Look at your life. Look around you at those people. What if God all of a sudden peeked out from behind a curtain and called your name and said "pssssst, this is all a dream. Don't get so involved." Mind blowing,right?

Well, that's really how it is. "Row Row row your boat, merrily down the stream, life is but a dream."

There's nothing in the dream that's real, except The One who is creating the dream. The reason it's a dream is because there's a distinction between Creation and Creator. Creations are not real; they are just the projections. They are the Creation in a material world achieved or done by a Creator.

A creator is invisible. That's the only reality there is in the universe. And guess what. YOU ARE THE CREATOR and you're one with God. Everyone is a Creator. Everyone is God. They live in a domain that is not separate. It's whole, it's inseparable and everything else whether you see the glass, the chair, dish or radio, or a person like you or a relationship or what you do or what's been done in the past, present or future, is all a created thing and it's what we call the illusion or the dream.

It's not that it's not real. It's as real as this conversation. That's how real it is, but as soon as the words go out of my mouth they're gone. As soon as you create a glass, a table or a chair the creative burst is over with, and the article lasts for a few years but basically it's over. It's complete. You said those words, spoke it into creation and it's over.

What remains is The Observer, the Creator of the words, the user, the experiencer, the feeler, the seer, the knower of the words. The real you.

You maybe have never made this fundamental distinction about reality -- Here it is. Only that one Being exists and that One Being is the mind of God. It  is whole -- it is one with source, is one with everything and everybody.

Creative people somehow KNOW that fact. Jesus, Buddha, Christ and Krishna knew it and when they spoke, shivers went down people's spines as they spoke out of that knowledge. Mother God or  Father God, this invisible self, that exists as the avatar and you and me is all one. Infinite and universal. Implied in that is that death cannot end you. And nobody else can run you. You don't need anybody else, any one person, to be happy, because you're way beyond little things like that.

The things that you see, the planet, sun, stars, galaxies, the sky, moon clouds and everything created on this planet are nothing but our works, our dreams, that have nothing whatsoever except a temporary existence that we keep altering and changing according to what we want to experience. "All your loves have come and gone but I will always be."

You hear this and read it over and over in books. It's been metaphysically given to us for thousands of years because it's our true being. We've always known this. The question is when are we, when am I going to be it? And when you be it, you kill the other side of you, which is the side of you that thought a.) that YOU were your body. B.) You thought YOU were your thoughts and ideas. C.) You thought YOU were rich, poor, young, old, talented, beautiful. Or Ugly.

If you thought that any of those things were you, you were living in the dream and illusion of an ego that was created to replace God because you never thought that you were God or had God in your life. But now that you know that you have God in your life, -- now that you know that you are One with God, that you are God, then you're going to dump this ego which created all these illusions about who you were, and dump it forever.

What does your current thought system say about you, the finite you? What limits did you create for yourself with your mind. I can imagine. I haven't enough money to become Donald Trump. Hey, Leonardo Da Vinci was born poor but it didn't stop him. Or you think 'I haven't enough looks'. Dustin Hoffman never let that borrow him. Or not enough brains. Einstein got straight D's in school!

Practice not going into limited think, into survival thinking, practice not keeping score. Practice not worrying about your relationships, because it keeps you bummed. Your mind-ego is your worst enemy. It will cut off your legs and tear out your heart.

Rather, speak the truth to everyone in a way that is loving, kind and honest. If you can't, don't say anything. Never cut anybody down. Never assist them in seeing their limits. The world will be a better place if you keep your negative limited opinion to yourself. Let them dream that they are God because, hey, they might be right.

On the other hand learn to recognize who's who. When you see a fool who's asleep and in the negative dream of his own mind, keep in mind, 'that person is a loose cannon right now, how can I help them to wake up?"

Mostly I find myself operating in pessemism. I don't cut them the God-Swath I ought to cut them. I'm generally meeting this new friend or worker and I am frankly  expecting somebody who is living in their ego, who does not see the truth, who is completely into survival, who has not chosen to have the mind of God and who will not be completely operating out of love as an expression of that. I even find myself expecting something from that person. And then getting angry when he can't deliver the goods, either in conversation or work or friendship. I have found that often you can expect nothing from them except what they are.

