TALE OF THE CAT SLAYER by the CAT LADY who had her Cat taken by an acquaintance.
So you can learn how cat ladies feel about every feline she cares for.
snake and career drunk whom I know from YOGI BHAJAN's group (who only did yoga to get magical  powers & impress girls,) a senior gent, but one nuts in the skull as he spent 50 of his 66 yrs drinking hard stuff... This creep whose name I cannot give as after a few months of my yelling, he did return the cat... So his initials are T.W. and he kidnapped RUFUS my dear cat, a shabby long hair tabby,  almost human a PERSON in cat form. Rufus had this limpy leg, hairline fracture I think, not broken, happened 6 months ago, never did two bones show as broken or not line up perfectly so I thought hairline fracture. It healed perfectly... except he limps a little, favors one paw. TW, who kens for physical perfection after 50 yrs of gin wouldn't tolerate that. So he stole my cat had its leg RE BROKEN by VET for $1,000 and now  won't give it back. Unless I give him 900$ to repay him for unneeded surgery which was HIS IDEA and which he DID NOT TELL ME HE WAS GOING TO DO!
RUFUS after surgery, after hair grew back
MY LEG HAD HEALED 6 mos. earlier. I did not need this GRIEF!

HOW DO RUFUS and I even KNOW THIS OGRE? As I turned 70+ I no longer drove a car, had no way to get food, market's 1 1/4 miles away. I can not walk to front door without heart going 110 beats and panting. Though I had a bike, too hard on the heart and HEAD as I veered a lot and fell over..so I quit.)  He being a student of Guru Singh who was a student of YOGI BHAJAN wanted, asked for and  got 4 years of weekly, free astrology readings for that "RIDE" (He is a PSYCHIC JUNKIE) Imagine getting a personal at my desk READING EVERY SINGLE MONDAY --
all he had to do was drive me to super market a mile away, once a week.  Some trade, huh? But that wasn't ENOUGH FOR him.

During his readings T.W. admired then became enamored of my cat RUFUS. One day he said he simply HAD to have a vet check the cat's leg as he still limped six months after some unknown fall. Mr. T carried RUFUS off in a cage, SENT the little guy to SURGERY ( HE SAYS) to have the leg re broken,  THEN he locked RUFUS in a CAT CAGE in his bathroom, FOR A MONTH now.  I asked TW: "GIVE ME MY CAT BACK PLEASE." He said it'll cost you 900$. I'm keeping him. His coat was uncombed, I had it cut entirely off. That was your fault. You don't know anything about cats." I wrote 60 articles on the HOLISTIC CAT!

ALARMED, I said "MY ONLY fault with that cat, I always wanted you to hold him down so I COULD COMB MATS out of TUMMY. I did rest of body/ head. neck. Couldn't find anyone to do it, I have no visitors ever, except you. You were in a tremendous hurry to get to market, get your reading and we'd be running out the door so you could get it all and I forgot to ask you. BUT I COMBED every part of him except belly. So you didn't comb him all. I'm keeping him.

I was puzzled, You can't keep that cat in your rented room. He's temperamental. When he's irritated he's a bad sofa/ bed wetter." "I'll keep him in a cage." Mr. T said. I WAS SHOCKED and it turns out it is NOT  a cage. HE HAS A CAT CARRIER. LIKE A WOMAN'S PURSE! MY CAT IS LOCKED IN IT! I have been physically ILL with STROKEY LEVELS OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE since I heard that.  And we both know he will have to keep him in a cage forever as RUFUS soaks carpets if he's the least bit frustrated. At my house a mean senior TOMCAT named BEAVIS caused Rufus a little consternation, so I KNOW about the soaking maneuver which is RUFUS' POUT.

But what has caused a depression to walk into my life and crawl in under my ORIGINAL depression from no clients at all tipping me ever -- just getting these FREE READINGS  ---is that this BETRAYING creep has no business OWNING A CAT.  He does security guard WORK 50 hrs a week or more cuz HE OWES 30k to credit cards. RUFUS is alone, locked up in a cat carrier 168 hours a week, in a tile room. Not even a CAGE. My little kitten  is a smart little guy, his brain is GOING WILD 24/7 And he will die from this. SO I ASKED our teacher GURU SINGH to talk to TIM and find a home, any home for my cat so he doesn't have to be tortured. NO ANSWER. SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, I told GURU SINGH. IT IS THE RUMANIAN ORPHAN SYNDROME. ANGOLA PRISON or VIETNAM G.I. CAGES. Solitary confinement in his own piss and poop SYNDROME. I AM IN TOTAL ANGUISH this month as I know after just a few days of confinement in solitary, the BRAIN is entirely GONE. SHRINKS tell us that about PRISONS.  Tim wanted 900$ from me but I'm sure he'd agree to giving the cat a big home with tile floors and a garden. Hollywood is full of such people. GURU SINGH whom I know for 50 years never answered.

I know this, my soul wants to give and be dead and RUFUS' soul too. THIS EVIL, brainless CLIENT OF MINE who never paid for 52 meetings a year, 4 yrs, 204 meetings, readings, did this to his charitable astrologer's CAT.

