Or -- Love is everything (October 1994)

HOW TO BE LIKE JESUS CHRISTThe most important step toward living in the FIFTH DIMENSION or PERPETUAL "HIGH" is love. The most important step is unconditional love which comes from the expression of your real mind ---of your real mind --of the real mind of God, the whole mind of God, the mind of being, the mind of consciousness, the mind of the universal spirit the mind of the cosmic energy, the mind of the thing we can't describe, the indescribable thing which is yourself.


         And it's indescribable because it's the one who describes. The one who describes can't be described and so therefore in (all spiritual books) a place like Agape or in a place like the book I told you about called Dialogue on Awakening, or the book of mine that you are reading now, in one chapter at least. Here you will find the secret of life which is to only express love to everything and everybody on the planet, continuously 24 hours a day, in your sleep in your dreams, in your thoughts. In every waking moment, all you think about is love.

         And every other thought which is fear- generated you just flush and allow it to be and leave it alone. Don't let it touch you. Just stay with this mind of God, which only expresses itself. It's love, which creates peace and harmony and kindness and generosity and gratitude and trustworthiness and patience and tolerance and loyalty and an open mind.

         (Love those who have done you wrong.) Of course. I talk to Barry every day, didn’t I just shoot the B.B. King show with him? Do you think I have anything against him because he stole from me? I have only love for Barry. I have only love for Arnold who never repaid the 100 thousand. Every person that's ever beat me. What is that? Money? Is it about money? Life is not about money. Life is about love. Life is about generosity.

         The tragedy is that we don't see that we're immortal. To have immortality in the physical realm is the perfection and mastery of our own bodies and our own minds and our own emotions. And that's what we're here for.

         Why did we get inside of a body? Why did we take on this form? Because it was the place in which we could see in the demonstrated reality, ---(which is an illusion, because we created it as a transient, evanescent, ephemeral existence) ---and in this existence we have to see where the immortality is. Where the being is that has all the power. Then we can create bodies of strength that last hundreds of years without illness or decrepitude and we can actually get better as we get older, get younger as we get older, and those are the secrets that all the masters of wisdom have been trying to tell us.

         And the only big secret about it is love. Love and honor God, which is love. The only way to honor God is to know that he doesn't see anything negative in anything or anyone, ever. Now isn't that amazing. That's the reason why God can never alleviate suffering. He doesn't see any suffering. No, there isn't any suffering going on. The only suffering is an illusion that we create, that we're unwilling to stop lying about.  Yes we're unwilling to stop lying about it. We don't need to create that. There's no need to have all that suffering and hating in Bosnia, Haiti, Somalia or Ethiopia or in Mexico. What is it that's the suffering in those places? Not sharing, not loving. Not giving when they could be giving. What do we do with our money? Build defense, machines and weapons and send soldiers? We should be sending food and refrigerators and books and love, love, love, love.

         And it will all come now because of people who are the real people on this planet are going to inherit the earth. That's what Jesus said when he said the meek shall inherit the earth. It means he who is last shall be first. It means those people who don't have the voice will have the voice, those people who have never been listened to.

         And this is what we must put in our life. This is what we must put into words. This is what we put in our books. This is what we must put in our television shows. This is what we must put in our movies. I saw a movie called The Shaw shank Redemption. I saw a movie called Forrest Gump. But the two movies put side by side...Forest Gump is a superficial pretense about a very smart guy telling a phony story about an idiot. Shawshank is a real story because it's a story about human truth, love, real love ---a person who loved others from his heart. You love them both as theater, but I'm talking about truth. The message, Shawshank, yeah, the message. It's going to get it (the Oscar) because that's where we're going now. That's the new thing, not the common American no. But thank God, commonality is disappearing. And what's happening is that people are all waking up to the extraordinary possibility that we are all God. And that we have the same source of substance and knowledge and understanding that God has and all we have to do is give up the human mind and the human ego and in back of it, right underneath it, is this silent awareness, this consciousness that sees and knows that observes and feels. See, in our feelings is all the experience there is. Feelings create everything. Not Haiti's condition but the feelings we have. If our feelings were humane, if our feelings were love, if our feelings were giving and sympathetic and compassionate, then look what would happen in Haiti.

