DO NOT WAIT; GET REAL ESTATE!                                  i bought a home, how did I do it? I had no credit,
              no co-signer....                                             
There are three ways people learn about reality. From their own mistakes is ONE, then from other people's mistakes --- the two most reliable methods. But here's the magic one: FROM OTHER PEOPLE'S LUCK. That's the best way of all, as it's the path of inspiration.

Learning from people's LUCK is harder to do as the information is veiled. It doesn't get around much. But the horrors of mistakes are never veiled. The information gets around!

For instance. I know two people. One, a beautiful blonde actress, who inherited her mother's New York Penthouse, Mom worked for the most prestigious corporation in NYC. Smoked, dieted, died.. The Daughter inherited and quickly sold the penthouse and invested the 600k in the stock market. In the next decade, she took a blistering and today her stock is worth  nothing and this gal needed to live on the interest! Beautiful blonde actresses fade fast! I only heard it as I'm an astrologer toher.

I only know HOLLYWOOD folks but my other pal was a movie town musician. Big studios, huge salaries, Blew his cash the second he got it, on chorus girls but by some FLUKE, this fellow was convinced by his cagy, real estate agent sister to buy a 2 bedroom house up in the Hollywood hills, -- way back in the sixties. This home went from 40k cost to 620k in a few decades. The man was sitting pretty. He could have mortgaged it, invested in a dozen other properties. But he wanted big cash, listened to his crooked, paralegal adviser, and took the mortgage money and put it as cash into a pizza parlor and the pizza mafia stole it, ran off to another state, rigged a new corporation with a new name, no ties to the old one. The paralegal got a huge kickback from the Pizza Mafia but the 80 year old ex musician lost everything. The loan company came after the mortgage on the house, it went into foreclosure, he sold it at a loss, quickly, lost almost every cent --- faster than the actress lost it in her stock mis-adventures.

The scary part is that both of these people are now threatening to come live with ME! I'm renting in the valley, turned this house into Indonesia with avid gardening, but sadsacks are not needed! Thank you very much, though I'm glad to learn what NOT to do with my money.

The moral of this story? ALWAYS GET real estate, but more importantly, KEEP the real estate. If the actress had kept mom's apartment and rented it out, today she'd have an apartment in the upper east eighties worth several million. She could easily live in any city in the world, on just the rent. She invested in the stocks so that the earnings of this stock would cover her monthly expenses which it did during good times. Not in bad.

If the musician had held on to his home, or mortgaged it and bought ten modest properties for ten relatives to live in and pay off, today he'd be a zillionaire. The relatives would have paid them all off for him. Their rent would then be going straight into his pocket.

Woulda shoulda coulda, the saddest words of mankind. So kiddies? Learn HOW TO save (NOT SPEND) your money in a way that you and (one day) your children start to utilize any seed money you earn to MAKE TEN TIMES or a hundred times your investment.

It's easy. Professionals who do real estate are trained in a month long course and get their license, so it seems to me you three could get some simple LIBRARY books on real estate, on how to make money buying it and selling it at the library and study them.

Have any cash lying around? Ten grand will do. You should sink that money (NOT INTO CARS, keyboards, DRUMS, SOUND EQUIPMENT, restaurants, foreign travel, or eating out and credit card debt and chic wardrobe costs, but into a four unit apartment bldg so that you have a comfy old age and not be forced to pay the biggest rent you ever paid in your life when you can least earn it!

The sorrows of the pizza parlor and stock market have taught you something, didn't they? But let me tell you a happy story to motivate you. My Landlord Dick was a cab driver with a wife and two kids. They'd bought a tiny house in the cheapest section of L.A, and he hacked and saved (she didn't work, you didn't do that in the fifties)... and he bought a second house, modest, 3 bedroom, and he rented it to some fellow so the mortgage was covered. In WWII, he'd been trained as a pilot, so occasionally he flew small loads around the sky, and the cash from moonlighting went into another rental property -- a third house.

Today Dick owns 22 homes in the valley and rents them all. The valley is a low rent district compared to the city of L.A. but L.A. has gone thru the roof so it's a great and popular alternative. Due to its being 20 miles north of Beverly Hills, the property is very cheap. You can buy it and sell it like bunches of grapes. Delaney did and today Delaney is worth about 12 million dollars. He could spot his kids were reckless, put it into a TRUST they couldn't bust. He died 8 yrs later and they are now my landlords. I was pretty once had a dozen lovely men propose, WOULDA SHOULDA COULDA! Today my rent is 1400$ a month and I'd take any squalid lowlife to be a roomie to cut that in half. 

