I'm going to tell you something that you never knew and haven't heard before and which would startle you. When people use words, 90% of them use words as an opinion, a criticism, an empty parroting of their own aversions and attractions. It is a rehash of a really standard, boring point of view. What is more, the way they think about something, interpret it, the way they identify with some event, with a huge personal bias,  shows the listener more about the criticizer’s junk than that listener ever wanted to know!

And the horror is, most people speak that way. They speak as a windbag and in 'non sequiteurs', they don't speak from a helpful, higher perspective. They don't speak in a logical sequence in which things follow one another in a logical way so as to reveal something telling about the 'now.' They don't speak so as to be an inpiring, creative, brotherly, team member, --- part of the “advance the action” process. They don't speak so as to be motivating, real and truthful. That is simply not the way most people express themselves!

I’m betting ---The next conversation you overhear will be: 'oh I like this food, I hate this actor. I watch this show. I hate when this happens....yamayamma. Monkey Mind. Pooping with their lips instead of contributing nectar! And the second thing you'll hear is a recital of their schedule with many complaints about being mistreated. Collecting injustices.

What we need to gain from the observation of monkey mind is important. Why? Because we're seeking to have God mind. So by staying away from all habits related to monkey mind, at least we throw ourselves into the right river of thought.

You have an interpreting, logical mind. 82 billion neurons of mind. Everyone has that logical mind but why do we use it to complain, comment, react and talk stupid gossip to each other about what horror we read in the newspapers or how we feel and how we liked this song or movie  and what went on yesterday, conversation about your opinions, feelings, interpretations, ideas, concepts, memories, experiences. All of the things you're identified with.

What's the different between that kind of conversation and a conversation in which you truly create, in the moment of speaking.  Where you excite? Motivate another. Get them furiously interested in something valuable. Of course to do that, you'd need to have something valuable going.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between ordinary talk and celestial talk? In the latter, you will not hear complaints, opinions or  reactions. Where does commenting come from? From your concepts, judgments, desires. That is exactly the conversation which is not important. It's not the truth, so it's not important. 

The truth is the only thing that is important. The truth is that which you perceive and note as real going around you and we can just report on it, as it is, without a feeling, identity, criticism of it, a judgement, etc. and it's important is to change that and become conscious, clean, unbiased, to become an accurate, reliable  reporter.

How will you know when you are an angelic reporter, whose information can be trusted? First, you must  arrive at the New Land of being a silent watcher. And while you watch life around you, strive for truth in judging. While you walk in this land you must carry four walking sticks.

The first is the strongest one and you will lean on it most.  You tell yourself the truth about yourself. That is required when you watch others because you will tend to project. But if you can tell yourself the truth about yourself, --at that point, you are ready to tell OTHERS the truth about themselves.  When you do that, you cannot forget to volunteer, or tell the truth about yourself to these other people or you will appear smug and self-satisfied. No, volunteer the truth of your struggles. Last, to stay safe in this new land and not see things that aren’t there or dream things that are untrue, --tell the truth about others to YOURSELF!

Then you will be an ANGEL in this NEW LAND and that is a distinct 'other' kind of mind, soul, spirit which has nothing to do with the mind that speaks, thinks and comments from the identifications it has. Nor is it attached, judgmental, interpreting, commenting. It is a  feeling logical mind, -- different from the reactive conversation that you ordinarily speak,now.

The NEW LAND way of being is when you live from a mind which is part heart, part soul and all consciousness. That is another, different, distinct place to come from. Now, the NEW LAND is different for different people. If Albert Einstein were here, there'd be a distinct place where he came from. If Jesus or Buddha were in the room, there'd be a distinct place from which they spoke and felt. Distinct from the one we have. These are different beings from the ordinary ones.

But you can be sure of this. Masters are not fearing, illogical, and yammer-commenting, like most of us sheep-people. Nothing wrong with sheep- people, it's just when they open their mouth to speak, you hear prejudices, angers, a lack of a good self confront! You spot the wrong use of the mind communication powers. Their thoughts are generally the wrong food for the mind. Like hamburgers and cokes are the wrong food.

So you have to stay centered and get the mind nutrition, the right mind food --- and after you do that, choose the right phrases for you language. Tact, a slow approach, not hitting folks over the head, but querying gently until your friend has gone into the New Land of truth with you a few steps.

