Below you will find a choice of magical hymns, from Ancient India, any one of which induces trancelike, joyous, higher consciousness if read and out of body magical possibilities if pronounced aloud. Share your favorite song in a group and the entire group will migrate (momentarily) into the highest altitudes of eternal consciousness and can have a  great great party or just  pick lotto numbers that will win in the future or do other tricks that conscious folks can do. Like daily life!  YOU CAN ENTER another realm of consciousness, be an AVTAR or GOD ON EARTH, a condition which you can move into from just one reading of this ANCIENT, MAGICAL TEXT.  Whenever you're blue, read as much of your favorite affirmation as it takes to lift that mood off you!

It worked for me, BIGTIME!  WOW!!

This is an unpublished ('til now,) transliteration of the Avadhut Gita, the Ancient Hymn of the Happy One, by Dattatreya. If you sing, pronounce or even just read it, you will be lifted to consciousness of Avtar (God on earth,) or at least the AVADHUT, (happy person,) and what is more, others around you will also be lifted automatically as they interact with you and never know why!

Lyrics I

1. Fear is perpetually exceeded by the power of Love. I bow down to Love!

2. How can I bow down to Love, when I am Love, and Love is indivisible from
Itself? Nevertheless, there is bowing, bowing.

3. I alone am, arising and dissolving within myself. How simple -- I die
into life! What Love! Join me?

4. Love is all, bondage and freedom both. What a great mystery - nothing is
bound, so why talk of freedom? Just love, and see if you exist!

5. This is the whole substance of Wisdom; this is the essence of knowledge,
theoretical and intuitional. Just so, discard it all -- find out what remains. No one can
say a word.

6. Love, which is the heart of all, impersonal and changeless, life itself,
neither pure nor impure - Yes, that's what I am. Personal and changing too - ordinary enough.

7. The heart has no memory for poison, what need I fear?

8. The activity of mind, judgment and interpretation - what a carnival
side-show! I am the light that still burns when the clowns bed down. (!)

9. Some say the mind is like space, having no independent existence.
Look - a ghostly acrobat flies through the air!

10. Say I am limitless, say I am not. What is it to me? I alone am - no
one sleeps, no one wakens but me.

11. Awareness -- beyond creation, beyond destruction, informing all
beingness perpetually, dark womb of all light.

12. I am indivisible. How can perfection be divided?

13. A song to myself - I am all of this, this is all of me. The Holy
Books say I am this or that, but who is there to agree or disagree?

14. Since I am, you are too. We can all relax about that. Namaste!

15. Neither unity nor separation have a place to land in you or me. All
that is, is alone. "I", "you", "the world" - no substantial existence.
There is no victim. Shanti. Shanti Om.

16. The subtle faculties of touch, taste, smell, form and sound which
constitute the notion of an external world are not you, nor are they
inside you. You are bigger than anything you can know.

17. Losing oneself in the One, finding there's nothing to lose. Birth
and death -- no, not you, nor any kind of limitation. Why worry? We've
no name, no number.

18. Oh mind, why run around like an addict on the dope of fear?
Recognize the innocence of your Original Nature and be happy.

19. In the midst of endless modification, you are what doesn't change. N
nothing to attach to, nothing to avoid. Just understand desire.

20. The Holy Books speak of a soul without attributes, ever pure,
imperishable, the eternal Truth. Check it out - that's you! But you're
not in a book or a body.

21. Recognize it all, physical and subtle, as a projection of your own
mind, an illusion. The underlying substratum is eternal. By allowing
this Truth to live one, how happy are we! All the baby love words rhyme
spontaneously to me!

22. Wise Folk call this, "Just Being". By practicing letting go, the
mind sees neither duality nor unity. Let go of even that - let there be
duality, let there be unity. In any case - we're bigger than that.

23. In the same way that you can't hold onto a dream, you can't hold
onto yourself. "Is" and "is not" don't apply to you either. In this
happiness, how does searching for happiness make any sense? Relax.

