ISRAELIS, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos all are experiencing a Racist Onslaught from IDAHO LIBERTERIANS and GRUMPY, TRUMPY NATIONALISTS (the new p.c. word for RACISTS)
Trump Era GOP Liberterians are racists, hate
                      Jews and Israelis.
I am a Jew. So was Jesus and
Freud and them you liked.

ANTI-ZIONISM anti MUSLIMISM and Anti-Wetbackism have fused in a current day racist fever that used to appear in isolated areas, IDAHO being a prime site but Trump's prejudices seem to have set the GERM FREE.  Those Internet Newspapers with crossed rifles or eagles on the masthead are the suppurating sores that drain virulent racist pus that seeks to spread contagion to the public INFECTING YOU ALL WITH HATRED OF SOME GROUP of DARKER SKINS.

These feverish, rifle carrying groups ascribe some kind of wily, devious Zionist Protocols to both Latinos and Jews. I gather that a Zionist protocol involves propaganda, ruses to attain power -- more than just seeking one's personal or economic survival as an outcast.

For ten years I've received reports of all the rumored, devious protocols and sins of Jews  from the Idaho essayists. They only just started to take apart wetback protocols liberated by Trump-models so before they get there, I threw out my PIOLIN SEMINAR to train Latino kids to be DJ's to motivate them to be INFLUENCERS and humanize and radicalize the public, as famed L.A. CALIF D.J. Piolin did, in the L.A. Pro-immigration demonstrations.

The Jew-slander attempts were sporadic  if not choked at birth. (American media wasn't ready to assault Jews,) so they went in the drawer as a catchall phrase. The IDAHO bunch call Gaza Struggle "ZIONIST MECHANATIONS" recalling the day of the counterfeit, not real PROTOCOL of ZION  or even in the supposed ISRAELI hand in WTC/ 911, (when MOSSAD actually  warned Bush ahead of time!) --some really nasty, implied activities are ascribed to JEWS. But by using the Zionist monniker, people who otherwise wouldn't be guilty of hating any mongrel, racially mixed, outcrowd racial group, get to reveals Mel Gibson sized, bared fangs and sink 'em luxuriously into the necks of Jews everywhere and nobody says boo back. Cuz they call us ZIONISTS. And then, their revisionist foam gets to be framed as fact so the Mel Gibsons of this world buy into it.

I have two brilliant, male net pals who in friendship send me ten files a day that they dig out at the INTERNET crossed rifle sites. These two boys are maybe radicals, anarchists, liberterians, communists, socialists, but they claim to spit on all those lame persuasions. They "see through" all the BS of extant schools of Leftist thought and have become SOMETHING ELSE AGAIN a kind of INTERNET PAUL REVERE SOCIETY two boys who ride the highways of the Net scouting down imminent dangers then saddling up their pony and off they ride ringing a bell, 'the British are coming.' And they send really smart journalism from these crossed rifle net newspapers.

One I shall call with his initial, M, the anarchist (as he's never shown me a path he admires, I have to call him that, netsurfing, Woodward/Bernstein fisherman of  critical essays and leftist exposes, also writes his own essays. Privately, you can write me and get his email and subscribe to them. Ditto the other guy, who I'll also call by his initial, S. the hermit living in the forests of the Pacific North West. who will gladly put you on his list and send you 15 articles a day. These two boys, S&M , oddly enough ---know all the best internet fishing holes is my guess and have the PAUL REVERE spirit to fish daily as they don't work real jobs.Which I won't fault them on as the area has ceased to be a LUMBER EMPIRE. Thanks to wussy progressive treehuggers.My bad.

So, I'm dealing with S&M curiously enough retired but not retiring, and when I sent them an original essay of my own where I wondered "WHY ARE ARABS SO NUTS" I got back a deluge of rabid, foaming insults to Jews as well as liberterian dogma and plenty of teeth!

I  must add that in the multiple years these two net surfers send me this info, that their two constant pet peeves of the Idaho bunch where they get their material, are Wetbacks and Zionists. And I never hissed at them!

