The truth about having people get healed or whole so they can enter into the creative lifestyle with joy --is to see that every loss and every hurt and every damage that's been done, ---every negativity ---can be healed and is not permanent. It is not internal. There's something beyond and behind death. There is life.

You don't look up in the sky and see six billion planets and galaxies and not realize that life is eternal. We're not made up of just this little body. There is a soul, which is eternal. That's what we have to look at first. Second, you have to be doing spiritual practice.

Transformational work like the Forum, EST and Landmark Education are wonderful but they don't deal with ultimate question of death. They deal with the temporary phenomena of hurt and forgiveness and negativity. What is more, they deal with it in a very temporal way. In other words, you are taught to take responsibility for X problem. You are taught to let it go, become unattached, but that doesn't go deep enough to yank it out at the roots.

Unless you see that you have the power to be happy, whole, complete, you will never have that kind of deep courage and fearlessness to face everything including your own death let alone the death of someone else close to you. Seminars have value. Everybody gets value from everything. Every minute you're alive there's some value we derive and when we're in a seminar or therapy or reading books, or listening to gurus. True, we tend to forget the teachings if we don't practice that state of being for a few days but that doesn't mean that we didn't get any value. What it means is that it didn't have the profound effect of getting you to see that The SEMINAR MIND is something you must keep in your life forever.

To have somebody teach the Forum or EST for a few hundred dollars or the AGAPE Church mind program for a dollar donation in the plate and have that spiritual, transformational enlightenment and knowledge stay in their life forever -THE TEACHINGS must have a profound impact in the sense that this student or disciple now has a new daily habit, the daily MENTAL gear to participate in The Work, so that even if they go away from the trainer, they never go away from The Work. That's when you get your money's worth. The teachings give relaxation and ecstasy, so why do we so easily stray from them? When you fall in love with someone, you never want to be away from him or her. It's like a lifetime relationship you wish to enter with that person. True, many of us do find the sweetheart becomes commonplace, so much so that we even act out on them. A few of us totally cherish them until our dying day and treat them with respect but even that does not mean you have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in them. The rainbow is really in you. Totally in you. Consciousness is an inside job. There isn't anything out there. Everything we see in the world is the way we see it, digest it, value it, use it, practice it, and ultimately is a projection of all of that. The way something appears to us, or the way people are to us, the way life shows up to us, even when they produce this tremendous can be damn sure that YOU are cause in the matter.

That's very difficult for people to get. The work you're doing is like trying to bring people to their highest level possible which is called enlightenment. Seeing the truth. But if you don't see it truly, yourself, completely, then you're hooked into using others for your 'trip.' Using money. Using fame. Using a fancy car. And of course, you'll fail to get much in the way of a decent high out of those things. Pity the person a Cadillac enobles! I would say that Werner Erhard and people like him who have taught, written books, given courses, don't go all the way within themselves. I'm not saying that as a judgment.I'm just saying that it looks like that. It looks like they didn't go all the way. They wanted to remain in the post of being your trigger. Your waiter. Your guru. So they didn't deliver you to the beyond Guru, Guru-free state that they could have. They didn't see that to be Jesus Christ or to be God in the universe, or to be enlightened meant some state of consciousness that was bigger than the one that they have  or can deliver with their methods. That's the way it seems. Take Michael Beckwith at Agape Church. He rouses you with the music and the service at his church. But he personally hasn't reached it. But so what? It's all judgment. Do we despise the trolley that takes you half way to the beach?

The truth is what Jesus said in Dialogues on Awakening; you have always been there, you have always been enlightened. That's the ultimate knowledge. Since we've always been enlightened, then so what does it take to keep ourselves clear in that space called enlightenment, to have our hand in the hand of God and be in that ecstasy every minute? What does it take to know that God and you are one even though you live in a very limited realm called this three-dimensional earth? What does it take to get all the way to the beach? Ask yourself, how do you live, multi-dimensionally, in terms of seeing that you are one with the Father? That means, can you constantly break your attachment to the bullshit bummer world of duality as soon as those bullshit bummer dualistic thoughts occur in your head? When they occur as either thoughts, words or actions, don't get bent. Just say 'I am God. I am infinite. I can fix this. Or if you just mouthed off, say 'next time, I won't be like this.' Next time I will act differently' And go on. See how you have the opportunity to change, be bigger and break the habits and  attachments. Before I was attached, now I'm not. One thing that keeps us bugged and angry is the feeling of LOSS. Any time you talk about someone losing something, you're talking about a lie, about something that isn't real. You can't lose stuff. The universe is an endless treasure house of abundance. MORE and better is available. It only appears that way and it's the appearance that creates our problems. Only the appearance of loss and we go bonkers. You can't be off schedule. If you're dying in bed and screaming at the nurse or your friends who are visiting, it's because you feel death is waaay off schedule. Well death isn't. It is the appearance to your limited mind that is off. Open the portals. Let in the Tsunami called fate. Swim this wave the way it's going. How do you change the appearance of things? By swallowing the wave. Practice digesting the wave differently. When you see death coming, 'say oh good. Now I get to be God again for a few minutes before the next act. Or say, when you see someone attacking you, see that it's only an illusion; that person is really crying out for love and is taking your wallet so he can find love. You can't lose the body. There's no death, no separation. Death is only the appearance of body gone, body rotted away. None of that is real. The soul goes on. You can cruise heaven and visit your living pals on the earth plane and watch them the way you watch TV today. It's one of those many things you cannot prove in physical terms of belief has to be in faith and not IN TOUCHABLE reality. The only touchable reality is that you owe rent for that roof, need food every four hours. And you know when your bowels start to move you have to find a bathroom. You know when you go to sleep you'll wake up. When you make love you have babies. True, reality and fantasy have shadowy borders. But when you have a dream, you know it was a dream. You know it was static in the brain, maybe another your astral visited another dimension but who knows?. When you have a psychedelic experience, you see that you're multi-dimensional ...leaves reveal arteries with moving corpuscles, but then so does a cement floor! What is that? But death. What is that? People die and go through the white tunnel and come back all the time and tell us: "I know that there's life after death. Before the doctors brought me back, I could see them pushing my chest. From above. My doctor has a bald spot. There was this tunnel with light at the end of it. I went down it and met my grandma, she said 'it's not your time, go back. But when you do, go in the family Bible and find the hundred dollar bill for the kiddies to have ice cream. When I got out of the hospital, there it was. A hundred dollar bill in the bible like she said." What is that, you suppose? And was grandma there with us when we went for the hundred dollar ice cream binge? I sure hope so!

