Screenplays are easy. After you plot it on 100 3 x 5 cards, the writing takes four days flat. BOOKS are hard! They take years! Prose writing is amazingly stressful. You can never get the paragraph right. You lose earlier versions that were fresh, getting later versions that are more perfected but stale and flat. Go figure that one!

We don't do any of that when we do a screenplay. All you gotta do is dream up a plot. Yep. Don't you dare start writing a movie if you haven't plotted and laid out 100 cards, each with a separate scene. Plot the entire movie action, scene by scene. How? Get a box of 3 x 5 cards and sit down or even lie down. Relax completely to "do the cards."

Average movie has no more than 100 or 150 separate scenes. First, to get your aura up, to oxygenate, run in your loose sweats in the fresh air. Come in, sit by fire, pour some tasty coffee, have a stack of nibbles. Fruit, dates, raisins, cookies.Get loose. Light up a doobie maybe. you got that these days? Have a note pad, marker pen. Now while you let your mind spool outwards and up, just SEE your movie's first scene. RUN IT as if you were a projectionist. While it runs, take quickie notes. YOUR SOUL has a movie it wants to make or you wouldn't have mentioned that. And if a scene stops, say 'and then?' or if your characters are charming yo uwith their interaction, try this plot developer. 'yes but what he doesn't know is  X.  or what she doesn't know is  X..."

See your first scene without thinking it up. RECEIVE it as if someone had emailed you a video. Go into l00%
reverie and ask your SOUL to come up with the first scene of your own particular giftto the world movie, don't try to see the logic of what 'sight' it comes up with. don't steer the vision. just write what soul SHOW SYOU as if you were watching telly. write what you see in notes, scribbled.

Sample: YOU SEE a man in an office. Hundreds of cubbies, employees with headsets. This man is cleaning out his desk, flinging things in a box, later you'll decide what weird things he has, later when you've made up your mind up about him, but now just note that he is in rage. OK, you surmise that your unconscious wants a FIRED GUY in first scene. Yes, you see that he's been fired. He snaps at the jerk employee whom he always had contempt for when the kid asks why he's been fired. His face tells us something about this event. Hero? IS IT? exits bldg. Villain? Don't ask. Just write what you see, without analyzing. Your uncons will tell you when the time is appropriate. Besides, if you know, then you have 'tells.' And you don't want that. You want the audience to wonder with you, what's going on.

(No more than that. Just barest notes to give you a hansel gretel trail of crumbs to follow later. From notes/ from cards you can do a profesh screenplay in 4 1/2 days)

Scene 2. He sits at bar, facing forward whie he converses with what we gather is his handler "they probably figured it out." just little snatches of talk. this is your rosencrantz and guilderstein where any exposition is done, but vettty briefly. We get that he's an industrial spy or even a CIA guy or something.

3. Int. subway: BANG. A man runs. He falls. Scream of train. Then scream of passengers. Our hero's face, horror. He's bleeding. He passes out.

4. HOSPITAL Man from scene two appears. "Why aren't you dead?' "I saw him coming."
etc. etc.

And don't stop. keep going until you can no longer, until you feel bored or drained. See, your uncon knows the parabola of the film formula. it can do it without your mind doing it from a MIND LEVEL. So no letting MIND do any steering. Justo sit in the passenger seat and let the soul write your cards. You know the soul is writing when you have a free wheeling daydream.

100 or 200 cards. What's the problem? Brain oxygenated can 'see' pictures very well. daydreaming. works with oxygen. coffee, blood flow, grass, fresh air, a massage that gets circ into brain.

YOUR STORY will arise out of the ground before you like a TREE TRUNK growing in fast mo, right out of the mud of your uncon. it'll do its thing. You have nothing to do with it except to scribble .

No need to even WONDER or ask yourself 'what would it be about?' however, I imagine a linear guy like you KNOWS already. Has a prettttttty good provisional outline right in his mind. What we call a story, a plot.

Great. STILL, do it as if you were staring out at a blank, muddy field, waiting to see what your SOUL CAN GROW. By asking 'show me the first scene of my movie.' and waiting expectantly SEE it.
You are channeling. Your higher self has the movie written already. SEEING IS ABOVE ALL.

*     *      *      *       *        *        *

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