This Election has the BUSH GOV keeping everything real tidy now. The appearance of Tidiness with Hanky Panky Paulson scrambling around handing out bread and fishes to his banker chums but make no mistake, BANK RUNS will come after the election. That will be the November Surprise. It comes as BUSH is lameduck and can do whatever he pleases without repercussions.

I found some good words on this 'peaceful stillness' we've got now, while HANKY PANKY PAULSON goes on his rounds. The reason it's so serene? You can PRETEND that RON PAUL OR DENNIS KUCINICH wrote the words below. In truth it was an independent candidate seeking a write-in :

"What is the difference between the October 1929 crash and the October 2008
crash? There is one crucial difference. 1929 was not an election year.

Now we have found the root behind the $810 Billion bailout, and why it was
on the ultra-fast-track to be passed. We have also found the hidden answer
behind how they came up with $700B in the first place.

This obscene bill was pushed hard for passage so it would be a done deal at
least a month before the election. They are counting on Americans to go
back to sleep and forget this ever happened by November 4th. The amount
was selected because that is how much was needed to prop up the system for
4 to 6 weeks, just long enough to get past the election. This isn't about
what is best for America; it is all, and only, about what is best for the
incumbent politicians in Congress.

Its long past time to clean house, the House of Representatives, and the
Senate. If this message is printed and passed on by hundreds, forwarded in
email by thousands, and you send it as your letter to the editor of just
one of a thousand newspapers, I think America has a chance.

America has one chance, only one chance. This November, you can choose the
incumbent in Congress, or you can cast your vote for a New U.S. Order. You
can order your government to change, by electing anyone but the incumbent.
If you don't, then you, and all Americans, have lost this one chance for
America to become great again."

I"m not even gonna bother saying his name, he wants to become congressman for So Calif and his identity is irrelevant. WHAT he's doing is thinking outside the box and suggesting that we all make plans to get away FROM THE REPUBLICRATS. ANY GROUP THAT MUCH in bed with wall street Banksters will betray the citizenry on any issue. They are sleeping with the enemy. They feed us empty promises. "TRICKLEDOWN" is a lie and those who pretend to trickle down to us after we vote them in are living a lie and making a lie out of democracy. You saw how they voted nearly 2 trillion bucks to their Bankster cronies. Where's the trickledown for any small biz that lost its credit, to any homeowner who lost his home?

This being the reality,  the phony equilibrium out there during pre-election weeks is happy enuf & phony enuf & bouncy enuf so that nobody votes in a third party candidate --- that ain't gonna happen. THAT WOULD HAPPEN A YEAR OUT WHEN THE FIT HITS THE SHAN! And we will have 1929 again.  but that won't happen in NOVEMBER. There will be NO SURPRISE before the elections. When they close the banks and establish martial law that is the surprise. Astrologically it is a DECEMBER SURPRISE with Dec 11th grand mutable square being the DISASTER. The causes, rumors and fly by of the possibility of this disaster start earlier, by a week, but 11th, a new dictum or law or mode of being arrives. Mutables mean it is influenced by massive perceptions, by the thinking of the people. The People's mass insecurity of a bankrupt economy in a state of crisis will do the job. Reacting to it the government's part.

So again, there's no bank run in OCTOBER as they don't want us voting for third party candidates and they can follow our thinking on line, and see we're on the verge. But in NOVEMBER, perhaps, I haven't charged all NOVEMBER, that would have to be gauged with midpoints, but plain astrology shows thousands of BANK RUNS thru lack of faith in DECEMBER and that will occasion the banks closing tighter than Pharoah's Tomb as THE REPUBLICRATS WILL BE securely BACK IN POWER.

FOR THE MOMENT in OCTOBER,  the reality is that Messers. Lame Duck Bush and Lame Duck Dick Cheney can do whatever they dream of but they won't do much as mud they kick up would wipe off on the McCain candidacy and the G.O.P read OLIGARCHS hates when that happens!

This was sent around INTERNET yesterday:       BANKING SHUT DOWN ALERT
          I have just received word that banks have received notice from the Federal
          Reserve to be ready for a one-week, universal shut down of the banking
          system. This could happen next week (though I did not see a date for it) and judging
          from our cycles, that would be the week they would do it. Some employees have
          leaked information that their banks had signs made saying their closure is due to
          circumstances beyond their control.  This shut-down will shut down all access to
          your checking and savings  accounts, including your credit and debit cards according to the information I
          received. This is exactly what I heard described earlier this year as the way they
          would change the currency. However it seems too early in the game for that to
          happen now. It's possible that they may be just trying to save the banks at this stage.
          Next week has some very strong cycles that could reveal just how bad this financial crisis really is. So
          this information is not surprising considering the cycles we're in. At this point, it's best to get yourself
          some cash to cover your expenses for next week. If this happens, it looks like you will not be able to
          buy anything without cash, including gas or food. If you have not bought gold yet, buy it TODAY.
          Do not delay any longer.

          It's always possible that this information is incorrect. So tune in to your higher wisdom and guidance to
          see if this resonates as truth for you."

So, you have thirty days to think this over and consider alternative agendas for survival other than depending on  your job, your landlord, your government and relatives with government stipends. Cuz all that could go! Stipends will go in stages. First anyone showing earnings will lose their SOC SECUR. So everyone with SOC SECUR should 'lose' that job on paper but if some senior is working at Wal-Mart, well you can't lose that job.

Anyway, take a gander at some SURVIVAL TRAINING SITES.