You can ACHIEVE comfortable HOME OWNERSHIP with a big garden and a LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT very quickly, even if you have to start with a four unit apartment bldg where you rent out the other 3 units, or buy the apartment bldg with 3 other families sharing in the down so that they're like condos. The Fannie Mae will help out if it's less than 4 units. Each family owns one unit. The four families share in owning the building. If your earnings are such that you can only pay off a 1k a month house payment, you'd buy into ONE UNIT ONLY. If you buy a 4-unit property all by your lonesome, you can live in one unit, have RELATIVES paying the other three units off, as tenants. Or you can choose to buy it as 4 owners. Each family group, THEIR rent is a housepayment, paying for each unit. CHOOSE.  If you're a single person working a decent job you can do it. If you have a relative who's propertied who'd co-sign, you can surely do it.

I often think of my early days working a job, how my parents had a nice house and could easily have co-signed for me as soon as I got out of UCLA and started getting jobs, great paying jobs, instead of those many costly apartments I had in my spendthrift 20's, I could have had a little cottage with a garden by now (you know the riff, you start with a condo, move up slowly,) but It didn't occur to me to ask Daddy and he didn't think, 'hey my daughter's earning well, let's get her started in property ownership. I don't know why. Probably cuz he was chasing skirts.

Then I went away to Mexico, had four kids, came back to raise them as a single mother, again in L.A. In the last 30 years that I have lived in L.A., I could have paid off a house bigger and better than either of these shacks. Now, my clients come to see me and I almost have to apologize for the trashiness of this little country cottage. But let me tell you, the trashy part of my life is not living here, today. It's the 30 years of pissing away the money I've been earning in my youth, my wonderful freelance career years in my big city.

I earned more in those days, actually. Sure, there were limitations. We all have them. I was a single mother with four children, no credit, no credit cards, NO reporting income to the IRS, just a "below-the-table" barely surviving gal. But if I'd known what I know today, I'd have declared SOME income and strong armed my relatives into co-signing or even co investing in property that I could rent from them.

You do NOT want to make my mistakes but profit from them. Do not piss away what little cash you are earning. Maybe start a land trust with other families. It's the cheapest way to have a freestanding home. Stop using credit cards as you're paying ridiculous amounts of interest. Also, they're a bad habit. They encourage people to run them up to 30 k debt every time they turn around! Stop buying new cars. Fix the old ones. START USING your relatives to buy properties and if you show them this article, they will see reason.

Study now, plan now how to USE the cash you have coming in to make fortunes for yourselves. You've had unexpected gurus in the world of real estate, investment and business. USE THEM. As Emerson said, the "greatest Lord of All is USE!"

You have seen how my two foolish pals lost everything with investments and stock market playing, and this during an upswing economy! I have to point out that both these losers had various expensive CARS and lawsuits and credit cards and lawyers and had an expensive lifestyle but they didn't deserve what happened to them.

Luckily the musician's real estate experience shows us something. It teaches us. What we have to do. A small house bought for only forty thousand dollars became worth 620 thousand (in just a very few years.) And that's the lesson you want to focus on. How to buy property cheap and pay the payment and consider it low rent and hold on to it, until it becomes valuable.

ALL property increases in value. So learn about real estate thru books. LEARN TO increase your inheritance thru property.

Plan on getting rich and getting free of a future of wage slavery. I mean no more kids moving out into costly 500$ apartments, and barely surviving by getting bottom level minimum wage jobs, I mean no working as a waitress in cafes for chump change or doing store clerk work.

I know, kids today want to move out, have an apartment, play like they're BIG FOLK' and work for chump change, but kiddies, let's talk about your being able... later in life, to do the career that fits your interests and talents so that WORK IS FUN. Being able to study arranging of music, or painting or photography. That means, you have to be FREE of the PAYING-RENT RACE and study your nuts off!

All your monthly money should go into your parents OWNING houses, even houses you can live alone in MAYBE…..later, but NEVER wasting your cash on rent until you have studied for just the education you desire.

I know kids are hot to get an apartment but Let me tell you what the RENT race is. What its final penalty is. It's being 60 like me, slowing down, NOT A LITTLE, but A LOT, being fatigued, yet having to earn the biggest damn RENT you ever knew in your lifetime because you never stopped to earn property. Because your family never stopped spending  on Las Vegas and Paris and Movies and Dinners out and never bought a few apartment bldgs. Or a string of homes they could rent like Dick Delaney.