         See nothing could stand in the way of it being transformed in one day. In one day we could take all the bulldozers and all the beautiful trees and plants and seeds and send agricultural people and water experts and pollution experts. We don't do it for L.A. The homeless in L.A. and Santa Monica are just as destitute as the people in Haiti only the people in Haiti have a better climate and a cleaner ocean. So what's the joke? We're worrying about Haiti and South Africa when in Santa Monica the homeless are living tonight in cold rain and filth and no place to eat and no place to sleep and in the gutters. And in New York, 20,000 times worse, a city that doesn't care about the needles and the medical pollution that washes up on its beaches and that tell me you can't swim in New York. You can't go to Brooklyn and swim anymore.


We're in l994 and we're living in abject poverty of ignorance about the pollution that we could take care of in a minute. Well that's what the wake-up call is. That's the wake-up call. There's nothing wrong with that pollution, there's nothing wrong with poverty, there's nothing wrong with any of it. It's just stupid, egos that have allowed this to be a reality when in reality it's an illusion that was created by poverty consciousness. By a limited consciousness. By a misperception because if you have correct perception, you see you're the creator of all that is. When you see that you're the creator of all that is you change it from fat to thin, you change from ugly to beautiful, you change from polluted to clean. You change from disharmony to harmony, you change from unhappiness to happiness. No, Clinton's as big a problem as anyone. He eats McDonald's hamburgers and is against opening up the doors to Cuba and doesn't see the forest for the trees and wants national health care for everybody where everybody goes on the dole and everybody goes and gets antibiotics and everybody can get sick every day of the week. You see, it's stupid. We don't need national health care we need alternative health care. We need Deepak Chopra, Dr. Walker, meditation, the 7-day detoxification fast, we need all health, natural foods, we need no chemicals in our food, we need to throw out 90% of the foods in the super market, sugar, white flour, devitalized carbohydrates, rotted polluted worm parasitic meats and chickens that have leukemia. We need to throw all that out and the animals that are suffering in the world. Now, it's not a negative thing. It's just stupidity. It's just blindness. You know when you turn on the light, darkness disappears. Yeah, but you have to turn it on and how you turn it on is you take care of your body. You love, you think harmoniously, you only think in harmony. You never say negatives about anything including the way people eat. Doesn't matter how they eat. What matters is that they are loved and then they'll see what's the right course.

         It is so easy. Everything in the physical world comes from you, your thoughts your thought creates a feeling, your feelings create imaginations and visions and in that state of possibility, you can create anything. And then it outpictures itself in the hard physical world. That's why the physical world is only an effect. You must never deal in the effect. You must always stay with the cause. You are the cause of it. You can see yourself rich, poor, worried or absolutely at ease and successful. You can see yourself with the best house, the best things around you, you can see that for everybody in the world, you can see that for the whole planet. You can see it for the whole universe. That's what we need to do. We have been under the burden of misperception, thinking in negative form. Never do that. Never.

         Never fear that you are not good enough. You've always been good enough. You are talented, you are beautiful, you are successful. All of those things are in you as a potential feeling. As a potential thinking apparatus, as a potential visioning outpicturing process. Anything else (that inner failure yammer, that dialogue, that negative conversation) to the contrary is fear, based on some erroneous perception about who you are and what the world's made up of. Give up the erroneous perception. There is nothing in there but beauty and nothing out there but the world of beauty, flowers, trees, plants which was all created from pure thought, pure imagination and pure feeling.

         You must stop the diaharea of your mind and start the diaharrea of your colon so you can cleanse out the toxins and stop putting them into your brain. The diaharrea of the mind an eye talking to itself is just a victim producer. A fucking nutcase that keeps talking to itself producing nothing but stress. Read, relax, enjoy do a lot of deep breathing and don't worry about anything. You're in the hands of God.