Because you see that people are the way they are and there's nothing you can do about the fact that they don't live in the open mind, the complete mind of God. They're not living in love.

Now here's what's interesting. There is a remedy. What you do to have them be wonderful is to treat them with this GOD way of being. Your job is to give unconditional love, complete peace, create peace and make sure that they see you as a loving being and that you see them, as a loving being.

Sure, you meet this egoistic pup but adopt this Fatherly way of seeing. God looks at his child and sees perfection. God beams with pride at his charges so you start to see them as a totally loving being. See beyond their faults, their studied rap, their celeb patter, their falseness and the insecurities that caused them to mimic celeb-speak in the first place out of a desire to be 'kewl.'

Probe, ask questions, get them to reveal their genuine, hidden authenticity and greatness. Don't put up with anything else. Even if they're rapping away with this boring little trivial patter of nonsequiteurs, stick the probing fork in the roast and see where it bleeds, where it's alive and uncooked, and tender. And real.

They will break down and talk from their heart and realize that you're questioning from the heart and surprise! You actually are interested in them and they will realize that they are being loved. I don't mean you should flatter them. Heck no.Show them how they are, how self interested, greedy, stupid. If your mirroring and truth hits them like a slap and they get irate and they don't allow you to mirror their petty habits, just walk out and say 'I will love you forever'.

If someone doesn't want you to tell him or her about themselves, you just love them. Some people want to be told. They know what a place you're in and what a place you're coming from, humor and affection, Absolutely loving them.

They will let you into their head. You can be a mirror for them and create miracles.

That's what we're going to do, that's the new game, the only game in town. Every day things are not the same. Every day we are going to impress our close ties with this game, as each one capitulates to the mind of God. We're going to fall into the sublime ecstasy of God's love.

Wonderful ecstasy will occur when you give up everything of the past, every story, every BELIEF, every negative thing that ever happened to you, every judgement of your self and others, the complaints, all the mental ticker tape you have going which shows up in your dreams, your speech, your mind and if you're not careful, in your reality! All those daily cares that you think are problems are like invading soldiers.

To fight them off, rather to not have a war, to make them disappear, focus your attention on peace, love, selflessness, compassion for the jerks around you who are still waking up. Concentrate on being grateful for your own knowing who you really are. And Grateful for the serenity and beauty of your life. For the tidy, empty mind that allows you to create in reality as if it were a big cartoon and you had dozens of paintbrushes.

In that state of creative peace, all will come to you. That's what 'seek ye first the kingdom of righteousness and all else will be added unto you' really means. But if you start by letting all those invading soldiers of thoughts into your mind, thinking of the "everything else," that's already inside the painted cartoon that your earlier state of being created for you......then, you're screwed.

Back to the insane people who show up in your painted cartoon. When you can't tell the facts to someone, about their 'stuff', their 'baggage,' ---if they don't give you permission, ---you say 'look, I love you completely, there's only love and God. I'm living in that space. I only want to create peace with you. Please, seek whatever you can do to change those things, which are creating no peace.' They will look at you queerly. Then lay this final thought on them. "For as long as you have stress in your reality, the world will live in stress. That genocide in Africa? In Iraq? In Washington? That paranoia, that harm? It starts here." And touch your heart, and then touch their heart.

Learn the right way of speaking. That will create peace for you. And Peace is contagious. You want to infect all the loonies in your life with that peaceful viewpoint.

YOu want to realize how absolutely Godly it is, how incredibly loving it is for you to be in an upset and in the next minute, to come back, with no upset, only complete equanimity, and loving and giving to that person.

CHERISH the brouhaha! How wonderful, when you are totally screwed up, deranged, and totally in your ego and survival, and the next moment you self remember,-- that is the word Gurdgieff used, and you see your current activity as being dumb, superficial or negative,and then you go below deck and see yourself as being open and selfless and empowered, and your wick lit and on a mission and sacrificing and giving. When you didn't think you could DO. ANY CHORE. Men pick up Cadillacs when a wheel rests on a kid they love. It's been known to happen!