Now my father sits in a room you wouoldn't wish on your maid. I apologise to my star clients for the dump. I WISH that someone had told me what I'm going to tell you when I was l8. Because in the last 40 years, I've earned well, first as a t.v. actress, later, after I had four kids, as an astrologer. I always rented big, costly houses so I could have managed any house payment at all.

When I came from Mexico with four kids, came back to my home town, LA, the first house that I rented, on PREUSS Road in Beverlywood sold for l8k forcing me to move. I couldn't afford to buy a house for l8k. I THOUGHT. Today that house is worth 200k. My second house on Preuss Road sold for 34k and is now 250k and my last house on Preuss Road sold dirt cheap 189k but I couldn't buy it as my Dad wanted to make millions in a pizza parlor.

One suffers loss of money, one suffers instability too. I got evicted from everyhouse I ever rented because landlords hated my tearing out their crappy lawns and making orchards and vegetable gardens in its place! (Ask me for the article on how to move the entire back yard, trees, bushes, plants and all, an art I've perfected.)

That last house I rented was up for sale, while I lived there, for a very low 189k as l996 had this 'mini-recession,' It was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. 8000 square feet of land, a huge lot at the Southern border of Beverly Hills, called BEVERLY WOOD. The home also had a guest apartment in the back yard, with its own living room, kitchen & bath that one could rent for 500$ to l000 a month and that house sold for just 189k in l996. In 2001 it was worth a half million, the gal sold it made ten times her money. The downpayment was a mere 20k and my Dad could have bought it for himself to own, for me to pay off. But a felonious paralegal had his clutches around my dad's mind, feeding him greed pellets. Pictures of huge investments that paid off big and my Dad was the musician who invested in a pizza parlor and those two felons ran off with his cash. He sued, won a triple, senior fraud judgement which cannot be collected as they have an anonymous corporation somewhere that no one can find. Well, he found it. It's in Las Vegas, but he can't touch it.

That house I was living in would have given the family (or me!) a monthly mortgage payment of 1200 a month but that's comparable to what I paid then in rent. Of course, I'd have nicked 500 off that rent sum by having a tenant in the lovely guest house where the property owner lived. Then, I'd have paid only 700$ a month. That house would be worth a million in about ten years. And my musician father WOULD OWN IT. Because of his Hollywood Hills Home, Dad had enough cash to buy about ten houses at that time, Ten or twelve. He could have mortgaged his house and put all his relatives in properties. Between fifteen of us we must pay 10k in rents! We'd have loved paying off homes he had co signed or bought for us.

The pizza parlor wouldn't have taken that 200k and the paralegal wouldn't have taken what he took. But no. My Dad decided buying family dwellings was a bad investment. So who lost? Now, he wishes there were a guest house with garden that he could live in somewhere. He rents a 2 bedroom closet for 1500$ a month and it depressed him so much he died in it.

See, in real estate you CAN BUY cheap and have great appreciation later. Meaning it triples or quadruples in value. My Dad's Hollywood Hills home increased in value 15 times. From 40k to 620k.

If My dad had been on his toes when I came back to LA with four fatherless kids, and as I was facing the renting of an old crumbum slum dwelling house, he could have bought any little property for me, as houses then went for l8k. I'd have paid it off. ANY kid with one leg minimum could pay off a small house. Especially me with my multiple cottage industries. I sewed, typed, did script rewrites, did fortunetelling for the film colony. My kids worked at Baskin Robbins, and as theatre ushers and later messengers and photographers' assistants and later as professional photographers with studios and clienteles.

But I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. If stupid here had only REALIZED that REAL ESTATE and property OWNERSHIP is the only way to HAVE A RESTFUL OLD AGE (and MIDDLE AGE), I'd have said DAD, do this. DO IT NOW. In your name, I don't care if you don't do it in my name. I'll pay it off for you. Just DO IT! Today, I have to work 15 hrs. a day to pay a huge rent. My novels will never be finished, the screenplays either. My Gauguin paintings will never be painted, and I'm GOOD. THAT is torture.