24. Immaculate Innocence, that's what we are. How can we even say: "I am
a friend" or "I am a stranger"?

25. The Holy Books say, "That's You, You Are That!" They also say, "Not
this, not that!" It's no contradiction to you, and that's that!

26. Hindus call you "Atman", the spirit breath of all. In you is neither
practitioner nor object of practice. Why, O mind, do you meditate?

27. I don't know what I am, so how can I speak of myself? I don't know
who I am, so how can I worship myself?

28. I am myself, the only one like me, in fact, the only reality. Aware
space is my nature. This is not an imagination, there's neither one nor
any, you nor me - we're free!

29. Free from subject and object am I, how can I be self-realizable?
Uncreated is my nature, nothing else exists. Love Supreme is my nature,
nothing else exists. Really, nothing exists! How mysterious! Yet
everything Is -- how ordinary!

30. Not death, not what dies, I am the Absolute Reality, the Witness of
my own death. I die into life, yet neither live nor die.

31. Break a bottle, space melts into space. Purity into Purity.

32. I alone am, awareness itself. Really, there is no bottle, no glassy
space, no embodied soul, not even a trace, no nature, no story, no once
and future glory.

33. There is no world, no holy teaching, no gods, no surrender, no
religion or politics, no tribe and no gender, no smoke-ring path, no
image to defend, no pretender.

34. To speak of dualism or nondualism entirely misses the point. There
is only What Is, Reality itself. Speak as you will!

35. Still, how can the supreme Reality be described, since it is prior
to perception? How can what comes after know about what precedes it?

36. "I eat," "I give," "I act" . . . such statements do not apply to
you, Birthless One!

37. When there is only One, who speaks, who listens? Who the Teacher,
who the student? Who the lover, who Beloved?

38. Know for sure, "I am timeless, taintless awareness, unimaginable
Love!" Know it beyond belief as whatís true! It isnít difficult!

39. From here to there, nothing but light; see for yourself. What part
is evil, what part good, what use of such conflictions?

40. The absolute void and its composite opposite, in emptiness and form
-- all I am. There is humor here, and poetry, should one take a shine.

41. Even to say "Happiness" is a kind of sly comedianís trick.

42. The Truth of what you are is not modified by spiritual practice, and
yet we practice. Emptying the mind makes It no clearer. The Guru does
not magically reveal It. Jai Guru! It is, simply is, in Itself, by

43. I am neither bound or free, nor separate from my pristine nature.
The universe rises and dissolves in me, nor do I regret it.

44. Neither doer nor taster of deeds am I. Neither archer nor arrow nor
target am I. When the arrow is flying, I am the flying. When the arrow
hits home, Iím that sound! Can you hear it? Even now?

45. Water pouring into water - just so, form and spirit are one. Empty
into empty, bliss within bliss! Pleasure and pain, good fortune or ill,
beyond these shades, Relax!

46. Why ask, "personal or impersonal?" Youíre neither. Before the mouth
opens, unsay yourself! Then hear whoís talking now!

47. Weíre not a problem to be solved, there's no prize for a winning
story. Close the book and exhale. There is nothing broken, nothing to

48. Oh mind, why struggle? Fall into the heart, drown in the ocean of
your own bliss! Let what happens happen, yours is none of this!

49. Not the fruit of a tended vine, I am not what changes. Source of
sweetness and thirsting both, spilt wine drops lifting into air, Loveís
own intoxication.

50. Neither formless or form, inconspicuous in my own absence, the true
word is "Silence". Before we knew, we all knew it.

51. Nothing to cling to, nothing to grasp, why wander, restlessness,
dear mind? Relax!

52. Does the night complain when the stars come out?

53. If you say, "Infinity", that's what I am. If you say, "Finite", Iím
that too! And yet, I am neither. Neither are you!

54. O mind, Beloved - keep quiet! Be still!

55. Impervious to the forcefulness of intellect, weary of the
beguilements of sensation, just fall into That! Donít be confused, or be
confused, absolutely!

56. This is dying beyond death, the death that grants eternity. What
Grace to fall, to fail completely! What enormous silence!