We don't know what that tunnel is. We suspect it's heaven and we have soul life but we don't know. So many post- death visions have been given us, I think we can have faith in that fifth dimension even when you're in a three-dimensional form. Here in three dimensions, matter is constantly dying, there's illness, loss, bankruptcy and all that painful illusion of the state we live in, not the truth or the cosmic reality. And very few grannies go to the other side, then send us money for ice cream. The truth is that we are eternal. We are all one. We all love one another. These are tenants in a perennial philosophy which is this truth that I'm parroting. I got every sentence from some other being who told me about the hundred dollar bill in the bible, who told me is that there is no death, no end, no separation. But as I lived that belief, I found it sustaining, enabling, empowering. As I put that belief into my mind, it fought off the other view. That we have to be pigs at the trough and fight one another to get it all, now. So let's get on down the road here and start to harmonize and live in wonderful creativity and participation in the glorious universal cosmic roles that we have been thrown to play which is the way we've been born and the talents we have and let's promise to use those gifts to do incredible, beautiful things. Evolution is furthered by audacious presumptions of endless time. Because then we study and practice stuff. The reason that this fifth dimension, the eternal walkway out there doesn't impact people's lives is because they don't take it as the first line of reality for themselves. They're still attached to this plane, lower down, and the 'stuff' in it, money,power, relationships, sex, success, fame and fortune. The thrill of new love. New money. As long as that's on your front burner, as long as that's the motivation when you get up and go to sleep, that's the way you're reacting to life, what good does it do for you to know that you're a cosmic being and a cosmic beam of light shining upon the earth? And that later, when you'rea 'shade' you may do some of your most important work! That's the truth. That through this lifetime and the next and the next and even maybe your angel work between lives, you can do glorious things. Knowing that, you can walk through this life courageously without any of these attachments or clocks ticking. Because hey, if you don't finish the job, this time, you can do it as an angel or come back and do it in the flesh again!

You may be afraid of death for a certain period and then you find out about universal truth and the fact that you're an immortal being and that your soul never dies and then you assume that pose and you say "OK" and then this miracle occurs. You start to live in this expanded vision way. You're relaxed about work, deadlines, clocks ticking, love found or not found, and you start to believe that you DO have time. I began studying piano at fifty and spent my last two decades being a master of it. Shaw didn't start writing plays til age 40. He was vegan so he nailed some serious longevity. He continued writing til over the age of l00. Then there was that Starlet named Gloria from the thirties who couldn't get an acting job for 70 years until she got an oscar for TITANIC. Then there's my secretary and co-author, editor Anita, who's in her sixties and still studying how to write screenplays and novels like anyone in Hollywood would hire a writer that old! But obviously we believe that there is time to practice our artform and self realize. So try it. Relax, study, practice, invest effort, take your time! Be committed; work daily at what you say you love. See that you're a perfect being just like the mind of God says you are. If you know that, then you start to look at your tantrums and the fact that your kids hate you and your pride is such you haven't been able to charm them back into loving you, their own parent, and you in all humility and God's own winsomeness, win their hearts back. Or say your body is getting old and decrepit and you say 'oh my God, I shouldn't be cantankerous, old and decrepit, I'm an eternal immortal being, I should have eternal youth. And you go start yoga and juicing and bingo, you're sixty again!