PROPERTY is a way to get free of being a wage slave, and to BE GAUGUIN. I didn't see what was coming with these high rents. In 1961 I had no problem paying 160$ for an apartment, in 1969, I paid 350$ a month for a house. I now live in a beautiful little shack that costs me 995$ a month rent and the real estate market is very HIGH now, so now is not a time to buy, but in the next crisis, I'd hope to have some savings, and maybe I could start telling the IRS that I exist.

The Fannie Mae Officer for my region heard my whole profile and told me, "If you earn cash under the table, have it under a mattress, put it in a bank and we can work with you. just tell the IRS it was 'mattress money' you'd saved over the years. We don't always tell the IRS everything, we don't declare everything, but at least fill out your tax forms for this year or we, the Fannie Mae, can't work with you at all." That was a candid person as I was candid with him, he rewarded me by teaching me much about these low interest loan programs.

Now this path requires WILL POWER. You have to USE your cash to do a down payment unless you have wonderful aunties and parents. You have to save a down payment and not touch that cash for eating out, clothes, make-up, drums, sound equipment, clothes, cars, or partying or lawsuits with dogs or cars or trips.

You have to get that money SAFE and that means watch the economy carefully if you're in a bank because there could be a planet-wide RECESSION and a run on banks. Everybody could lose their life savings. It happened in Germany to my paternal grandfather where it cost a trillion marks to buy a loaf of bread. It happened in USA to my maternal grandparents and parents .. the RECESSION or DEPRESSION they called it. A RUN ON A BANK is like A Macy's sale only everybody is BLEEDING while they're RUNNING, which is why they call it a run. And they close the bank doors and NOBODY can get his money out, the door bangs in your face, the source of most of that blood. But not all of it. A lot comes from WEEPING until your tear ducts bleed!

When a run happens, a city collapses. Foreclosures are endemic, everywhere. Banks sell the stuff, give it away. Property will be dirt cheap and available for those who have GREENBACKS. You don't want to buy property now, as it's too high. RENT now, and USE your surplus cash to make money. HOW?

BEST is a sure fire profitable BUSINESS that you or your nephew do, contributing your labor. But a business which you OWN. Which you build. EXAMPLE: "AIR REPAIR" It has to be something that is unique in the marketplace and has a high profit ratio. I can see the ads now, 'In the city, the average house crawls with poison and filth. The carpet teems with dust mites, bacterial life and toxic poisons. Spores, pollen, mold, detergents penetrate our lungs. But WORST OF ALL, highly carcinogenic, toxic smog gases waft in from the city streets and are inhaled into lungs and bloodstream to end up residing permanently in brain where they go about their nasty work of stealing oxygen molecules, causing cancer, aging us, making us stupid and tired. There are cheap air conditionre machines that have HEPA filters which clean the air. Learn to install them. (DUCT TAPE AND PUTTY, a piece of cake) Send your nephew out to work for a week or two at an AIR CONDITIONING business. Then go in with him and start the "AIR REPAIR" biz with a Ford Truck and you isntall HEPA FILTER on HEPA CENTRAL AIR SYSTEMS which cost 1000 and charge l0k to 20 k to each house owner for making his home pure with one day of work. SO, businesses that you can create and control. ONE IDEA but there are so many!

TWO, Although the real estate market hasn't really collapsed yet, you can BUY investment pieces of land that have very small mortgage payments, under l000$ a month and rent them out for 1100$

Keep the properties in a kind of silent trust so the IRS can't see that you are attached to them. Only one state has them, UTAH. It's called a CORPORATION. Walk the papers thru Salt Lake City Hall, 80$, and get an adressee in Utah. You can use Ken, the Bear, this paralegal I know who has a UTAH address or get your own. Find your COUSIN WINSTON.

Get a small piece of farm land in the countryside near your city.(l0k down) and create a farm, let your OTHER nephew live there, build his TEEPEE where he and his squaw will live.....create a huge orchard, a barn, chickens, goats. You will own it and it will be a safe way to get out of LA if L.A. goes into a RIOT condition or foodless condition. He pays YOUR MORTAGE off by growing strawberries. You give him the farm of his dreams, his wife and child back and you givehim a low rent not profiting on him being there. He's growing things, building, painting. HE GIVES YOU the monthly payment by growing berries. OR CHERRIES. Something costly. And when you earn some money with VEGIES/ FRUIT you get all kinds of TAX benefits from the government. YOu are allowed to have multiple dwellings on the land for agrarian workers. He can build villas to rent to rich city folk. Whatever. You need those fruit trees, avocados. Nuts. So get plenty of land for trees.

