To un-conceal and reveal your true Master being (behind your ego, behind your thoughts and reactions), is the true purpose of your life. Therefore, all the intelligence and thoughts you have must be directed to silence. You will come to see that all thoughts and reactions create you being at effect of these thoughts and reactions. To be immersed and involved in those things that are going on inside your head, is the ego's voice, talking, thinking, feeling and actually emotionalizing internally.

This is useless and hopeless. They will not give you any of the solutions to what they are proposing. They will make you the victim and you will feel bad, negative or you will feel exalted... feel things like --- "you're so great that you got all this money yesterday, and you found this hundred thousand dollars under a bush and now you feel wonderful but as soon as the money is wasted and spent on mistakes, you will be beating yourself to death saying 'why did I put that hundred thousand on that stock, or on that horse, or give it to that woman or put it in that house? I lost it all and now I have to start over. I had that hundred thousand and now I don't." And then, you're the victim of ---the effect of that.

So all this thinking and feeling and emotionalizing and being a constant dialoguing in your head  causes you to be delusional or just another helpless and hopeless person going along in the petty pace of being a victim and being at the effect of his thoughts.

Opposed to that, is seizing the opportunity of being a true student, to work and travel the path, the path of truth, light, enlightenment and knowledge where we don't have thoughts, only an open mind.

An open mind doesn't think and doesn't choose from thinking. It chooses from what is front of it, to do. And what is in front of it are the choices that are relative to your goals, your visions, commitments, promises.  Whether it is to do something creative in the arts, in working at creating a business, a job, something mundane in your own, physical domain like washing the dishes or doing something needed in your home life or out in the world, just choose any act appropriately. It's all a matter of choosing that which will best perfect and master some accomplishment in the physical world whether it's in the form of an art or making money and taking care of a family.

There is no thinking required to accomplish any of these things. As a matter of fact, thinking only gets in the way. When you are driving a car, think and you will be less than the greatest driver. If you are playing a saxophone and thinking, you will be less than the greatest saxophone player. If you're washing your toilet bowl and thinking, you won't be concentrating on all the details of cleaning. If you're making love and thinking you will hardly be in the ecstasy of the feeling of making love. If you are getting a massage and thinking, you won't experience the massage. If you're giving a massage and thinking, you will not be as great as one who can give a massage purely from feeling in his hands the sensitivity of what he needs to feel.

This voice-over dialogue inside one's head is a total monster. It has no reality in fact. It drives you to drink, take drugs, to be unhappy, to brood, to be morose, to react to others in a negative way, to be angry, to be upset and to be insecure. It makes you old, crotchety, brittle and does not show you the path of relaxation and joy of happiness or praise, love and gratitude in every moment. This is the reality and simplicity of just being here, now, in the moment, without any needs in God's magnificent universe.

So, to accomplish ecstasy,  the ecstasy of being in the moment right now, being here, right now, being happy, open, purely in the God state of being OK, even when you're not OK, of feeling good, of knowing your oneness with everything, of feeling powerful. That state can only be created by BEING it. IT cannot be THOUGHT into being. It cannot be coerced by your mind saying 'I have to do this.' Your mind and your voice over your internal speaking, cannot produce one thing in the universe. It's only through doing, creating, writing, playing, working that things are created.

Books are not created through thoughts. They're intuited through conception, ideas, visualization and insight. Those are not a voice talking to itself.  Those are inspirations, channeling of the magic of the unknown mystery. The channeling of thoughts from a higher source. Those thoughts are not called ordinary thinking. Those 'created' thoughts are 'aha's.' Those thoughts are visions and insights that come to you in moments of silence. It's moments of silence that allow the 'aha's' and the ability to see and vision.

If you're caught up in your mind, thinking, you cannot have an imagination that really sees masterfully. If you're caught up thinking and you're taking a piano lesson, you will not be able to hear what the real lesson is, the dynamics, the theory and technology that's being presented to you which you will need to practice. This is the paradox.

So to be able to take the technology home with you from the piano class, you have to listen with an open mind. You have to write or record the lesson, the scales, the chords, the notes, whatever they are and go home and practice them until you memorize them and they're automatic, where you can play those things on the keyboard and hear them as you play them and know what you're hearing and see what you're playing.  It has nothing to do with thinking. In fact, it's the thinking which will interfere with the knowing. So knowing and thinking are diametrically opposed because when you know, you don't have to think and when you don't know, thinking will interfere with knowing. Therefore, thinking will interfere with all of the processes of direct experience and accomplishment.

So it's this 'voice over' dialoguing,  that has been pointed out in every transformational technology, in every spiritual path, it's the attachment to our mind, egos, personalities, the being reactive that interferes with the presence of silent awareness and attention that will allow our lives to be a thing of beauty and peace and loving kindness and success. Embrace the silence and the peace of mind that produces harmony inside and outside.

The magic is allowing everything to be just the way it is and allowing yourself to know that you are growing by leaps and bounds when you just remain silent and aware and realize that all is working for your good. Everything has already 'worked out.'

Every moment that's been and every moment that is now and every moment in the future is a development for the magical perfection of your heart-mind which has always been your real Godself. Observe it and love it and see that everything is perfectly peaceful, now and forever.

That's the extraordinary knowledge of God, the wisdom of God, the gift... when we wake up and smell the roses and see that it's all perfect, just the way it is. Right now. Then, we will not see anything as positive or negative. We will see it as the process of illusion, moving, changing itself to express and create from the mind of God.

This wisdom is from the invisible silence which creates all that is. To find our  way back home to God, the source, the fountainhead, which is our very essence and the domain where our souls are born and remain forever, -- is imperative.