So faith combined with action becomes your faith breaker.
Not Distaste, sorrow, resignation anger and fear which is
never ending once you get started. A real slippery slope. The
fear of dying inevitably comes and replaces the fear of getting
old. There's always another darker shade of fear to replace
the fear that you got rid of. You were afraid of spiders, then
all of a sudden you see spiders are just nice little friendly
people, then you're afraid of snakes. And then you find
snakes are nice little friendly people, and you're afraid of
something else. And it never ends.
It's the fear that has to be gotten rid of, not what you're afraid
of. When fear goes, then you become a stand-up person and
look at life squarely in the face and in the face of any
adversity or negativity, 'I will drop the fear.' Just as you
dropped the attachment, you drop the fear. But you
know, we are addicted and attached and habituated to fear.
We seem to have our compass needles set at the DARK
zone, The soap opera of life. Get offa that!
The most marvelous work there is doing this resetting of
mental compass points for yourself or for another, --bringing
them this truth of avoiding soap opera negativity at all costs.
The truth of charming away the loose ends in your
relationships, via humility and charm mixed, or generosity if
that's what it takes....instead of sticking to one's guns like a
junkyard dog addicted to hating everyone. Instead of 'my
aches and pains,' getting a juicer and doing some daily yoga
for the achey joints...maybe on a towel on floor while you
watch the boob tube. How about taking those piano lessons
as a geriatric, or an oil-painting hobby. Grandma Moses
started painting at nearly age 80! Painted til she was l00 years
old. Her work is in museums. Frank Lloyd Wright designed
the Guggenheim when he was 91. So there is time. Useit to
do what you love. For me it was piano. In my mid sixties, I
formed a jazz fusion band. Soon, we were doing gigs all over
Beverly Hills, at top cafes, playing my original compositions!
I was a multi millionaire from my antique shops and real
estate investments and I didn't particularly need the money so
I gave it to my drummer and guitarist. I just loved doing it. I
was in my mid sixties when I met Candice, my most
gorgeous girlfriend who was 21. We had a few years of
absolute ecstasy. I got her into going to school part time, too.
So one doesn't have to finish one's life bitching about what
we didn't do. We can live an ecstatic, stoned, effective,
joyous healthy and even romantic life.
The only thing that's more marvelous than giving a great
lifestyle to others is bringing it to yourself. Maybe by doing it
for others, you are doing it for yourself because we aren't
separate. We're all one of the 99 monkeys who evolves by
osmosis when another one evolves.
Whatever you do to perfect yourself, you will eventually
inspire others and help others because whatever talents you
acquire for yourself, you will help others and it will always be
an inspiration and a blessing to others.
My highest advice is to do things in which you perfect
yourself to do the things that make you the most ecstatic and
the most proud of yourself and the most intelligent, creative
being you can possibly be.
Whatever field you go into, whether it's art or business or
transformation or education or politics, whatever work it is, if
that is the work that you love to do most for perfecting
yourself and your talents, then that will be the work that will
do the most for other people.
That's the answer to the question; 'I love rock music, but it's
not realistic. Is this something I should do?' If you look at the
issue in that way, as a commitment to something loved, well,
you'll choose well. That's the only way I can see for
someone to make a choice about their work in life.
And then to really commit to working at your loves, your
career, get your body tuned up with power foods. Scientists
tell us the juice is in veggies and fruits and nuts and seeds.
Well, to be able to hunger for these power foods and actually
eat more veggies and salad at lunch and veggies and salad at
dinner, and get down a few pounds of fruit at breakfast,
obviously you have to quit the heavy foods, the junk that gets
in the way, clogs your pipes up or clogs the colon. That
would be the Usual Suspects. The bread, sausage eggs,
coffee, sugar, donuts. Quit the bologna, white bread, caffeine
soda and chips junk at lunch and the beef, pasta, flour at
dinner. Just quit. Ya know? Being real HUNGRY is a good
way to appreciate a salad and a handful of nuts. But you
won't know that until you clear the decks!
Oh, your mind and tongue are addicted to burgers and fries?
Well to be able to stop doing anything that's bad for brains
and veins, you have to be able to COLD TURKEY and go
through that craving, anxiety period. It's called withdrawal.
You have to go through that. If you were on heroin, you'd
have to go so many days without it. There's an example of
monks in Thailand who have the highest cure rate. Their thing
is, if you go there, you don't get to do anything but complete