That's right. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. That is the job. That's what happens to a person who's in transformation. That's what happens the moment you say 'I will do what the teachings say. I will eat the orange to have energy. I will go to the yoga class. I will do what Jesus is instructing me to do, I will be what the 'Dialogue on Awakening' has inspired me to be. I will listen to what this truth is that's being presented to me.

Your entire life is based on finding this time in your life. It took this many years for you to reach the thing you wanted. The very things that you asked to accomplish in this life, wanted before you were born ... to find the truth, to live it, to help others, to be living in peace is here, now in spite of---in the face of-- cash and clock adversity and people's egos.

There's only one way for you ever to live on this planet in this dream, that is ... to see how you can experience The Holy Fire. I refer to some fever pitch moment of great love. That is the kindling. Whether for a person you support, a child, a mate, a teacher who's work you carry on or a message in your own art. You feel that flash of love and respect. That is what I call the Divine SPARK. The Holy Fire.

THe spark is so enrapturing that you just float right up and out of your former self. You leave your ego. You walk away from the MOVIE OF SELF. And you are totally fired up and dedicated to serving an idea or a path or another person. You life the Cadillac.

I mean, you could weep from how much you adore them. Your soul has been touched. Hey, just because it hasn't happened to you in memory doesn't mean it can't happen. It could happen tonight when you're watching one of those Starvation Commercials, 'send money to Africa this child is emaciated. '  Whooosh! The spark ignites. Or when you remember your beloved teacher who died. Many of us have the good karma to absolutely adore and respect our teacher! That ignites a soul. Or some people get the spark off JESUS. God bless'em. Or the Mohammadens get the spark off THE PURE LIFE that Mohammed recommended. They watch Desperate Housewives, see the smut and want to burn America down. Or you feel the spark for your helpless pregnant wife and child and you just love them so much that there's no more you, only the desire to serve their needs or that teacher's vision. The spark immolated you.

So the Magic Spark happens, What happens next? Then you vow to do the work. The art, the labor, the teaching, and then, you experience that integration or oneness, which Gurdgieff called self-remembering, but I describe it as a condition of FOCUSED SACRIFICE for something outside yourself. I ascribe this focus to knowing that you a.) care, and b.) are GOD and c.) you can create miracles.

You can do things you never thought possible! That magic, the Miracle. And out of this epiphany moment, you go beyond all your usual limits. You are in total peace but also on fire and in a state of delight because the CREATION is right in front of you, as a reality. And you FOCUS on your work of creating. And doors open. Miracles happen. You finally get the work right. Soon it's there in reality.

And when you learn how to achieve that soul focus, you do it several times a day every day. YOu wake up and you sit and you concentrate on those things that ignited your spark, that photo, that African starving child, or your wife and kid or your beloved guru who died midway through the mission, and your heart nearly bursts.

You can feel a weeping of love outpouring and see your ordinary self recognizing that this job is sacred. And it bubbles up and your skin goosefleshes. And you have eaten the holy wafer, and you are one with God. That is what any spark ritual does. It allows you to escape the limits of your own skin and be one with the Supreme one. Boy, when you start your work day on that tone, you can leap fences! Lemme tell you!

JULES: (reading) "There are many facets of love and we are blessed with an abundant supply. The more I love, the more love I have to give and hence the more I receive. What has increased with my deeper spiritual growth is the amount of unconditional love that I am able to receive and give. How liberating it is to know that God loves me in all ways, always.