The ability to express your Godself is equal to the ability you have to be quiet, open, receptive and aware. This silent attention and awareness, then, will control your speaking and your thinking. Be spontaneous. See and know when you have gotten rid of the distractions coming from your thoughts, from the 'I' talking to itself. When that goes,  then the possibilities will pour through you. The nature of  whatever you're in front of or confronting, whether it's trying to learn to be a musician, or learning to cook, will be equal to your attention, without thoughts and without a voice over. Be still when there is voice over; you  pay no attention to it. Attend to what you're doing, listening to, what you want, what you are learning, what you're practicing, what you're working at.

When you're vacuuming the rugs and you're just in that, that is an ecstasy in itself. Just the process of washing your car,  taking a shower, exercising, being conscious every minute of living in the moment,  gives you the capacity to know that you are the changeless one. The observer, the experiencer is in the now, eternally, noting and perceiving all the changes as your real self remains forever changeless. Then, you experience and know the mind is the slayer of the real and you slay the slayer, this rattle brain mind. Cultivate your higher mind, to higher consciousness which observes and is aware and learns and is able to be whatever it wants to be, emotionally, psychologically, as you control your reactions.

If somebody says something to you and you are in control of your reactions, you say the appropriate, loving response. Somebody says something very arrogant to you, you say something very sweet to them. That's what turning the other cheek means. Somebody says something very intelligent to you, you get very receptive. Somebody is teaching you something important, then you open up, receiving the knowledge. So your reactions are determined by your attention to being open-minded in this internal state of poise, balance, listening, ready, vigilant to receive.


Everyone has great beauty. The way beauty expresses itself is not to worry about being beautiful. Rather, be open and receptive to develop your beauty. Be conscious of your body, diet, posture, the words that come out of your mouth, your attitude,  feelings, reactions and then you will be conscious to create beauty and harmony.

Pay attention, read, expand your mind and go to a higher state of consciousness by letting go of your incidental worries and fears and the constant dialogue that's bothering you. When you go to that place, you have the perception, universal (mind of God ) wisdom. From there, you will see everything as love. Love for yourself, love for every being, love coming to you from the whole universe. You'll see it as a pouring forth of the flowers in spring, from all of nature. The God Cosmic Intelligence is constantly giving you its beautiful salutations, greetings and blessings.

So have compassion for others, seeing that you don't see, that others don't see and that you want to see. Be open and attentive to seeing, knowing, listening, studying, discerning and when you hear nuggets of wisdom, 'grab' them. The basic foundation has to be established, so that you don't fall back into old ways. Once you learn something intellectually, convert it into usage at the next opportunity. Otherwise, it's just lip service. It's going in one ear and out the other, just formulas and prescriptions. When actually used they make you well. The good of knowledge is the use of it in your actions in response to every stimulus that comes your way.

'No mind' has to be your game.  You are going to remind yourself to remember to practice 'no mind, no thoughts, no fear.' Then, you'll be doing the work.  The training is to use the knowledge, to use the wisdom, to use these ideas, to use everything that's coming to you. Then, you'll say, "oh, I'm not good at this, I have to practice more. I screwed up. I ended in an argument with someone. I got afraid. I wasn't loving to that person. I was afraid of that. I wasn't good enough, or I didn't learn my lesson and it didn't come out the way I wanted it to."

Discipline yourself, as  practice makes perfect. You know every time you drive the car, ride the bicycle, play the piano, you will play as good or better than you did the time before that.

The plan is 'in the mind of God,' your real mind, in your soul, this aspiration for harmony, beauty and the perfect life which already exists as a plan, a matrix, in your mind's eye, in your feelings. The foundation is being built right now, then the super structure will go up and then the walls. All of the accoutrements and decorations will be added last. We're just in the foundation stage, so believe in the divine plan of your wonderful soul that knows the truth that it's already done. Believing it is already done because you know the plan has already been accomplished and the plan is perfect.

Start to see that the foundation is gorgeous and every part of it which looks like chaos right now, is just all the building materials scattered about and they will come together when these elements mirror the plan. Right now, it looks like chaos, problems and trouble and pulling teeth and too heavy a load and too long to get there. Enjoy the process. Press your nose to the grindstone, work until the plan is complete. Practicing, polishing, working, studying and giving yourself to the accomplishment, producing results which your vision has inherent in it. Through time and effort, create accomplishment. Harmonizing yourself with all the disparate elements, bringing them together, you will complete your vision. Then, you will say 'aha! Now I see. It is beautiful, let's go on to the next creation.'


Can you be the one who believes and can you be the one who is the creator to bring into fruition everything that you dream of?
Are you going to stick to the vision and never be a disbeliever, a disparager or negator of that which you know is the beauty and truth of all your potential accomplishments?

Never turn your back on your purpose, your goals, your promises to create that which excites you the most. Keep on keeping on until you finally come through. Come out the other end of the tunnel and you say 'Aha! It was worth it to get thin, to eat healthfoods, to exercise every day, to work hard and build a business, make all this money, to practice my instrument and become a musician. It was worth it to be still and meditate and know that I'm O.K. It's so elevating  to see that we are the creators who can accomplish anything we put our minds to, to be aware and conscious and disciplined and humble, to listen to the still, small voice of God within.

Burn up the ego, anxiety, consternation, worry and fears in the incinerating fire of truth. Your higher consciousness will remember that you are perfect now and forever. You are already whole and one with all that is.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and give it willingly to everything and everyone you encounter. Love and kindness are the only words you have to remember. No matter what is coming at you. Only react with love and kindness. That will carry you through the fire to the cool water of love and peace.