After all, when you get them there, you’re going to be emptying their back pack of junk. I'm talking about emotions and the thoughts and genetic legacy of prejudices hat is talking inside the ordinary head. That is not the right food for people yet they were fed it and continue to chew on it. What is the right food? Well, I like to think the liberals have gone ahead on the path to Utopia. Their beliefs involve Non-judgmental personal freedom, anti-violence, anti-war, organic, holistic living. And I can have a big plate of my favorite mind food off FM public radio rather than commercial radio as public radio does not bow to the advertisers, that consortium of war industries. Ditto Public Television. Then the books that these new age broadcasters recommend, that would be good mind food.

Then life teaches us. We watch, listen. In any conversation, you don't have to worry about being concerned about centering or not centering or hearing what's said. What you want to pay attention to is not to be caught in your head with your own conversation, where you’re rehearsing your viewpoint! No, be able to listen. That's all.

Listening means doing nothing. Centering is doing nothing. The thing that you are going to hear is something that you've never heard before. Even if what you're listening to is the next chattering monkey beside you in the tree! You will hear subtext. The subtext of that person's chatter may be interesting, provocative, stirring, scary even. That could be important because if somebody's taking the time to give you some of their personal nutsiness, you may be able to give antidotal medicine they dearly need. Some gems of wisdom from universal truth and reality, from the knowledge and teachings of all ages. Now it could always be that the next monkey is an old sage and you also, if listening, hear considerations you've never heard before.But my point is, no matter who's in the tree beside you, it behooves you to really listen.

What is it you can do now to be conscious and aware that this is what you want to do all the time. You want to be able to be conscious that you are going to listen, and be conscious that you're not listening when you're jabbering inside your head, and you don't stay still. Observing is the way you start to stay still. Part of observing yourself is seeing how you don't listen. Observation will help you push yourself to stay centered and listen.

The first job of a meditator is not to do the mantra or worry about anything but to observe yourself 24 hours a day. Then you will make your decisions out of your own free will which is the only power you have, to quiet the rattletrap mind that's been talking for all your life. As you center yourself, you can feel your heart center. You can open up your heart and reach out and push this love out of your heart and also receive love. You will know how much the person you are talking with loves you.

When you talk, or ask questions, you will hear your voice and wonder who's talking? The one you want to silence, right? So notice that, observe that, and don't even want an answer to the questions that arise in your mind. That's your old, commenting self.

When you listen and read and are quiet and meditate, and when you observe and see everything that's going on around you, that will be called the observer's enquiry. And that's all you need to do is live as an observer enquiring. Looking at. That's it. When your mind speaks and talks and judges and feels and criticizes and comments and reacts, you will know to observe it and see what a stupid monkey that guy is.

When you do that long enough, observing, being aware and conscious, you will speak in a way where you speak about the beauty and the truth and the visions and the desires and your aspirations, your goals in life, and you'll only speak about them and what class you went to today and how many hours you vocalized and sang so many songs and what exercise you're doing and the only statements that will come out of your mouth is to express the joy and excitement of those things that you're doing that make you absolutely in ecstasy. Now are you able to make the distinction between that state of consciousness which comes from being a silent observer and one who is talking to himself tyrannizing his head. An 'I' talking to itself, jibber-jabbering about everything, making no sense, going nowhere and wasting your time day after day, at this petty pace, and we all do it until we don't. Until we practice meditation and become great in some art form, playing an instrument, and exercising and eating correctly and enjoying life, loving everyone, and practicing, observing, observing.

Will you let go of the logical mind which keeps on talking as if it were your reality? That's what human dilemma is, that man is caught inside of his conversation and his mind which is a total illusion coming from fear. Whereas there is a no mind a being, a silent awareness, a conscious being, with no fear who lives just to be aware and conscious and observing of the delight and fun of participation.

Become silent, listen, observe, care about the little monkey souls chattering by your side. Mental people don't care. Mental jammer people don't have time to have heart felt ties to others. They don’t ever think about the next guy’s soulular evolution, or his material evolution. Cuz they’re jabbering away ‘my dumb parents, my horrible sweetheart, my hobbies, my shopping, my attractions, my pets, my blah blah.’ The silent one CAN feel very affectionate toward a chattering dopey little monkey who hasn't a clue because where ever the mind isn’t, the heart IS.