Buy it outright, CASH OUT, no interest, no bank. Or buy with a low down and make monthly payments, or, rather, let the poor relations make the monthly payments from the CHERRY SALES. Or buy it with A LAND CONTRACT. Usually you buy a house for 40 thousand, the bank ALSO comes out of it with 40 thousand. The house really cost you EIGHTY.

Look for a farm house which has been on the market for more than a year, something a real estate agent can spot on the computer. They ask the owner if they can buy the place with a 'land contract.' It's a kind of installment plan only the bank is left out of it. And so are all those piles of interest that double the price of every house. By the time you pay off any property over 20 years, the lender makes it cost twice what you think the house cost. And no one in your family needs the interest break on your taxes. That's the sad part. PEOPLE WHO ARE POOR pay twice as much for homes as they think they did. Bet you didn't know that, did you?

SO, with a LAND CONTRACT, the old owner retains title to the house until you've paid every drop. But you're not paying the bank an extra 50% a year. The old seller's property taxes stay the same (and that's nice as you're paying them now). You see, there's been no transfer. You, the new owner, get a signed quit claim deed from him which will become valid when you pay off a given sum, say his asking price. (You don't lowball a man who's going to give you his home) There's no transfer of title until it's paid off, so the old owner doesn't get a huge lump sum of capital gains on which he must pay income taxes.

You pay whatever monthly sum you can afford, maybe in cash payments to this old owner, which he doesn't even have to declare. You have your relations build barn, orchard, fields of corn, sell strawberries to the nearest city. Earn some money to pay the monthly payment. THIS HOME becomes valuable, it has good land. It has a well, lots of water. These guys do the work. The Nephew and his squaw and their work on the farm can pay the monthly payment, let's say it's 200$. HE pays it off over twenty years. If the OLD OWNER were to die while NEPH was paying the house off, you wouldn't have anything so what you do is, buy a term policy life insurance payable to his heirs.

If old owner dies, the life insurance pays a huge amount to his heirs and you get the house because that's stipulated in a contract he signed to you.

But here's the so bonus for him; his heirs do not have to pay any taxes on life insurance. They would have to pay it on any house they inherited. But not on this trade. So you see, as is true throughout nature, the most beautiful is the most economic and vice versa. A paralegal with brain impairment could make up the deal memo contract on one page. Wheel this baby out on the streets, you'll see it flies.

NEXT, do not be careless about owning a home in a big city and driving without car insurance and thinking that in a lawsuit, you can save that house. In a lawsuit they sell the property and you only get the small amount that you homesteaded. This HOMESTEAD law is not protection if the house is worth more than….well, in L.A where I live, it's something like 125k$ But it's different in every state.

If you don't invest well, you are going to be homeless in your old age, if you have children, your kids are going to be helpless in this future, modern life. They could NOT survive in today's economic climate without beaucoup bucks backing them up. Not if their only skills are waitressing and selling clothing and getting college skills is a bundle of money. How you gonna put them thru college if you're up to your nostrils in high rents?

You must wake up, force yourself to take ginseng, hawthorn, brain formulas with a gota kola base...and do so 2x a day and make a WARRIOR's effort here to see that your children get trained in real estate investment and you have TO YELL THEM INTO THE CLASSWORK. THEN YELL THEM INTO not wasting, or spending money but investing it smartly.

HAVING a rural property means 1.) you have a BACKUP POSITION IN CASE OF URBAN RIOTING, Y2k. They wil have food, a hiding place where firewood keeps them warm, a rifle and a mean dog buy them safety. 2.) countryside gets your kids to maybe one day widen their frontiers, be pioneers, move to a high growth cheap rural area, or even another state and find a better life IF THEY OPT TO, some distant day. You don't want these two in the city for life. They need a clean, gorgeous, straight country area. The city is cheesy, scuzzy and passe. Everyone here is either working at a business they hate OR DEPRESSED. Many are BOTH. Neither of these kids really is prepared to make a hit in show biz. Or to deal with the insanity of the city. 3.) ONE OUTTASTATE PIECE OF REAL ESTATE IN THEIR KIT starts them buying cheap real estate for resale. Because when they have a UTAH address, they are an anonymous land holding corporation.

You could even buy a 50 acre farm and break it into l0 homes and sell them to l0 city people and make l00 times their investment before the ink dries. Get them to take a month real estate course to become almost agents. BUT NOT GET THE LICENSE. Stay civilians. There are benefits to knowing it all but NOT being a house agent. They can better move around, unencumbered by regulations that bind agents to not do subdividing.

