 2000$ if it's signed first edition.

    The Spinoza of Market Street.
Singer, Isaac Bashevis.
Bookseller: JMc @ GHb
(New York, NY, U.S.A.)  Price: US$ 2000.00

Book Description: New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1961. First edition. 8vo.; black top stain; rose boards backed in green cloth; stamped in gilt, blind and black; illustrated dust-jacket; slightly darkened. Inscribed on first free endpaper: "To Anna Lehrer/with friendship/Isaac B. Singer. Bookseller Inventory # 904

There are Isaac SINGERS with graphics or lithos for twice that price. Now do you see why people go to book signings and pay 26$ for a hardcover? They're betting on a HORSE, chum!! So babe, it's time to play with the ABES WEBSITE search engine, (they have two. One is regular, on the front page, second is ADVANCED mode you must click on it,) always throwing it the instruction "FIND MOST COSTLY VERSION OF THIS BOOK" Cuz that's how you learn! SEARCH ENGINE actually  DEFAULTS to cheapest, but you have to hand insert "MOST COSTLY." Just to learn what's valued. Then, hit the geriatrics in your area. Befriend them at super markets. Give them your card. Get a card printed for your typing or cooking biz, your massage biz or just as "Anita, the BIG READER" with image of a pair of eyeglasses. "STUDENT IN TRAINING" etc. Whatever, and hand it to them, say 'call me, I'll bring fresh ground coffee and cookies."

CLICK AND TPEYE CLEARLY  - Sometimes AUTHORS I SOUGHT: Isaac Bashevis Singer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Saul Bellow, Ross Maconald. Dashiell Hammett and about a hundred others showed EMPTY. not one appeared. See what happened is, I did not spell name right. ABES books will fix it if it can, but not always can it do so.

So one day I see a vendor with that very book on DULLES Brothers which I want which everyone else has for 4-10$ and this vendor only wants 1$. I felt I'd better not alert him by picking one book. I've had vendors fade, then turn price to 25 times higher than it was, also evading my emails. So I searched his stacks, found several titles I wanted, told him I would order a few books a month The vendor said:

"We have reserved Mosley's Dulles for you. But please note that this book is a hardback and we are clearing out all of our hardbacks within the next few days. If you want this book we must receive payment for it by 10/7 or it will be transferred with all of the other hardbacks.

That is a very sane, OK vendor 'move' or 'gambit' saying 'send me the money before you totally forget,' a plea of sorts and knowing this poor vendor had a long history of sniffing buyers moving off, nose to the ground. I honored the gambit. Wrote him back instantly, saying Cash coming. BIG OLE HARD COVER for a buck?  I Sent the PAYPAL MONEY that minute, and got the books a few days later.

I also HONOR ABE BOOKS. I just can't figure out how to shop with their shopping pages, so I go to the vendors and shop there. No middle man. When I get to heaven, will St Peter get irritated? Say, Sands, YOU OWE ABE BOOKS BIGTIME KASH KARMA!! Hehehe. I don't think so, Boss. I wrote this article for their many vendors didn't I? See, those vendors have to pay 100$ a month to abes. With me touting the whole structure below, I think some of it filters up to the structure above.

GO NOW to ABEBOOKS.COM and do a search on top writers you like!

GAL PAL JUST WROTE ME: "Excited by your idea, sure need the MONEY. There is this local org here called THE BOOK THING where people drop off old books or come and pick some up. They have like hundreds of books ... I think I will pay them a visit tommorrow and see what I can find. "

I answered: "GOOD IDEA, but if it's a once a year sale, like libraries have, you gotta go before it opens as the dealers are already there, trust me on that. As a rule, always buy writers whom the critics love. Means you have to read old TIME MAG book sections from the fifties. Get "first editions" and get 'em with a dust jacket (D.J. they are called.) You can also make money with what is called "first printing" especially if the writer is esteemed. Like PYNCHON. Hey, I  never read this guy Thomas Pynchon, but GRAVITY's RAINBOW is worth thousands even unsigned. Some old book nobody ever heard of! A first edition of it can be thousands. Then, Confederacy of Dunces, never heard of it, author shot himself before it got submitted by his grieving mom. A first edition of it is worth thousands. So you gotta pick up old mags, read the literary section books section reviews...this ain't gonna hurt your lovelife, either cuz you are going to get SOOOOOOOO smart and sweeties are gonna swoon when you discuss Kafka. Every library has a book sale. HIT IT! And you continue to just research who's hot, who's not --like that Aquarius, Norman MAILER, early Mailer? THOUSANDS. hehehe I can see you so rich!" Well, LIQUID if not rich! Well, dwelling in halls of shelves to the ceiling!

