Frocks show off the girl inside, her shapely small waistline, her round high bust, her arms, her legs and calves, her ankles and all around the edges, the frock shows skin. These are items Mother nature gave us to  create the mating response in MEN yet you'll note that frocks seem to be out of fashion. Cut off shorts are in. Sportware is in. Jeans are in. Yeah, they're  all  KEWL. Great butts, long legs can use jeans sometimes. BUT LESS KEWL is being a woman alone. Amazons are so UN-KEWL. SPINSTERS are so TRAGIC. It's no damn fun paying rent, utilities alone and getting older and having roomies who steal your stuff, bring home dogs, cats and worse, HIPPIE GRUNGE SWEETIES WHO BUNK REGULARLY AND KEEP YOU AWAKE.  Get a mate who cherishes you! That's a great way to spend the rest of your LIFE. Separate bedrooms in a big house, kids in college.

So I think that way, right? And I look around at many of astrology clients and my spinster friends and I note they all wear lumberjack clothing full time --jeans and flannel shirts, big boots. At work, they may wear a business suit not a whit different from a man's! I guess they're trying to get the same salary a man does. These girls are feminine on the inside but not on the outside. And guess what, they're ALL SINGLE!

I question them. Why do you dress that way? They say they feel that frothy frocks don't suit them. Well, guess what! They'd change their vibration the second they put a frock on, with some delicate, Louis stacked Heeled flats. They'd get frothy fast enough! Automatically. It's not a thinkie-it's a Be-Eeee.

Take a look at some sexy frocks.

The skirt with a little motion, an A-line with
something extra, has SWING. Movement.

Diane Von Fustenberg did the WRAP dress. Women can't get TIRED OF IT, she's still making them and Thrift stores are full of them, in all styles, colors sizes.Just cut off wrist cuff and clean off frayed edge then re attach it.

DEMURE, lady like, not frothy or fussy, just as sexy as
a negligee but it's tailored. You wear this-- your whole vibration
changes. You are instantly awesome. Wherever you go, men
will look at you, want to meet you. I don't care how cute your
sportswear is, this works for attracting the YANG men who want
marriage. Cuz it's YIN. Yin attracts YANG. Sure, a pair of cut off
shorts, tight as a laquer finish, bare midriff and tiny tank are hot
but will it get you married? No. GIRLISH gets you married.

So GOOGLE these words "diane von furstenberg" + wrap + vintage pattern and you will find cotton jersey everywhere at thrifts and yardage shops . That is the famous wrap dress above. New $ 300-400 each OLD/VINTAGE 5$ but jersey wears badly, wrists need resewing!
Gap makes one for 50. But you can make a dozen for fifty.