USE YOUR RELATIVES. You do wrong ignoring that aunt who sends the stupid Fruit Cake every Christmas. She's a geat lady, probably goodhearted and more importantly, has good credit. What do you say she uses her credit for a Fannie mae community loan, l0% down on a 4 unit bldg, bought just after a mini Crash when prices are low. Gov/Fannie Mae requires l0% downpayment in cash be VIEWED in someone's bank acct. They want to see tax forms proving that she or you or any other co-buyer you dig up paid IRS last April 15th. They also want to see cancelled checks proving what kind of rent you or they or your aunt can pay. SO each co buyers, co signers gets one spacious big apartment unit. A CONDO. Any units left over are sold to friends, or it could be strangers or let relatives rent some. A hearty, strong boy in a back unit sticks around a few years, making the building real terrific, does the garden, orchard for a rent break.  Many ways to do it. CHOOSE ONE.

ANY properties owned by relatives you've funded OR by a corporation you created are yours, the total equity. Regular Joe Relative may pay it off, or the carpenter relative, by paying rent or covering your mortgage payment, but it all belongs to you via a quit claim or to a corporation you create for yourself. Someone sues your Aunt relative for a traffic accident, no problem. She has a pre-dated quit claim that YOU own it. Someone sues you, there's a property in Auntie's name that they can't attach. OR, you put all properties in an anonymous Utah corporation. The Mormons have 'em. I have more files on that. SEE ANON UTAH CORP *BELOW it is one such title. How to buy land as an anonymous group of a few dozen families who share a farm with a big central house/kitchen and dozens of "WORKER ViLLAS"

Such a corporation can outlive the family. 100 years from now, your grand children are still renting and paying off these CORPORATIVE OWNED PROPERTIES. Nobody has to EVER pay HUGE MONTHLY SUMS EVERY THIRTY DAYS to enrich strangers overcharging for horrific rooms. All rent monies enrich a family corporation and enrich the family. IF my monthly payment instead of l000 were 350$, I could easily write books, paint, garden, do creative things. If your monthly payment were low, you wouldn't have to do that grusome work that tires you. Your children should never have to live like that. They won't if you a.) buy property and b.) leave it to them and c.) leave them knowledgeable about property and when they start to get a salary, co-sign and help them buy property.

There are all kinds of businesses you can help your kids start when they're young. They should learn how to earn money in heaps even as a kid, with things they can hustle to school mates, ---no not drugs, how about sewing? Or back massages? My gal pal Liz made so much money at college giving her great massages that she took off to India on spring break. Or a WEB SITE DESIGNING BUSINESS, or MESSENGERING, or A PHOTO STUDIO, shooting actors' head shots, that works well in my city.

Then, with all the kids working, the family gets its own, ANONYMOUS UTAH CORPORATION and makes a down payment (l0 or 20 k) for a good, cheap piece of rentable property, they should learn to put tenants in that property and SIT ON IT for a few decades and she will one day get all the down Paym'ts on property BACK...with 1500% increase, as the musician I mentioned did before he mortgaged, invested in a business he knew nothing about.

Where else but in real estate does money increase 15 times in a few decades? ONLY with property. Know anyone who did well in pizza parlors or stocks? No, but everyone you knew bought a house at 40k which became worth near a million.

And get an anonymous corporation and your estate will grow even while you or you battle the car accident lawsuits, while you battle the legal fights with people who get bit by your dogs, while you fight with IRS, YOUR ESTATE WILL GROW and be anonymously 'out there' with an anonymous board of people, which you can do in Utah. You want to become land rich. With close ties whose earning potential you trust making those mortage payments FOR YOU, you can do it. Your family members will just be glad they rent from YOU.

Don't we all have pretty solvent family members? Another possibility is that JOBLESS members of your family could run small businesses. I mentioned the idea of AIR REPAIR. Any boy could do it. That is NO COST TO START and such an idea TODAY can make one a millionaire.

Then, there's that kid who's good with his hands, give him a Property Management Biz, (he takes contracts, 200$ a month from a landlord as a retainer.. Another relative could run a Messenger Service: cellular phones, pick up, delivery in a small, fast car. Two drivers can make 300$ to 400 a day easy. One has to get contracts, visit small businesses that make deliveries, prestigious photo developers, architectural firms, ad agencies, photo finishers. MESSENGERING is much more lucrative than working in a store, or working as a waitress and more fun. So start HERMES MESSENGER INC. owned by YOU.

