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You make a living from your cottage industry but cable seems way too costly now. There are holes in the carpet. Your home needs a professional cleaning as house is a mess but you can't afford a maid even for a day, You can't even afford to buy a MOP! Your car needs a new clutch and you’re wearing faded shirts! CHAOS is ENCROACHING FAST!

You really need that business of yours to provide more income yet you’re working as hard as you can. It somehow doesn’t seem possible to work longer or harder. You definitely can’t afford expensive ads that might attract clients in droves and jack up income. What to do?

A LOT! We are going to give you a dozen secrets for doubling your income, right now. Each is written in PINK so you can run over the IN THE PINK TIPS from time to time to jog your memory. Make a list off them, which you will hang on your wall right at your desk. First is MERCHANDISE YOURSELF.

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As you read this article, when you see an underlined word, (A LIVE LINK) you go to that URL, click on that link, and you'll get another explanation of how that secret works.

Lately, with Wall Street on her knees, a tidal wave of Banks failing, and jobs sailing and foreclosed folks wailing and fund managers bailing and the stock market failing my clients are pulling out their pockets as supermarket prices are high due to raging inflation and super high rents which make the 1st of the month an automatic nervous break-down.  What could I do to squeeze more money out of my home business? I Couldn't raise prices, I had to double the amount of clients. So I dreamed up a dozen ways to double my earnings without a fat advertising budget, which I WOULD NEVER DO. I shut my eyes and used a marker and big notebook as ideas fell into my head, not opening eyes to interrupt reverie.

FIRST IDEA: SIDE SELLING my OLD CLIENTS FOR NEW SERVICES. This is a very simple but dynamic concept. Let me tell you how it works and how I stumbled on it. I was going through my old mailing lists stretching for years back when suddenly it struck me; these astrology clients never saw anyone like me in their life. They remember their horoscope reading but we’ve fallen out of touch. Luckily, their names and addresses (and in some cases, their fax numbers and even E-mail addresses) have been collected in a basket of old papers, old notebooks, old 'memo pads' where it reads "CALL LOIS 212-3350911  " I no longer remember who LOIS is but I'm sure she remembers me! I've never had a client fail to recognize, "hi, it's Anita the astrologer. How ya doin' after all these years? What is your new email address?" But my point is, I was careless and I LOST LOIS! And a whole lot more clients. 

Rather than regret how sloppy you were, right now, go thru these old notebooks, gather them together on one new list, print it out, put three holes in it, staple it together. In this 'bible' you  create an email addie list and PUT IT IN YOUR BROWSER TOO in "ADDRESS BOOK" BROWER offers. WRITE em occas, leave them a friendly greeting message. I send those out in many ways: Info-rich articles on politics, holism, frugal living go out to my lists. These are "Keeper articles" that they will appreciate. I put any new contact on my LISTS. The cooking list gets one kind of file, the GARDEN list another kind. My political leftist friends are on the "PTA PARENTS LIST" So that CIA will skip that list.

In the old days when it was snail mail addresses, fones, folded, stamped mail outs, I could take the raw data, throw it into a simple, computer data file which prints out addresses on labels. Stamps were required. Now it's so much cheaper with the INTERNET world. Take advantage. In the old days we couldn't just load all these people into a CHROME browser. We had to walk ten miles to school carrying our books, lockers weren't invented yet and we had to phone them, write them, Stamp and mail stuff. Now ya just gotta find out their email.

Once upon a time, all that was hard costly or impossible. And you're bitching? Now we just enter their Email address and good to go!  So make a list right now for your PC’s ‘address book’, a list called "OLD CLIENTS." When you write a publicity email, hit "OLD CLIENTS", in shoot all twenty or forty or if you're good, two hundred names. Then you hit BCC so these names are invisible to spammers who patrol the web seeking addies to abuse you, spamming you with ads. Also it means they're invisible to your friend who will only see your name on it. They see YOUR OWN name as then you address it to yourself. And you email out a new offer related to what you do, that service, product. Or just an info file.

I remember back around 1996 the first time this occurred to me. It was a total brainstorm and I was all hot to try it, and was thinking, 'isn't this wonderful, I can mail an advertisement for my work to all twenty of them with a single keystroke.' I remember, the thought hit me, what to send them? MAKE A LIST of all the wild things you can send in an email. I CAME UP WITH THEIR DAILY HOROSCOPE PREDICTIONS.

The names I'd collected were a tremendous resource. I knew should be contacting them with a mail-out, an ad or a special offer of some kind, but what? Under what pretext did I just ‘show up’ again in their life? Saying 'Hi, I did your star reading last Winter when you were going to divorce your husband Harry, did you ever leave him???" Well, that didn't work for me. I’d already done their horoscope. They knew who, what and where I was, but they weren’t calling me back as they’d had that main service done. If they were going to leave their hubby, they'd already done it. What to say in reference to our earlier meeting and how could I make them come back? I stared at the ceiling, drawing a blank for only a second. Well, a verbal description maybe of the POWERS Astrology would gives us this coming year.  The skies for next year and what Saturn in CAPRICORN of big business means to them, or what JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS (education) might be doing.