cold turkey. Go through it, just bear the pain, the horrible
anxiety and suffering that goes with detox when poisons
come out through your bloodstream. It's the same thing with
caffeine, chips, fried beef, greasy macaroni, ice cream,
smoking or any drug, cocaine, pot or alcohol.
There are so many days of procedure that you go through
where the cravings are in mind, the anxiety level gets to be the
worst and then, each day after the fourth, fifth, sixth and
seventh days, it gets less until after two weeks there's no
more anxiety. It's gone. Totally gone.
What you do in the beginning is you clean out as fast and
quick as possible to get yourself to feel wonderful. That may
be a process like this. You clean out your colon. The
detoxification program I teach is a 7-day juice fast where you
only drink juices with psyllium and herbs so the plaque on the
walls of your colon, the encrusted material softens up and
you do a home Colema board enema every day. The miracle
cure is doing the process which cleans you out and at the
same time takes your attention away from wanting and puts
your will at wanting to be healthy and happy and powerful.
When you do that, these different programs will work for you
in a magical way so that in seven days, you go from being an
absolute dishrag of a power to having real will power and
control over it and I've seen it in hundreds of people. It will
work but you have to do the work.
The program is to first, as I said, start with the power diet.
Then between meals, the cleaning out, lots of liquids, fresh
juices, pineapple, watermelon, grape. Walmart has a 29$
juicer. So money isn't standing between you and fresh juice.
If you value being an artist you will treat that goal like a pearl
inside your mind. You will wrap it in silk. You won't damn
your artistic talents by saying 'oh, I gotta get off this. It's a
nasty compulsion. It's vanity. It's infantile. It doesn't pay the
rent." Value it, play by its rules a little. Study, practice.
True many people do have compulsions. To rob liquor
stores. To rape minors. Compulsion is many times the thing
that is in the way. The compulsion to smoke for instance. But
the compulsion to be great, to be an artist, to change history
with your art, to be wonderful, to express, to have people
listen to your art, have mind cognitions from it, to love you,
the compulsion to be a star and be everything we're not. To
shoot from WALTER MITTY to George Bernard
Shaw....that may seem neurotic. But it isn't.
True, when I have seen twisted, ugly weird looking people tell
me they want to be an actor or actress, I am guilty of thinking
they are nuts. Then go look at Linda Hunt, who played a
dwarf male and won an Oscar in
Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. I'd hate to have been the
person who told her back in 1970, "Linda, you're four feet
high, ugly as sin, --don't even think of going into show
business." A few years later, Peter Weir was directing her in
Indonesia playing opposite Mel Gibson in a film that is the
last word on the Indonesian Generals who still today are
killing their own people. How great is that? Linda Hunt has
had a great career. Thirty years later, she does voice-over
narration for historical mini-series and has the best female
voice in show business. Go figure.
So cherish your artistic aspiration no matter how unrealistic
folks think it is. But do wrap it in a beautiful package of
disciplined study. See that our compulsion, drive, lust, desire,
attachment to create, to arrive at perfection as our need to
know God and be God. It's this drive for what we call
perfection, the perfect body, mind, intelligence, relationship,
abundance, amount of money, recognition,
acknowledgement, family and beauty and sexuality and
everything. The most beautiful woman, the most beautiful
man, the most beautiful body, the most fantastic, incredible
genius in the world. That's the drive. The lust for life. Or why
does an eighty year old woman with the unlikely surname of
MOSES start painting, or a 40 year old outcast, Irish music
critic at a London paper start writing plays and become GBS
and go on to great romances with the great and famous
beauties of the London stage?
Being a wannabe is jeered. Show biz wannabe has somehow
became the perverted, diverted, deflected avoided denial of
the ultimate truth which was God is what the wannabe is
seeking. The affirmation: "I love myself as I am for I am all
that is' has got to be a statement which reflects 'I am one with
the father.' My oil painting is as good as his landscape
making. You know Gauguin, Van Gogh and Cezanne all said
that daily when they tried to capture, and did capture, the
stunning glory of the landscape around them.
Since everything in the universe represents God and is God,
put it all together, the whole collective, every being, every
essence, every feeling, every thought, every dynamic, all the
light, all the primordial essence, the force which brought
everything into being, the real prime creator of all and all of it
together is God. In essence, that's who you are. That's who I
am. That's who everybody is. The acceptance of that fact is
called enlightenment.

