I get around, being an Internet stargazer witch on a fast cyber broomstick. Without pulling my suspenders unduly, I am personally acquainted with the potential BILL GATES of Immune enhancing tablets. In a way, I know TWO competing Bill Gates of Immune system enhancing products.

The one tycoon in the making,  is a charming man who was in the Army and while stationed in the Philippines,  met a rural doctor who healed an incurable disease with a magical kind of German immune enhancing product that contained the amino acids that were precursors of gluthathione, the body's own antibody defense against viruses that you couldn't nick with antibiotics. The tablet or serum could be used to beat incurable diseases, hepatitis, malaria, and the common cold.

My friend returned stateside, was a successful contractor, then, one day, he needed a business for his later years, after he retired from being an engineer/ contractor. He remembered how that simple amino product worked. It triggered gluthathione production in the body. So he began to get the German company that supplied the rural doctor to manufacture a few cases a month for him to distribute in USA and his product was called Immune Max.

The other tycoon whom I don't know personally, is a billionaire, has Immune-o-cal, a huge huge pyramid of vendors all over the internet. Each vendor makes a thousand a month and more from people he signs up. My pal with Immune-max has a single website. My friend sells a little, barely enough to keep himself in the style to which he became accustomed as a contractor.

So I am nothing if not pesky. I wrote my chum an email saying, "go see this other Immune product, each franchise holder has a website and does promotion in his city or via his own website.

My friend wrote me back a tart email that he wouldn't think of a pyramid scheme! I tapped my fingers on the keyboard for a minute, then spun out this letter! I am nothing if not persistent.

I wrote him that maybe he was right to banish the thought of selling supplements with the IMMUNEOCAL model of PYRAMID SCHEMES which are probably profiteering and which definitely drive up the price of some good amino acids. One probably also gets lotsa career jerks signed up in them. But my friend who is no longer in the pyramid says each vendor has enormous sales! Aren't Sales of such a wholesome, useful product which banishes disease what we want?

The pal who told me about Immuneocal is super bright, honest, has made millions in business in the last forty years. The Master Jules told me he was the highest guy that he knew, out of all his pals, and JULES had beaucoup pals. So.....I trust what Bruce was telling me, especially as he's out of the pyramid for quite a few years, having many other annuity producing sources of income.

So hearing his tales of the earnings, I trust that he and the other franchise/ vendors whatever they were....did make the thousand a month he it was layered, you know? Layers on top of layers feeding down, TRICKLE down in the real sense. Not the phony Nixon, Keynesian sense that never manifested. But a real tablet pushing MUSCULAR PYRAMID!

SO THE PYRAMID MODEL can be legit. Like communism or socialism. Put it in LENIN's hands it works. Put it in Stalin's, it does NOT.

Now, I know you have one or two salesman and they are people you completely control. But just for the sake of an alt reality, a devil's advocate argument, imagine that you found loyal, hard working salesmen for free, no salaries, in Miami, Houston, Frisco, L.A. Kansas, Chicago, in all the cities of USA ... plus in BRITAIN and FRANCE, Australia, in each and every city of the world.

Imagine you found salesmen people who were scientific, bright, tied loyally to you who you'd attracted by articles, by your writings, and found or attracted directly via the internet. Imagine these are people whose imaginations were stirred by your writings, who admired the concept of immune system enhancement and gluthathione production and were willing to sell the tablets and ampules YOUR WAY in each of these cities. London, Paris, Melbourne, Chicago, etc.

Imagine that each individual fan of Immune max wanted to run to the office of every single doctor in his/her city......and enthusiastically show them the material and give samples maybe. And instruct the doctor on recognizing the kinds of syndromes that require real quick immune enhancement. And explain how the precursors of gluththione are real, authentic, manageable, simple and have no downside like aspirin does, or like antibiotics do.... and how it triggers immune response that can nail viruses which antibiotics do not, and how easy to apply; you pump 'em in and bingo the cat, human, the baby has a no downside UPSCALED IMMUNITY.

WHAT DOC wouldn't want to start Rxing that to his patients, even going so far as to instructing them that WHEN THEY START TO GET ILL in the future, before seeing him even, they use the immunemax they have on hand to bingo! gain that edge. ONLY very humane docs would allow patients to get well without them, but hey, it could happen!

WERE THAT THE CASE, would you want to INTERNET-FIND or INTERNET-ATTRACT bright, scientific, long-legged, fone dialing, young folks in all these cities? I mean, hey, you're no spring chicken. I know your year of birth and smoking has done your longevity no favor. What if you weren't here? Your kids have manufacturing ties but what good is that if your sales fleet isn't extensive enuf? IF IMMUNEMAX goes down, who takes care of the wife and kids?

So tell me, how can you envision a sales fleet being attracted? HE ANSWERED ME. Let me explain why getting a fleet of sales people off the internet is not the answer to my problem of sales right now.

1- Getting bodies to hit the street without adeqate education about our
products and immunology is not the way to go. It takes time to educate the
sales staff, advise them what NOT to claim on the products, what they CAN
claim, and how to say it without getting the FDA Gestapo on our backs.
Having an education in immunology is important, as our products tell the
immune system what to do. We are not doctors, therefore are ill equipped to
diagnose the underlying reasons for a disease state.

This is why we sell to healthcare professionals who then advise their
patients to use our products.

2- It is evident that even you, who have had information on our products for
years, do not understand the full implications of what our products can do.
Not only that, you don't know the name of our products, have used the
products with great effect on your animal friends, yet still haven't taken
the time to educate yourself with the materials I have given you.

The same would probably be said about most people that would want to be
sales people for us. The reason for this is not that they don't care- it is
because they do not have the foundation university training to fully
comprehend the info we give them.