Or if you're pondering your talents, what you can share, maybe  it's a new Yoga exercise. A new Amish recipe. A new way to clean spots off furniture. A new IRS tax dodge secret! A friend of mine sends legal files, how to avoid search and seizure, etc. Now if she just had a service to offer!

Well I did. It came to me that I should be contacting them to send them either a very low cost astrology SPECIAL of some sort, and then, at the end of that offer, I’d add a note indicating that I could do some NEW service that was similar to what I used to do for them, but which was slightly more exciting. In other words, a second service, THE 15 $ "how & where YOU BEST CAN find ROMANCE" READING based on natal horoscope....something semi-related to what I did but more 'over the top.' OR the PAST LIFE REGRESSION, that's where I hypnotize YOU so YOU see your past lives.

Of course I was thinking that there was also the possibility that when they read my flyer they’d be reminded of me, maybe use me again for my original function, too. Birth charts for new babies. But what second function or third or fourth did I have to write them about?

SO OK, back to square one. What other service could I offer? That was the question. I came up with a gigantic blank. So I instructed my brain. Come on, unconscious. Get wild. INSTRUCTION TO HIGHER SELF TO BRAINSTORM. I won’t laugh at you. What millions of things do you have tucked in your unconscious recesses as merchandise, something we could write, or what actual object could we make? What services do 'our' dear clients need? Still a blank. It was only when I took the pen and paper and specifically instructed my unconscious to brainstorm in this specific category, that my brain suddenly began to click with inspirations.

Here's what my higher self told me: "How about they mail you a xerox of their palm print, or their new friend's hand and you do an E-MAIL analysis for 15$?
 Or how about a quick look at the scope of any person, just to see their 6th house JOB ruler and their l0th house ruler and where and what they are, and what planets are in those two houses, and maybe throw in the chart ruler and write five pages on their MISSION POSSIBLE, their true career and only charge 15$. Or how about a CHART COMPARISON, any two charts, their interactions for 60$. A compatibility report, 15 pages long. Or How about this and the other variation on that theme?

I could barely keep up with it and began writing down this huge list that poured forth. I came up with dozens of wild ideas for services. But it wasn't enough.

I wanted something totally NEW. I started to think of products I could make for a side income, actual merchandise, inventions I’d had in the back of my mind. One was the Lumbar Cucumber a lower back support pillow that I’d always wanted to make up on my sewing machine. (gave that idea to a Yoga teacher and she took it to all the BACK stores that exist. In thanks she sent me the Rock star client!)

Another idea was to share my famous tofu burger recipe. Everyone wants a burger that tasted better than meat even, and gave you that hormone rejuvenating soy in its most easily assimilated "tofu" form. Why not print up a laser jet recipe pamphlet? Desk top publishing. The Welfare Gourmet. POORHOUSE COOKERY. FRUGAL GOURMET? 

Actually this could evolve into a second mini biz. Imagine someone cooking the tofu burgers themselves for businesses, cafes, restaurants who want to offer a vege-burger to their menu. Or delivering same with THE MOVEABLE FEAST OFFICE LUNCH service, to working people, making them to order, and delivering them daily to this varied community? I could see myself and my four kids wholesaling the actual tofu-burgers, trays of them, to the local posh café. I called around, and many cafes wanted to taste a tofu burger that was tastier than meat. Then I thought, why not just use my damn recipe to promote the business I have, doing stars, by doing just a recipe and putting it on my website or doing "HI! REMEMBER ME? " email SENDOUT's with recipes and do it once a week!" So I put that on list hanging on my wall. "RECIPE A WEEK!" I'd do this with maybe a list of my many WEBSITES at bottom as live links. HURLING URLS. Or "THIS WEEK'S NEW SERVICE, COMPARISON CHART you and your sweetie, 60$."

This is the easy way. Other people print up a pamphlet and offer it for sale for $6.95 but I never go into a businses I wouldn't be a client of. I can get recipes free online.  I prefer the lazier version, not as high profit as going into production on a pamphlet but LESS COSTLY to produce, less time consuming to create.. To print up a pamphlet with the tofu burger recipe and all my other best recipes might make me 1$ a copy profits on top of what I'd pay my printer. My printer KIM was a monk in Vietnam, orange toga, self immolating group from NAM WAR?? Remember them? He does all the trade cover books for Buddhist community in L.A., and books are easy for him! Probably be real cheap for me to publish books. MANY fine printers will turn your discs into trade cover books! You may want to check this route.

Anyway, I added this FREEBIE RECIPE collection as a form of Public Relations as a CONCEPT, I actually wrote in this idea on my brainstorming list and eventually a lot of other ideas which made it to my website. Or which I had to do. Ferinstance. I had to dig up every memo book, note book, 'to do pad,' every phone book from the last twenty years and capture everybody in it and their phone number or email.