"I don't need to earn God's love, respect or attention. Everything I could ever want or need is provided. God has given me the kingdom and the keys too. Divine love comes in a myriad of packages and is a gift beyond measure. Divine love is there always, unconditionally, and once we open, we become open to it. We find it expresses everywhere. It is not just the love of one soul for another, or the love written about in books. It is the real, tangible expression of God that never ends. Not even with the illusion of death. How comforting to know that no matter what, divine love is there for us. Our only task is just to accept it. I rejoice in the kingdom that has been given to me. I rejoice in the omnipresence of divine love. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and ability to accept for myself, God's divine love, in all ways, always. "

The Highway of life is littered with unattractive, stinking garbage. Don't let it distract you. What somebody said or did, or how they screwed you over, or the limited way your people gave to you ....or how they react now ... the world's sad story always comes from a lack of love, and it's always coming from a cry for love. Every time you see an angry person, it's a cry for love.

You can't immediately see that. You only see a screaming mimi or a cruel, nasty, power-mad tyrant. But trust me, their heart was once soft and it was broken by somebody. They are hurting. That's why they are acting angry all the time.

Respond with the answer to that call. Know that angry person is calling out for love, so constantly reinforce, 'I love you, God loves you. Know that you're surrounded by the love of God and all his goodness is right there.'
Of course you can't say that outright. But you may say it with a warm nod when they're rudely ordering you about. 'Si, mi General." or "Done deal, sir." Just that light touch of efficiency and cooperation so they see that you don't judge them for being a Saddam Hussein or Hitler. That may be the first drop of friendship they've had in years.

After all, you attracted them as boss, friend or family member for a reason. The Universe knew you could handle them. Antidotes do exist that are so powerful that they can detox the venom of a rattlesnake. If they exist in nature, they can exist in you, in your language and behavior.

All of this is for you to realize. Know that now, your only thing to do, every moment, sleeping or waking, is love, love, love and never react except with love and to know that anybody who is confronting you with behavior that doesn't look like love---is really calling for love. Respond to the call!

Your job is to see yourself, to see how they see you, to see that they see you, and see that you see them and that all this seeing is involved with the face of love, the vocal sound of love. Respond with love, they will then start to put in corrective measures. Believe it or not, your child or friend will respond quickly when they see that love is all that's coming at them.

Any thought that's painful, limiting or comes from a judgement of any kind, that isn't love, that is critical and doesn't create peace, stop it. Be responsible about that. Stop the turmoil and create what you need and want. Don't battle for things. The more you lose or give away the more you get. It will be returned ten fold.

See how you're messing your life up with the thoughts, feelings and words, which create your negative experience. Edit it. Put the feelings you want to have out there in the world, then you'll have the creations you want. How do we create limitlessly? The bottom line is love. That's how.


The illusions that keep us locked into the dream of the material world and our needs and wants and likes and desires are the things that are distorting and keeping us from being totally happy and peaceful and perfectly in harmony right now.

Those illusions can be our own history, our seeming limits, our seeming lacks, the usual mental garbage list.

It's odd how we keep ourselves stuck in garbage moments. It's a hard thing to swallow, but people do their worst mischief when they habitually live in a garbage laden NOW, and plan for a bejewelled future.They  say "well I'm going to create this wonderful event, this big money, and when I do that, then it will be wonderful, when I become rich or famous it will be wonderful."

That's the 'voiceover' in the background motivating and pushing us and it is the very wrong thing from the standpoint of reality.  Because you can't take a pile of Now-garbage and create beautiful art with it.

The right and obvious thing is that we be already in ecstasy and harmony and kindle a spark of that sense of mission, the caring that engenders working on the chore, at the same time as realizing that because we have that spark, that excitement, that love and desire to serve with our labor that we're already rich, abundant and fulfilled. We have the capacity for love and concecration to the creative chore, so we are in the Mind of God and are in need of nothing. Just lemme create! Stand back and let me do it!

The paradox that's going down with people that we're trying to be in relationship to, and in communication with and partner with all about these very questions.

How do I help my beloved friend or child with his or her career. They seem to need this money, to contact these people, and accomplish the goals on all these projects? Well, first, help your charge to experience the spark, kindle the fire and light their own candle for the job ahead. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

The joke is, those huge career things people are planning or doing should just be the games we play, like going to the beach and playing Frisbee, no more seriousness or need than that. The beach and Frisbee are incredibly wonderful but to say 'I need them' I want them and I desire them and they've got to happen first before my life is o.k. is as crazy as saying that about your career, wealth, husband, love, money, and success. It's just as crazy.