57. Where knowledge and desire end, there I am. Nothing has changed,
nothing has happened. Yes, what Grace!

58. The Happy One, the Avadhut, in unshakable equanimity, alive in the
holy nothing-special temple of nothingness, walks naked, as this Grace,
knowing all to be Loveís own plaything, looking straight into every
face, every face oneís own, the Happy One.

59. If you imagine that you understand anything about any of this, you
have not been paying attention. Regardless, fall in Love and Understand.
You and Love are not two, not even holding hands!

Lyrics 2

The Happy One sings:

1. Hey Ho -- isnít it so? This revelation has no end! Everything is
speaking, singing, teaching - everyoneís got a story to tell. You may
think youíve got the game, maybe gone beyond, but the song of Love sings
on and on - one brilliant shine of clear white light, ecstatically
streaming through trackless space, and all the while, not moving. Hereís
to That!

2. The Teacher is always right before you. Be courageous - don't look
away. It's all clear enough. It will not harm you.

3. Whatís looking out your eyes? You! The Supreme Awareness and you are
not two!

4. How can it be otherwise? Donít fish for an answer, just be it!

5. I am before all fish, the ocean of bliss each fish dissolves in. I am
the depth of a fathomless sea.

6. Mind, a transient fantasy, arises and disappears within me. I am not
what changes, slinks, or swishes through the life stream. I am not the
dream of the stream.

7. I am not what pours over the waterfall, and yet I am that pouring.
Thereís nothing before or beyond myself -- if there's a wound, Iím the
bleeding. Water, I am its very liquidity. Honey, Iím its sweetness. All
forms alive are lived by me, all breath is my own breathing.

8. Really, I am neither you nor I, and yet we are not separate. Neither
at rest nor in motion, we are rest and motion both. The mind, it cannot
touch this.

9. One can't compare a thing with itself. I am the being-ness of being
-- itís absence when absent, its fullness when full. Neither empty or
full, what use are conceits like "perfection" to that which only Is?

10. All I do is shine. In the ebony darkness of space, Iím that
black-lacquer brilliance. A silent shout through infinity.

11. Even as I pervade all things, I am the pervading. Limitless, I abide
within every kind of limit. Neither free nor bound, lost or found -- I
am myself, before the word took meaning. I am the meaning of Mystery.

12. This takes some time to settle in. Yes, one breath at a time. To
appreciate and understand the mystery of just one breath, grants the
life divine.

13. Indivisible, ice melts into water - so too the seeker into the
sought. Hereís a question, "Whatís been gained, what lost?"

14. In either case, if you wish to pacify the perpetual churning of
conflicted emotional reactivity, remember who you really are, relax --
itís really nothing.

15. If someone should try to explain causality to you, just keep walking.

16. Can you separate sunlight from the sun, moonlight from the moon,
soul from the Supreme?

17. Be patient - duality and nonduality both are kindling for the flame
of your own dawning recognition. You Are! Let that blaze burn bright in
you, the rest is smoke and small talk.

18. If you are graced to meet someone who can light the match, well
then, kindly thank them!

19. Burn up all grasping at preferences; be kind to all you meet. If you
could see who they really are, youíd fall down at their feet!

20. The one whoís been paying attention will notice that there's no
death. Air dissolves into the air, even empty of emptiness.

21. Thereís a lot of talk about what will be. That's none of our
concern. What will be on the day of our death is no different than here
right now.

22. Drop your body anywhere - everywhere is holy.

23. Those who awaken to what they are know nothing sacred, nothing not.
They go along their own way.

24. No trace of anything remains, and it goes on forever.

25. Such Wisdom is not an object of possible possession, given the play
of fortune or fate. Wait Ö. itís already too late - seeking it, youíve
just missed it!

26. A word to the wise, "It's you."

27. Relax.

28. Unity, duality, a reasonable combination of the two, no conclusion
whatsoever, impossible to say . . . all mind. In what does the mind
arise? No, mind can't touch that. Mind can't touch what you are, mind
can't touch what you are.