FIRST thing you need to really go online is a website. Read up on this before you make the choice. Look at sites maintained by REVIEWERS of WEBHOSTS: The BEST WEBHOST IN MY SET? DOMAINMONGER or EXACT HOSTING. That latter used to be 5$WEBHOSTING. CHANGED NAME. Reliable, good tech support, cheap and they don't LOOK FOR REASONS TO DOCK YOUR BANK ACCT which others do. You can find your VISA EMPTIED OUT with some of these guys. "YOU WROTE YOU DO NOT LIKE TRUMP? THAT IS AGAINST OUR POLICY, WE FINED YOU 200$." GO DADDY IS FAMOUS FOR THAT KIND OF THEFT.

NEXT, I made a special website design, one that held an INDEX PAGE that led readers to every single article I wrote on holism, raising children, new age consciousness. And at the bottom of each website, an ad for the ASTROLOGICAL/ PALM READING services I offered. 15$ a horoscope! WORK CAME FLOODING IN from that little ad. First they read the article on say... how to make falafel, hummus and health cookies.Then they got their fortune told.

 I did one site, named it  the LEGACY WEBSITE (though it really is THE SECRETS OF BEING A GUERILLA CAPITALIST ). It  was designed to be a BEACON, a LIGHT HOUSE for the newly jobless, sitting on a high peak in cyberspace. You could do a search on words, "how to holistically heal diabetes" or "reversing diabetes" and get holistic method or protocols that I found in the books of all the California healing geniuses.

You could search on 'guerilla capitalism,' and 'anarcho-capitalist' or 'WHAT DO THE JOBLESS DO?" and get to me and read an article that was loaded with URLS, (INSTRUCTION HERE IS THAT YOU WRITE ARTICLES LOADED WITH live links,) like a fruit cake full of cherries and nuts. The article would take them to other URLS of mine, hilarious articles like "HOW TO  LAUNDER MONEY," which is EARN EXTRA IN CASH, SAVE SO YOUR KIDS DO NOT EVER NEED STUDENT LOANS and KEEP IT UNDER THE ROSE GARDEN. So not only would I attract wandering, curious ships at sea who see my BEACON at nite, using GOOGLE, but lead them like the Pied Piper on a merry odyssey of fun reading. BUT TEACHERY, you know? HIGH CALORIC READING! Substantial stuff. Or ILLEGAL in the case of that URL just two lines up!!!

Or -- what if folks out in Cyberspace searched on the words "dharmic cottage businesses," 'Moonlighting where the sun don't shine." Or Staying free of doctors and HMOS, preventing and Healing cancer", "healing arthritis"? Any search would summon up my articles at my own website. Using search engines to see how well your cyber profile is doing, how much of a 'placement' you have is part of doubling profits! BUT DO NOT DO WHAT MY KIDS DID, advertise their PHOTOGRAPHY BIZ in GOOGLE ADS PAY PER CLICK to get PLACEMENT. GOOGLE AD DEPT claimed a million people clicked on your ad and TAKE 500$ a day from your bank account. GOOGLE GREED!! BOTH WERE SO SHOCKED they quit their biz, still paying for cameras and developers, APPLE PC's and SCANNERS and COLOR PRINTERS to this day. GOOGLE RUINED THEM BOTH. They could not even MAKE THE REGULAR UNPAID GOOGLE ADS without playing ball with their AD dept. Each was the best PHOTOG SHOP in city, he in Hawaii,She in NYC. RUINED BY GOOGLE GREED.

So then I realized that each and every article I wrote and published online had to have succulent, clickable meta text at the top for search engines to read. Meta text is what gives you the placement. Placement being showing up when folks do a search.  YOU HAVE TO BE A MASTER OF META TEXT to do MERCHANDISING OF SELF and WRITINGS THRU WEB ARTICLES. SEE: TEN MINUTES TO MASTER META TEXT

So on my list goes put meta text in articles. You want to google this subject, all over net and/or just quick click here, see how that's done.  Meta text, ads, your own articles on what you know. And POSTING like this week I'm posting how HILLARY wants to stop PHARM CORPS from charging 750$ a pill. So posting allows you to pass on others' articles, write on more subjects.

During the years I worked Psychic Hotlines I used to send articles to clients, "How to get your mate to treat you better" for dysfunctional WIVES who let dysfunctional husbands beat them up. Why did I leave a Mexican husband? I'd finished researching that area, and it was time to get outta Dodge. Drove 2,000 miles back to my hometown with four kids!

I had thousands of articles stored along 'how-to' lines. I'd take the advice Yogi Bhajan (a Sikh guru and yoga teacher in LA.) gave to the troops, -- holistic and often psychological, -- a little of my own strange mutation of Buddhism thrown in and ..they were pretty good articles. I started to post all my HOW TO HELP from THE PSYCHIC HOTLINE client articles

Then I emptied my bucket.  I said, 'in my arsenal are so many experiences.'  I'd gone to ART JANOV type primal scream groups for a year; I could teach  primal scream emotional release tech to anyone who did psychology or massage for a living. So I wrote the manual, it's online FREE. My own spin on this healing technique was to combine it with deep tissue massage and sad music, so it became a cathartic,  emotional release stimulus that could dredge up all the client's  heavy emotional issues and stored pain so that the therapist could help them dump the load.

