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                         JULES IN LONDON WITH JACKIE BISSET

The illusion within our mind is the illusion that there is something we are responsible for and that we need to create it. I call that the “BUILD THE FIELD” anxiety. Then there’s this lunatic SENSE that we’re going somewhere, we’re going to get somewhere and that things will arrive and get better when that day comes. I call the LATER IT WILL COME craziness. And last, and the worst of them all, the feeling that we know something and have to run around ringing a bell like Paul Revere and tell what we know. The world calls that THE PUNDIT complex. You see that last one in Religious freaks, healthfood freaks, left wing progressives and righteous rightwingers who just have to tell you how you can be SAVED from HELL Cancer and DEATH!

The illusion or DELUSION of ‘build the field he will come’ and I’m a pundit and I can tell you HOW to build the field so Jesus will show up and What not to do sexually so that you won’t go to hell and what to eat so that you won’t get Cancer ---  is all just wired,frantic monkey mind addicted to busy-ness!

So, I just shot down an illusion you have. That all that DOING and busy-ness was a good thing. Remember that song, ‘be happy?’ that actually is  a good thing. Just be happy. Do what makes you happiest.


Get into an ecstatic altitude and from way high up there, you will see that “building fields” and “waiting for later” and “knowing how things realllly are and running around being Paul Revere and telling folks” – That THIS IS or ISN’T a good life, a safe life”, is all just an excuse to NOT do what really makes YOU ECSTATIC! Be absorbed in your art and you won’t even go there and you’ll be a helluva lot more fun for US! Because you’ll be original and entertaining. Not banal.


Now, banal platitudes sometimes do capture the truth. For instance, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution agree  ‘all men are created equal.’ What does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything in a world where entry level workers get 6$ an hour and corporations pay CEO’s  60 milllion a year at the expense of stock holders so the workers will never get a raise.


Equal really means --- what they were trying to say --- is that all men are always and have already always been equal and we don’t see it and know it because we classify everything into a pigeon hole, a caste system. Like CEO’s deserve 60 million and pipefitters 6$. Like Irish are testy drunks; Germans are neat and organized, Jews are good at math and good at staying in school without sex until they have their PHD’s. Mexicans can put in a 14 hour work day because they eat beans not meat but they carry knives and will stick you soon as look at you….


These urban legends may well all be true. But Ignorance versus intelligence, poverty versus wealth, smart versus stupid, power versus weakness-- all these things are totally insane opposites that portray an illusion.


There’s only one consciousness, one mind, and one system working in everything. It’s called cosmic soul, cosmic law, cosmic essence. All men and women, all beings that are human beings, have the same capacities and how they turn out is dependent on what environment, education, circumstance, opportunities they have.


Belief in the illusion world that fixes what we are and can do and makes us evaluate ourselves and categorize ourselves into one of those pigeon holes is dangerous. All the categorizing is done by me, you. No one is judging us. We are judging ourselves. And in the very act of judging is created the illusion.


If you stop judging yourself, you might be able to look at yourself in a neutral way and know that you are just the silent watcher, the creator, the thinker, and the knower. But anytime you think, know or create you get off the mark because you immediately start judging, criticizing, opining and having some form of goal, need, intention -- which the road to Hell is paved with, -- instead of staying in that space and place where you only recognize your God conscious self and we call it God or oneness or love or freedom or all that is, or Buddha nature, or Christ consciousness or Allah. And you’re quiet in that state. You don’t build fields. You don’t wait for later. You are toe dancing in the now, without opinions or blabber totally connected to the now like an infant sucking very relaxedly on the teat. Relaxed, in touch with his mother, centered on his own, quiet feeding.


Whatever word to describe that FORCE that wells up in us when we’re quiet and contacting the ultimate source of our being -- is not an illusion. We effort a lot at trying to find and identify and name the source. The very reality of all of us  cannot be identified, named or truly known because it is the namer, the knower, the thinker. And He is nameless.