As for paying off the different loans on the properties? Those paym'ts can BE CASH that comes from your newphews, and your tenants' Messenger service or BAKED ENTREES AND DESSERTS DELIVERY, PLUS CATERING or THE VILLAGE Photog Studio. Or the Wedding Photog and Video Business or the WEB SITE DESIGN, COMPUTER study studio.

FAMILY MEMBERS as workers, shoving income into properties, family members as tenants and last, family members in business teaching relatives how to do similar work. Grandpa knows bricklaying, masonry. Granny sews, and auntie knits, crochets. Imagine  kids learning to shoot a camera, develop film, crop it, deliver it, kids getting an education from their siblings. One child living with the other as one of the wedding photog assistants that the PHOTOG employs running around a big wedding with video or cameras.

But the main thing is, the kids should take a real estate course right now, learning how to buy distressed properties. REOS. Learnin the Anonymous corporation gambit. Nevada is yesterday's news, only UTAH works today.

You could take advantage of the Low Income Community Loans that the Fannie Mae makes now, to get poor people to save their money IN PROPERTY so that when they get old, the STATE can take the property for MED-I-CARE. They don't like giving you medicare when there's no property. So that's the govm't agenda. Many of your l8-35 year old relatives have credit and could all buy property with a small cash down payment. As my rent is high, and one can prove they paid it, with cancelled checks, they can come in on the side, but if they have no history of paying income tax, they cannot come in as the main person on the paper.

The grandkids you will one day engender, though you don't know them, have merit and brains. The nephews you have now should not be ignored but should be incorporated. Have them STUDY books on gardening, landscaping, food growing and CORPORATIONS and real estate so all can understand how they can have a place in YOUR family real estate scheme. I know your plan is that only your own personal children have it all. Well, don't worry. A UTAH corp is untouchable upon your death. They'd have it all. They could send everyone else (the nephews) to HELL if they wanted. And evict them from the paid off bldgs, and SELL the bldgs.

There's no guarantee that five million dollars will make them fine people or even RICH. But with this group and its earning power, a five million dollar estate easily can be achieved, its existence never traced to any one person. THIS TAKES FOCUS. You cannot continue to eat meat and tea, meat and tea and wake up hung over and have caffeine and think you're going to be OK.

You one day will be heading into Cancer/Heart disease/ STROKE territory and then you're a vegetable and the MEDICARE system will drain your estate completely. 3000$ a week for an old age home will be paid by the gov taking your HOUSE! Say goodbye to your kids having ANY real estate and you could last in such a home A LONG TIME in your diapers, and comatose.....  so GET out of the city, live part time on a rural FARM. Get healthy now. There are certain foods that inhibit strokes, start eating them. You want focus? As I learned from the California Health food movement, Balance, JUDGEMENT & ENERGY come through a POWER DIET. If you make an effort to get on a LIVE diet, stay away from toxic JUNK FOOD, you'll dump this low energy lifestyle.

We've seen your family members, sated with beef and ice cream, sacked out on the couch,Pop asleep in front of TV, suffering, drowsy, bleary. EAT SALAD, VEGIES. Your ENERGY will DOUBLE & you will attract what you want. So, what is a good POWER DIET? I've knocked around long enough to know what the pro nutritionists of the CALIFORNIA movement teach all those movie stars who want to stay young forever. Eat LARGE salads made of organically grown vegies at lunch and dinner both. A LITTLE dead food is allowed with it. Just a tad. No toxic pesticide, no chemical fertilizers in growing them.

Read on this subject, STEINMAN's "POISONS IN OUR FOODS" says most super market produce has up to 40 different poisons on it. Organic vegies ALSO have l6 times the mineral content. EAT No concentrated carbs, (white bread, baked goods, ice cream, no sugar in any form, no packaged, canned 'inert' foods which clog, fill you so you don't eat the POWER FOODS that give ZIP. GET HOLD of the urge to eat empty calories. OR, mindlessly indulge in the IGNORANT habit of NOT investigating what foods GIVE real power. Most 20th century people are graveyards with legs, aging quicker than we should from eating cooked or denatured foods, eating corpses, I mean actual dead bodies, topping it off with sugar as dead bodies create SWEET-cravings, then for resulting fatigue, taking tea/coffee stimulants, and ending up having aging signs and lower energy than they'd wish, semi-ADDICTED to doing the whole process over and over again.

