THE JANOV process is the closest thing to an ENEMA for a troubled psyche that exists. You can actually heal stressed out people or depressed people with a few sessions of this miraculous therapy. Jano says that you change your GENES when you cry and realize what mistakes you made with the villains in your life. Primaling CHANGES YOU. You will no longer let yourself befriend a suppressive and let yourself be mistreated. And you will understand how toxic your parents may have been, were that the case.


Cmon. You know it’s the close ties that STRANGLE us. Confess. I know from time to time you look at a relative or friend and think..

"ARE THEY CRAZY"? WHAT is THAT about, what's WRONG with them? WRONG QUESTION. The important thing to ask is What's the FIX ? Yoga tells us be vegan, be Buddhist, non desirous, meditate at dawn. That works too. In yogic meditative states, the corrosion in your plumbing floats to the top where you can (with an act of will) send them flushing away.

You see past present and future when you dip into the tank of psychic scars. We have to do this if we’re depressed. Our mental plumbing can really be screwed up by backwash from YESTERDAY’s PIPE SCUM:. We inhaled a lot of bad messages from those who programmed us when we were young. There are also self judging Guilts and pockets of rage. If you could  find a method for losing these  so that the bad karma GUILT creates the SELF PUNISHING…were to disappear. And the depression that GUILT gives would vaporize. And the rage that PONDERING PAST VILLAINS... you’d have your hands on a valuable tool, one you could make a living with.


Talk to an unhappy friend about his or her ‘bad messages’ from programmers. Or the guilts, self judging or the  rage that never dies... if you have a clue how to make those disappear in another person or in yourself, do guide your canoe to the GURU HARBOR and set up shot. Also, shoot me astrology at earthlink net ---a verbal description of your solution.


The very best one I ever found outside of yoga, meditation is Primal Scream Therapy. For rage, they give you batacas to beat on the floor... big hard foam thingies. They think that a good pounding connects you with how much rage you really have about those past villains. I think a baseball bat would be more efficient. And a few watermelons.


The theory behind Art  Janov's primal scream is this: when we go FULLY INTO the CURRENT TIME angst, anger, feeling of need, sorrow or rejection, we realize its size and pervasive strength and how much of it's LEFT in our memory and hearts. And how much is RUNNING OUR LIVES. That's an eye opener right there. It's like finding out you have a ten foot long parasite in your gut.

Then, with a Primal Buddy, you are led, guided to speak the 'baby sentences' of woe and rage and re-live horrid moments and that thusly we GET the full picture of what went down. How ignorant our parent programmers were. Maybe we even get compassion for how little they were able to do for anyone, how flawed they were. But JANOV goes one step further.

He says our GENES get the message and change. OUR DNA changes. It is partly a rational decision. When you see what damage villains can do to your psyche, your heart, your moods...when you LET them, you stop casting your life movie WITH CLONES of THEM! But Janov says that not only do we get OUT OF this ‘attracting the villains’ thing, (this penchant to be the masochist for some sadist to whack around) but we teach future generations to be wary of suppressives, sadists or abusers thru fundamental, mysterious changes to our DNA.  Janov led groups for years then got out of it. Made a ton of money moved to Europe for a while, then returned to So Calif where he now counsels in Santa Monica. He blogs on the subject of Primal therapy at   


His ex wife runs L.A. Center & charges beaucoup. At    But in his hands or hers, or your BEST BUDDY who runs the sequences on you,  the therapy is a miracle. It can diminish depression and even states of craziness way beyond.  Even more miraculous, you can start doing this line of work after about two weeks of studies and practicing on neurotics you know. I don’t sell the seminar. I give you the entire classroom, online.


I was lucky to meet a few of JANOV’s own students who were my teachers. Dyan Cannon and Olga Abitia. I learned the straight  ART JANOV PRIMALING method, then I took it two steps further. I added rolfing body work and sad music and called it “Tantrum YOGA”.


I invented the process so I give it to you. Go heal, go make a living. You don’t need a degree. Not if you call it Tantrum YOGA and deny being a psychotherapist to one and all.


I was first told about it by Dyan Cannon, the gorgeous actress who married Cary Grant. I got a better, insider  look at the therapy from Janov’s student also a Teacher – the melancholy Russian, Olga Abitia --and then signed up at the FEELING CENTER in Culver City.  A spinoff group not run by Art.