I imagined a business card, a little person with a big suitcase dripping stuff on the floor. "GOT a SUITCASE FULL OF ISSUES? Get rolfed Janov style." I added it to the list. So that brought me to the next chore.

One must make a business card, related to that service, that article on your website on that theme and start participating in lists so that I could advertise on the internet that I teach this method of massage therapy and when people contact me, give out that card hard copy by mail, and thusly attract, get clients from my city, L.A.

There are INTERNET classifieds, you know. My daughter was using Craig's list in New York, she told me about Craig's list in L.A. This is around 2004. I went online, found it. Realized it was in l00 cities, from NYC to BANGALORE to PARIS. So I put my ads in all those cities! Got tons of new clients. My ads for the IMPORT EXPORT TRAINING had live links in them, to a FREEBIE website. They actually pointed to an HTM file in CYBERSPACE that tells us what artisanry can bring us EUROS. It had to be a FREEBIE site as back then, CRAIGS wouldn't admit WWW into any of their ads.

Then there's denver back page dot com. Doesn't reach to Craig's ankle, as they seem not to permit URLS last time I was there.. Google search to see if there are any more new ones. Google phrase "LIKE CRAIGS LIST" in quotes and you will find some. I listed myself on it with an ad in every city and reload my ads every few days and from them, really began to attract new clients at full throttle! One gal in VERONA Italy sent me a wheel of parmesan and a fifty euro bill!

Daily I'd wake to chat with new people. I'd found that out of every ten people you talk or write to, say about doing import/ export biz, one sooner or later notices I am ASTROLOGY @ EARTHLINK DOT NET and invariably wants horoscope work, so I'd submit my articles on dozens of subjects to dozens of E-ZINES. That's YOU getting a web presence. Showing up with something heavier than just your MERCHANDISE or SERVICES. E-ZINES republish you. I maybe have a thousand articles, but when everyone picked them up and put them on their sites, I GOT 10,000 in CYBERSPACE.

Soon I had a dozen brainstorms about new articles I could write and post. Now oddly, when you do that, just like giving out recipes for tofu burgers, or brainstorming up making them for the usual MEAT CAFES, you also will brainstorm up SERVICES that you  COULD RENDER or products that one could actually wholesale that would make extra money. But this was too much for me. I wanted to sit at home with small children, industriously mine the wilder shores of fortunetelling and not drive around with hot burgers in the car. That's when I found a product/service that I could do staying at home.

It's one you might find interesting. I had years ago been regressed to a prior lifetime or two actually, by a famous flying SAUCER CONTACTEE. His groups were free by the way and he hustled no books or classes so I trusted him. He looked like JESUS at eighty years of age, another reason I trusted him. With Gabriel Green, I'd unofficially 'studied' a non-hypnotic, non-invasive way to regress people to prior lifetimes. OK, it sounds balmy, but that’s what mystics do in Southern California on warm august nights. Have LIVING ROOM GURUS come in from the desert and give talks, demonstrations. This one was FREE by the way. So I believed what he said, that he was a genuine ALIEN UFO Contactee who had been taught the method by aliens. He wanted to share the method before he passed on to that big mother ship in the sky. He did each of the ten people there, and did the method to me. It had worked. I personally saw two past lifetimes as if I were watching television. That impressed me. I wasn't in a trance. My OB-GYN had never been able to hypnotize me. When I tried it, the method worked on people I thought would never have had a prior lifetime outside of in a banana tree. I thought I’d do an informal test marketing, computer generated a flyer for Regression Readings with the client actually SEEING his past life in a vision, not being TOLD what it was by a stranger which to me sounds so bogus. I faxed this ad to my client list.

Boom! One in every 3 people I approached demanded to be regressed immediately. This started me in a sideline occupation. Clients who hadn’t come for their horoscope reading in years, wanted to find out who they were in the last few lifetimes. Where, when and in particular, with WHOM. I couldn't send them to the man who regressed me. A.) this was (30 yrs ago), and B.) Gabriel Green 2000 moved permanently to the skies.

So now I went back to that bunch of phone numbers, addresses, scraps of paper, the mail addresses, emails, the phone numbers, etc.

Where all I had was phone numbers, I made a morning’s work of dialing 'em up, leaving phone messages, asking them to email me back with their e-mail address so I could send them their free year 2000 horoscope. No email? Then their fax. Or regular mail.

Everyone answered one way or the other and I mailed off a year 2000 analysis to all of them, written in a way that they’d be guaranteed to ask for a personalized, Year 2000 update. And at the end of this document, I told them all the other wild services that I could do, past life hypnotic regression, primal scream massage, including my sending them free seeds for their garden if they wanted. The offspring of my indigo blue morninglories, calendulas, zinnias, squash and decorative gourds.

