WOW! A HUNDRED DOLLAR RARE BOOK - BY the HEROIC WHISTLEBLOWER COLONEL FLETCHER PROUTY is FREE, yours, this very second! You will be reading it, online, by the end of this article!

COLONEL Fletcher PROUTY (Air Force,) was in the movie JFK but he was played by DONALD SUTHERLAND. You remember, when Kevin Costner has these secret meetings with a Colonelin a D.C. PARK? The real guy was very very high in the Air Force, later the Pentagon and knew everybody you ever heard of in any conspiracy scandal including the guys who offed JFK and he became a published whistleblower making the US GOV and ARMY and AIRFORCE wish they'd dropped him out of a B-51 back when they could have! is where you can see him.

Fletch was the FLY ON THE PROVERBIAL WALL and one who spoke and wrote beautifully. Fletch's very rare rare book on how US gov DOES ITS DIRTY TRICKS, is available. It also covers how the UK does these SECRET TEAMS that implement OLIGARCH hegemony.

This book is available online at abes' but the cheapest copy they have costs 80bucks at ABEBOOKS USED and that's just the cheapest copy. It goes up to MULTIPLE HUNDREDs OF BUCKS FOR THE BOOK,, pick ADVANCED SEARCH and fill in author and title "SECRET TEAMS" stand in awe as the book happens to be free online and I'm gonna tell you where! The entire book was put on line by RATCLIFFE at his RATICAL RATMAZE fab fab website

OH BOY! THIS IS YOUR WINTER NIGHT dream reading, and snug warm, toasty reading about where all the skulls and bones are buried and who hid the boneyard in London and Washington. Oh boy! Is this tome gonna make you in-the-KNOW!

(*A bright woman named CAROLE HUBBARD told me about it. SHE HAS the entire thing and printed it out! WOW. IMAGINE a chick with that kind of brain ! If she's single, I will give every guy on my list her email this one is so uniquely smart she'd be a fab mother to activists of the future. Women like that are rare! Secret teams aren't a chick thing usually. Nor are pentagon whistleblowers.)

PROUTY's eulogy

and a page dedicated to him. so GO VISIT!

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