    *   STEP 1: Know exactly what you're looking for before you begin your search. Having the complete title, author's name, edition number and publication year will help you locate the book.
    * STEP 2: Look in Books in Print to see if the book is still being published.
    * STEP 3: Lurk at garage sales, antique stores, estate sales and bookstore sales, and scan book dealer catalogs.
    * STEP 4: Check out eBay's and Amazon's auctions as well as some of the larger used book sites. Some Web sites have a search option that checks many small stores across the world.
    * STEP 5: Decide what condition is acceptable for your collection. If you're a collector, you'll generally want first editions and well-cared-for volumes.
    * STEP 6: Look for books printed on early presses or with wooden type. Woodblock pictures indicate a good investment, as do hand-colored illustrations and first editions that have been signed by the author.
    * STEP 7: Focus on books concerning art, diaries and atlases if you're looking for items that will appreciate in value. Bibles and other religious books generally do not.

Tips & Warnings

    * Compare prices at several places. The same book may sell for substantially less at a place that has more than one copy on the shelf. Bring a laptop with you, connect to ABE BOOKS and see what they ask for hardcover in that precise condition, that year, signed, not signed. Then go back in the store if it's a good one.
    * Remember that the book's condition, binding type and edition number and the presence of an autograph will affect its price. The book's age usually matters, but not in all cases.
    * Make sure that any seller you deal with will guarantee the quality of the book before you buy it.
     *Old books may smell. Use the stink hospital method of Donald Quick of Arbor Scout books: Slight old book smell....1st bag it and freeze the book. Let defrost before removing from bag. Now put scented dryer sheet
and book back in bag, one day and remove. Next, put in in a box with baking soda and kitty litter until it sells..... Always maintain this stink box.... I always have a few books in my stink hosptital...

This BOOK STORE OWNER (ARBOR SCOUT BOOKS) has been a good friend. Donald told me, 'my town  is a biblio gold mine with it's proximity to 6 colleges and a university. "Friends of the library" sell donated books...I just spent $130.00 at the library today. BOOK SALES SITE was a good way of planning an itinerary for a saturday.... also fill out a "want" form on e-bay and every time that title comes up for sale you can bid and get lucky if no one is watching that day....I always bid on "MY 60 Memorable Games" By Bobby Fischer ." That is a good tip about EBAY.

I wrote him back:  I can see it now,  you or I discover a treasure, sell some unique find to a madhatten  bookshop, make 35k in one fell swoop. Your kids are older  you take off thru europe, digging thru stacks and packing books as pck #1, pckg#2 and air freighting or posting them to your home town.

You hire a team of kids offa campus, in each European city to stack-search with you and hit areas where UK vendors don't go. Bruge, Belge, where English books are ....but nobody knows it. You do craigslist ads to warm the waters in each city.  Do a documentary on it as you go.   VIDEO with good set up to blow up to film for theatrical distrib and for cable channel

       A bookscout Hunting Saga
       Watch Out Europe, BOOK SCOUTS are COMIN!

       My pal got involved w. sales to cable tv. He was my boss/typing client, the late Harry Jakobs. I saw contracts with MTV. Payments were in the high six figures. Imagine the documentary's  SCRIPT. Book store owner doing library sales. Something inspires him to go to Brussels or some english speaking place abroad, where old books exist by the trove! READ my piece on MAKING SALEABLE VIDEOS!
       THEN when you sell your documentary,
       you do a half hour cable tv show
       called adventures of a bookscout.
       That gives you a FREE TELEVISION STUDIO to make pilot and 28 shows.
       THEN, that sale to CABLE is seven figures.

My bookman Donald answered: "All the glory you could need in the book world lies in the 10 mile radius around Reseda, where you live. The worlds' greatest authors stop in for signings. The best retail book stores in the world would also have the greatest secondary market...I got a californian book scout on ebay that is great for scarce and unusual books, he sells 50 single books at a time...I'll dig up his name for you to give you an idea of the gold coast's potential...Look for a 1st edition of BOOKED TO DIE...$300+...Thrift stores in proximity to SoCAL colleges...The thing with thrift stores, is to go to the same one(4) often....