In the next few months, I didn’t have to worry about bills any more. I could actually buy groceries occasionally and get my car fixed. Once I even got close to being able to buy car insurance and drive without looking in the mirror. Grateful for this, I didn’t stop playing with the concept of seeking fresh profits from a past client list.

What I do NOW was once, years ago, a wild idea. Yes, way back in the sixties, one of my ideas for a kind of ‘wild idea’ merchandise was a "Star Power Map of the Month", an hour by hour "MONTH AT A GLANCE" 30 page long prediction, mailed or faxed, for 30$ a month. Actually it was so hard to make I had to cut it down to 10 pages and sent once a week. So it was forty pages a month.

Back when I first got this idea, I printed up a flyer, hand drew my graphics of a big star, and xeroxed this ad. It had omenous prose saying: "Great Kings had stargazers pick the power hour to move. Know when your power hours are. One move at the right time will pay for a year of StarPower!" I took the original to Kinkos and made up a stack of l00. My Noveau Impoverishe trick was to fold ad in three, seal with a snipped of scotch tape and hand address. I'd put a 1c stamp on it a 2c, and a 3c stamp. A mere one in a hundred came back to me stamped 'not enuf postage.' The rest got thru. 99 got through! As I had to feed l9 cats a day, (still do) 5 lbs of food, meat was on my budget. Stamps were NOT.

I did a huge mail out, my address sticker on flyer’s upper left hand corner, so it gets returned to me if a client has disappeared. Feedback is important so you can get bad addresses off your mailing list. Addresses held in computer data files are quite easy to change. A name can be removed or a line or two can be cut out in a sec. Or notes added, "this guy runs graphics, desk top publishing biz". Well, the phone calls started rolling in. Many of those people still subscribe. Only a few super rich ones pay 30$ a month. The rest get it free as it's so effortless to send it out in email.

At that time, clients I hadn’t seen in years wanted this service. And the past life regression, a lot wanted that. I taught emotional release, but didn't do it for money. But I'm always looking for people who want to make the commitment to mind healing as a lay mentor, using this Janovian tech.  The next step, and I was drawn here out of love, was teaching screenwriting for free. The L.A. Free Screenwriters' Co-op began and Groups began to come monthly to my house. That brings start clients of course. I remembered how I used to go to truth groups, and healing groups, and wondered if it wouldn't be smart to add that kind of living room group to the work. After all, I rationalized, any group you had at the house increased your living from the prime service you render, but now, i was typing monthlies, doing stars, teaching screenwriting, teaching past life regression and primaling and it got to be a lot. That's when I started to have the money to go fishing but no time to do it!

What I’d stumbled on is something a group of Marketers found when they analyzed statistics: certain sales strategies really do pay off. It’s expensive to chase after NEW customers who don’t know you, with ads in papers or magazines. It’s costly to pay for posters, ADS, or trade shows. Plus, how can you reach out to people at large when only one in a thousand may need your product or service? In a very specialized biz, it’s hard to target and ‘bullseye’ a new customer. So don’t waste money on COLD CALL letters. 1%-2% recipients will actually call you back. You will always do better with people who have come to your new age groups or even USED your services in the past. They are a kind of pre-sold fan club. They like and remember you.

So, the winning strategy is to save addresses and frequently remind your old clients you’re alive, tell them what you’re doing now, not only the old services but some new ones.

OK. That was strategy ONE. Here is Strategy #2. Deputize old clients to agent you. They can and WILL give you good WORD OF MOUTH. You can tell them what they’ll get (gifts, merchanise, services) for each connection they make for you, although that’s not even necessary. A personable flyer will make them remember you and think who might need your services among their pals. They can and will do all the pre-selling for you, as a gesture of friendship, but ponder this. No matter how much they like you, your flyer will be on their desk top for one hour before it hits the wastepaper basket. When it’s gone, it (and you) are forgotten. That hour is a very short time. Hardly worth a postage stamp. That’s why you have to think of a way to keep your flyer on their bulletin board or refrigerator door for weeks, months or years. Now you see why businesses used to give away technicolor calendars of bodacious babes or those little viewers with a Monroe slide inside.

HOW TO MAKE THEM KEEP SOMETHING: In the 50's businesses gave you a little EYE TOY, you looked thru it, up to the light, and there was Marilyn Monroe and the words "JOE's GARAGE." Before EMAILS, I found making  an astrological prediction letter or flyer very entertaining worked. Now I make an HTM TEXT FILE of a Daily Prediction newsletter with cute funny cartoony drawings. Or do a 12 page comic book calendar which they CAN’T throw away, cuz they sort of plan on sharing it with someone. Or maybe you’re holding a drawing for a prize. Write NEWSLETTERS people will keep, collect vegeburger recipes, health or wealth ‘how to’s.’ Start collecting stuff like this from daily news papers, magazines. Or, give them their STAR POWER HOURS ( Similar to the back 5 pages of DELL Horoscope Magazine, which is hour by hour readings timed for the month they get it.) A mini calendar? Day runner? A whole blank memo pad and at the top your ad, logo and phone number. Make it something they are moved to keep in their desk, not throw away. This kind of friendly, useful product gets kept. Such a mail out gets a 20-30% response, says the marketing experts. Of course, these experts don’t understand your specialized service/product, which is unique. Only YOU know what products or services might HARMONIZE with your image.