The silent elderly monkey will teach that little jabbering creature how to be more effective while he's hanging from those branches. Teach him not to speak the garbage that's in his little monkey head, all that silly commenting that's supposed to show other people that you're alive, bright and thinking and which really does the opposite!

Instead of jabbering about your hobbies and attractions,  be a model of HUMAN, or GOD speak. Speak about your promises. Or your visions, goals, commitments, your loves, your passions and your practice of the things that impassion you. Speak about your diet, your music or progress you're making in your work. When I talk about how easily I do l0 hours of piano practice a day, it will generally stop conversation. People stare in horror. But it inspires artists. I've had great musicians tell me, ‘after I realized you could do that with no sense of time passing, or boredom, which you conveyed to me, I find that I can do it too. I've evolved thanks to that remark you made’. Or ‘when you said I could live on salads and nuts, I had no idea it could be done. And now that I do that, my lymph swellings disappeared, I sleep less, work harder than I did before on meat.’

But WHO shares intimate details of one’s passion, or on the practice of one's art? Who shares intimate details of their fascinating practice of some salubrious diet? NOBODY is who. What do most people speak about? About any of those things? No except to say McDonalds makes the best Fries. They are just doing blah blah out of what passes through the idiotic ticker tape machine in their skull. Commenting, reacting, judging, having opinions on everything. Blabbering. Knee jerk reactions to what's going on around them.

A lot of people hear these teachings but most of them haven't even picked up the first pearl from the ground and said 'aha!' They keep on having diarrhea of the mouth. Remember: you create your thoughts. Don't have your thoughts create you. What your mind must be training to do if you're to be a really developed, full human being, is to speak about things that are relevant, important, that forward the action, that give you more consciousness. Talk about the exercise you're going to do, the books you're going to read, the love you're going to give, the abundance you're going to create in your life, all of the controlling of your monkey mind so it won't dominate your life. Vow when you speak. Say 'I will practice.'

This is what the winner people have been doing, the 1%, the few masters, that grow to evolve to be great people, that are never disappointed, that never think about disappointment, that are never unhappy, never think about unhappiness, are constantly just pursuing conscious awareness of being. The observer, being still, quiet, patient, tolerant, generous, keeping their word, being faithful, open-minded and joyful.

Get control of that idiot and make your real genius self, the beautiful creator, of art, music, fun and joy. That's who you are. Let the rest of it go. All the reactions. It's difficult when you don't center and shut up and be totally quiet like a leaf. Just totally quiet. Can you be as quiet as a rose? You don't hear a rose babbling, do you? A rose just exudes a beautiful fragrance. Can you be that? Will you? When you hear those opinions that your monkey mind makes, step back, go to awareness and love. Don't make yourself wrong for the way you've been. Make yourself right that you now see it.

What would you be like if you were everything you wanted to be? Well then, be it. In your mind, I would be great. But don't say I Am that. You can't say I am. The only I am is I will. If you want to be a saxophone player, say 'I will practice three hours a day.'  That is a vow, an affirmation. Say it often enough it is even a contract between you and God! One you will find yourself living up to!

People are escape artists. They visualize themselves thin or rich, eat pork chops and pie and they remain fat or poor. What's that? They don’t know how to write a contract. That's escaping and they don't know that they're escaping. Who are they escaping from? First of all, the God they could be. Their potential. The template of their destiny …maybe after a hundred lifetimes more, depending on how stuck they are, how slow they are.

The fact is they’re easy on themselves. They stay in that evolutionary impass zone called REPTILIAN mindlessness. Did you know you can lock a reptile inside a time capsule for l00 years. It does not die of boredom. Well humans who don’t write contracts with their higher self, the God self potential of their own future are like are a monkey in a tree, with less verbalizing skills than a honey bee who can at least contribute nectar to the hive! They have not realized their full GOD potential much less their mammalian potential.  They are like the reptile who zones in a time capsule and steps out a hundred lifetimes later, just in that same, stupid lizard bliss.

And that is not an opinion. God forbid I ever deliver an opinion. It is an observation. Forgive me if I venture the truth as I see it, after years of being still, quiet, and listening and observing. True, I do raise my voice telling  truth as I see it but I carry a card in my wallet that says ‘this guy did the homework, 60 years studying with all the great teachers from Asia and India, 60 years of putting it into practice with vows, affirmative speech, --- he is entitled to tell you the truth as he sees it.’