To me their mailouts translated as "Sally Field backwards" ' you don't like me, you don't like me' cuz my ancestors are all Mex blacks and Jews. I'm part of a bigtime, racial diaspora. My Mom's great greaat great granny came to California in the 1750s. Dona Josefa was an escaped black slave. Her sons, the mulatto PICO brothers (Pio and Andres,) were the last two governors here in MEXICAN California. The Bro's owned the northern  half of Los Angeles County til it got taxed away. My father's people were JEWS who scrammed out of Egypt with Moses, then settled in Antwerp as diamond merchants, on to Budapest fer gramps, and Vienna for grammy and finally, with gramps an orchestra conductor at Leipzig, (google Alfred Szendrei a Dr. PHD in music) and his wife the soprano --both at same opera in Leipzig. They settled down in Germany. They abandoned careers and property overnight in 1933 when Hitler burned my Grandpa's 13 books on Jewish music and fled to Provence. And survived to come to NYC in '45.

Having diaspora in my veins, I left a Hollywood acting career to move closer to peyote sources I mean, my racial sources in Mexico City way back in the sixties & I married a Mexican and retired to San Miguel de Allende, a big expatriate hippie artist colony -- so my four kids are part Mexican, part black and part Jewish, all the mongrel races going and two of my sons have themselves married 1.) a pureblood black girl, and 1.) a pure blood Philippino girl. My grandkids while nearly white are clearly part black and part Philippine-o.

The Black wife is going for a doctorate; the Philippino is a CPA. Both are part time mothers. My son Miguel moved his wedding photo biz out of a store front into his Kailua home, and is playing mommy, doing the breast milk-expelled-into bottles bit for Felicia Jade. Demian had enough DUIS he can't drive, run a guerilla contractor biz so by default, he's MOM.

Vivianna. My mom's black as coal. Not me! We                   A DADDY AS A MOMMY? I LOOVVVVVE IT!
mutts are the future! HALFBREEDS YAYYY!

Mind you, I never told any of this ROOTS stuff to S&M. In a decade of friendship with these two NET NEWSMEN, I overlooked their prejudice against me-and-mine knowing that racism was everywhere and so what? BFD. However, even a microbe of withhold will show up sooner or later. You cannot live a lie;  though a LIE walk a thousand miles, the truth will walk behind it, then walk faster and then shove the lie (or withhold,) over on its nose. Today, me and S&M, the Internet Paul Reveres entered into a  scrimmage. And I got diatribe, errrr. "JEWATRIBES" from both boys.

I inadvertenly initiated it. Their names are on a list of 50 people I find open to political articles. (Write me, get on it,) After years of reading their news items on themes ranging from Cheney Rumsfeld ties to corporations, the bogus Iraq war, I was inspired to do some writing of my own and rather than just pass on articles found on the net and I wondered idly but in print, WHY ARE the ARABS SO NUTS? Click on that, you'll read a semi-jocular but valid pondering of this question.

CURIOUSLY, from S&M, boys who've sent me gasoline soaked prose for a decade,   I got pulsations of rage, which started a pingpong ball game of kicking Jew issues around and kickin' a few Jews in the doing.

When I'm surprised by a man's disdain, criticism or anger, I'm shocked, hurt -- but still a good kid. I sent S&M a pacifer cupcake, a real Jew-hatin article that alleges that JEWS CONTROL THE MEDIA with a big list of  POWER JEWS, say 40 top guys in the 80 year old history of Media.

I averred that some Jews do focus or show aptitude for media. They don't show up as much on Wall Street, (which has a few Jewish banks Solomon, Morgan, Rothschild, Warburg and a few stock corps. I reminded them that WALL STREET is disproporionately Ivy League W.A.S.P. I added a note, "boys, Jews do show up in MEDIA as 40 men is indeed, quite a presence! Among twenty thousand people in media." That's how I said it. I agreed with an obvious untruth. I did not say that this piece may seem to fit in with their ZIONIST HATE MONGERING CABAL and their constant allegations of the ZIONIST TAKEOVER because hey, 40 men among twenty thousand is no presence at all. I was really saying, you guys are nuts. It was a kind of sticking your head out of the foxhole and doing some NOSE thumbing.