The knower can’t be some system of knowing. If it’s bigger than your scope of interpretation, that’s the good news. Because, as Joseph Campbell said, the only reality is to follow your bliss and what is your bliss but this happy God-conscious, free, unencumbered, unfettered self which is who you truly are, always, now and forever and which everyone else is? When you address life from that standpoint and you see equality in everything and everybody and you can actually look at the homeless drunk in the gutter with his wine bottle and look in his eyes and say "you are God, I love you, I bless you, I send you light and peace and happiness and joy" -- that is the only opportunity that you have to effect that guy in the gutter. Somehow that spark will go into his consciousness and in some now of this eternal now, that consciousness will wake up to itself and say ‘Aha. I remember that guy telling me that I was God and he loved me as Jesus did."


Jesus was and is and will always be remembered because all he was --- was a guy who saw everything and everybody as perfect. The perfect mind of God was in me as it is in you and he went on the cross only because he couldn’t tell them anything but that truth. "I am the Son of God and you are all sons of God and even greater works shall ye do". And immortality is the obvious reality. In nothing which is where we live and have our being, in the void, the silence and in the invisible, we exist in reality. There is no thing other than permanence, infinity, eternal being. You cannot destroy anything in the universe. You can only change its form, shape into something else. And that which is the essence of our being which changes things, shapes things and experiences things is the same, always. Eternally the same. And in the remembering of it do we dispel all the illusions of separateness and pigeonholed ideas about ‘them and me,’ others and myself. In this blessed, saintly which we might travel every day, we will find that when we bless and love each person, ugly or beautiful, ignorant or intelligent, wealthy or poor, when we can just be with them... then the spiritual nature of that being and your being, merge and melt all conditionality with love and giving kindness. This allows people to see their own love, giving and kindness. So do that. Practice that in everything you do for yourself and with others. Nothing will befall you except the ecstasy and joy of happiness, which is based in peace and love.


 * * * *


Confusion arises only in the state where you’re still thinking and figuring things out. That’s confusion. When you’re not thinking and trying to figure things out, there isn’t any confusion. So choosing to be not worried about having to figure things out creates the ability to not be confused. It’s like not needing anything. It relaxes you. Not needing the other person to love you back. Everyone relaxes and they love you more. It’s like not needing to know which will create the ability to know. As a wise man once said, ‘How can that teacher be wise, he’s spending all his time reading books!" It is that pernicious thinking mechanism, the worrying, the having to know and the wanting to have it all figured out which creates a confusion that doesn’t allow you to see that it’s all so simple and unconfused when you stop needing to do or be anything. To just live in the moment with everything the way it is and see it for the way it is and be with it the way it is, in the now, gives you the greatest latitude and scope of acting in a way which evolves to a higher place of being, knowing, creating. It’s all about that mastery or being still, silent and selfless. Those are the keys to the kingdom.


* * *


The essence of how to live and practice these great spiritual truths exists in the ability to be into the work of transformation of yourself. That work mainly entails stopping the crap. Stop beating yourself up and allow yourself to see where you are judging and criticizing and living in the past and being hurt and being the victim. Stop being the result of the things that have happened to you.


The blame game is like a lame donkey. You saddle your habitual dysfunction with excuses -- some negative event that led to some negative feeling that warped you, allowed you to have these judgments of others, to become a sociopath, and now you get on that lame donkey, shakily saddled and get on the freeway of life where all the normal people are going sixty and you get smashed into the center divider!


Well don’t saddle that donkey. Have a little compassion, first of all for yourself, that you did this to yourself, that there’s no shame or blame necessary. Excuses make lousy saddles, throw them away. The only thing necessary is to remember your true self, loving, giving, serving, being conscious and aware that all others in the universe are part of you, that we’re all the same under the skin, in the world of the soul, we’re all joined.


That being so, love, compassion, oneness and generosity are the only things that we can offer to each other, that we can offer our goodness, that we can offer our forgiveness, our ability to serve and do whatever is wanted by the other, even though the other doesn’t understand these principles themselves, you make yourself be those things and then everything in your world of relationships, in the world that you encounter, will notice that you are coming with peace and love, with your heart worn upon your sleeve.