The whole reality is that these serious need/career/ creative issues are just games you can play every day in the physical realm as a body throwing a Frisbee and playing with delight just for the fun of it. That's all there is to it. Wake up to that and help your charges to do the same.

The admonishment and caution is needed here. Do not get too heavy about goals and lacks. It'll put you off your game. Embody the knowledge and instruction of how to play this game full out and play this game of harmony in yourself and show yourself to be absolutely light, love, peace, kindness and bring that power and nectar of God's power from your own essence, and show that.

That's the true riches that we are. So we need nothing. We need to worry about nothing. We need to have nothing in our lives except to wander around seeing what lights our candle. It's different for all of us, for me it's music and the Teachings. For you it may be art or business. But along with the lit candle, we need the regular rituals and practices that help us to light the candle every morning after the wick goes out. That's the yoga, meditation, massage and mind focus techniques that a.) get us out of our dolorous depression and pain because all pain is the blockage to the Nectar Light, this amrit condition.

When we light our fuse each morning, an actual cosmic creative light  is coming into your body and into your SOUL-BEING to fulfill you and fill full you with health, energy and peace and a sense of mission which gives you the MORNING's WORK PATH.

That's the game we're playing and we want to share with our friends and students. We have to be the light unto the world, demonstrate it, live it, share our excitement about our own workpath so others think 'hey do I have a work path? Yes, I do. It's feeding my babies. Or picketing the politicians to end the war, or writing this book that's as good as Gandhi's books, or ....writing that screenplay.

The most important thing is always to live life as an inquiry. You want to see more clearly and know more perfectly the reality that is being presented to you. Because the universe sends us new messages every so often! You want to be ready to receive them when they come. Not asleep at the wheel.

The Universe responds to questions you might have so have questions. (Here's a powerful secret technique. Only a secret because nobody knows about it. It's not that anyone keeps this from us. ) Have the questions in your head, rather than the 'but's. Ask the reason and ask 'am I right or wrong? What about myself?'.

Throw away judgement and criticism and evaluate yourself. Throw it out the window with your normal reactive, thinking process that you have when you're in a confrontation. Be aware of that, stop that process and become a student that asks questions. 'Well, what about how I show up to others? What about how my work shows up? What about how my apartment reflects me, or vibes me, how good or bad is that vibe? What about the invisible reality? What's around me that others can see, but I can't. What exists here in my memory, my aura, my life  or environment that I cannot see? Or what is there that nobody can see but what's unfortunately so? What mess? What clean-up is required?" For instance, some people give off the aroma of rage, or judgment, right? An invisible reality but perceptible enough! We all see perfection developed, gorgeous people who are stuck in very weird spaces!

The observer and the creator are invisible and there is no past or future but it's all now. How do you actually understand it and function with such a concept in spite of the fact that our minds are linear about past present and future, and identified with our 'I' talking to itself, endlessly creating so much static that the real stuff stays hidden.

The simple truth and answer is that quiet silence, the meditative state is being in the space of that possibility of nothing, of Creator, of being the observer. And when you are, you'll see that a certain part is not manifest. It's not a thing. It's not a thought, a reaction or criticism, it's not knowing, not having a grasp, just an open mind. A quiet space of letting everything in, and in that meditative mind, you get to discover that you are like an onion with layers. The rage and sloppiness are outer layers. They can be peeled off and you can get to your real self.

Here is where you really live. And from that place you consider who or what you love, you ignite your spark each morning and do the selfless work encharged you and you become a person of actual creativity and vision. Then you work your vision and creativity to extend your desires into affirmation. You bring ideas into material reality.

What we call reality, the material world, the body and houses and cars and jobs and money and relationships is only brought by what we see, visualize, think, believe in, what we have faith in. Faith is like the oak tree. When you plant the seed, you know if you water it, give it sunlight and care it will be big oak tree one day. If you don't care for it, you won't have a big oak tree. You will have nothing.