To finally know that you are one with, your hand is in the
hand of God. That God is cradling and holding you and you
are in the womb of God. 24 hours a day, every moment of
existence, eternally existing in that state of being. So that's the
truth and when your realize the truth, then your job is to
somehow surrender with humility and love and patience and
acceptance that that's your true nature. And to the discipline
of the studies that enhance or bring your God hod out,
whether reading, writing, painting, learning piano. Do it. Vow
to do it.

Then, forever more, there is nothing to be except happiness,
knowing that you are perfect, powerful, beautiful, talented and
all that you can imagine. If not in this lifetime, in the next. You
know Mozart's Dad took him to the Vatican. Then they had a
kind of music protection. Nobody was allowed to write down
the Vatican's secret Music. Mozart was seven years old. He
heard the symphony, the chorus, and came home and wrote it
all down for his father. The whole concert, bar by bar. The
next day the father took him back to the Vatican. They heard
it again, Amadeus came home and made just a few changes.
That is a film you have to rent. "AMADEUS." Totally proves
reincarnation exist. He was born a musical genius! He came in
'trailing clouds of glory' as a later poet put it.
So project out of your consciousness and study and master
and create. That is who you are, the creator. But all of the
denial and process we have gone through to get to the
imperfection, that we have created on this planet, in our lives,
in our personalities, in our bodies...all the imperfection-- is
just a temporary stopping place kind of like Barstow is. You
park there, get gas. You don't even want to touch the water.
And you say, I'm getting out of here. And then when you get
to Las Vegas, you have something to contrast it with.
So cherish your dumbness for the last time, right now. Now
you are in Barstow. It's a dreadful place, if you don't know
it. Barren, sand, trees won't grow there, half way between
L.A. And Las Vegas. But guess what. Barstow is part of the
plan, part of the joke, so it's great. Cuz later when you get to
VEGAS, you will have something to contrast it with. So if
you're in Barstow right now, get in the car and finish your
drive to Vegas laughing at how funny it all is.
But you don't get to Vegas until what's missing (that has not
shown up as missing)---shows up. Until we start to speak and
listen and hear and perceive the truth. 'I am God' we are
stuck in Barstow. When you say I AM GOD DAILY, I am
cause in this matter, that's when we have reached Las
* * * * * * * * *
TOTALLY ABANDON the treehugging, do-gooder,
GUARDIAN ANGEL act. Drop the habit of CARING about
anything or anybody in the sense that you are disposed to a.)
chortling manifestations of sympathy or b.) buying into their
'poor me' sad act, and c.) being the broker of change and as
their personal wand-carrying angel, helping them to find joy
and d.) thinking there's a laurel wreath for your head when
you've done that.
HELPING OTHERS is impossible. The only way you can
help another is to get them to release their problems,
emotions, unhappiness, suffering and grief and listen to their
inner God voice. It's more about making them let go of the
screens to vision. Once the screens are gone, they have eyes,
they will see it daily.
In that SEEING way of practicing, you or they, any person
can reach a state of calmness, meditation, pure silence. Any
person will lose the stuck in Barstow feeling with the resulting
agitation. The torturers will leave the jailcell. But here's an
added benefit: in that calm space one will start to attract the
attention of the GODS. Do you imagine that angels listen to
someone who's screaming 'poor me' all the time? No, they
don't. So shut up. Stop the self pity. Be joyously creative. If
you still have two hands left at the end of your arms, be very
joyous because there are plenty of people who don't have
two hands since Bush started bombing everywhere. In a
prayerful way, start asking for what you want, rather than
bemoaning what you do not have.
If you could just ask for what you want --instead of
bemoaning the situations that exist now, then you will see fast
progress in your life's shape. A different result from being
stuck in Barstow.
Bemoaning, grieving, worrying is a practice in itself you
know, but one you want to avoid as it produces the result of
its own kind which is more lack, suffering and loss and
negativity in your life!
Your talent and your openness are equal to the degree that
you are open and willing to ask and serve and help others and
listen and be open. To that degree will your talent come out
because it's in the expression and use of your talent that all
good things occur. It's in the lack of opening up your real
talents and expressing what down deep in your heart, what
your talents really want you to do which keeps everybody
very unhappy.
If you remain angry, instead of finding out how to clear out
and reach that anger, then your talents are even bottled up by
the anger. No matter how talented you are, you will be one
dimensional, myopic. You'll have an astigmatism. You won't
be able to see things clearly. That's what happens with great
people that go in one direction. Especially people in the media
that become stars in one thing, actors, directors. Journalists
especially. They're frustrated in many other parts of their lives
because they can only express themselves in this one way and
their anger and frustration is not seen as a belittling of their
talents, of a not-enoughness in their life of self-expression.
They haven't made it really the way they want to make it so
they get sick and die so they can recycle and try it again.
That's the way of the cell. Anger kills. Rag really kills.
This planet is full of people who are hung up on trying it
again. I want to do it better this time. I'm going to come back
and be a bigger star. They don't understand. There's only one
thing. Giving it all up and releasing yourself to know that you
are the perfection, beauty, love and harmony of God right
now. So what's there to do? Go create something out of the
One thing about religion and spirituality. There is only God in
the universe, everywhere, in everything and in you. You are
one with God. God is everywhere, God is everything. You
can know it by knowing, listening, by praying about it, by
asking for what you want because God is always the creator
and the creator has to always create by asking: "What do I
want now? What do I want to create now?"
That's your job, the life of prayer, of looking to see what it is
and where it is and how it is you want life to be for you and
asking for it and then seeing the chips fall where they should.