You will give this compassion, love and understanding to others, allowing them to grow at their own pace but recognizing the need in yourself to be totally conscious and selfless, not worrying, not doubting, being trustworthy and faithful. You will be the attributes of God, the teacher of God by living those attributes of kindness, joy and open-mindedness, receptivity and acceptance.


Therefore, there’s nothing you need do. When you’re a student you just learn what the master teaches you, that in the absolute reality of your soul, we are all one. There is no need, no pressure out there, no negativity. These are illusions in the world of duality, a world constructed out of perception and misperception.


Our job is to only be the seer, to see things differently, to see things clearly, perfectly. To see that there is nothing we have to do, we’re not going anywhere, there’s no place to go. Just remember that God within us is the God that is going to carry us through life and through all there is to do. The past present and future all exist now, permanently, eternally, vertically now. There is no place you’re going to go, there’s no place you’ve been. Every place you’re going to go will be now and every place you’ve been was now and every place that exists forever eternally, infinitely is now.


So, if all there is -- is now, then you choose to be upset, angry, to be conscious or asleep, to be giving or selfish, the choice is yours. Make the choice for good. Make the choice for love, peace, for being in the moment, a student, receiving the essence of your soul which is perfect and always was perfect, perfect meaning that it is all one, invisible essence that supports and creates all that is. All that is -- is just a dance, a play, a drama. You’re not to be the victim or the victimizer in the drama. You are only to be the creator, selflessly creating beauty, love goodness to all and everyone that you encounter. Start now by promising yourself to only be this saint, this gorgeous person who gives compassion, peace and love continuously. In the very act of doing that, you create an art of being, an art that makes you see.
You will see how to discipline yourself and make your life into joy and ecstasy and nirvana and nothing but harmony and happiness which is your birthright which is who you are before you were born and who you are now and who you are forever. There is no such thing as all these ups and downs, negatives and positives, life and rebirth and so forth. They are just the forms we create to play in, to play with and to be occupied with as the dance that the God that you are wishes to create. But don’t be involved in any way being sucked in and attached to any of those games, those forms, those dramas. Be in them as the creator, as the essence, as the one who has the control and the power. Always gravitate toward your higher self, close your aura to anything else. See yourself as that strain of beautiful music that is always playing ‘I am God, I am God, I love myself as I am. All that I see, encounter, is me, is God. We are all one. I love them. I love myself. I forgive myself for ever thinking anything else, doing anything else or being anything else and for ever being a victim of the world. Rather, I see that the world does things as it does because it doesn’t know this truth and I forgive them for they know not what they do and I love them because behind their ignorance is the truth and is the essence of God, love and peace.


** * * * * * * *


The only question then, is --to be or not to be. Can you be practicing this or are you NOT going to be practicing this? Can you be the truth of it and remind yourself that when you don’t do it and you go back into your story and drama and victimization role -- that you can catch yourself immediately and get off it. If you catch yourself saddling the donkey or worse, on the donkey’s back, just stop. Get off. As soon as you get on it, you get off it.


You practice this and never again out of your mouth is spoken any word except words of positive truth. Because you cannot drive that lame donkey on today’s freeways. Okay? By telling yourself the truth about yourself, you catch yourself saddling the donkey! You say ‘oh I was doing this and that, I thought I was loving, I thought I was peaceful but turns out I was accusing, unforgiving, using reasons of something that happened in the past to justify why I felt hurt or vindictive or a victim now. You toss those excuses right into the trash. You constantly educate yourself by telling yourself the truth about yourself, all the time. Then, you can tell yourself the truth about others. Then you can tell others the truth about yourself and then finally, you can tell others what they need to know about themselves and you can always then completely tell the truth to everyone about everything. That is the ultimate game. To be able to tell the truth about everything to everyone about everything.


