STUDENT:  Identification with a limited state of  beingness ---- i.e. everyday waking reality ...  to me is the description of a Catch 22. You're in the trap, and using the dualistic mind to untie these knots is an impossibility. Which explains the value of masters who can lift you into non-dualism. Masters are those few who have completely eternally snapped out of it, those who can infinitely see the future, past, the moment, every aspect of it, who are in full possession of an awareness of infinite knowledge and tune in to a  power that is non-dualistic.

To be aware every moment and practice will add up to a better next life, if you come back. It will add up to good karma. But still, karma exists only in the realm of duality and limitation. How do you finally get out?

The seeker seeks the truth and God only to find, in the end, that the one being sought is the seeker himself. There are saints in India who can raise the dead. A dangerous spot on the spiritual path. As your power has reached a zenith, so the temptation to use it has reached the zenith. If you have desires. It's like a Rod Serling where the time traveler intrudes and changes the planet's fate. Such power is only safe if you get past desires, absorbed into the awareness of God, pure bliss, no consciousness of their body, no aversion to what is that would make you want to step in and change the flow of history.

From a point of advancement along the path to a final destination, the 5th plane saint is stuck. Although he's in a state of divine intoxication the likes of which few can imagine, he is still not experiencing the totality of his own awareness of himself as God. There's still a separation.

 JULES: There's one problem with all that,  you still have a plot in which you delineate and make distinctions, which are fine, but all of them don't add up to the ultimate truth, which is that the being that you are, the bliss that you talk about, has nothing to do with degree. There's no degree of happiness or bliss. Or consciousness. There's no degree. Yes, we know that there is a 5th plane and a 4th plane, but they are all manifestations of the one being who is not on any plane. Since we know that, any indulgence in the thought process about them, delineating, opining, categorizing is nice processing but then we must look at our job of totally merging.

STUDENT: I see two values in knowledge. I don't believe I know anything, I just think it's a simple thought. It has no meaning. The only meaning is the experience of love and as for gradients of consciousness, bliss is, knowledge is God is. Consciousness can be cloudy.

JULES- You uncloud the glass by doing nothing except giving up everything that the mind entertains. Even though it's always entertaining. Blavatsky says 'that which notes and perceives all the changes is changeless.' So the changeless one is the perfect one and there's nothing to talk about except being. You don't have to read any books. I don't read books to get more thoughts about something.  I may read books to get knowledge or technique. I don't read books on music to get  knowledge about music. I read books to get technique, and the major reason is to get into an inspired state. The state of being the changeless observer. There's no other purpose. If I give you a book to read I'm not giving you that book to read because I want you read it and have some knowledge but that book is to give you techniques, ideas, knowledge to practice the state.

STUDENT- I read a few lines in the morning and then I have that state for the rest of the day. Just enough to remind me to remind myself to act.

JULES- So then maybe I would suggest that you read solely for technique. That's the knowledge that's in these books. Why does someone write 25 chapters, like in the Bringers of the Dawn or the Starseed 3rd Millennium because it is an unfoldment of a whole process of either a story that shows you the beautiful life that someone was able to live, or the process of a technique in which you learn one scale and then 12 scales and then 144 chords. And along the way, you're inspired to constantly kill the mind. In the killing of the mind, the killing of the self, the ego that interferes with pure awareness.

STUDENT- You can't kill your mind with your mind. The only way you can kill your mind is with true love and utilization of your mind for the purpose of love which is infinite God. The mind can become the culprit of its undoing. I don't buy the notion that the mind can kill itself off. I've gotten high thinking, I know 'be blissful, be God.' I don't indulge the mind. I just watch it talk. One billion years of practices won't add up to the mind being killed.