The question is, you have a vision, and you know clearly what you want and you see it clearly and you constantly want that vision and you're certain about it, but you don't know how to bring it to reality. And it doesn't come into reality and you feel 'why can't I have that?'

First of all, it doesn't come into reality because you don't see that the vision doesn't need anything except a positive affirmation. You see, in truth,  it is already done. Jesus said 'believe that it is already done.' So that's the first thing that's missing from somebody that does not create his or her vision in the material realm. That lack of faith. Jesus spoke a lot about faith. Mustard seeds and moving mountains? Ring any bells?

If you did the work, and the creation didn't  manifest, you probably didn't have faith and belief. You probably were operating without the SOUL SPARK. You probably most likely, are worrying that you can't have it and that is what defeats FIRE. BIG BUCKETS of dirty water.

Any fear will keep you from igniting the spark and working out of the spark ardor. Why? Because fear itself is the strongest belief there is. Fear will manifest what it believes. I'm afraid I can't have it. I'm afraid I'm not good enough. I'm afraid I'm getting too old. I'm afraid I'm not smart enough and not pretty enough. Well, if that fear stopped Einstein, Dustin Hoffman orDa Vinci, the world would be a poorer place.

Thatever it is, whatever BRACKISH BLACK BUCKET OF WATER THOUGHT  interferes with the vision and affirmation that you put out, and interferes with the desire and the picture that you want to create ----- will keep it from coming into being. And it needn't be a bucket. It can be a droplet thought.

To have the spark of creation come into being, you must be clear about it every day. You replay the things that ignite your soul, the photo, the sacred talismans, you see the job looming and see the work accomplished, already done. See your family eating that picnic on the lawn of their big home and whoosh, you're on fire, and focusing at work in a condition of nothing but faith.

You may sit looking at a photo of your wife and children and still get no sense of a spark igniting. Or you look at that unfinished novel. And no spark. So you ask the question, 'how do I get the faith that I can do this huge job?' The answer is, you don't worry about that. That's the thing you must disregard. Because the universe brings you many different ignition sources if the ones you have don't work. It supplies you with new stimuli showing up in reality with every instant, every moment of the now, in the material world, which is linear, every moment in the material world that passes. In other words, every moment of time that we measure, matter moving through space, the illusion of time, every moment of things happening in this material world, is bringing some new sparks, some new ignition sources some new vision and affirmation into being.

All you have to do is stay in action in the process, work at it, creating and let it alone. Because everything you're doing and everyone else is doing and everything that's helping you universally, seen and unseen, will bring that to you. But the mind and the fears abuse us. They keep us from keeping a spark alive from having what we want. Because we're constantly worrying about it and doing things that are adverse, negative to (antithetical to) the thing we want to create. So, practice producing results rather than being. Leave your essential being alone as you already are God and just by walking through reality, you'll meet ignition sources. So you practice your craft. Creation. Create that which you usually create. Even if you're not ignited on a particular day, keep doing the five finger exercises. I play piano, so I use that metaphor.

The problem --- you're thinking, you're worrying and you're self judging and calling yourself names and reacting which are all buttons which get pushed in you everyday, so any time somebody says anything, something's going on around you, any time you're desiring what you really want, you're doing the things that defeat it.

Disabuse yourself of the kind of thinking, feelings, reactions that you have. Stop reacting, just be listening, be an open mind.

All that negative stuff that has occurred is out of your thinking, reacting, feeling. You've acted out being manic depressive or hurt, or being in pain, that nobody treated you correctly, that you weren't good enough or maybe somebody did something to you, or something happened to you, what your family did to you, as if those things were the things that deterred you from having what you wanted.

When in truth they were the things that stimulate you to get what you want, to make you search and read and study and get your thoughts, fears, ego killed--- all the things that are in the way of your having your dream.

The final thing is to learn to STOP DOING. You over do it. Recognize that and relax. The way you act and react has been the very thing that has killed your goodness. You have always acted and reacted to people in the end where you destroyed the very thing, the good relationship, and you've done it every time. Past tense.