29. No one can teach you this. It cannot be learned.

Note: "If such is so, why sing at all?" grinned a mirthful lad.

Lyrics 3

1. What can I say? I bow down to Love! Neither personal nor impersonal,
ungraspable, unavoidable, the uncreated potential of existence and
non-existence both, neither/or, everywhere, nowhere, simultaneously,
transcendent of qualities, yet the true within every quality, The One,
God, Guru, Self - I Am! Beyond I Am - not a creature is stirring, not
even a One. Not Guru, not God, not Self. Jai to That!

2. What can I say? Well, hereís a question: How can I bow down to Self,
when I am ever Self alone? If there is only God, who bows down to God?
-- God!

Just so, from all directions, in all directions, I bow down to God! Jai
to Love! Jai to the Heart Love Lives! Yes, I bow down to That!

3. Bowing is bowing. Bowing is bowing back. No one can explain this --
even so, I bow down to That!

4. What can I say? Desireless? Unconditional? Essence? Why truck with
words to places words can't go, where mind on mindís wheels gains no
traction? Donít forget, You Are! All spacious equanimity, all selfless
silent courtesy, all inconceivable grace! Yes, Iíll sing to That!

5. What can I say? In practice, accentuate the positive, eliminate the
negative, by recognizing both as mere arbitrary interpretations upon
perception, endless modifications of mind, not you, not what you really
are -- undifferentiated awareness itself. Some may call that Bliss. Who
is there to argue? Jai to That!

6. What can I say? Not this, not that, not coming or going, I abide as
myself. Within all knowledge, I am the Unknown.

7. What can I say? Emptiness -- all senses, all faculties, all sense of
body or mind. All perception, emotion, memory. All sense of any self,
even any witness of a non-existent self -- limitless, all-pervasive
emptiness. Yes, I bow down to That!

8. What can I say? Any idea about this is false. Any notion or fancy.
Any concept that this is some possible state of attainment is false. Any
concerted cognition that this just might be other than this, or once
was, or will be, is false. Ignore thought. Be this! Jai to This! Jai to

9. What can I say? Wherever there's fuel, Iím fire. Past, present,
future - incinerated, just like that! All of myself, fuel for myself.
Beyond fuel and fire, not even ash, I am.

10. The seed story of any seemingly-persistent existence is not who you
are, nor narrator, nor audience. Nevertheless, enjoy the show! What can
I say? I bow down to you! I am You!

11. What can I say? That there is no separation in me? No unity, no
neither? No frame of reference, no reference to frame? No provisional
explanation that is anything like a name? No name, your name. Jai to

12. If this is all sounding familiar, what can I say? Fate and fortune
have nothing on you. You have never existed, Jai to You! This
understanding - You Are - is like space. And yet, what stirs in the womb
of forgetfulness? Not even a trace! That's your face! Yes, Jai to You!

13. What can I say? You are not the one suffering, the one fleeing, the
one racing to far distant finishing lines. You were finished before you
began. There is no line, nobody ran, nobodyís running now, nobody ever
will. Donít worry, relax!

14. What can I say? If waking, dreaming, and deep-deep sleeping are not
what I am, how can I say a word? If there is no past, present, or
future, how can I say a word? Even so, "Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om".

15. What can I say? This tongue is not my own, nor do I know who speaks,
who listens. I am Peace. Jai to That!

16. What can I say? Not even the impeccable recollections of imaginary
cosmic Lords can place me! Neither heaven nor hell exist in me - the
wise might even call that heaven. The wiser wouldnít even speak. Jai to

17. What can I say? There is no formula to This. No scripture, no
teacher, no science of This. Why struggle with symbols? Even to say,
"only awareness remains", what value is that? What is so hard about just
being still?

18. I am.

Note: And then to the lad, who had quipped from the side, he said, "Now
that youíve dined, wash your dishes!"

Lyrics 4

1. Nothing can be added or subtracted from the radiant sufficiency of
Unconditioned Mind. Thereís no place like Home! Still, words and
teachings can't reach it, nor can worshipping with smoke and flowers.
Forget everything you may have heard or thought about it. Forget
everything. Forget forgetting. That's worship! Welcome Home!

