UNCOMFORTABLE, UNHAPPY, SUPPRESSED PEOPLE ATTRACT BAD LUCK. MOTHER NATURE HIT PADANG, INDONESIA  with a 7.6 quake that killed over a thousand people. Time for these natives to stop wearing those vanity collars.  THE QUAKE also tumbled a very modern beach city. PADANG CITY.


INDONESIA has had a lot of stress, first the Xmas 2004 TSUNAMI, Now this. YOGI BHAJAN used to advise not even piercing the lady's ears! The body must have its aura around it, untrammeled. Unfettered. Nothing shaking out there, at all. And no interruptions to the flow of nerves over body. No choking it with poly blends, either.

The sea beneath Indonesia is already ringed in horrific necklaces of volcanic fissures, faults and cracks, smoking volcanoes. Time for that film of BIO-LIFE living on top of those cracks to get very strong and clear. Earthquakes come from the insanity of people. I remember the World Series game between the very competitive two cities, San Francisco and Oakland. The game was about ready to start. The players were out on field, when CRAAACK! The big Frisco quake, knocking down Golden Gate bridge that separated the two cities

And today, INDONESIA gets another big one. SEE L.A. TIMES reportage

Not only do these people have INDONESIAN rulers on top of them, the worst since BURMA -- they have the burden of these horrific native costumes. They do not want to be peasants, so heavy headresses, torturing necklace rings. ARE THEY CRAZY? No more than we with our CREDIT CARDS, HEAVY PENALTY INTEREST RATES. That's a collar of gold, too.

Don't carry around clunky stuff, necklaces, earrings, things that shake and interrupt your aura. It's time to get a clean, mean machine. To fix the nervous system.