So, these people would get their facts wrong, give an unqualified diagnosis
of the patients disease, use erroneous information to sell the products, and
create a lot of difficulties.

I saw this first hand when I infiltrated a Mannatech sales meeting and saw
the hype that went on there first hand. I went to a Immunocal meeting also.
It was more professional in presentation than the Mannatech meeting, but
still made ridiculous unfounded claims.

We do not lie to people. At the moment, we are in no capacity to supervise
sales people and what they claim, so having a sales force is moot.

Which leads me to problem 2- We need financing for production and a real
marketing campaign. We would have to train the sales staff for at least 4
months in person to have an adequate team. Without production there will be
no sales, and we must raise money to pay for the production BEFORE we get
the sales staff. So I'm not going near pyramid marketing."

Well, that's that. But as a web entrepreneur, may I mention something. My sales program for my silly dilly star services that I offer in last 9 years, as and with first one website, then a second -- have been enhanced with my own style of pyramid marketing. I accidentally stumbled on one internet principle of INCREMENTAL GROWTH. I.e. One client attracts two, attracts four. Do that long enough, it turns into a pyramid of deputized sales people hustling your work, all of whom share it between themselves, (if it's amusing and interesting and relevant.)

So if you're running a cottage business, don't want a pyramid of sales people, what can you do to create the muscle of a TEAM?

1.) BRIGHT PEOPLE FIND INFO ON WHAT INTERESTS THEM in cyberspace. Via articles mainly. They google search on holism and find me. They google search on palm reading and find me. They GOOGLE search on some ten very varied specialities, holistic pet care, prosperity, new age businesses, they find my articles, offered free online. They read them.

2.) THE ACTIVE thankful, grateful, interested appreciative ONES drop me a letter. I then have a direct tie thenceforward, to the most clever, lively, kind, moral people out there, on line! In essence, they have 'subscribed' to me. They have shown they have lively brains plus the muscle group called GRATITUDE. Those people I LIKE!

3.) Fast typists like yours truly will always answer the letter in a friendly way, they don't hustle, they just include another fascinating, funny article on 'whatever interest' that reader manifested. "UP YOUR ALLEY" kind of articles. AN URL, nothing too byte intensive. I cyber publish so it's easy to send a link to something meaty. I CYBER PUBLISH at my own website and I also offer my articles to every similar-interest site around.

4.) Now, I'm PC savvy. I add the new fan/person to my addie book and put them on a list as well. A list for their specific interest. In my case I got like ten different alleys, ORGANIC GARDENING, UFOS, HOLISM, ALTERNATIVE HEALING for PETS, MAGIC, TRANSFORMATION, STARS, PALMS, LEFTIST REFORM via POLITICAL ACTIVISM, HOW TO GET LUCKY IN LOVE RELATIONSHIPS, NATURAL FOOD COOKERY, etc. So I slowly over the course of a year bombard them with fine reading and see if they go for it. Some turn out to be REPUBLICANS EEEEEEK! LIBERTERIAN REPUBLICANS! Damn! So I pull them out of the leftist lists real quick and send fun articles to heal that breach so they forget they ever saw I was a card carrying commie.

5.) OVER THE YEARS of my staying in touch, I find they have love relationships with me. They read what Auntie Anita sends' em. I AM adopted into their family. Their kids are turned on to me, their friends. I've had pals I have not seen in 40 years say 'my friend sent me an article and I noticed you'd written it!" So I chose to stay first person singular. I am HUMAN. I am not a corporation named IMMUNE MAX. I am also no spam robot. I am smeone they can picture in their mind. A raunchy, ex-hippie, nature witch, but a motherly type. In your case, it would be the AVUNCULAR TYPE of guy. And in my emails or forwarded articles, (often not my own, I send stuff I find on the net) I never hit on them for business. They see that I have a business but I don't heavy peddle the fact. I just send INFO. VARIED INFO.

I believe that they start to think of me as a monthly copy of MC Calls magazine combined with PREVENTION combined with THE NATION combined with CAT FANCY and they think, hey I don't have to pay. It's sure fun to read.

6.) Creating Address book LISTS make it possible to send info to one thousand people in one swoop. Well, maybe 20 lists each having 50 names but in about a minute, I can load an URL and do a send out to a thousand readers!

7.) THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE ME. What if you could befriend all the holistic writers who like me, have lists of a thousand names in their PC belly? WHAT if you could deputize these holistic fact finders to work for IMMUNE MAX?

Isn't this as good as having a fleet of paid salesmen, handling distribution for the entire planet? Isn't it FASTER, more profitable, bigger, better, higher turnover, bigger orders at point of manufacture, lower prices, and hey..... MORE PEOPLE receiving your product?  MORE TRUE BELIEVERS! MORE FANS.

Hmmm. I wonder. I'm always thinking, how can I deputize a pyramid that does other than share my writings, get their pals to consult me as a wizard. I'd need a product. A cook book, astrology program software. I haven't devised my product yet. My service yet, but not a replicateable PRODUCT.

In the case of my supplement making pal, he has a replicateable product so a pyramid would give him dozens of salesman for his infinite stash and inevitably thousands MORE folks on the planet who know that their own antibodies are reachable with a simple AMINO acid email containing the keystrokes that set the antibodies off, lurching like a Roman legion, toward some nasty ass bug. That would be forwarding the evolutionary action which is the churchkey that opens the KEG down here.  My pal is a purist and doesn't want amateurs selling supplements. Perhaps because they'd Rx it for someone with the wrong disease and hurt someone. Or perhaps because it would jack up the price.  All those middlemen with hands out. And I can respect that. Low price for his healing supplments is a great idea.

But you and me? OUR PRODUCTS? Deputizing your fans to hustle your product in some way could work at creating a pyramid model of sorts. An incremental growth factor. So think on it and get back to me.