JULES- But during that one infinite moment or practice you will be God. This is not a story about getting somewhere or about a mind killing mind. This is a story about no-mind replacing a mind. See that is impossible for a mind to get. This is not a conversation for a mind to get. This is a conversation about no mind. No self. And that's why, when we started this conversation, it was about the fact that I'm saying that nobody I know totally knows me. That's not an arrogant statement, it's a humble statement of saying 'I wish there was, because what I know that what they could be, is, we are one being. It happens in moments. I'm not saying it never happens, but it isn't a continuous dance. I think that all those beings, even gurus, who practice every day, getting in a state and producing techniques for others to get to that state, they don't do the dance. You're God, I'm God, what does God get to do? Only one thing. Dance, create, talk about our ideas. No-mind creates thoughts. Mind has thoughts and is affected and is a constant thought machine being at the effect of a voice talking to itself and ideas and concepts constantly occurring. No-mind can actually create thoughts, play the piano, practice and participate. That's a no-mind having thoughts. That distinction is the fulcrum of New Age technology. Even a Meher Baba or Jesus or Krishna or Buddha did not speak like we can. We are Buddha and Christs in this moment as we keep on advancing in the ability to create. That's the only thing that changes are creations. God never changes. God's creations never stop changing. Music, painting, nature, what we do with it, how we expand it. It's a never ending expanding, hybridizing, evolving creation. The creator never stops creating and never is of the world, only in the world. Creation is a dream in the sense that all creation is a manifestation in flux, it keeps on moving. Don't say the form is incidental. It's incidental in the reality that you are the creator. And, not incidental in the fact that you created it. To feel in speaking about creation is a hopeless dialogue that has been going on for thousands of years. That's why there only a few beings that you call masters. They gave up anything except seeing. We don't say it's a dream as if that explained it. The truth is it's a dream because it's a creation. There's nothing to know and you can't know it. There's no place to go and you're not going anywhere. But these are abstract metaphors to describe the truth which is indescribable since you are it, always and the describer really can't be described.

STUDENT - This table right here will, in some time, disappear. It's transitory. The constant remembrance of the information about the table causes me to be in a state that I can't describe. Pondering creates an expansion for me. The longing I have experienced ever since I can remember is I know I'm God. My love life has been phenomenal. But I don't kid myself that I've had a split second of infinite awareness. And I have no mind for extended periods of time. If I have, then I'm suffering from a disease. Either I'm correct and I haven't ever experienced it or I'm blind that all the moments I have experienced, I keep on saying 'that's not it.'

JULES- That's what you're here for, is to resolve this issue and the resolution occurs when you give it up. The need for it, the investigation of it. The moment you give that up and only devote yourself to being the infinite awareness. Give up all the ideas and opinions and the looking at it and judgment totally, forever. Put it on the plate over there. Accept yourself and only resolve to be. Otherwise what happens is that this will constantly be the conversation in your head, mouth, in your way of being, and in your way. It's a grand joke. Every time there's something that comes up about questioning, who am I, where am I? How much have I accomplished, what have I come here to do? What's the truth? The seeker's dialogue, put it over on the plate and stay with the reality that I'm already there, there's no place to go and I'm not going anywhere and the truth about that is that I'm already there. That's why there's no place to go. In enlightenment, you are light, God. So what is my job? To put aside every thought and idea other than that. So that becomes the ultimate technique, and all the places you go and books you read and saints that inspire you, allow you to be the infinite dancer, the one being, the perfected soul, the master of wisdom, the lover of everything, and there's no ego because the ego is over on the plate, too. Everybody preaches and teaches it, we're here to be it. Werner told me this in 1972 and I got it. Joel Goldsmith told me in 1948 and I got it. Get it now.

STUDENT- There's a whole body of insane chatter that we indulge in with the belief that it is worthwhile.

JULES- Chatter becomes your being.

STUDENT- You say that masters have a divine plan. I would describe a perfect master as someone who always does that. Association with a perfect master, loving him, serving him. Like I help you, you help me, we serve each other. Why do I serve you, because I want to make your life better? The same reason I serve anyone. Everything else aside. I am God. Everything else is great. You can be nice and generous as an expression of love, but I have received the impression that you're trying to make sure I understand that it's an ineffective approach to bow down to Meher Baba or in my own mind create a technique where I remember Baba through out the day as a form of 'remindering.'

JULES-No, it's fantastic, except that you've got to move it out to include them all. The way Source, or a Meher Baba lets you know that you need to be at his feet, being a disciple, is through his expression. Whatever he expressed made you come and bow down. So therefore, whoever express that way you bow down to. That's why I've been a disciple of the masters since the first day I read a book that was given by a master, the Agni Yoga Series written in the 1920's and 1930's. I also bow down to Miles Davis or Oscar Peterson.

STUDENT-I bow down to the saints who loved masters.