For instance, my oldest son Miguel, was at that time a wedding photographer in Hawaii, where they have about a hundred annual weddings per square mile of island on weekends.  I suggested that instead of just shooting the wedding of visiting couples, he should write old clients offering a SECOND HONEYMOON travel package. A nearby hotel that floats Miguel a 50$ bill for each client he draws in. And they all get 40% off their rooms. Mike's mail out offer could be done with a COMIC STRIP showing a cartoon bride and groom at their wedding, with Mike the Photographer and his dog Akumai biting heels and eating the wedding cake and this hilarious comic strip which will make them clearly remember how great Mike and the  dog were on their wedding day!

I envisioned something they'd keep on their fridge because it makes them laugh, which they’ll put in their scrap book because it will make them remember. It could be a visual, fun, interesting newsletter, full of facts they can use in their daily life, like quotes from ‘How to Stay Married’, self-help books, recipes, star predictions for the current year. All the VENUS/ MARS conjunctions, perfect for 2nd honeymoons! I was willing to send them the DAILIES which my pals got for free. Your power days this week, for love, business luck, down to the very HOURS, daily breakdowns! And the lousy hours to avoid.

Or, it could be an emailed color graphic of a 2nd honey moon trip, with photos of the Waimea Falls, the Luau, beautiful, tropical landscapes, green valleys, and the bridal couple's photo transferred to the middle of it, so it's hangable, and then surrounded with print saying ‘why don’t you come here again?’ cuz last time I noticed you didn’t have time for the Falls or the LUAU! (A haha never hurts.) And then a list of tasty sights: China Town, for fresh lobsters, Pearl Harbor for the view of the sunk destroyer, etc. A list of sights and sites. And what about travel tips, NEW exotic places to visit, restaurant reviews, budget inns or Bed and Breakfasts with all the hotels who will give them l0% off if they use Mike’s name? I explained to my son how he would get a cash kickback from the hotel for rooms he booked, how he might even arrange travel packages, Nature trips, night club-luau packages, Antique-finding tours. A different trip every year. Cabins one time, Kayaking the Hana Coast another. I told him to look for a travel agent to be his partner in the travel end, and get the big hotels to back him up. But he's emotional. He married Cathy, had a baby, became a house husband, (she's a CPA) he remodelled the house, got bilked by contractors, lost huge money and found himself 70k in debt to credit card companies and his empire began to tumble. One day I saw this CD VIDEO he made of his wedding. LIke a video on MTV, with music and motion and photos in an assemblage. DO THAT for your clients, I said. But by then he was having a depression. The guy has no earth planets and I have Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Midheaven and NEPTUNE all in EARTH SIGNS so I have too many! It was overpowering him.  So I offer them to you.

You are smarter. You might not live in Hawaii, but there is some beautiful spot near you where people could a.) buy cheap, rural real estate, farms to share with pals in vacation villas, or places where they could rent a cabin near an orchard as delightful as the exotic Palapa huts at my son's friend's Hawaiian lei flower farm, b.) places where your clients could houseboat, hunt, fish, c.) see historical spots, d.) twiddle their thumbs.

There are travel businesses, hotels, airlines, river landings and boat captains and real estate agents in your part of the world who might agree with you! Your mail outs and emails are helping a lot of people on both ends so get cooperation from these local people.

If your clients don’t want the magical ‘special’ trip or gift, they still will very likely pass this informative, amusing letter on to some friends who might need the trip, or to buy a cabin on the big flower farm or whatever and if it were a TRAVEL PACKAGE, and as you’re fresh in their minds, they might recommend you to someone they talk to that day. Saying "there is cheap acreage here, let’s do this trip this fall, on Labor day. Or Summer Vacation, or Christmas." Any of us could do travel packages for our area to clients in other cities. Offer Air fares, hotel, kayak trip and flower farm all in one package.

Find your town’s favorite spots and arrange to get special discounts from hotels. You may want to do a mail out several times a year or once a decade, but each time clients get one, they will hold this missive in your hand, and remember you again.

It is a guaranteed method for any talents you have. My daughter, PALOMA also a photographer, tried it in MANHATTAN. She came up with expanding her photography business from doing 8 x10 B&W portraits of out of work actors to doing highly paid album covers and another concept, goregous, doggie/kitty portraits. But the most lucky and profitable, she tried a new target: MUMS of new BABIES! Toddlers. She put up an ad on a NYC Mommy's Play Space  list saying she'd be in Central park on a certain date, shooting baby portraits all day. Then she began to hit all the PRE KINDER TODDLER PLAY ROOMS in Manhattan. She's a charmer, soon the owners called her back for parties regularly. Shooting a party gave her a few portrait clients every single time.

