PRESIDENT, her name is HUMA ABADIN

PRESIDENT HILLARY's closest friend, worker, AIDE -- HUMA ABEDIN WEINER (married to the infamous ANTHONY WEINER til a month ago,    - - - HAS MAINTAINED her LOYALTY and CLUB ties to the SAUDIS so today my POSTING LIST ( kind of an offshoot of COAST TO COAST RADIO) asked WHAZZATABOUT??? Hey, HUMA's PEEPS are NOT the world of street terrorism. SAUDIS ARE A LITTLE MACHO & WILLFUL but they SALUTE AMERICA. And kill yemenites and kurds by wholesale numbers. but they are not JIHADISTS, - - - technically.

Still, HOW did this loyal SAUDI woman make it to the insider circle of American politics fergawdsake? She's best galpal to HILLARY yet HUMA left all her ties to the Wahabi SAUDI OIL WORLD complete and unbroken. YEAH, well so did WE. The State dept, CIA/ CEOS of all corporations. WE SALUTE THOSE SHEEPHERDERS WITH OIL ! WE have been l00% LOYAL TO THEM. Didn't OBAMA just say 'grieving 911 families cannot SUE SAUDIS FOR 911 which they SHEPHERDED into BEINGNESS? NO LAWSUITS and that's CONTRADICTING CONGRESS! 

HUMA AND HILLARY share other nuances. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Maybe they met in therapy. Weiner's the second most famous sex-weirdo in politics coming right after Billy Blythe. Maybe the girls met in adult survivors of super horny spouses group? 

So what can we expect when these two live in the WHITE HOUSE. Think ahead. RAGE AGAINST THE ALPHA MALE is TYPICAL of insulted women,  right? So the SAUDI WAHABI GIRL who came from Riyadh and QUEEN HILLARY might just decide to kill all ALPHA MALES on the planet, the group that sticks out being MUSLIM MEN with JIHAD on their minds. And what's wrong with that?

God Himself must be behind them cuz the two girls moved higher than their exes even, rising over their mates' prostrate, copulating bodies doing so on the WINGS OF petrodollars CONFERRED by the richest guys on planet EARTH: OIL SHEIKS. HUMA/HILLARY are a 2-gal Saudi Lobbyist Firm --- one that can move ARABIA into the LINCOLN BEDROOM. The Saudis used to buy out HARRODS now they can buy more jets/ bombs/ guns/ hardware at FAIRER PRICES, MACY PRICES and use more of THOSE WAR TOYS to genocide their own neighbors (LIBYA? IRAN? KURDS? SKy's the limit) KILLING MORE than anyone except the ISRAELIS. I don't even think the ISRAELIS will complain. 

Now the SAUDIS have two polished, sharp Amazons about to NAIL THE WHITE HOUSE and get 8 yrs of  PLANETARY CONTROL.  NO WAY DONALD can win. He sold SAUDIS a way overpriced 4.5 Million buck FLOOR in his building. JUST ONE FLOOR. He's like the cheaty realtor they mistakenly used in NYC. THEY HATE HIM. American rednecks were fascinated with Trump for a while cuz of his moufiness but NO LONGER. He's like the cute pet bear that pisses in the kitchen and knows how to open the fridge and demolish our steak and chocolate cake.

                      will save the world. SO AMERICANS, take heed. Here's where you ought to GO WITH THIS: ANY HARDWARE or war toy FIRM that SAUDIS habitually FANCY, buy that firm's stock. $$$  Saudis will pick and choose internecine wars, war toys, victims, (dead men walking)...for 8 yrs. They will rule the world, set oil prices. These two GIRLS will take over the world --Teresa May on throne of Britain. MERKEL in GERMANY. HILLARY AND HUMA IN D.C. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, guys. CHICK PLANET. COMIC BOOK WET DREAM

But that's what it'll take as ALL the MALE MUSLIMS in Araby are SCHEDULED FOR EXTINCTION and this will go down for 8 yrs. It won't be a WORLD WAR. NO GI's at all. KIDS WITH GAME STICKS will sit in West L.A. and Salt Lake City and lob death on men 14,000 miles away. LETHAL rain storms of exploding things will fall on MALE MUSLIM HEADS. The Only way a MALE MUSLIM will survive even a walk to the drug store is taking his wife and children with him. 'Twill be a WORLD EXTINGUISHMENT of the MOHAMMAD JIHAD GERM.