Do not mistake your patting yourself on the back and still carrying the weight of every ego frustration, fear, doubt and worry in that backpack. They cannot be reconciled. You can’t have a thousand pound weight on your back and think you’re going to stand up straight, alert and be clear and fast and zoom down that freeway. You have to throw the weight off, which is the ego. Take on the lightness of the angels, of your holy spirit and carry on in life as one who is only pure love, always. Even though the road to hell is paved with good intentions which are never fulfilled, the good intentions are the road to heaven when we fulfill them. So let us fulfill our good intentions and let us see others good intentions as being a need of ours to allow them to fulfill themselves by being in agreement with others and seeing the love that they have, seeing their essence, their soul, their real self which only wants to be happy and speed through life being effective, a truth disseminator, an artist.




There are three men. One is a banal and bourgeois Republican. He says: God has been good to me always". This man gives money to the church so he’ll get more good luck. He tells you he’s grateful to God but he’s really anxious for the fruits of his generosity to return to him post haste. The second man is banal, bourgeois and just plain dumb. He’s a Democrat. He says "God has been good to everyone" and in gratitude, he gives his money to the King who promises to spend it on all the poor people even though the King really spends it on trillion dollar war in Iraq to make a few merchant chums richer and to kill a lot of third worlders. The Democrat hopes life will get better but the reality is hundreds are dying every day in this war which he paid for.


Then there is a third man: He’s a hipster and he’s in total bliss. He knows that HE is God and he is good to himself. He doesn’t vote or tithe or donate at church or let the King tax him one cent! Maybe that’s part of why he’s in bliss. That man spends his money on his art training, teachers, lessons, paint, canvases, brushes, piano lessons, pianos, MIDIs, computers, scanners, carving tools, marble….and he’s creating master pieces and they’re on sale at his website for a buck. You want to be that third guy.


Everyone is seeking happiness and joy and good and beauty and peace and love and excitement and ecstatic light and the only one who can give it to you is yourself by knowing that you’re all that is and that’s always the way it’s been. Long ago, was the absolute manifestation of all that is that would never stop evolving and growing and creating. We were always the same The one that created, the one that observed it, the one that experiences it, without end in this infinite moment, present now. And that is all there is. So we just accept and surrender to the will of that truth which is to be yourself. How to be yourself is to be that which you’ve always been. Inseparable from the whole, not fragmented, just one with all that is. It’s not a feeling, it’s not an idea, it’s not a thought, it’s not a belief but rather it is who you are and in the remembering which is just being conscious that you have always been this, permanent, invisible hand that guides your life and all life around you. Be still and know that you are God and have no other Gods before you.


In that place that you are, always now, present, being all that is, see yourself, clearly. See everything clearly. Listen to everything openly. Receive in to your soul and give from your soul because that’s all that actually exists and everything else is a reflection or not a reflection of your ability to live or not live as your soul. It’s not an as, like you have a choice. The soul is how you be you. So be you the soul and you will be you and you will then know yourself and all others. Without any gap between the invisible and the manifested, physical reality. You will no longer be at the effect. You will simply know that you are cause and there’s no need for anything.




The impossibility is forgetting who you are. The possibility is that you won’t remember who you are. In that, you might say "if I’m not remembering, then I’m forgetting." Well, in a reality called the soul always knows and is always here, now perfect and is a master, in that sense, you could never forget. And there’s nothing to remember because who you are right now is all that is. At the same time, we go through all these conversations about how to reach it. There’s no place to reach it to because the reaching it is in the remembering and you’re already there. So that’s the paradox. You must fulfill your own destiny by realizing there’s nothing else to do except realize that you are already there. I am endeavoring to be true to my self, my soul and my God which are all me and in that you automatically become a role model because everybody endeavors, inside of their real self, to remember to be this great person that they know they could be, if only they could give up the things that don’t make them great. If only we could practice the things that make us great. Finally to know that we can do it by doing it and we can be it because we are it. It’s all in learning how which is simply to be who you are rather than the ego that you made up and the fear that you made up and the chasm that you made up between you and being a master and being selfless and being holy and truly happy, now, knowing that that’s all there is, now.