2. At Home, nobodyís lost or found, pure or impure, united or separated
-- never other than, aware space itself. Even the most heartfelt
submission to any otherness may be seen as arising from a subtle sense
of division within a fading dream. Let it go. Wake up - Youíre Home!

3. "Does the world exist, or not?" Rub your eyes! Is there any other
Nirvana than this? That you Are?

4. Knowledge and ignorance, birth and death, never had a chance with me.
Who can say if Iím bound or free - Iím Home, what use are such

5. No virtue or sin can take root in me, no praise or blame - by nature
Iím Nirvana. I am not the one bowing. I am not the one bowed to. I have
no message or map. No wisdom. By nature, Iím Nirvana. Jai to That!

6. Immaculate innocence am I, neither knower or known, neither cause nor
effect, and yet -- one with all cause, all effect, simultaneously.

7. Body/mind/sensation, or no body, no mind, no sensation - whatís to
cling to, whatís to let go? Iím Nirvana.

8. Thus, I surrender Nirvana. I let go. What has been lost, what found?
What has been subtracted, what added? Bliss into bliss, light into
light, Nirvana falls into Nirvana! Jai to That!

9. Free from the taint of Nirvana, beyond intelligence or design,
neither wise nor foolish, neither silent nor speaking, neither
reasonable nor argumentative, I am not the one in conflict, I am not a
riddle to be solved, I am what is, simply Is. Is there any other
Paradise than this? Jai to This!

10. Relinquishing all effort, naturally, the Happy One sees: all is
originally perfect, even from taint of Nirvana - Free!

11. No magic injunction is binding on me. Mind, that carnival of
anxiety, raises no tent in me. No captive animals perform in me, no
ringmaster, no ring, no juggling clown of ego, no circus bells that bump
and ring.

12. Some say the world is real, others say it isnít. Some say itís
partly real and partly not, others say itís like a river. What do I
know? I am Nirvana . . . now, not even that. Space-like I am,
bliss-bestowing wisdom I am, immortal I am, and now -- yes, no -- not
even that!

13. Crazy mind - why be confused? There is no shadow in this light, no
name for this un-caused radiance, no rhyme or reason for this mystery I

14. You are not the body. Beloved, do not fear! Why weep and worry?
Change will not harm you. Shanti, Shanti Om.

15. You are not the desire, you are not the grasping, you are not the
holding on - Beloved, do not fear! The Absolute and you are never two.
Shanti, Shanti Om.

16. Beloved, the craving for wealth and power only exists in time. You
are timelessness itself, no place for "mine and thine".

17. There is no concentrated absorption in the heart, nor anyone to be
absorbed. No heartbeat, no fixation, no great chain of causation, no
open or closed door.

18. Really, there is no "you" or "I". No world, no teaching, no teacher.
This is freedom, this is truth.

19. I alone am. Where is freedom, where is truth? Where is sacred or
profane knowledge, where is bliss? What is transcendental or ordinary,
mysterious or obvious?

20. Beloved, just be.

21. Let go of even letting go, then let go of that. Just be.

Lyrics 5
1. OM

2. You are That. You are free. Donít fret - you Are!

3. Oh mind, child of emptiness, rest. There is no up or down in you, no
right or left, no within or without. You, just as you are, are the
Supreme Emancipation! Jai to That!

4. Oh mind, fear is born of imagination, but there is no imagination
within you. Events in dreams do not touch you. You don't change, only
words do, and you are free of all words. Just so, Shanti Om!

5. Beyond ideas of space and time, higher or lower, right or wrong,
inconceivable peace pervades. Oh mind, abide in your own Source! This is
the Natural State, this is the everything and the nothing! Jai to That!

6. No lid, no jar, no space - this is Grace! There is no person. The
incomprehensible chaos of un-caused causality from which the formation
of the person-idea somehow evolved does not exist in you. Donít worry,
oh mind, be Happy!

