I love graphics. I once had a dream, years before I got online, a dream where I was publishing my own 'how to' books and using graphics from great artists. I saw the page in the dream and for the last FORTY years I have remembered the name of one of the illustrations, "JOSE LIMON". I have always been expecting, as I google up images, to find his name next to a graphic, or at a gallery. To me the Google search for graphics is a constant thrill. You should try it. Try any theme, then sum it up in a word and put gif or jpg next to it. Like crying-baby.jpg

My Mommy sends 5 million byte photos
of me and Granny's Computer jams!

Graphics are also used these days as 'hello Mom, Granny. Take a look at the baby' But are you sending out those five million byte images to your relatives & chums? Their computer goes on the total BLINK while these gargantuan  byte hungry monsters load. They open it over the course of an hour and NOW can see your child's forehead only it's as big as a dinner plate. They have to scroll for a minute to see his eyebrow. What ARE YOU? --- MEAN TO GRANNIES? ? What century do you live in? GET an image resizer IRFANVIEW free on line. A Croatian tekkie designed this GRAPHIC resizer and color-enhancer that beats PICASA... he offers software that will make up for your camera living in the dark ages. PICASA is an image / graphic program but it's reallllly hard to work. I've had it ten yrs, still cannot figure out what to do with it. NOT intuitive, not IRFANVIEW where you get on  IMAGE MENU, hit RESIZE and you give the robot your perameter. KEEP the damn image under 350  bytes size height. around there width, too. Then, go to COLOR and brighten some dark photo so you can see what's in it! I tell you, IRFANVIEW is a TREASURE, it's so easy to use. So INTUITIVE. No need for a manual! (Nobody loathes instructions like moi!)

NEXT thing you want to do is PUT graphic IMAGES inside your letters or articles. I do it with my trusty old NETSCAPE BROWSER, which you download FREE ONLINE. NETSCAPE not only has best EMAIL client in cyberspace, but also has AN HTM COMPOSER in it. You can do everything you need to do to run a web business except SURF the net. I surf with a mozilla browser. Not NETSCAPE.  But it's great for Email and composing HTM files. And inserting GRAPHICS! Much more reliable than WORD which really screws up insertion of graphics

NETSCAPE is how I did 1,001 articles which I put online.  Now you cannot surf the web with it, as it's vintage 1995, and my WINDOWS 98SE doesn't surf so great either, it can do half the sites out there. But for surfing I use  MOZILLA FIREFOX 2 browser as 3 won't work on a WIN 98 OS, nearly 20 yrs old. SO to do graphics to a T what do we need?

Last, load some EMOJIS into your hard drive, shoot them to your WEBPAGE thru the FTP softtware where you can stick them everywhere.  To get some lovely EMOJIS, I just encountered MAZE GUY, a designer of emoticons, in case you want to use his lovely work. His page is more organized than any emoji page I googled and he invites use of his creations.My kinda NET CHUM! 

1.) Download a free DOS FILE MANAGER, free software called ZTREE, so that you can build a tree directory in your c:drive The crying baby will go on one of my HOW TO RAISE CHILDREN articles. So the articles is now on my word processor. I did a save, and then move to the browser.

2) GO to GOOGLE, then hit IMAGES. Now, fill in the theme of what kind of picture you want.  If you are looking for an unhappy, screaming baby for an article about good mothering,  put that in,"Unhappy baby." or Screaming baby." "crybaby" CARTOONS are GIFS ---you hit JPG you get photos. The real deal. so write crybaby.gif to get a cartoon or pro illustration..

3.) RUMMAGE THRU ALL THE CHOICES.Out of all those crying babies, pick one. CLICK on image you like, You get its page. CLICK on the image again to get its source. THEN, and only then, RIGHT CLICK on image and save it to cache on subject. C:\babies as crying-baby.jpg or gif (which ever it is. Usually it's those two) DO NOT KEEP THE NAME that website online has it as........ change the name so nobody does GETTY FRAUD to you. (Getty images threatens to sue you, it's a real hoot, they have lawyers who write you repeatedly. Careful with Rolls Royce, McDonald's, and other big corporations. They're very jealous of their
artwork too. They pay huge sums for their art..)

So babe? You stole the perfect graphic. Now REMEMBER the new name you gave it, something intuitive like 'crying babe' and what directory you stuck it in. The thing goes by so fast, you won't remember which branch of your TREE it's in. C:|babies, right?