No STEVE BERRY NOVEL/movie plot could even go to this altitude cuz it's too unbelieveable. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are well trained to stand by and let PENTAGON RAIN DOWN DEATH on JIHADISTS with dark skins and clap. Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Jakarta ( ) 

Dribble a little more hate Propaganda on American ears, THE URGE TO KILL will flood us and we will let the MUSLIM MEN be shelled, bombed, droned by four feminists whom we will come to LOVE. They aren't Nazis. Teresa, Angela, Hillary and Huma are just tired of mall shooters,  clitorectimies, veils, sharia, HONOR KILLINGS, no schooling for Arab women. TOTAL LOCK UP in their brick shack. Being baby machines who cannot walk on the street on a hot day without a black sheet over them so other weird muslim men don't letch for them. uncontrollably. TIRED OF IT AND AREN'T WE ALL??

OUR AMAZONS see a rosy future in which they can bring all those beautiful Arab girls to AMERICA put them on HARMONY.COM and get them wonderful, kind husbands who will make them happy. American men need these good women. We only have plastic beauties, venal, picky, big city girls with divorce lawyers. American men left in a matrimonial backwash will realize that THE JIHAD GERM is not in MUSLIM DNA. It's in the KORAN which only MEN THERE READ.

ERGO have I not just explained the mysterious, naked trust of HILLARY for a little Saudi girl with an entire oil rich country behind her? ALL dots connect! Even a few dots that are hidden from view behind a drawn curtain --like this one: Those Oil rich Saudis CREATED/ TRAINED and PAID FOR 911 and got away with it! Obama said hands off'em last week. No lawsuits puhleeze. Bad precedent!

Saudis groomed and ran this Huma maiden to be handmaiden to Hillary. Now we see that 911/ WTC also had Clinton blessings. WAHABI MUSLIMS were told how to OPEN THE CAN OF WAR against SAUDI NEIGHBORS as Saudis hate every other variation of MOHAMMEDISM. FALSE FLAG BOMB of WTC in SUNNI or SHIITE NAMES.

SAUDIS DID ISRAEL'S WORK FOR THE MOSSAD. 911 was a MOSSAD PLOT. They convinced the SAUDIS to fund the operation which destroyed WTC (REMMEBER HOW ISRAELIS CHEERED OVER ON BROOKLYN SIDE?) 3,000 Americans in the bldgs were collateral damage but OP still FLEW with Bush Cheney blessings. It was the biggest false flag in history, up there with Pearl Harbor. IT paved the way for AMERICA getting the whole middle east, all that oil and by the simple act of LATER NOT selling jet REPLACEMENT parts to the sheepherder Saudis, USA can CLOSE THEM UP when we want, and not share revenues for all that glug glug oil from JORDAN to KAZAKISTAN. The only wild card is PUTIN but let's not discuss him now.

THE USA will wait until SAUDIS have gone on to kill every KURD AND YEMINITE -- USA will let them. (And let THEM take the blame) and say nothing. Just a Mona Lisa smile. So KURDS AND YEMEN? GET OUT OF THE WAY FAST. EMIGRATE.  Assimilate elsewhere. Forget you ever knew how to spell the word KORAN.
HUMA standing around like an arsonist at a fire really ties a bow on THOSE SECRET TIES AND THAT plot-genesis, and that line-up of perps. What's surprising at all? JUST CONNECT THE DOTS and you will see the shape of our AMERICAN future. 8 yrs dedicated to murdering MUSLIM MEN. It's the collateral damage that should bother us. The children and women didn't read the KORAN. Didn't have MULLAHS programming them. Didn't sign on for war on the west. And have no blame. WE CANNOT LET ONE OF THEM GET SHRAPPNEL.  We have to issue KEVLAR VEILS, FAST!

                    NEED AMERICANS TO COME TO THE RESCUEWE NEED EXTRICATION CREWS, PLANE TICKETS, ALL-GIRL REFUGEE CAMPS across EUROPE AND AMERICA and LATIN AMERICA. We have to resettle the MUSLIM GENE in its beautiful flesh-containers, here in the west, BURN ALL COPIES OF THE KORAN, FORGET THAT RELIGION. I mean we put KOSINSKY in prison for life for his MANDATE and KOSINKSY had something valuable to say, a great critique of Western ETHOS. But the KORAN? PTOOEY! Let us put the lid on MUSLIM MEN but delicately taking what is most valuable for the PLANET's FUTURE USE.  IS THAT TOO NAZI EUGENICIST OF ME? Funny, my birth certificate has that as my original name. EUGENIA. Dad's MOTHER's name. My Mom crossed GRANNY out and wrote 'ANITA'


Huma Abedin says 'let's go get the
                            jihadists, America. I'm on your SIDE!"