I did a "highlight, cut & paste" of her text and e-mailed Paloma's text and some photos of Paloma and photos of babies she'd portraited, to a web designer pal who put it on an opulent blue satin background, and posted it in cyberspace! I captured the URL and shot it off in an email to my list of a thousand email addresses, folks who knew me, who already got my daily stars by email. Said: " Meet my daughter Paloma, give this to your NYC pals." Then, I captured the entire page, and FTP-ed it to my own site so my kid now had a page in cyberspace. NATURALLY the kid said "MOM...this design isn't me!!" Just the way she'd hid all clothing I EVER BOUGHT HER in a drawer. Sigh. Well, you can't win them all.

But that inspired PALOMA to go online, find a KIDDIE WEBSITE  DESIGN TRAINING WEBSITE called WEBMONKEY.....(When you get there, hit the beginners button on front page top and you are off to kiddie instructions,) and she all by herself, designed a pair of websites with good lines/design! She saw another site with boxes, i think they call them tables or something. She saved the page, which was intricate. She looked at it in CODE. (at top of screen you have a button to see the thing reduced to code. Maybe she used a text editor, I don't understand this method. She reduced it to CODE, that's all I know. She filled in her own LIVE LINKS using URLS where she'd FTP'd her own graphics on her own website. SO BABY.JPG at her site replaced THE JPG at the other person's site. She changed the intricate boxes, to her favorite colors. She'd never done a website before, but she did that one. She used her credit card to get a domain name and presto, voila! 70$ never went so far! That's all it costs to get your site up. FIND A CHEAP WEBHOST and SERVER. (I.S.P.) The ISP gets you online. The WEBHOST gets your WRITINGS ONLNE. My favorite WEBHOST is 5$ webhosting and another is DOMAINMONGER. Both fine. Cheap. Reliable good service.

Do NOT get the kind that OFFERS FREE WEBSITE HOSTING! They put ads all over your pages. Paloma got her own domain name and her Central PARK ALL DAY INSTANT BABY SHOOTS became famous! New clients who were NEWS ANCHORS on TV NEWS are interviewing her in the park!  Beside shooting kiddie play spaces, park shoots, she tried doing CRAIGS LIST for ads. Found it unproductive for getting carriage trade. The personal touch of going into every baby related biz in NYC worked better. Soon the UBERWEALTHY were paying her 600$ a shoot! Google that term, "uberwealthy." They love that term in NYC.

What other members of my family needed help? I told my father that if studios didn't want him to score films any more, he could teach wannabe composers how to score films, the tricks of timing the passages and where to record the music sessions, which recording studios to use, which musicians were cheap. This concept works for ANYONE. 

Great, lucrative business requires seeds and roots. IDEAS are the seeds. A simple idea on paper. Brainstorming is the process that shakes the mind's garden to locate and separate out the seeds. Tell your brain what you want it to look for. Organize the brain to come up with: a.) products or  b.) services in an area that you know well. c.) promotional modes d.) Once you have seeds of those  categories, promo with your own writing. Create articles on your different areas of conversance that you will publish on your own website and even for other websites to publish, groups with similar interests. e.) Correspond with your clients. Ask them to tell their friends. One client tells another. One makes TWO.

Create that pipeline, that flow of seed ideas out into products, services, promo modes, article writing, client interaction. That will produce a phenomenal incremental growth. What you put in the pipeline is the easy part. You're doing it already but just not as consciously.

Now, One more strategy. When I analyzed what I was doing to create that "One client makes Two" statistic for myself, it hit me that when new clients come in, after their session is over, I should not let them get out of the room without a.) encouraging them to bring their friends to me, and b.) double-selling them right there and then for my many other services.

While they’re sitting there, or writing you a check, pick up a flyer for that second product or service you sell in addition to your FIRST FUNCTION. While the client is gathering his papers up, tell him about it. "Past life regressions, takes an hour or two. We can do a whole group of people, too, so you can give a party and have it as a feature!" And if you get me a party, I give you a free progression on your horoscope. Prepare to SHARE! Make it clear that you give gifts for referrals. Give him your ‘gift list’, too. A print out page that reads:" You get me two astrology clients, you get a free phone reading, four clients, you get a free Map of the Month for 3 months. Ten clients, ten punches in your card, I entertain guests at their dinner party reading palms. (Working a party is always a wonderful way to pick up clients so who cares if it’s labor for free?)

Always have three or four things you do. Even if they’re different types of businesses. I literally mean, have four businesses under one roof. For me it's stars, regression, article writing, primaling, (TANTRUM YOGA, it can make you 100$ an hour and it's street legal.) screenplay writing study groups. Another example of this is my pal Siri. She's one of my holistic healer pals here in L.A. diagnoses clients with iridology and sells healing herbal products that she gets wholesale but she also offers massages at $100 an hour. She is also is an accountant and can take bookkeeping jobs, but she has another talent. She’s a video tech of late, who can do  industrial films, making commercials or shooting weddings. On top of it all, she’s a talented seamstress and tailor. And did I forget? A midwife, yoga teacher, and she does ear coning and she's a New Age vegetarian cook who can cook for a hundred guests and she sells Chi machines. And she’s an Aquarius, in case you want to MARRY her except there are ten guys in line.