         There's only one thing in the universe that's real. And that is love which produces peace and harmony and understanding and compassion and giving and being perfectly in harmony with yourself with everybody. Now, the misperception that we have is that there's something else other than love, like it's hard to do, like I can't quit drinking, I can't quit smoking. I was betrayed my father abandoned me and blah blah blah. Those are all misperceptions of the truth because the truth is, whatever is going on in the universe, in your world and in any way, shape or form is love and the misperception is that there's something else and what you need to know is practice this thing called love. If you wanted to quit smoking you would see that a form of love would be abstinence, because what you really want is not to smoke and not to drink. What you really want is to be powerful. What you really want is to have control, what you really want is to have a great life and take care of yourself and give this love to your self and everyone else. And that's the bottom line truth.

         I can repeat these words perfectly clearly and tell them to you because I know them and have lived them and practiced them every day of my life. Now, for you to live those words and have them perfectly clear you must take up the mission or the work or the books and the practice of repeating and learning those words and learning those ways and practicing and repeating them and practicing every day of your life. See, it's not just seeing and hearing these words once. If this were a book you were hearing, rather than a conversation, you would take that book and read it and then you'd say yes, and then the next day, you'd have to go back and read it  again and read it again and read it again. That's what's great about a great book or a great seminar that you have on tape. Or anything like that.

         What you do now is to become conscious of the misperceptions that you have lived by which are all these things about ---there's chaos, there's betrayal, there's negativity---you just don't pay attention to that and you accentuate the positive which is only love and you see that love produces itself in conscious awareness of what you want to do. Hate is only a misperception and a wrong. You can't get it out. You can just not pay attention to it. It was a mistake and a misperception that created you hating whatever you hate. So now, the only thing that's real is love. The only thing that's real is love. So love, love, love will dispel any hate.

         An affirmation is to affirm something, to say 'this is real, this is what I want to be, this is right, this is what I want to have. This is what I affirm." So the affirmation of the disciple goes like this. "The sons of man are one and I am one with them. I seek to love, not hate. I seek to serve and not exact to service. I seek to heal not hurt. Let pain bring its due reward of light and love." (Light always means knowledge, wisdom, understanding, insight, enlightenment, right? So it says "let pain bring its due reward of light and love and see the love that underlies the happenings of the times. Let vision come and insight." When you're able to listen in a way in which you take things in. So it says, "let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate" --in other words inner harmony inside yourself, be in harmony, be meditative, be quiet, be silent. "Let inner union demonstrate and outer conflicts,"--- anything that's conflicting or chaotic in your life---"let outer conflicts be gone." And the final line of the affirmation says "let love prevail. Let all men love."

         The only difficulty there is..is that we don't slow down and stop look and listen at all times in the meditative way to let life in so that we can be conscious of these truths.

         It means, when you say 'before I was different and now I'm the same." It means that you've constantly been changing and been a different personality and being a different emotion every minute and now you're the same, means you're going to have a stable emotion you're going to be absolutely sober and clean all the time because your awareness is going to be the same. Your consciousness is going to be the same. Your acute being awake and alive and enlightened is going to be the same. And you're going to be aware to be love and love will always be the same, pure love which means I am one with you. I and my father are one. There is only one thing in the universe. Love. I am one with God. God is my source. I am the mind of God. The mind of God is my mind. I will only be Godly and loving. That's when you'll be the same all the time and you'll be equanimous. In other words, you'll be in harmony and balance and create peace all the time. So the admonition, in other words, the caution to you, is..whatever doesn't create peace, stop it. And whatever creates peace, do it. OK? Whatever creates peace do it. Whatever does not create peace, drop it! One more time. So whatever you do from this moment forward for the rest of your life, know that love is the only reality and whatever you do, make sure it creates peace. If it isn't creating peace, catch yourself in the moment that you're talking to your child or your wife or your mother or your friends or anybody in the world and see I'm not creating peace, stop. And create peace.

         So that's the biggest gift I can give you. And what you can do with this gift is to be free of your addictions to the things that are keeping you locked into a way of being in which you are reactionary. In which you are a button pusher and you are a button that is allowed to be pushed.