JULES- Let's try an experiment. I'll randomly open this book, coming from the Agni Yoga Series. From Morya. "Reflect on what a problem it would be for statistics to compare the success of opportune decisions with the failure of partying. Obviously instructive results would be obtained and the ignorance of tardiness would be regretted. True, very many people live like pigs, devouring precious blossoms. One cannot but protect faith against their thoughtless ignorance. If they could catch a glimpse into space disfigured by them, they would themselves say, prohibit this defilement. Guard the purity of space. Be responsible for co measurement. You must not set fire to alien camps. So many sacred vessels have been lost because of carelessness and you yourself will shake space with lamentations when it will be already irreparable. Whereas there was an hour when a single gesture would have preserved for you the needed and wished for. To teach every child to understand the significance of dates otherwise one more generation of flabby and spineless ones will be devour each other. In the community, exactitude of dates is established as a fundamental. True, true people must settle themselves in tested localities. Even a bear shows greater care in selecting his den. Plants will indicate the better possibilities. Look for cedars and pines, heather and oak, grass and flowers. Large, long needles of evergreens are the best condensers of electricity. Natural electrification in the locality is necessary. Heights above ll,000 devoid of vegetation provide youthful karma. What more nearly compares with our community? A choir of psalm singers in an armed camp. Rather the second. One can imagine how it must conform to the rules of military organization and leadership. Is it possible to establish the paths of advancement of the community without repulse and attack? Is it possible to take a fortress by assault without knowing its situation? The conditions of defense and attack must be weighed. Needed is experience, knowledge and keen vigilance. They are wrong who consider the community a house of prayer. They are wrong who call the community a workshop. They are wrong who regard the community as an exclusive laboratory. The community is a l00-eyed guard, the banner of the conquest in the hour when the banner is furled, the enemy already undermines the foundation of the towers. Where then is your laboratory? Where is your labor? One patrol left out opens l0 gates. Only vigilance will provide the rampart for the community. Victory is only an obligation. Strengthening of forces is only a manifestation of a new vortex. Realization of power is only a test. Challenge is only like mindedness. As an ocean wave, does the community advance. As the thunder of an earthquake resounds, the teaching of immutability. Before the rising of the sun, let us proceed in ceaseless vigil. Often community members ask wherecome the assaults of anguish which they sometimes experience. One must know that without these spasms of anguish, no progress is possible."

That's what's happening on the planet. We must do it. When you experience anguish, when something goes wrong, when your effort fails, there's anguish.

STUDENT-I don't feel anguish. I feel awareness at a higher level and I feel blessed.

JULES-But this is 1926 and he's talking about people on the path who are going to experience it. You don't have anguish because there's an invulnerability.

STUDENT- In tortured moments, I continually remember.

JULES- He says "one must know that without these spasms of anguish, no progress is possible. After crossing over a precipice, you feel a weakening of the leg muscles. During the expansion of consciousness you cross over many invisible precipices. Nodal growth of the consciousness results in leaps and psychic spasms contract the nerve centers. One should not be afraid of these spasms. A brief rest will right the contractions. Growth of the consciousness is more difficult to trace than the growth of a hair. The consciousness conquers and eradicates. The burning of crossed bridges does not reveal the progressive sign posts but it leaves you open to one possibility of assault. It is valuable not only to strive forward but also to destroy the rubbish behind one. Just now you perceived how the majority of the people could have advanced but they clung to age-old rubbish. Guard both my sign, the sign of service and community. One is a breaking away from the old, the other is evolution. One may discover aspiration. Do not close the door when you are writing books. See that each one is complimentary and independent of the others so two in action. See that each member, individually, can express the whole growth. What you consider a manifestation of work is a difficult question. We know that the answer is the quality and not in volume and quantity, but new people often do not see the quality. For them, the sign of external volume overshadows the substance. Because of likemindedness, they are occupied with glowing bubbles and then take the rainbow of decomposition for the light of illumination. Even sufficiently experienced minds are busying themselves with mechanical calculation, instead of confronting the substance. How to tell them that only quality will illumine and affirm them. Distinguish great works from corpses. Every community needs defensive resources. We are not conquerors by force but nevertheless, we keep an account of our enemies and we are not deceived about their number. Aerial outposts will be the best external measures."

That's the problem, those books of Master Morya are so profound about what is lacking. Modern gurus talk in broad, paintbrush strokes about 'the beautiful community', but never look into what is required. With awareness, working as one. 'Each member can express the whole group."

(setting book down.) But we don't. Poverty is a disease called selfishness.

* * * * *