3.A. You may want to RESIZE it. If so, use IRFANVIEW GRAPHIC SOFTWARE, which you get online, free. Hit IMAGE and hit resize. Yesterday I got an old B&W photo of the LBJ swearing in with Jackie in bloodied suit. I was doing an article on JACK VALENTI who was in the background in the shadows, haunted stare on his face. The photo was too dark to see more than his beady eyes, so I used irfanview to bleach it. Staring into the guilty face of the two men who'd arranged death of JFK. Lyndon had never met him before but hired him that day, took the Texan back to Washington with him, never let him go. Keep your enemies close but the members of your death squad in a coup closer. So Irfan view is major stuff, free online, download yourself a copy

3B. You write the article in SEA MONKEY htm word processor, ask me for the tricks to the menu, well two tricks, not much.

4.) FILE TRANSFER TIME! DOWNLOAD free FTP software, online. That stands for FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL. NOW, open the FTP software and go to C:\BABIES on the left side of screen, and your website on the right hand side. FTP the image crying-baby.gif to your website.  The graphic is now in cyberspace. But nobody knows it's there yet, so ---

5) FINISH WRITING THE ARTICLE in your Word Processing software program, the text or word part, i.e. the ARTICLE. Then, STICK THE PICTURE in the article. Now, I never figured out how to work the image-sticking-in feature at MICROSOFT WORD which I got in OFFICE SUITE 2000. I have never had a teacher for any of this. I can only do things that I can figure out by myself. So I use NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR for graphics. I use it for writing my article, too. It is a free browser you can find online. VERSION 4.7 is from the mid 90's. It has the COMPOSER choice at top, a word processor with which you make  HTM files. ALL MY WEBSITES are made on THIS SOFTWARE. LUCK IN LOVE,    and  GUERILLA CAPITALISM, the entire lot. GO TO THE INTERNET, GOOGLE FREE DOWNLOAD NETSCAPE 4.7 and download it. It's small and comes into your machine fast. Boot it up. I USE THE EMAIL CLIENT as it's superb. And I use composer for inserting graphics and for doing the whole article in HTM really. I can turn a text file into HTM in a second, format it, add graphics and have it out on the web in twenty minutes.

Now, hit the INSERT IMAGE button at top. Fill in the box it gives you with answer of where the IMAGE IS. it's at YOUR SITE on the BABES INDEX, called SCREAMER. GIF or CRYING-BABY.JPG, depending on which you chose for the final article.... http://www.mywebsite/screamer.gif --that is the imaginary URL of the graphic.  Or maybe you want to borrow someone else's fine graphic, and accept the size that he has it.... put in HIS URL for that image. The advantage of saving the image to your cache is twofold: 1.) Once you 'own it' you can resize the image. 2.) Some images online can not be used by another website, so you have to pluck it, save it, rename it, then resize it, or retitle it, even, which I often do. And then send it to my own website. Again, use  IRFANVIEW SOFTWARE, free from its CROATIAN DESIGNER, to do that. I have no skills and I was able to both download it and figure out its use.

Remember, you have an option as to where to have your ARTICLE FIND  the graphic. Leave it in cyberspace at another's website or put it on your own website. For a long time, I left the GRAPHIC IN CYBERSPACE at its own home, figuring the owner won't be taking it down. WHO TAKES ANYTHING DOWN? But lately, people do give up their website so I save them all to cache now. So when Netscape Composer asks me where is the image? I answer: Then NETSCAPE COMPOSER asks you to  hit the option, ORIGINAL SIZE. I say yes and it gives a triple menu of Text alignment Position (left center or right) with  boxes that show different positions.

Congratulations; You just stuck a live link to the graphic in the article. IT doesn't look like a live link which  that is right UP THERE WRITTEN OUT,  no it is the actual GRAPHIC, it flips into the article! But now you triumphantly finish by shipping your entire article to your website with the FTP software. Then go in your browser, enter the article's name at the top: and you will see the article and see where the graphics fell, and if they're not located correctly, re do it.

Ain't THE INTERNET GREAT? OH, one more thing. After you have published the article you must put a live link to it on your index page! For the screaming baby article it's

For the TRUE SCOOP on the JFK HIT it's You always have an option of listing it this way. SECRETS GOV DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ARCHIVE.