Everything lines up according to what you think, feel and ask
for which is what true prayer is. Do not spend a day let alone
an hour let alone a minute without praising, loving and
thanking the cosmic God source, the Prime Creator, Jehovah,
Allah, whatever name you call that source, being in tune with
that and saying 'thank you, thank you, thank you.' Thy will be
done.' The will that you want done is your highest aspirations,
your highest love. Never let a minute go by without being in
tune so that's the answer to the question, "do I ever worry or
think negatively?"
No, because one is always in tune with the source of all things
which is a place, person, being and consciousness and never
involved in the negative, a balanced, positive.
The secret of how to apply YOUR NEW VISION doesn't
really exist. There is no way of how to apply it. There is only
applying. How to apply is the very act of applying. It takes as
much courage to apply practical wisdom, spiritual truths as it
does to have the fear and trepidation and worries and struggle
and depression that occurs from just the opposite. From the
negative, from the pressures.
If we realize that we're in this pain all the time, this
depression, worry, anxiety, paranoia that it is a constant state
of people who live negatively. To those who live with no
pressure, who become millionaires out of this pain, what
occurred was just a practical way of being. Not 'how do I
become a millionaire,' but 'I am going to become a millionaire
and I will not stop until I do it. That's the same attitude it
takes to be a spiritual warrior. The warrior that's after money,
power or lording it over someone...It's the samurai path. It's
the Samurai attitude, not 'how do I become a good body' not
'how do I have a good diet, not 'how do I overcome cancer'
but 'are you willing to be the Samurai that works so diligently
at the very methods and practical things that make you so
strong and so accomplished. It's like becoming a musician. In
a musical way, or dance, or painting, it's a Samurai warrior
attitude. Saxophone, musical group, we rehearse four times a
week. I practice sax two, three hours a day. We haven't got a
name for our group --yet. We're thinking of the FAMILY
JULES. But it's a bad pun. (He used it to the end anyway).
When you're fucked up and depressed, unable to function
according to the principles of transformation, spirituality or
higher consciousness, how do you do it? The answer is, there
is no how. You have too be absolutely committed to the
powerful courageous way of being a disciplined student
which is what a disciple is. It's the how. The how is to do. To
be. There is no particular method of how to be happy, or
how to be strong, or how to be powerfully committed. The
only answer is in the action. Forwarding the action, getting the
job done, keeping your word and producing a result. Of
course, if that sounds airy-fairy to somebody and they say
'well, I don't know how to do that,' well, then they've got to
wake up to the fact that they're responsible. They're cause in
the matter. There's nothing else you can do except to work
on workin' on it.
The question, 'who do you care about?'...I don't care about
anybody. I care about everybody. When I look at anybody, I
look at them as myself. They are me. There's only oneness. I
don't have a care. I don't care about some specific, particular
person over another. I don't care about my son more than I
care about a friend but the more you are connected with what
I am, and the more I can connect with you, with what I
see...that is the harmony of relationships. It's like a
relationship with a mate, for instance, is only as good as the
things that you love to do and that you mutually share and
inspire each other with, and can do together. That's how
good the relationship is. Otherwise, the relationship's a pile of
crap. If it's only sex, and that's the thing you share and love
and you have this great sexual thing..what else? If sex wears
off, there's nothing left in the relationship and you divorce. If
you only play music together and nothing else do you share,
you don't have any ideals or sympathies and it's only music,
that's as far as it will go. You have to cultivate being a well-
rounded person to be with well-rounded people in well-
rounded relationships. Birds of a feather flock together.
Water seeks its own level.
Don't let anything bother you. You don't have to care about
anything, or be worried. 'Care' is a camouflage word for the
word 'worry.' You must stop worrying, caring.
There's only one answer to anything, to be absolutely
equanimous, to find the harmony, balance, oneness, pure
spiritual path you should be on. That's the only thing that will
make it. To be clear that you are 'alright.' Even when you're
not alright. That everything will turn out because you know
that there's nothing but positivity, beauty, love in the universe.
The rest of it is an illusion. Anything that isn't love, isn't
positive, balanced, is not true. The truth of this universe is
that it's positive, balanced, harmonious, it's one. It's
wonderful. That's the answer. There's no other answer.
Whenever things look out of sorts, when they look bad,
know that it's an illusion, through a glass darkly. As soon as
you can see clearly, you'll see the light at the end of the
There is a part of us that thinks it's unsure of many wise, big,
really deep things. Yet, it's all a matter of you just being still,
focused and open and everything will unfold in an automatic
way, in a very simple way. It's when we talk over', think over
things, when we mind dominate our life instead of having the
very stillness, the meditative state, equanimous state where
you're balanced and focused and clear and open and quiet
and not doing anything, without the need to do anything,
without needing to know that state of receptivity,
surrender and acceptance is the whole game of being able to
immediately shift to the highest level of possibility, of
consciousness which creates possibility that hasn't been there
before, of seeing, knowing, growing, becoming adept or just
the possibility of just 'being there.' Life is not about being
there, but life is about 'being' there. That's a very subtle
difference. Being, like the movie 'Being there' because Jerzy
Kozinski had such depth to see that a person who was a
simple gardener could actually become the right hand
consultant of the president and never know that he was being
looked on as some wise, deep, old oracle.
Chauncey Gardiner didn't mean what he was saying but what
he was saying came from a being who was just 'being there,'
not doing anything, not thinking, not trying to figure things
out. But in the simplicity of his nature he communicated in a
way which people said 'ahh, he's got the answer. He's