The Center did not use music or massage, ever. They used batacas, (for slugging it out painlessly,)  padded rooms and seclusion. (Patients stayed alone in a motel at night, no tv or books. Mornings they came to the center primed to be pumped.) Not wishing to ride on Janov’s horse though it’s a fine one,I called the method TANTRUM YOGA, a play on the word Tantric …also a Yoga.


So I’m the Aquarius inventor type and now, thirty years later in my senior years,  I want to give you FULL USE OF THAT NAME, TANTRUM YOGA… so put it on your business cards. (City won’t bother you as it sounds like another variety of Aerobics.) That name enables you to do THAT very JANOV therapy and even advertise it everywhere without city BODY WORK LICENSE-ING snoops coming after you which they do to anyone who advertises that they do body work. Of course, if you have license  to do body work, you do NOT HAVE TO HIDE Under such a yoga-y name -- you can call it Emotional Release Body Work or deep tissue shiatsu primal scream or ROLFING EMOTIONAL CLEARING whatever.  Google IDA ROLF. Deep tissue work was her invention. Scientology says that engrams, memories of pain and stress, are stored in our neural nexus-es though Art might say in our DNA and genes. WHEREVER, the trick is to get down to the inside of our corroded pipes and WORK THAT SLUDGE OUT!


When you describe what you do for a potential client, tell your male clients that ‘cleaning out the reactive mind of clutter, misunderstoods, and simultaneously cleaning the nervous system of engrams enables your creativity and personal power.’  Google engram. It’s a Tom Cruise scientology word. Get your Vanity Fair back issue on him and Scientology for fun, but don’t laugh at the GOAL OF CLEARING OURSELVES of these past pain pictures. The puppet strings that are being yanked around in your gut and heart, by GHOSTS.


Tell your clients that IF they PRIMAL when wounded feelings come up, or rage, and get to the bottom of the pattern, and eradicate the triggers, they can STOP being at EFFECT of not only other people, (most common,) but their own negative passions. A woman can stop NEEDING, stop volunteering to be screwed over by takers, by BAD MEN.  Or if the man is the YIN to some girl’s sadistic yang…you can stop his being so mushy. PEOPLE get CURED of their sick tastes.


How do you get the clients? Go to any yoga class regularly and tell folks what you do. EMOTIONAL CLEARING. Keep your prices low til your schedule is too full, then sadly tell them, I have to raise prices a little. Use Craigs list ads and attend lectures on psychological themes meet the fans of “REWRITING THE SOUL BOOK” and then let news of your rare and unusual method of assistance spread. Word of mouth.  


To learn to DO PRIMALING All you need is a week of study. Sure beats MED SCHOOL, don’t it? Read up on the work of R.D.Laing. His books are a buck each at ABEBOOKS COM.  Read the works of ART JANOV.  A buck each. Learn how NEUROTIC MASOCHISTS  pick SADISTS for sweethearts, every time! Neurotic women even find cruel looking men sexy. Oh and VICE VERSA. Look at beautiful women in VOGUE MAGAZINE. They all have this snooty, mean, cruel gaze. That is considered sexy!


Get hold of the innovational, fabulous books written by ART JANOV, “THE FEELING CHILD” “The PRIMAL SCREAM” and “PRIMAL REVOLUTION” by going to where oldies can be a buck a book..)  And last, read FRIZ PERLS, FREDERICK PERLS. As running PROCESSES and PSYCHODRAMA works very well. And read SONDRA LEE on NATAL REGRESSION And all the other authors discussed at the HOLISTIC PSYCHIATRIST  WEBSITE.


THE CONCEPT is JANOV’s “FEELING THERAPY” (emotional release work, (combined with ROLFING LEVEL massage, I mean, real serious body work...and then sad sad music playing in the background of the room the whole session to get the patients into feeling is a very heady trio of energies. IT makes one focus. THEN the massager/ tantrum yoga therapists asks very quiet questions. “What’s going on in your life right now that disturbs you?”


THIS causes cognitions.  is where you can read up on it in depth.


TANTRUM YOGA can earn you 100$ minimum an hour, more when your client base gets large and it will. This is innovative and no one else does it! STARTING OUT you make 400$ a day. I remember that in Germany Art Janov’s people made that in an hour.


FAQ: POSSIBLE QUESTIONS you might have about doing this.


QUESTION: HOW do I KEEP the FUZZ from getting after me. I have no shrink’s LICENSE, no massage therapy schooling.