7. Relax, oh mind - wherever you roam, whomever you meet, there is only
One. Remember, right now, and rest.

Lyrics 6

1. The whole infinite multiversal manifestation, all galaxies and
realms, all gods and goddesses, all demons and angels, all creatures and
elements, lovers and friends, deeds and dreams, history and myth, all
space and time, visible and invisible: a projection of your own mind!
Recognition of oneís own inherent nature is liberation. This is bliss.
When mind falls into its own source, mind itself is bliss. Jai to That!

2. Mind cannot explain itself. If it can be said, itís not that. Silence
is equally futile. Neither words nor silence - what is that?

3. The concept of some pilgrimage through time and space is false. There
is no night or day in me.

4. No sun or moon ascends and descends in me, no alternating light and
shade. Equanimity, absence of desire - these are paper flowers, planted
in the air.

5. Neither rest nor motion, bliss or its absence, neither absolute or
relative - this is the Absolute, this I am! There is no other!

6. Neither first nor last, neither Alpha nor Omega, not a thing, not a
cursed or blessed thing, nor a casual or sometime thing, not a
many-splendored thing, neither empty nor full, all emptiness, all
fullness, all thingy-ness, liveliness, all splendid grace, essence of
being, the wonder of futility, the eternal smile -- all horses without
riders, all carts with no wheels, no driver, nor any destination home.
To what never departs or arrives, Welcome Home!

7. Beyond mind, how can that even be said? All names, descriptions,
theories of measurement, even saying it is indescribable, immeasurable -
stories for children when time for bed.

8. Nothing is what it appears to be. For example, the vast entirety of
creation is but a mere mirage. Take courage, there is neither cloud nor
water in it! I alone am.

9. Birthless and deathless, any strategy of doing or not doing is
equally superfluous. I alone am.

10. The amazing marriage of life force and consciousness is performed in
the chapel of cause and effect. Since I alone am, there is neither bride
nor groom, witness nor service, preacher or vow. All go in peace. Jai to

11. Who suffers?

12. Within the Eternal Principle, there is no age, no good old days, nor
bad. Dualityís axioms are temples of sand.

13. Truth is independent. How can the limited mind, which appears and
disappears, which is origination-dependent, possibly discern that
limitlessness in which it arises and dissolves?

14. There is no creation or destruction in me. I alone am.

15. In me there is no gender - can space itself be divided? Like
indivisible space, I alone am.

16. Pleasure is an interpretation based on the faculties of sensation
and cognition, memory and association, yet no such activity is true of
me. "I" and "mine" do not apply to me.

17. Free from pain and painlessness too, God and the absence of God as
well, I alone am.

18. Nothing to gain and nothing to lose - discrimination is fine for the
objective world, but the objective world does not exist in me. I alone

19. O mind, what use are your prayers, your mumbled incantations? There
is no world before this, no world to come, no world, no "you" or "I", no
"true" and "untrue", no family, no religion, no refuge, nor any place to
flee within me. I alone am.

20. Any presumed connection between the teacher and the student is a
trick of mind. There is no teaching, nor any holy contemplation. I alone
am. This is the whole truth. Who worships, and who is worshipped? Oh
masquerading mind!

21. You are not the body, nor is the multi-leveled totality of universal
functioning happening miraculously in you. What an imagination! You
alone Are.

22. Absolute Consciousness has no locality, nor can it actually be said
to be without form or attribute. All that can be truly told is this --
it is what is, what is, is, and you are That. This is the end of all
worship, all prayer. Jai to That!

23. The Happy One who has realized this, the mystery of all mysteries,
the bliss of all bliss, shrugs their shoulders and just walks on,
enlightening all on their way.

24. Humblest of the humble, servant of servants, the Happy One accrues
no merit or taint - such dwell in the temple of vast emptiness. Palms
open, immeasurable compassion, unconditional love! Love bows down to

25. The Happy One depends on no scriptural map, nor strives for some
safe and ideal landing. Having lost oneself in the One, only the One
remains. No motive even to do good remains. No discursiveness, no object
of mind, no practice, no goal, no person are they. Love is Love, and
only loves. This is the Happy Oneís Way.