         The day when you love yourself, which is the only important thing, because if you don't love yourself you will always be in chaos or controversy or conflict with something else. The day you love yourself, you will stop doing things that do not create peace for yourself. Now, so far, drinking and smoking you thought created peace but they don't because it's the down side that is the bad part. The momentary high is the peace but then, in its wake comes chaos. The only peace there is is the peace that you already are, that you are born with, that you're already always have been which is what I mean by 'before you were different and now you're the same.' You've always been that same thing, that peaceful thing and you don't need any substance to get there. You need to have nothing and when you're nothing and you're just completely meditative and silent then you know you're there.

         So we're going to change your way of. .your anatomy of speaking. Every time you say something negative in the present tense, you're going to catch yourself and remind yourself to never say anything negative about yourself or anybody else in the present tense, because it doesn't create peace. So when you say it's very hard, you say it's very easy. Say the opposite. You say you can't do this? You say I can do this. Oh, I could never give up drinking, maybe ' you say. 'I could easily give up drinking and I always will." You see, so say the opposite. Right now. What's the opposite? See, life is a game, the mind is the game, words are a game, actions are a game, relationships are a game, living on this planet in a physical body is a game. Now, are you going to play the game to have fun and win and produce the results you want or are you going to be a complainer and negative and lose?

         Do you want to win the game? You win the game by always saying the positive and eliminating the negative. Say the opposite. All the time I'm here. Share this knowledge and wisdom and understanding with your family. Share it. And whenever you have a tendency to say something negative 'I can't, it's hard' say the opposite and only come from absolute unconditional love.

         The thing that you're not doing is that you're not separating the apples from the oranges. And here's what I mean. You must see the physical universe, this material universe, in one way and its limitations and what it is as a creation and you must see the non-physical universe which is where you live and have your being and is unlimited and is perfect. The physical universe is limited and limiting and imperfect because the only perfection that exists is that which does not have form. Because that's where the power is, that's where the creator is, that's where the potential is and that's from where all things come and have their being and have their existence. And we confuse these apples and oranges as if there were a way of making them look like there was an absolute perfect way of knowing each of them. They have to be known in their own domain. So the physical realm, the material realm, the planet, the universe, the space, the whole thing that we observe as if it were real --is not real. There's nothing real about this planet or this table or your body or your ideas or your thoughts, your feelings in the ultimate sense of reality. The ultimate sense of reality is that they were creations --the body, the planets, the stars and the space, time and your thoughts and your feelings and your ideas and your reactions and your actions every minute are nothing but creations and creations can never be the reality. The reality is always the one, the being, the energy, the force the one behind that which created all that. Distinctions are a matter of becoming conscious of how the thing works and what you are in it and then you are able to function, really, as a true creator and a true being in complete awareness and balance so that there are no more questions, there are only insights. There's only conscious awareness and insights and vision about what it's all about.      


STUDENT: I'm looking for a way of translating this into today's world. I am involved in a multi-level business. The trainer, in her introduction, said that before we become successful insurance brokers, one has to know what he needs. What qualities, information, communication, know about the product. You must  read about it, be trained so you have to go a 52 hour training and rehearse to know. So, are you saying that the same laws apply to anything that you want to do or develop? It's like awareness is the consequence of where you're at at a certain moment, and to get to that place and that moment, you work for it. It's acquired?

JULES: Let's cut to the quick ..this thing about love. The reason that love becomes the basis of reality is because beyond all of the analysis and questions, you get to a place of just insight, awareness, consciousness of the ultimate truths is that formlessness is our true state of being. Who we are is formless. Who we are is no thing. Who we are is being. What is being? Being is the same whether it's in a tree or a piece of furniture or in your body, or in Abraham Lincoln's body or Jesus' body. It's that being that formless consciousness which is extant in everything in the universe, whether it's an ant or a tree or a bee or you or me. And that's what's happening. And when you see that, that that consciousness, that God exists within everything as the formless observer being creator that it is that you are that I am that we are, then you see that there is only one possibility of expression. The only expression that can come from that is knowledge, that distinction of reality is love. What kind of love? All kinds of love. The perfect expression of love and the way it should be expressed in any moment according to the circumstance.