When I say you've done it I mean for you not to do it anymore. I don't say you've done it as a criticism of you. I'm only pointing out to you what you've created around you. A bunch of angry friends, family members, a bunch of dead bodies. You haven't acted out of complete love and receptivity but out of fear and need.

If you want to now clear everything up for yourself and be totally in harmony and peace, the most important rule is whatever creates peace, do that, and what doesn't create peace, eliminate.

You haven't used that rule. You willfully went out of your way to criticize what others were doing. Yep. You mouthed off. You must now look at yourself clearly in the mirror and ask "what am I going to do now to clean up everything in my relationships?" 

For the first time in your life, you have actually reached an ashram where you have a real family. Not a dysfunctional family, with fears, or a coddling, indulgent family with your mother cradling you, but a family of friends that actually can nurture you, tell you the truth, reflect back to you your real self, an opportunity to be a participant! But every day, you have done something to make that family say 'no, he doesn't accept us as family, in fact, he wants to go away and let's throw him out of here because he's disrupting the family's harmony!" See the level in which we're operating?

The question isn't what you want to do for another person, but how do you act when the chips are down? How do you shoot from the holster?

How you act is with harsh judgement, projection of your own inadequacies on others, and you act with survival and fear. How you react is collecting injustices, being the victim and being and staying hurt. How you react is not being open and quiet! How you react is with your mind's yammer of shame and blame.

When you start to operate with being totally humble, open, never reactive, never getting your buttons pushed, none of the old way of being, no more constantly thinking of survival, of yourself, your fears that you're not going to be have, that you gotta take care of yourself, get all the money I can get, you are a good piece of kindling that can have the Spark happen. YOu aren't wet from the bilge from the black bottomless bucket.

Humility says, whatever life gives me is wonderful and look how life treats me, and look what it's given me. Coming from neediness is keeping you from manifesting your dream. Because what is neediness but fear? Fear will always manifest its ugly head rather than the one thing that you want.

Survival means you only look out for yourself. When you stop caring about yourself and you only care ... everything falls into place. You don't worry about where your dream comes from. The entire universe helps it come into being and you know not from where the source of power is, and that's why the God trip becomes the eventual trip. Because the mind of God and the source which is God, the Universal Source, which is your true state of being, is constantly supplying you every day, and you don't have to worry about where it comes from. Stay with tinder dry, spark lit, daily chores done, vision manifested, then I think you can do the rest. The asy part is being able to not only have everything desired but everything needed to help others, too.

You haven't got that state because you are bedraggled, tyrannized and mocked and kept in a state of fear, neediness, doing the wrong thing and being negative. It causes problems. Those problems do not exist except as a manifestation of your way of being. When you change your way of being to a Godly way of being which is truth, faithfulness, patience, joy, gentleness, kindness, honesty, giving, serving and tolerance, generosity. When you're that way, then you'll be an open mind and an open channel for God's work and for good works.

We think we're selfless and we do things for others, and we act generously but we're actually selfish and worried about ourselves and we're only being nice so that we can survive. That is not selflessness. That is not doing for others. That is the delusion that brings failure.

A failure is a guy who says 'I am serving you, why aren't you grateful?  You see the truth. Underneath he's doing it for himself, worried if you salute him enough or worried if the boss is really going to take care of him. So it ends up where he doesn't get what he wants because the law of the universe is exact.

What you put out you get back. If you put out the act of selflessness and giving but you're really doing it to get --- you will only receive from the Law of the Universe which is you've been selfish so you're going to reap selfishly which looks like neediness, fear, trepidation, chaos, poverty, a bad rep, the failures. If you look at the good things, the love you created, you'll see where that came from, too.

When your father or boss doesn't acknowledge you and doesn't give you what you're worth, just tell them ---- without making them wrong for it, clearly pointing out 'I love you anyway but I'm going to get another job. I'm going off into the world to find a kinder parent."

Maybe they were never mirrored. Maybe you can shock them awake. But you don't blame them, or grieve over their mistreatment of you and /or accept it a second longer. You see that this mess was the pattern you created or allowed. You are responsible, not them. What is that saying, "You screwed me once, it's your fault, you screwed me twice it's mine."