ANSWER: Simple. Call it TANTRUM YOGA. Advertise in any New Age magazine with that moniker. But I just give biz cards to folks I meet at healthfood store or yoga class.


Question. Is "tantrum yoga" open for anyone to use? Or are you going to sue me?

ANSWER: It’s yours. YOU CAN USE it immediately. Just read the article on PRIMALING and start doing the MIND EXPLORING on a close pal. And maybe get it done back. Never take on a sweetheart. Too invasive. Just close friends. I will give you a graduation certificate to go practice this line of work, TANTRUM YOGA, so do it! YOUR SHEEP SKIN will come in the mail, free. SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED and hey, what’s more….FREE!


QUESTION: I am a certified Reichian person/yoga teacher etc. I am familiar with this JANOV person and his work. BUT he never mentioned doing primaling with music and rolfing level massage.


ANSWER: The REASON IS that he didn’t do it that way. One of his later books suggests that it would be a good idea to combine it with ROLFING. Which is exactly what I suggest. Nobody else does TANTRUM YOGA as JANOV DID PRIMAL SCREAM but me. I invented it when I saw the limits Dr. Janov had at the time I was studying. THEN he hadn’t written that later book yet or thought of doing it with music and massage.


QUESTION: I need a place that is sound proof or do you know how I can make my place sound proof so the neighbors won't hear any screaming or do you know a place I can rent?


ANSWER: RENT A HOUSE. You will make so much money it’ll freak you out. 4 clients a day is half your MONTHLY rent! YOU WORK two days and rent is paid. In a pricey house, maybe four or five days.  Have an empty, carpeted quiet room where you can give yoga classes or do Tantrum Yoga and you might use sound acoustical tile, and shutter it with tile-covered plywood and curtains.


QUESTION: What magazine is a good spot to advertise in?

ANSWER: CITY based NEW AGE mags like The Whole Person, Whole Life times and all those NATURAL mags and new age yellow pages, but  only the ones that are in your city. DO NOT BOTHER with NATIONAL mags. Not likely folks from other new age communities in USA travel to you. ADVERTISE INSTEAD for free, at CRAIGS LIST and  start with HEALING CIRCLES, 10 people in pairs, acting as primal buddies. Hang that ad on HEALTHFOOD STORE bulletin boards. .


MAGAZINE ADS are super costly. It takes a long time for people to answer these print ads. NOT SO WITH CRAIGS LIST as it's renewable every few days and FREE!! NOW if you have a mag ad, well…folks do often keep mags around for months.

NOTE: I just answered an ad in LAPIDARY JOURNAL from 1990! It’s 2008! In case you want to buy carnelian forty karat pendants for 50c each, you want to talk to Mr. Bhavani in INDIA   and wholesale his stuff to your students. I have his email. If you’re teaching YOGA, it’s real logical for you to sell talismans, pendants, chakra balancers and make some extra money. I believe he’s the real deal though I never met him. Order some chunks of chalcedony, LAPIS, LAZULI,   the many INDIAN SEMI PRECIOUS STONES, get a 14k gold wash hanger assembly wound around it, Sell them for 20$ each.



ANSWER:  Get a study mate, a rolfing level massage buddy,  share the material read it well, then practice doing the REICHIAN NEURAL NEXUS MASSAGE with MUSIC as 'tantrum yoga' working on your own scar tissue. You progress together. When you are 'clean' i.e. no more buried issues, no more triggers, each will find a second study mate. And then four become eight, eight become 16, etc. You could spread thru the body work community and really do some amazing work. The LESSONS are at the HOLISTIC INDEX by the way. And at a mirror site, the HOLISTIC PSYCHIATRIST INDEX PAGE.  is the primary article on the Janov work and how to do it for a living. You  and your practice buddy both read it (ditto your first client….so they can understand the levels…) and immediately you and your best pal can start cleaning out one another’s psyche of old junk and then it’ll lose its mystery and you can start advertising TANTRUM YOGA, EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK 50$ an hour. I know that’s cheap but start out at a low price. Tell folks this is just til you build a practice. Make them grateful they got in early. When you have too many clients and your week is full, DOUBLE YOUR PRICES. IMMEDIATELY.  MAYBE THE OLD clients stay at old price. But guaranteed, as they get well, they ‘fall away’ from you. Not to worry, the new neurotics are paying double. When they fall away from you, you can advertise a third rate. You will have the option to raise prices further.