Now, fresh bloody meat like that got these LIBERTERIAN net PALS growling, lunging and snapping. So I stood back  and without intending to do so CONSCIOUSLY, for some peculiar reason of my own that I was not aware of, gave them plenty of leash and again I wrote "Hey guys, the facts in that article do kinda  show that Jews have a presence in  the media due to skill and cleverness," but implied was, 'hey, look at the figures. Your allegations may not be true! 20,000 gentiles in Media."

Now, there may be a time honored ZIONIST Jewish gambit where you feed Mel Gibson Idaho groups little meat pellets waiting for them to foam up, then you can analyze the spit and see what's in their brain. I was not aware that I was doing it but I was, unconsciously following a ZIONIST PROTOCOL sure as shit as promptly M. wrote back: "Kinda"??? They waaaaay control it. On the other hand, you're quite correct: it was done through skill, cleverness. ISRAEL survives in the middle of its ancient enemies. Israeli Zionists, not Jews per se, put the Jewish people in the midst of their enemies...their enemies NEVER wanted them there and certainly didn't invite them. Does that sound like a *sane* idea to you? Read the history, especially from Theodore Herzl forward, the Balfour Documents, etc. Then, on the REALLY sane side of the argument, read Grande Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum and the wisest rabbis' thoughts on the subject. They EXCORIATED Zionism mercilessly! Unlike the average indoctrinated a-hole, they saw the concept of putting Jews all in one place for the convenience of their enemies as something less than a genius idea."

Originally, my email to S&M also said: "Correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't it always the EASTERN SEABOARD Ivy League OLIGARCHS who a.) had an equal share in Media and b.) control the rest of the AMERICAN economy and that of the planet? The big money, the oil, mining, the multiple resources, shipping, lumber. Aren't their minds very little on the things that matter: which show profits, which enrich them. The fourteen famliies and their servants, the lifetimers in State Dept, FBI, CIA and Military work hand in hand on the whitebread oligarch agenda. No Jews allowed in that club. They're CONNECTICUT-ists! Georgetownists! Way worse than ZIONISTS!

M. answered:"Anita, this is crazy. You're just talking off the top of your head; this is *completely* a-historic!If that's the case, how do you explain Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Perle, and all the others? Jews, btw, are also "whitebread"; they have a bilocated origin: Spain/Mediterranean (Sephardim) and the Caucasus Mountains (Khazaria / Ashkenazim). Now, I'm not saying the Jews originated in the Caucasus Mts but only that the prevalence of the modern Jews traced back there via the Khazars. The Ashkenazim was indeed "insurgent Judaism, fabricated from the  forced conversions of the Khazars by their king, struggling between the  Muslim caliphate and the Roman emperor. The "true" Jews (A RELIGION, NOT A  RACE) are the Sephardim from - *reputedly* and probably - the Arabian  region, a RELIGIOUS offshoot group. There is no "homo Judensis" or whatever  the hell a racial identification might be. Yes, the Old Testament is bogus, as is ALL religion, which is only a form of  governance. Jews, however, believe they are not only beloved of a non-existent God but  that they are also a race. For such an intelligent culture, it's ironically hilarious.

From this I get that there are two kinds of Jews. That fact had escaped me in ten yrs of their mailouts. Zionists are the bad ones. So they weren't talking about me as I ...  Wait a minute! I do cherish Israel. I do want them to hold off enemies on eight sides. I wrote "So it's not JEWS you're foaming about? It's ZIONISTS. And what is their sin? Wanting Israel to be safe from PLO? Or say it's 1947, wanting Israel back after 1,850 years ? i.e. wanting the 69.A.D. country of JUDAH from which they were evicted, back? Accuse Zionists of long memories, not wiliness."

"Yes, wiliness, doing mechanations of all kinds to get it, hold it, protect it."