26. Done with hope and expectation, with the vanity of idealism -
purity, righteousness, the exclusivity of special vision, the arrogance
of choice or choicelessness - all these are cast off, dust in the wind.
Jai to the Happy One, the Avadhut, all blessing and power, all dignity,
all grace!

27. Such a One wonít sit and think, "I am not the body", or, "I am the
body". Theyíre not inclined either way. No attraction, no aversion, like
air - the spotless bliss of the natural state!

28. The Happy One is compared to space, to eternity, where neither
purity nor impurity can take root, nor variety nor unity, nor freedom or
bondage. Free from freedom - who is there that can understand that?

29. Neither happy nor sad, troubled or glad, the Happy One sees through
both sinner and saint, unity and diversity, mind and its play. It's the
Natural Way. What can one say? Jai to That!

30. The Happy One, the Avadhut, is naturally one with Happiness, which
is not an object of mind, not an enjoyment or lack of enjoyment, not a
unity nor lack of unity, not a part of some bigger part, not "this far
and no further".

31. What care I for the toys of this world, the phantom transitions of
birth and death, the meditations and willful disciplines of the seeker?
I am Happy, effortlessly.

32. Not a thing exists. Nothing happens. This is the bliss of the Happy
One. The immense complexity and magnificent drama of the grand universal
unfolding is not even a vanishing wisp of memory. Not even a fading
dream. Nothing has happened. I alone am.

32. There is no Dharma or Liberation, nothing to strive for, nothing to
become, nothing to attain or release, nothing to do or not do. The Happy
One, the Avadhut, just walks on.

34. If even the ancient Holy Books are superfluous (except perhaps as
winter tinder), what value the words of redundant pundits who squint
their eyes and torture their tongues to explain them?

Lyrics 7 1. When I first embarked on my journey to You, my own Self,
with every step, one by one, all my notions of God were crushed.

2. As I became more and more absorbed in You, all my previous life - my
hopes, my fears, my fascinations - crumbled to dust. Forgotten.

3. For those whose mind has ceased to linger in the relentless melodrama
of attraction and aversion, whose transparent presence has become loving
and compassionate, free of any clinging, any motive to cling, ever at
peace, unmoved by the dream, that Maestro, the Happy One, abides as
their own Original Nature, the Natural State, at Home, as Bliss.

4. There is no room for pride here, nor any emotional reactivity.

5. No conflict, no struggle. Deep Peace, Mighty Kindness!

6. Ah, the Happy One bears the unbearable, recognizing the inherent
perfection of "what is", and thus is an Ocean of Mercy in the dry and
desperate realms.

7. Oh Happy One!

8. You are Freedom Itself!

9. Presence Itself!

10. You are Stillness Itself!

11. You are Truth!

12. Awakened to the Heart of Love, the shadows of life, mind, and body

13. The Happy One, the Avadhut, is the Sky of the Heart!

14. Radiant Light!

15. All-pervading Awareness!

16. Controlled or uncontrolled - such concepts lose all meaning. There
is only Love!

17. Oh mind, do not be afraid! Love will not harm you!

18. This is the Hymn of the Happy One, the great Dattatreya Avadhut.
Having listened and heard it, don't fall back to sleep!

"Happy am I, Free am I, I am the Infinite, unfathomable Peace -- Yes, I
am Love - all is my Self! All is my Self! Jai to That! I bow down!"

Free Transliteration by Bob OíHearn "I worked from the most visited
translation at Google, Hari Shastri Prasad's. However, it was a very
free way in which I approached, I caught fire, discarding the dusty
phrase and priestly meddlings barnacled on over the centuries and
feeling into the Dattatreya-ness of the Song, the direct recognition."

This was formatted then  posted by Anita Sands Hernandez who offers other files of similar interest at THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEBSITE and at THE MASTER JULES TEACHINGS WEBSITE a site also guaranteed to change your consciousness from glum to magnetic. The happy person attracts it all. Beingness is at the center of it all. Out of beingness comes doingness and out of doingness comes havingness.