STUDENT: That happens to me and my wife. The other things are like the story, the tale, and then in a moment, we both stop and fall into love. We say I love you, or show our love one way or another. And a smile comes in. My daughter is very special. It's hard for her to get angry. Even when she tries to fake that she is angry within seconds the angel is back.

JULES: Yes, you see, children can't experience the illusion like we do. We make the illusion real. Children live as if it were all illusion. Everything is play. Everything is pretend. But behind it, they know they're just enjoying the pretend. So that's what the world is about.

STUDENT-We forget at one point that we were pretending.


JULES: Yes, It's not only that we were pretending, but that it is pretend. Now we pretend to have a family, a house, a car, and a job and a business and money and blah blah blah.

STUDENT: Or the opposite, pretending that one doesn't have the money.

JULES-  And it's not pretending. The pretend is the illusion that this table and this car and the money and our life is real. That's the illusion. The fact is that the truth about that is that it is a creation of ours. And creations of ours are illusions in the sense that they are never static. They change constantly. They're either becoming older or younger, they're becoming constructively better or they're in entropy, they're dying. Or they're changing, shifting. The atoms are constantly moving, but the essence of it was the essence that was given them by the creator. This table is made up of all kinds of elements of nature but we gave it its essence by polishing glass and making the wood frame and putting it together. It's my creation. It's your creation, it's her creation, it's God's creation. And the whole universe is made out of that energy. Therefore, there's only one energy and it's in everything and it's everywhere. And it's infinite and infinite does not signify limitation. Infinite does not signify an end or a beginning. Infinite does not even signify form. When something is infinite, there is no form to it. Because if it had form it would have dimension and it would have limitation and it would not be infinite. Any word called omnipresent, omniscience, infinite, describes that which has no form. They describe that which is indescribable because you can only describe that which has form. You can't describe something that doesn't have form. When you say formless, that's a description of something you can't describe. So that's the Catch 22 of language. We have to see that language was created as a way of expressing ourselves as best we could until we get to the point where we don't need language, and we see beyond language and we know the truth of the oneness of all the universe.

STUDENT: Until the 60's, I thought if you couldn't measure it, it didn't exist.

JULES: Well that's while you were a common man but you see the extraordinary man, the master, the God, they know. And they've always known. When Man fell from grace in the garden of Eden, when you ate of the apple of Good and Evil, he decided that he needed to know and have parameters for everything and definitions for everything. You created all the limitations for yourself instead of seeing that yes, the description of the cup is important, the measurements, and the ability to create a table or musical score or whatever it was, --was important but it was the infinite creator that was observing and creating the measurements and the limitations of that particular form, that creation, that object.

STUDENT- Within the same context, even the behavior of Adam and Eve was created and predetermined by God.

JULES-Not predetermined. That behavior was created by a mind that was limited to limitations. That did not make the distinction. God is the being who is beyond that kind of limited thinking.

STUDENT- But he allowed it.

JULES Forget about allowing. There is nothing that is not allowed in the universe. It's a free will universe. That's the way it is. It's the reality. The context.

STUDENT - Like gravity.

JULES - Gravity exists in its own domain and reality. It's related to bodies and objects. There's no gravity for your being. You can fly up and out. You can do anything you want with a being because there's no gravity. Gravity only applies to things in a three dimensional world. We're moving to 4th dimensional consciousness. It's to lose consciousness that we are three dimensions. When you lose the consciousness that you are three dimensions and limited and you look at life as if it were object oriented, that you are bound by thoughts, which are objects in themselves, in a domain called idea/thoughts/concepts. They also have perimeters and parameters and limitations. So what are we getting to? What we're getting to is the unlimitedness, the perfection, and absolute, infinite being of God which is in the tree, which is in everything. And what is this thing that is in everything? The only way we can know it is to know that it is me.  When you start to look you see yourself as creator, not yourself as body not yourself as mind, not me as thought, not me as body, not 'me' as ideas or concepts. But Me as creator. No thought.  The creator has no thought, no ideas, no concepts, no body, nothing. It creates all those ‘somethings’. Now, this is academic. This is called the Perennial Philosophy as Aldous Huxley said. This is every tradition but it keeps on being stated over and over again and so people to seem to not want to see how clear it is, that there's only one thing to do. That's the rub. That's the controversy. That's the enigma, the paradox. The paradox is there's only one thing to do, and that is to create absolute unconditional, perfect magical beautiful loving, loving, loving kindness, lovingness, toward everything and everybody in the universe. So that means unselfishness and tolerance and patience and generosity and joy and trustworthiness.