You're responsible for that mess and everything that happens in your universe. That's why it's good practice to say, 'I love myself as I am for I am all that is, I love everything, I see everything as me. When I don't know who I am I serve you and when I know who I am, I am you.' That's important. 'I am you' means there's no one over there. Whoever cheated me out of the proper payment was myself. So I say 'please give me what I deserve.'

To do desperate acts, thinking I'm not being taken care of, I have to lash out, I have to defend myself, I have to steal, I have to take things because nobody is going to take care of me, --- the very thing you have projected happens. You will be in trouble with survival. People won't trust you. You will look like the person who steals. If you steal from somebody, whom are you stealing from?

Even if it looks like you're taking a thousand dollars from this person and they don't need it, but you do, whom have you stolen from? Even if it looks like you've taken and they don't need it, you have actually deprived yourself of that money.

That thousand will quickly be gone and you will be broke again and you'll look back and see that you're responsible for making yourself broke. Every time you are not in harmony with the family around you, the family of God, the whole planet, everybody who loves you --- the conflicts and problems appear.

Do you want to know the reason you don't go anywhere with this wisdom and knowledge? When you finally get pinned down to seeing that you are responsible and there's something for you to look at and something for you to be conscious of, you don't become conscious of it; you avoid it. What are you looking at that you could become conscious of and not avoid? From now on, these questions are yes or no answers. Are you going to stop being worried and paranoid about what people think of you and what they may do to you?

If you have ever stolen or thought about stealing, or worried about having, will you stop? The universe is here to serve you and you have been dumb so far. The dumbness that you have is that you think 'I need something from you or want something.' Want nothing except to be happy, be at peace, be a great person and not create anything but love and peace around you. Let's see how long you can do that, each day.


If there were no thought 'I'm a Jew, he's an Arab,' I judge him as Greedy, I judge them as unclean, unworthy,' if there were no such thoughts of judgement, opinion, there would be no separation, no killing. No separate I am this and they are that, no Salmon Rushdies with a death warrant on his head, no Muslim out to kill all us Desperate Housewife degenerate Americans. Why does hate occur? Because Jews and Arabs will not speak up and say, 'there is no reason for us not to embrace our brothers.'

We would all say  'please lay down your arms and we will return your sons.'

Instead, they threaten each other back and forth. I will kill you. And then they all die. Is that a solution? No, that is a tragedy. Instead of I love you, you love me, there is only one God in the universe, I practice it through Buddhism, you practice it through Christianity, it's all one God, let's come to the table and settle it. Is it so difficult? Didn't they do that in Nicaragua finally? Aren't they going to do it in Bosnia finally? Didn't they do it with the PLO, with El Salvador finally? Aren't they going to do it with Iraq soon? Do it with the whole world finally?

Isn't each husband going to do it with his wife, finally? Isn't he going to set a feast and invite his enemy, finally? Isn't he going to do it by pardoning himself his own earlier lacks?  Finally, the only enemy that exists is yourself who doesn't see 'I am one with the mind of God, there is only God, there is nothing to fear, all this material thing was created by me and anything that's negative can be corrected.' The ground rule is simple: whatever produces peace, do that. Whatever doesn't produce peace, don't do that. If you could teach that to every child in every school, synagogue, in every police department, army, in every war-----there would be the end of war and heaven would come on earth.

It is coming. In the next five years everybody will know --- so why not spread the word now? Spread the word. When you hear that preacher in the synagogue temple or church get up and say there's only peace and love, it is not a platitude. It's not an over simplification. It's not patronizing or condescending. All we have to do as religous people who have faith in man's original, impeccable self.... is stand up united and say, we will love others as we love ourselves. We will practice the golden rule. We will be in the world but not of it. We will seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. That righteousness is to see everyone as love. Be kind, overwhelming kindness. Be more magnanimous than you ever thought you could be and what you will produce is that in return. What you put out is what you get back. Don't judge, exclude, criticize or punish, just protect.