If you went to Bosnia and Serbia and Croatia and took the
three heads of those people and sat them down and said
'look' into each other's eyes, and breathe for a minute and
don't you see that you're all the same. You have no conflict.
There's nothing to fight about. All there is is to make peace,
love and harmony and feed your people and help yourselves
to see the beauty of nature and feel all your wounds and relax
and let go of the struggle and sit down and talk to each other
and tell each other what you really want, then find out how it's
possible to have it occur by the three of you coming together
in a consensus and harmony of seeing that it's all spirituality
and you're all God-loving, God-fearing men. They would say
'oh my God, that's really true.' Not Clinton, not England, not
France, not the U.N., no media figure...nobody seems to be
able to come forward and say 'love is where it's at.'
In politics, government is based on the same rules of
competition as a sporting game, football, basketball. They
don't realize that a game is a game. INTERACT,
COOPERATE, don't be competitive. Have team spirit. Be
able to play together and really have fun and enjoy the game.
Those rules about you win, you lose and I'm better than you
is not what it's about. It's not about winning and losing. It's
about playing the game and cooperating in a way in which
you have the most incredible competition to see who's best,
who can produce the best performance, who can produce the
most amazing players and teamwork.

If politics would get to that point instead of seeing that they're
not in a game to beat the other one up and win the game, the
Republicans beat the Democrats today and tomorrow the
Democrats beat the Republicans. And who won today?
Clinton lost his legislation and Dole won. That's not what it's
about. It's about teamwork. And if one politician in
government and family and schools and musical groups see
the same need for cooperation and participation in an
harmonious teamwork to produce the finest results, talent,
common good. It's the truest moral nature that we can have.
It's really the great game. It's the real reason why we're here.
We are so close to that point, right now, within the next five
years. The whole planet is going to not only see it, but act on
it. Everything on this planet is going to move in that direction.
As soon as we go away from defense, worry, fear,
competition in the 'I win, you lose in the you or me world'
changing over to a you and me world where we all win, where
it's win win, where it's all the good for everyone. The sharing
that is necessary to bring that about is right here in front of
us. We're right on the edge. That's why these words are here
and you're reading them. That's why Agape is the most
spiritual center on the planet right now. That's why the Bodhi
Tree Book store is packed every night with people buying
books. That's why there are a zillion courses, and meditation
centers and trainings going on in this arena because the world
is about to explode into the New Age and the ending of the
old Piscean age.

It's just taken this much effort, this much suffering, this much
negativity to tip the scales to the positive balance. It's the
balance positive. It's called 'I now see all the positive things
to do and I will balance that positive in my life and in politics,
education and in my family and in the way I treat others and
treat myself and the way I grow to accomplish what I
get the balanced positivity that is the sole dictator of your
life's activities.

The people who are so far away from this are those in denial,
in fear, in their ego, in their state of wasting their time, of not
seeing, not opening up, not being smart, not studying and not
going toward the light. Most people are lost, wandering
around the world as if the world were still the way it looks.
The way it looks is just a reflection of crap that we've been
accumulating for thousands of years. It's just about to be
white washed. We're going to have a blank canvas, clean of
pollution, competition, selfishness and greed, wiped clean of
hate, fear, doubt and antagonisms. It looks bad when you
look at Israel and Palestine, Yugoslavia, and poverty in the
third world. Those are symptoms and reflections of the past.
They do not portend to show anything of the future. The
future is what we're creating now, people like us, involved in
transformation. That's where the real power is, God's power,
people who are godly.

When you stop looking at anything that you see as being
people who are lost, don't see it as real, see it as the illusion
and start to look for the thing that is real, which is the group
striving to live the high life, the high path, the path of truth.
When you turn your attention to righteousness, to the right
thing, the real truthful way, then you've turned yourself into
this way which has been all the masters of wisdom, all the
Buddhas, Krishnas and the Christ and the Mohammed's and
the Spinozas and G.B Shaw's and the Emersons, Walt
Whitmans and Einstein and every good person who has been
giving us their wisdom---then you turn yourself into being one
of those beings.

The practice of invoking your higher forces takes asking in
the form of actually visualizing what you wish to create, what
you wish to have, how you want it to be. You see that in your
mind's eye and then, through believing it is done, knowing it
is complete, knowing everything is already provided, that the
abundance and the ability to produce any vision you have is
your birthright, is who you are as you are a creator. That's
why you have a mind, imagination equipment to visualize the
way you want it to be. That's where the creative process and
the power of creation exist. It exists within yourself. So then
we use all these ways of assisting us, to ask for assistance
because the universe is a grand and infinite reality, full of
energy and beings like ourselves. We can be in touch with
those other beings, knowing that we are unified on a subtle
level, on an energy level, in a level where we would call it the
'essence of ourselves' and be able to tune in to that through
accepting and surrendering and asking for this to be. Then,
by invoking, through sound, color, mantras and affirmations,
we actually create a system of connecting to those energies
and forces and beings who are also in the same way
projecting and listening and asking and giving as we do. So
it's the giving and receiving mechanism that we are as
creators, that pulls in abundance, shares abundance, gives
love and material things and creations that we're able to share
and live in these worlds provided us by nature, Godforce.
When we do a mantra like 'I am the soul, I am the light divine,
I am love, I am will, I am fixed design' we are just invoking
the truth of our nature, our being, other people's being. We
are unifying the light which is what everything is essentially
made of, and activating those energy centers in our body, our
spiritual body, emotional body, mental body and physical
body. We unify them and activate these energy centers, which
are called chakras, to open them and help them display their
true nature of color and magnetism. We also clean the debris
of old thought forms, worry, doubt, anxiety, away from those
energy centers which are clogging and cluttering them and
keeping them from being vibrant, active and projecting their
true vibrancy, color and frequency.

INSTRUCTIONS: CLEANSE your aura by doing following
envisualization plus mantra: IMAGINE A CYCLONE of
rainbow light high above your head, whirling through the
body, down into the ground, carrying your reactive muck
away with it and burying it deep in the soil. As it goes through
each center, see it. ENVISUALIZE it and meanwhile, say "I
am the soul;" (imagine this light whirling around top of head) ;
I am the light divine; (imagine light around third eye); I am
love (light around heart)
I am will (Light in solar plexus, belly) I am fixed design. (light
at bottom of spine); Imagine more light going into knees
down through the legs, calves, down through soles of feet
into the ground. When you finish, you'll be exhilarated and
can decide what amazing creative, life forwarding thing you
want to do.

Next, we do certain affirmations like the affirmation of the
disciple which goes 'the sons of men are one, and we are one
with them. We seek to love not hate, we seek to serve and not
exact to service, we seek to heal and not hurt. Let pain bring
due reward of light and love. Let the soul control the outer
form and light and all events and bring to light the love which
underlies the happenings of the times. Let vision come and
insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union
demonstrate and outer conflicts be gone. Let love prevail. Let
all men love.