STUDENT- If you look at the opposite of each one of them it will make it a lot easier for the listener to understand. Like if you say 'selflessness.' The opposite is being a martyr, a heavy self.

JULES-And Jesus explained very well in the book that he could not go on the cross to be a martyr and he didn't even get up there on the cross because he said he was going to teach people a lesson, or to show people that death didn't exist. He didn't do it for any of those reasons. He allowed himself to be put on the cross because he couldn't tell anything but the truth when he was asked. Somebody asked him a question; they said are you the son of God. He has to say yes. And also, you are the son of God, and all of you are the sons of God which is what his answer was. And they're saying 'you're a blasphemer, a betrayer of God because God is God and we are not the sons of God. So do you want to admit that you're not the son of God? We won't put you on the cross. And he said, "I can't say that, because I am the son of God and you are the son of God," and they said o.k. up you go.

STUDENT I understand that once he reincarnated, or resurrected, he went to a town and he told them 'you can be like I am.'

JULES- You can believe and know that there isn't any death and that there is only consciousness and that consciousness can create forms and can even appear before you.

STUDENT But from the misperception of that statement the church established that you can be like God when you die. And the thing is to be like God when you are here.

JULES- All the misperceptions are what keep us locked in to any form of unhappiness, to conflict, to controversy in our relationships...preventing us from having things happen with our close ties and friends that are consistent with perfection, joy happiness peace and love as Jesus said in the Dialogue on Awakening, in the first chapter about awakening, and the second chapter is about choosing peace. Why does he say choose peace? Because if you at every moment of your life, no matter what's going on, choose peace, what will happen. You will be choosing love, first of all because to chose peace means to choose love. Because to create peace you have to have love.

STUDENT: Have you ever wanted to die?

JULES: Only when I was living in my pain and ego. Because when you're not living in pain and ego and when you're living in selflessness and joy and understanding of love, there isn't any death and there's no death possible. You cannot kill yourself.How can you die? You can't die. The other side of the garbage is, if you did commit suicide---you'd be out there lamenting the fact you missed so much work you could have done for the planet, rue-ing the fact you selfishly LEFT THE PARTY early.

(tape ends)


                                             SEPARATE TALK Oct 23rd 1994

STUDENT- I work on a psychic hot line. I hear from thousands of people who are absolutely stuck in mundane, unimaginative, impoverished lives of desperation. What would you tell such people?

JULES- That they should realize that they are God in the matter, and  if they believe that, their life will improve. If you don't improve each day of your life you will not even sustain the level that you currently enjoy. It will disintegrate. Faith in your own powers to create improvement is the only way to sustain the level so that the future stays lucrative and successful. Success means not remaining the same. Success is an eternal up-spiraling toward more and more perfection. As Werner Erhard  said, "I do not fear things getting worse. What I'm really concerned about is that they will go on remaining the same." That's the disaster of common society today. People are remaining the same, watching the t.v. watching the same tragic news unfold day after day year after year, eating the same junk food, having the same negative reactions and relationships with those around them. You can see things totally disintegrate into tragedy from things remaining the same. Probably even Van Gogh and many other great artists who died without truly suffering ecstasy suffered from this malaise.