The time of your physical, mental, spiritual and economic blossoming has come. You want to get on the PATH? Diet is the Aladdin's lamp that gives you your wishes. Want to be positive and on top of it? Want to create your dreams coming true? Create CAUSES. DRIVE to Super Market once a week, shop for certain healthy foods you can get cheaper THERE. Then to Healthfood Store and get hard to find items. People always ask me, does one have to give up meat? NO, you can eat a few oz. of MEAT OR any cooked devitalized food as long as you do it along with raw, VITAL organic SALAD IN SAME MEAL. Meat will be CARRIED out of the body quickly by the raw food and won't rot as much. As things stand now you're only partially doing what you could be doing to be powerful, wealthy, joyful, talented, busy, with FULL ENERGY, ATTRACTING $$ by eating meals of SUPER POWER FOODS. The final touches are to totally AVOID empty HUNGER-STEALING calorie-fillers which can't be in the house. You know which those are. You have to have your FULL HUNGER for power foods. Who can eat a cuke with fresh basil if he's had a bowl of chips? On one level, even a wee junk SNACK is no good. It's getting in the WAY of what POWER FOODS you SHOULD have been eating that moment. So, when you want a snack, make it the POWER form of that food. Nuts untoasted. Sweets as raw fruit. When you eat flesh, remember, next day you're tired, MOODY, you don't know happiness, true energy and power. SOME meats, --babies that suffer like veal, lamb, even make you depressed. FISH makes you THIRSTY as they die desiring water. NEVER eat NITRATE DELI. Carcinogenic. All Flesh foods should be steamed, boiled, baked, never FRIED & always eaten wi. GREENS & real garlic in the olive oil. Keep oil in fridge full time. Avoid milk. Calcium is from romaine, raw spinach, fresh and frozen vegies, sprouted grain bread, cress, tofu, cage free eggs, SOBA noodles* (buckwheat)m millet, brown basmati rice, raw almonds and walnuts, sunflower seeds, never heated or fried; OLIVE OIL, dried unsulphured pears/apricots, popcorn, raisins, whole oats, raw cream, goat milk MILK w. no milk solids added; organic broccoli SESAME OIL Chile Sesame Oil for soba, unsalted butter (raw, organic is best, or turn sweet butter into GHEE, by simmering until you can skim and clarify it, garlic/onions, curry (powd/paste) NON-Preservative corn TORTILLAS, beans, cilantro, broccoli, organic, Free Range chickens/eggs, garlic, 100% apple juice, NOT concentrate, Grape/berry extract that you can put in water, FAMILIA cereal, TOFU spreads (like tofu 'egg' salad) mineral waters, FRUIT with no poisonous sprays on 'em; dried Shitake Mushrooms to use when you make cooked tofu, Chinese style; (fruit with skins we do eat like grapes, berries, apples, peaches are from healthfood store. Fruit that you can peel are from SUPER MARKET. No PASTA, margarine, no soft drinks. REAL JUICE or nothing. In Calif I am lucky lemons, oranges, grapefruits roll onto neighbors' lawns and they say 'take them away'. I add sugar and Water. USE EGGS MODERATELY: SOME TEXTS DO SAY: 1 egg has 4 times the cholesterol as a serving of genuine ice cream. Which would your rather dine on? You have to read a few books on this now. You need to visit a library and get books off the library's 612 and 613 shelf on holistic healing of the body with food choices!

You will want to get a few books from some other shelf, on real estate (Nickerson's "How I turned 5k into a million maybe findable at a thrift shop, not at at least under $300) and you need to make VOWS and keep them. You're sliding like an elephant on ice skates these last few years. I think the center of your problem is your diet. You have flour, milk, salt, sugar, caffeine fast foods and MEAT the SEVEN POISON groups and that's all you eat. That won't work. Make your dining table an altar. Don't say grace. Eat gracefully. All paths in life start with a VOW. Vow to do it. THEN DO IT! Be a real estate millionaire.

anita sands hernandez
                  hollywood author, researcher, mother of 4Our 'POSTER-BLOGGER' is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Writer, Researcher,  mother of 4, grandmother of 6, also a career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! FRUGAL LIFE STYLE TIPS,  HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also ARTISANRY FOR EXPORT, EARN EUROS....* Anita is at ). Get a 35$  natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic! No smarter reading out there anywhere near that price.










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