Then, the great invocation which is a unifying principle of the
truth of how the plan and purpose is operating in this world.
And the great invocation from Jual Cool goes 'from the point
of light within the mind of God, let light stream forth into the
minds of men. Let light descend on earth. From the point of
love within the heart of God, let love stream forth into the
hearts of men. May Christ return to earth. From the center
where the will of God is known let purpose guide the little
wills of men, the purpose which the masters know and serve.
From the center which we call the race of men, let the plan of
love and light work out and may it seal the door where evil
dwells that light and love and power restore the plan on

And then the third one from Jualcool is another affirmation of
unification of a disciple which is "I am a point of light within a
greater light. I'm a strand of loving energy within the stream of
love divine. I'm a spark of sacrificial fire focused within the
fiery will of God and thus I stand. I am a way by which men
may achieve. I am the source of strength, enabling them to
stand. I am a beam of light shining upon their way. And thus I
stand and standing thus resolve to tread this way, the ways of
man, and know the ways of God. Thus I stand."
By enabling yourself each day to visualize when you get up
and go to bed, just clean your aura, see yourself vibrant,
healthy, wealthy and wise by visualizing abundance, that you
are the creator of everything you could possibly want. And
visualize exactly what you do want to create, how you want
the physical reality to look. How you want your physical
body and your life, your bank account, every detail of your be. You envision it exactly that way, already done,
already having been completed in the matrix, in the mind of
yourself. In your own mind, you see it. And you affirm it.
And you invoke it. And you speak it and react that way, act
that way, look that way talk that way, not as a dilettante, not
as a pretension, worry or anxiety about it. Not as a windbag
but as someone who walks with the dignity, vibrancy,
courage and energy of one who has all these things that you
would have in the fullness and the completion of knowing it is
already done, already yours. And you practice. It's the same
image of being a musician, sculptor, dancer, actor, architect
or policeman that you see yourself being that, then by
practice and doing the things necessary to groom yourself
and perfect yourself--creates the perfection of that particular
thing, creates the mastery of that particular thing. Without
doubt, and without fear, without interference, you will be able
to create and accomplish anything because that's our only
goal and our only purpose is to have harmony, happiness,
abundance and be the most creative we can be and to
produce the greatest good for ourselves and everyone
throughout the planet and universe.

The evidence of your becoming a student, disciple or chela
of the truth is always on your humility of your ability to
receive and be inquisitive and to live your life as an inquiry.
That's what true humility is. It's always being an enquirer,
living your life as one who is receptive to what's around him,
at every moment. This is not a game about something being
of importance, something being of great value. You are of
great value, source, light, love, God, the universe. The truth
about the path of pursuing higher consciousness, of being
higher consciousness, of pulling away the mischief and
becoming one with just a matter of assuming
what's already there in front of you, just being humble
enough, quiet enough, still enough to just enjoy the way it is.
The final analysis, to give whatever you can give becomes the
action of one who is humble. Always serving, always shining
the light, always willing to participate and show up....
The question is why read a book, go to a spiritual seminar,
do transformational work, have a teacher, be a student, wy
practice, why do anything? Because, when you do that, you
immerse yourself in that atmosphere. When you immerse
yourself in any atmosphere, whether it's the reading of a book
or listening to a great lecture or going to a seminar or
practicing meditation or doing yoga class, anything like that,
going to the beach and jumping in the ocean, getting a
massage, getting some kind of therapy. When you immerse
yourself in that vibration, that will bring you to a state of
higher consciousness, a higher place. It allows you to be
bathing in the ocean of truth, learning, inspiration, excellence,
magnificence, knowledge. So, practice makes perfect and not
because practice is important but because when you are
practicing, disciplined, studying anything, you are immersed
in that state of consciousness. It immediately brings you up
and that's why we love things that are inspirational, certain
kind of activities, sex, music, great food, films, they have a
temporary inspirational effect in their self. They bring you to a
higher state, like feeling good. But when you're immersed in a
spiritual vibration, a spiritual atmosphere and ambiance, you
definitely feel the results immediately, if you allow yourself to
surrender and accept that, you will feel an upliftment and go
to a higher level. That's why every problem can be solved by
seeing that you need to solve a spiritual problem, which is
what are you practicing, are you seeing the principles of truth,
do you know about the laws of reality, are you in conscious
awareness of deep things? You will then be able to handle any

Time you put yourself in the space, atmosphere, ambiance of
spiritual enlightenment. You will then be forced into that mold
and be participating in a way in which you will become the
very thing that you're surrounded by, you will practice it, be
better and better. Finally, like in a music school, you will turn
out to be a musician. Not by your own doing but just by
putting yourself in the position in the school itself which
disciplined you. It disciplined you. So if you go to a seminar,
even though you may not want to be there, if you accept
being there and stay there and follow it through to the end, at
the end you will find that you got something great out of it by
just being there, because it took you somewhere. Just like a
music school will take you on a trip and at the end of it, you'll
be a musician.

I looked around today, at some of the people at Agape and I
realized that there are some very dumb people there, with big
mental problems, but by just being there they get better. Just
being in the atmosphere, their brain cells and consciousness
absorbs this magnificence. It's a platitude but ideas get
embedded in your DNA and you change.