         The only way to avoid sadness, loneliness and pain and the punishment that we inflict on ourselves for it is to give up all thoughts except one thought that is from the mind of GOD. The question is what would God do think say and be in all situations. CAN WE IMAGINE WHAT GOD WOULD DO? Not only can we imagine it but as our true state of being has always been and always be the state of being called "the mind of God, One with the Father, The real self, the holy spirit, the soul is the very unconsciousness of God's being which is extant throughout everything and everyone in the infinite and eternal universe. so the simple answer is you are God. When the real self talks it talks about enlightenment, personal revelations and when someone hears that they see you as wise. Distinction is that which is born of self conscious thoughts and any identification of yourself as X,Y or Z is not it. The distinction between self and no self which is also the distinction between separateness from God and being one with God. .looks like need and no-need, fear or no fear, selflessness and selfishness. We can only point at the truth with language. It is not the truth. You can't have the truth in words. They are only metaphors pointing at the truth, so we keep making the distinctions in words, describing states of being that occur.. those that are not of God and those that are of God. The whole material, manifested world is not God, it's just a creation. Nothing wrong with the creation but we have to make the distinction who created it. The who behind the thoughts and the ideas and the beliefs and the analysis and understanding behind that is nothing but a formless being forever still and silent, observing and creating in a moment of thought or speech everything that exists. The act of artistic creation--first silent, then meditative then creative, is an exact replica and analogy of the operational principles that we call creation.

         When one is a spectator without knowing their true state which is being creative, they are living in a world of sleep, darkness or illusion ---locked into the way they think it is.

         When one allows themselves to be seen and then to see what others see ---to be able to see for yourself what it is that they see allows you to correct your defects if you will. The illusion, sleep and darkness that we talk about doesn't really exist. The truth is that there is only light. Defending this kind of act is being in denial. Being enlightened is seeing your actions, dropping the denial and correcting them through awareness. They are afraid to confront. That fear is an illusion. Fear includes something to fear, something to have anxiety about. Drop the fear you can solve the problem. Be busy producing results. There are no results present at that time, but being busy, occupied, involved with creativity, you are dropping the fear. The fear of not being a piano player isn't present when you're practicing piano. Say you're in poverty. You should immediately occupy yourself with some activity, just going out and cleaning somebody's house. When you're working you can't worry about not having money to pay the phone bill because you're doing something creative that's fixing it. Money worries are the consequence of being an inactive spectator, sitting around waiting for something to happen and in the meantime you are totally preoccupied with the fear that you're not going to be able to take care of the thing that is creating your anxiety in the firstplace... the fact that you don't have the money for the rent. It's a vicious circle with a catch 22. The only way out is to be a creator of activity that takes your mind off the fear.

         Say you have a terrible relationship with a close tie. That afternoon your friend comes, drives you to the airport and takes you to Acapulco. The relationship that was so horrible is gone. You're in ecstasy. But say that doesn’t happen. Say you’re stuck at home? HOW DO YOU GET TO ACAPULCO? Just go scrub the patio tiles. You've got sun and water, you are getting exercise and getting tan. Step in the tub and it's better than Acapulco.  Just forget the lacks, the betrayal and what was pressuring you and you stop the negative inner yammer of conversation and a.) you won’t pay a worker to do it, you’ll save a ton, and b.) the work will pay for not only your own trip to Acapulco but also your bills. Then while you are brushing the tiles -- envision what you really want: To be in the real Acapulco with lots of money. It will happen. You will automatically go there. HOW does God make the magical menu choice come true? The only thing not to forget is that You are God. Every wise being or teacher has always said that. You are one with the Father. The truth is what is obvious. What is obvious is that everything is one, whole unified and synchronized. Fragmentation is an illusion we create with the opposite assumption --that we are not one with the father. The reason we created the ego illusion was to replace God because we thought we didn't have God in our life. Remember, the ego has only one function-- to self destruct, because its only purpose is to kill your real self. Because the truth is, you are going to kill the ego when you discover that who you really are is the whole thing. The ego always lives in denial, mistrust, separation, selfishness, lies, acquisitiveness, greed, need and the horrible karmic result of such a way of being is entropy, destruction and death. "I created the ego because I forgot that I was God." So, there is nothing but love since everything is one. The real gift is to believe it. You hear these words, I am God, but you gotta believe it. It doesn't have any power unless you really believe you are God.