So I went to the GOODWILL at the corner, found two valuable books, A first edition Alastair Maclean "GOODBYE CALIFORNIA" and a lst edition Ross Macdonald, "Archer in Jeopardy" both with great
DJ's. Made myself l00$ first half hour out on the streets. There was a first edition Robert HEINLEIN hardcover for $1.99 but I ran out of money as I only had two bucks with me. Oh well. How you do this is, get addies of a dozen rare dealers. Far away, Thousands of miles away. Do a Query letter,email or stamp, all book details. they place an order with you, and you mail out books. They pay after they see them. PRESTIGIOUS BOOK DEALERS do NOT CHEAT.


Fascinating writings on BOOK SCOUTS !!!! Google that term. with the + and words 'rare books'.  I did and found two dozen FAB ARTICLES! I am only going to give you only three. The top 3, the others may even be richer, better. There are SO MANY MORE, so fascinating

"Don't look for a specific title - If you go searching for a particular title, you will wind up spending too much. Rather focus on a genre. This will allow you to find hidden treasures in thrift stores and used book stores. BTW, collectors' TIP. GoodWill charges 4$ one single paperback. My family thrift Armenian guy owns it, 29C up to 49c. And last weekend of month everything in store half price. UNIVERSAL THRIFT, RESEDA CA.

 Collect what interests you. What good are books you wouldn't read. FIND GOODIES YOU READ ALREADY? GET THEM FOR ANOTHER PERSON! If it's a GOODY. I buy every DRAGON TATTOO, every LAWRENCE BLOCK, Frederic FORSYTH, every VINCE FLYNN,  but then I have KIDS WHO READ.

And last tip, Take pencil, paper, WRITE DOWN titles, Dust Jacket GOOD OR BAD, Publisher, Yr, if lst edition, go home, crank up abes website and check. I just did that --Two of the dozen books I saw were worth something. Now if you have  a wireless I PHONE or laptop or Blackberry which picks up wind currents, do that research in the store!

I have a trasher pal with a blackberry with these 'remote' capabilities. She can drive around the city of Los Angeles, reading Craigs "freebie" ads, picking up 'COME PICK 'EM UP PC's' from Craigs list. She picks up used printers, networking devices, peripherals, FREE. Send your nephew or son to trade school, one semester for PC tech; this is a great biz for a kid. He has a garage with a dozen tables, chairs, pc's, and he teaches kids after school, l0$ an hr per kid, sells them used outfits for 100$.

I buy all my PC's used and refurbished, used to be 90's or millenium  DELL's but I've since learned that refurbished from NEW EGG .COM a simple box with WIN 7 is about 89$ now in 2017. Win 10 is 134$. I have monitor, keyboard and mouse. When I got the first one, I had three friends who functioned as teachers. Each spent a half hour with me, in trade for their dinner menu of choice, home cooked dinner of red wine. Roast Beef, cherry pie or chocolate cake ( the usual request.) Those half hours of an expert showing me stuff (webhosts, as opposed to servers, htm, search file, save file,txt files "USE OF" and HOW TO back up... and do spelling checks..) These freebie gurus taught me everything I know about email, bookmarks, website design, FTP-ing one's writings to the NET to one's WEB HOST and all the tech that I wrote up and put at my WEBTECH FOR DUMMIES webpage. NEWBIES. Not dummies. I feel that a teen could do this easily, make a few grand a month. All the Silicone Valley billionaires started early. Marc Andreesen, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, the Woz. Read their bios.

BACK TO BOOKS.  I noticed a comment from a longtime bookseller on one of the sites: " I am constantly amazed by how many buyers out there buy from sellers without checking feedback. I'll look at a book auction and find that someone with 10 or 12 negative feedbacks a month and low feedback is still getting bids! Would you continue to patronize a regular brick and mortar store which sold shoddy goods, had misleading ads and poor customer service? If not, don't buy from that type of seller online. Feedback can tell you a lot. Read the comments. Then decide whether to buy from that seller."

It appears that vendors are only as good as their reputations but you as a beginning bookman will only be as strong as your shelves, so learn how to  BUILD THOSE  floor to ceiling wood SHELVES

*   *     *     *     *      *   *     *   *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     *     *     *

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