So stack up those talents you have. Make a list of the many moonlighting businesses, services, merchandise you could offer. While I was thinking about this subject, I realized I could hang an ad on college bulletin boards announcing metaphysical study groups in my living room once a month, and use that to meet new clients and really pass on the methods of palmistry, astrology, past life regression. Any people-attracting gambit doubles your business.

Meet new people, make new contacts online, by participating in chats and lists. Submit your website to every search engine in kingdom come. Cross sell or 'double sell' new and old clients. You’re trying to get people to come to see you at work, sell them stuff, so you gotta get them to come in, or call you, or get into contact with you somehow. That means putting your name, face and phone number on something they will keep on the fridge out in plain sight or with them in their purse.

If I had my druthers, I’d send them a little ‘meditation peep-hole’. It’s a hold-to-the-light transparency (the way they had pin-ups in the old days), and inside is some beautiful vacation scene with an arrow that says ‘Imagine yourself HERE.’ And with it goes a card instructing them in its use. ‘Hold this to your eye and dream that you’re going to be here with your family soon.’ And I'd give them a four page pamphlet of the FREE VACATION VILLAS IN PARADISE, TAX FREE IDEA. And your name and fone # is on the shank of the mini-telescope viewer. Beautiful, Meta-mystical, fun, cute, a toy they’ll keep and show their pals. Another gimmick is the CELL PHONE WRIST STRAP. You can buy them wholesale by the hundred, put a LUCKY CHARM on it, give it away with your ad. I  suggested to biz person that we'd love a face, MOTHER TERESA, Buddha, GANDHI, JFK, MALCOLM X, some beloved figure on the CHARM part, which has to be sturdy metal to hold the wrist bracelet to the cell phone. GOOGLE UP THESE WORDS  cell+ strap + charm. Hundreds. Here is ONE:
cell phone strap manufacturer

Write the factory, get a few hundred at a time. A medal attached with your name, biz and phone. That will create excitement because your EMAIL and WEBSITE are on reverse side!

Your clients will pull out their phone and say "I just had this great health treatment, here is the email.." Creating this ripple in somebody else’s pond means that a ripple that doubles in size as it moves outward through their social set. One client brings two --brings four --brings eight! That kind of growth is called ‘exponential’ and is the basis of what made Coca-Cola so popular or which made Henry Ford rich.

So find a second product or service, get in touch with old clients,send them what biz men call "a preferred customer letter" that acknowledges their importance, then offer them some kind of special deal, some ‘magical’ offering of great interest, oddball but semi-related things: Singles parties, travel packages. Soon their checks will be raining down on you daily in the mail, in droves.

The experts recommend sending out 6-12 mailouts a year but start with just one. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a new service or a new piece of merchandise for a single, stellar mail-out. The bottomline: keep the address of every client you have ever had. When I think of the thousands of people I’ve read for since l969 whom I let get away without getting their address, I want to kick myself. What a resource I lost!! But thanks to a few recent years of address collecting, I’ve doubled my income and been able to buy a shiny, new computer in which to stash address lists.

Forgotten clients will never happen to this home business owner, again.

NEXT: Write articles and post them online, then have your facebook/ twitter followers be apprised of their URL. Do INSTAGRAM with your camera. I am lucky, I have a product that a HINDU or ARAB can pay for online and get their horoscope emailed them. If you sell maple syrup fudge, it's a bit harder. So work your own city with GROUPS.

Last item is give living room group nites. Read HOW TO MAKE MAPLE FUDGE, and HOW TO SELL CAKES. My senior PAL Edythe makes a living year round, cakes, pies, entrees out of her home kitchen & subscribers in the RITZY WLA area of my city. Bone up on HOW TO BE A HOLISTIC HEALER, NO COLLEGE, SHINGLE OR LICENSE -- Call it nature Fix and my pal MARJORIE makes 800k a year. Ponder a dozen new age holistic activities that you can combine, be a massage therapist, TANTRUM YOGA HEAD FIXER, YOGA STRETCH body rejuvenator, NATURE HEALER, and make a terrific living. Start with a HEALING GROUP. There are so many gambits that can be RUN from a one-phone, one message machine HOME OFFICE, that can become a vital cottage industry with much to contribute to the community that I can only ENUMERATE  PART of the careers you'll find on our SEMINAR PAGES.

ALTERNATIVE IS GET A GOOD JOB and I have an INDEX for that, TOO. Cuz the regular W-2 world with assured SOCIAL SECURITY PENSION of genuine minimalistic peanuts is out there, still. Grab a rung on that ladder, too. Try for both.



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