"Mechanations I said?  If a thousand charioteers ride into your front garden, are your mechanations wily?  I'll say this for the Jews. Oligarch affairs were not interesting to Jews ever though once upon a time, prime minister Disraeli personally got Rothschild to give the billions required to build the Suez Canal so Brit shippers could make bank and England could become the UNITED KINGDOM! SO somebody really owes the Jews for the one time they stepped in! But basically Jews shun oligarch affairs.

Foaming mutt M. retorts: "Then why is Congress so disproportionately Jewish?

No answer from me cuz what do I know. Hmmmm. Where can I get that body count? Can I google 'jewish members  of congress?' I use that phrase and whaddya know, I GET A COUNT!!  three dozen congressmen! I also get a count of 9 SENATORS. Now that they killed WELLSTONE, who'd have been number 10 til the whitebread MENA/ DULLES/ Drug running establishment shot him and his family down out of the air!

"Now, I know from my reading, CHAIM POTOK's WANDERINGS, that traditionally, all Jewish sons are instructed to eschew the business life and read and discuss religious and Spiritual law theory for life and never get a job ever. Their wives run the kosher butcher shop or tailoring shop. "I pipe up. "I note no disproportionate focus by American Jewish men on business, corporatism, even on the STOCK Market,  really, very little doing the capitalist gambits that could have enriched them. The Stock market belongs mostly to the Yalie white bread Skull and Bones group, which created the DULLES/ elitist spy group that has dealt drugs to our children for 75 long years, often with Mafia helping.

"Jews never wreaked havoc on anybody, ever" (crossing my fingers behind my back and thinking of Henry Kissinger serving NIXON and wrecking and genociding poor Chile,) a remark which provoked M. to answer:

"Good God! Menachim Begin was one of history's most brutal butchers! Check out the Irgun, the Stern Gang, the Haganah....have you ever read the history of Israel/Zionism???

I answered: "Those were Tel Aviv guerillas who pummeled Brit occupiers to bloody get out of ISRAEL in the late 40's. LEGIT insurrectionists. LEON URIS novels like "EXODUS" cover that period and were able to make Gandhi heroes out of them. . Let's talk Historically ...where they pummelled nobody. Genocide ain't a Jew thing. Since 4,000 BC, the local village bullies Early fascists, came with FULLY EQUIPPED massive armies from SYRIA, PERSIA, EGYPT and ROME genociding the poor Jews who only had sheep herding sticks to fight with.

M goes on: Sorry, Anita, I cant' keep this up. This is complete fantasy on your part. You're a good person and well-intentioned, with a good heart, but *this* is completely beneath you."

Now, I do know that a few days ago, jets strafed Gaza, a decade ago the Jews tiptoed into a Palistinian village at night and killed 400 civilians in a massacre. They never repeated that. So it's the sole genocidal massacre by a Jew against an enemy that I ever heard of in the history of the world

By then, S had piped up: "You have to know that the Jews are really Kazars from central Russia. That is their origin. Secondly the Zionists hide behind the term Jew. This is another reason you have to watch this video about the freemasons. All your questions are answered. the "jews" came first from Caucus Mountain area in current day Russia. The original "jews' from the middle east are what we call today the Arabs. The rest of the "revisonist history" is the work of the zionist "jews". The whole story of of jewish history that we have been taught is pure crap. The kazar "jews" created the current view of "jewish origin' out of thin air and people accept it without ever really checking the facts. Goggle the "Kazars" and read up on "jewish history"..

I don't know what Khazarism has to do with any of it,  "Reality check.The old TESTAMENT and the Dead Sea Scrolls were not counterfeit nor early propaganda?  Jews are not from Russia. Chaim Potok's WANDERINGS starts off 4,000 yrs ago. They were all around that mountain where MOSES walked. Egypt later, Then the Diaspora where they started to move across the Middle East, settling in the lands of their traditional enemies, Syria, Persia, and fitting in. Then France, England, Spain. By medieval times they were expanded thru Europe, Poland, Germany. Emigration to Russia was last. As a kid I used to make jokes about easy going Jews staying on the west, being Middle Eastern. Middle grade paranoids settling in Europe and total Paranoid fussbudgets but with great body strength continuing to migrate and walking s far as  Russia.

But turn clock back to to 4,000 BC, THEY WERE out in the Iraqui desert and true, some of them did become Arabs. Abraham and Sarah had a few family problems back then, namely Hagar the maid who Sarah kicked out of the house to die in the desert. But then they created JUDAH and PONTIUS PILATE and ROME moved in. And that period caused them to lose it.

But it boils down to, the Jews were certainly in Iraq then Judah in Christ's time so gettouta here with RUSKI SHMUSKI! It is precisely for their historical tenancy there that Israel was invented, as a MOVE BACK, a come back. WHY else did Herzl promote there being an Israel there and why did Lord Balfour give it to him? Cuz originally a  Jewish postage stamp of a country existed there until ROME genocided them all out of the region in 69 A.D.

By then, I'd sent the conversations to my PTA PARENTS group, a list of 50 activists.

A pal who had Idaho sympathies put in his two cents worth: "how about what makes Jews so manipulative? how about how if Jewish lobby did not control Congress we would not have this Middle East problem at all."

By then I'd received another email, a Jewish New York City gal had a whole nickle to contribute: "I want to SEE where Jews are at the very top of the heap. The VERY top. Jews control the media? And the banks and everything in the entire world?? Oh yeah, where? Show me. Where are all the Jewish world leaders? In Parliament? Any European heads of state? ?? ANYWHERE?

*      *        *         *          *          *          *          *             *

* Anita Sands is a Los angeles writer who comes from several generations of NAME CHANGES. Show biz related choosing of local-respect "stage names" left the Shatz family of Antwerp and Budapest, Vienna with a name that looked good on the marquee of an OPERA, ---"SZENDREI"  a pure Hungarian name which carried Dr. Alfred Szendrei thru the Holocaust like a cork on a tempest along with a Hungarian passport. The Szendreis abandoned their BERLIN HOME in 1933 to spend the war in PROVENCE safely. They got one daughter out of a concentration camp with Hungarian passport & ended up moving the entire family to Hollywood where Daddy Albert  pursued a career at MGM studios, composing and arranging film scores, marrying a Gentile girl from the Cheney family of St.Louis. Anita was changed her own name to SANDS when she started acting in Hollywood, believing she was discarding a too Jewish name. Turns out the family was really named SHATZ back in Europe 100 years earlier and they had changed their name so as not to be Jwish

I'm as white bread as they come! We're
good people, too. We don't control
nuttin' (we control EVERYTHING!)
But we are good Christian. No phony genocidal
crusades, no conspiring, no bogus oil thievin' wars.
Just heroic ones making the planet safe for
democracy. If she's related to me,
you can trust her even if she IS partly

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^^EPILOGUE ~^^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~

The boys sent their emails to me within twenty minutes of my sending the above to them.

"Alright, Anita,  by publishing the private conversations we were having, you  just transcended the boundaries of decency I expected of you. Ironically, my words completely counter your assertions, so I'm relieved you didn't censor or pervert very much of them (there are several weird  blend-ins and such, I'll need to check further, but a cursory reading is  satisfactory for the moment) and am content to let your readers draw their  own conclusions, but this action is *completely* out of line. You seem to  have contracted Raving  liberal Brainfever.

I'm quite sorry to see this, because I enjoyed our conversations, but this  scurrilous nonsense about "secretly letting out rope" through a "clever  master plan" (good grief, you even claim it as "an old Jewish trick") is low and juvenile. I've no idea what wounds you imagine you have that you must  lick them this way, but it hardly matters. I nver said the Jews originated in the Caucasus Mts  but only that the prevalence of the modern Jews traced back there via the  Khazars. The Ashkenazim was indeed "insurgent Judaism, fabricated from the forced conversions of the Khazars by their king, struggling between the  Muslim caliphate and the Roman emperor. The "true" Jews (A RELIGION, NOT A  RACE) are the Sephardim from - *reputedly* and probably - the Arabian  region, a RELIGIOUS offshoot group. There is no "homo Judensis" or whatever the hell a racial identification might be. Yes, the Old Testament is bogus, as is ALL religion, which is only a form of  governance.

Jews, however, believe they are not only beloved of a non-existent God but  that they are also a race. For such an intelligent culture, it's ironically  hilarious.  With this, I cut our connection. The very least I expect when I engage people in conversation, debate, or even polemic is a degree of honor. This  article of yours is absolutely lacking in that. BTW, among the distortions  and lies you cite, I am not a Libertarian - I am, in fact, an enemy of Libertarians, as has been well shown in my work. Then again, truth seems not to be on any sort of
acquaintance with you lately. signed, M.

S for SADIST was worse. I'm afraid it was so belligerent that my ERASE finger nailed it so quickly that I can't frame it here. He ended saying I should never write him again and I'd never get his fifteen daily mailouts which had salted and peppered my 12 years on the internet.

However, I answered them both:

Dear S&M "A suggestion. . For the next l0 years, when you use the word zionist and Jews may be reading it, let your audience know what distinguishes a nasty Zionist from a neat Jew. In impugning ZIONISTS, whatever that insect species may be, we feel that you're talking about us,  Jews.

I get that you mean something else when you use that Z word. I get that you mean it as an utter perjorative. To me Zionism is Judaism and Judaism is Zionism. ZIONJEWS hear the clarion call of the semitic SOUL which doesn't  mean they face mecca three times a day -- they face TEL AVIV on the spiritual level, every second of every day. year in year out. Ya know why? Hearing about this little tribe of people being attacked for 6 millenium does that! It gets to you. You get hammered into a steel hard, tight little group. I just read WANDERINGS by Chaim Potok. In paper, then bought it used, in hardcover. An affecting book. Tells every single thing JEWS EVER did and nothing related to attacking people is there, and nothing related to ZIONISM shows up except Ted HERZL writing many books about what a good idea it would be to move back to JUDAH, and LORD BALFOUR agreeing with him. Was BALFOUR a zionist?

Yet you use the word as a perjorative! Sticks and Stones don't hurt our bones, in fact we got hammered tighter together. That's how all Jews are these days Half jews like me, lapsed jews like the last two generations of my family. jews born of shiksas. Inured to sticks and stones, loyal to Tel Aviv but we never attacked anyone. From 4,000 bc thru the BIBLE TIMES, Syria, Persia, Iraq ( Babylon ) rode into JUDAH. We didn't ride into their terrain. Then ROME waged war on us, first colonizing then two generations later,  demolishing every Jewish person in the area, pure genocide. The Jews got the idea and ran to Europe and got the same treatment periodically in every single EUROPEAN country and England was among the worst.

So some of us chose to come back to ISRAEL. Get used to it. All starving Palestinians have to do to have a good life is learn to use irrigation pipe. Their date trees can also have 500 lbs of fruit on them, not the 38 lbs they now get. A 2-pound of deglet noor dates is 8.99 retail. Honey's about to be history, dates would be very popular. Get with the program, Arabs. Jews would show you how. Didn't Kissinger show Nixon? Didn't Disraeli show Victoria? We're helpful people.

The Soul of Jewry is to be of use, to forward the evolutionary action. Ask Jesus, Freud, Marx and well, not Henry the K. He went bad on us. So we'll give ya that. There are bad Jews. And Zionism is NOT the feature bad Jews share, or how they will be known to the ages. How JEWS WILL BE KNOWN TO HISTORY? WHAT HISTORY? THE WORLD IS ENDING due to the MIDDLE EAST EXPLODING INTO BAD ARABS vs DISTRAUGHT JEWS with everybody having NUKES ! WHY CAN'T WE ALL SHARE THE NUKES AND JUST BE FRIENDS?

My Nuclear Reactor is bigger than yours but why quibble? This is a  wedding. Let's dance. Let's all be friends with Americans too as their bombs are BIGGEST OF ALL.


Our POSTER is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Writer, Mother of 4 and career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites  TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! & HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also HOW TO LIVE on A NICKLE, The FRUGAL PAGE.* Anita is at ). Get a 35$ natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic!











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