  His own cat SPIKE died of cancer and grief with this SAME treatment. Well, SPIKE didn't piss. But he was permanently locked in a tiny apartment and TIM TRAVELS ON LONG TRIPS AND LEFT HIM THERE.
T.W.  STOLE RUFUS to replace SPIKE, only to POSSESS another cat to kill.  Probably because my little guy always went to THIS PERSON'S HAND for all that TUNA. RUFUS thought SOMEONE had good meat. T.W. thought someone FINALLY LOVED HIM! Both were wrong.
                  STOLE HIM
168 hours a week LOCKED IN A CRATE
and JUST for 1 month and NOW IT's starting on MONTH
And at night he takes me out for a minute and PETS ME?

See, I am in AGONY knowing that my cat is LOCKED UP and as he pisses, THE CREEP can never let him out! Having myself been in a MEXICAN PRISON, the infamous hell hole LEGUMBERRI, accused of adultery or bigamy, as my Mexican husband never told me that he didn't have divorce papers... & having BEEN in a LOCKED BOX ---this guy's stealing my cat ---rebreaking a bone that had him limping --but a minor fracture that healed 6 months ago, and putting him in a carrier 24/7 --cuz he didn't like a limp,--has made me a 75 year old disabled woman, VERY VERY ILL. TORTURED IN THE SOUL. High blood pressure going thru the roof, insomnia, DEPRESSION..

  T.W. knew I'm disabled get 500$ SSI (small as I never had a job in my life). He knew I was a nutty mummy about my babies and KNOW that this WILL kill me. He'd heard my AVERSION TO LOCKING.. My other cats have full time doors to gardens open. And he knew my OTHER CAT'S BIO, the SPARKEY RESCUE stories about Sparkey being cooped up in an empty home being remodeled that was in a 3 bdrm HOUSE undergoing RENOVATION No furniture, no food, just marble floors and how the trauma of that daring rescue (I could have been arrested,) made that cat and me best buddies.

T.W KNEW RUFUS locked in a cage in a bathroom  would KILL ME. Still he opted to steal my cat and have some Craigs List vet re-break his leg and confine him to a cast. If that was the truth. I'm not so sure it is. TW then began shaking me down for the 900$ it supposedly cost.

MAY I SHRIEK TO T.W. NOW: BOTTOM LINE: THIS WAS A CAT THAT YOU COVETED, which YOU WANTED TO OWN. Whom you wanted PERFECT. Whom you'd break in HALF to have perfect.

 You KEPT TELLING ME all THAT! How he could live in your tiny apartment full time indoors (THOUGH HE spends 23 hours out and has a DOOR LEFT AJAR FULL TIME for when he wants IN/OUT and RUFUS likes it that way. You Mr. T pretended to be HUMANE and CONCERNED and sighed to me HOW YOU WISH HE WERE YOUR CAT only you'd have TO LOCK HIM IN as you live on a VERY HIGH traffic street. I failed to realize you coveted him and could be so dented that you'd ACT ON IT. You proved that you are  a hungry hyena. You will do anything to get something you desire PLUS you want to HURT WOMEN, you have no empathy with humans at all. Born out by your confessing to me that you walked out on the perfect woman JEANNIE 20 yrs ago, a gal who loved you and she suicided. YOU DESTROYED HER. You have a big zero for a heart, an atrophied, withered heart, Mr W. WITHERED WICKED, WILY, WILLFUL.

NOW a darling cat will get mummified at your hand, scar heart-destroyed by this MONSTER's strange, compulsive FANCY and then a weirder choice that you made. REBREAK HIS BONES. MAKE HIM YOUR PET! LOCK HIM UP 4 weeks solid? Take him out for ten minutes at night when you return from work. And oh LOOK? HE'S NICE TO YOU!

That cat had bliss and love from his brothers and mother, all his friends here, except BEAVIS. RUFUS loved his home, his garden. He HAD habits, brain, joy, his was lying in the weeds in the garden. MAYBE reptiles can be locked in a cement box 168 hours a week, but BRAINY CATS CANNOT. BUT YOU, MR "I AM RIGHT AND I AM ALWAYS ANGRY"-person made a command decision --LYING TO ME that MY BABY was going for a medical check up.

AND YOU re-broke his healed bone. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? ONE HALF YEAR that bone had fixed itself. It wasn't even out of alignment as it was a fracture. Never an outright break. He limped. B.F.D.

2.) THIS baby boy is now your WORST KARMA. A cat SCARRED BY YOU, your ODOR, YOUR BEINGNESS --he has definitely learned to loathe and hate you and anything you ever do. You can't let him loose ever as he pisses when angry, voids bladder piss. Not just a squirt. And you thought he'd LOVE YOU for giving him a stronger arm? HUH? What planet are you from?

3.) this cat will be traumatized perpetually ever after. I do not want him back ever. You can put him in street. Give him to pound. I WOULD become EMOTIONALLY ILL WITH soul EMPATHY TO even LOOK upon the TORTUREE AGAIN. Give me two muslims from Abu Grahib, ---them I can put back, (I am an astrologer/shrink by profession, T.W. got free readings for 4 yrs for a ride to the market.) but this cat cannot be put back normal after he was MUMMIFIED BY YOUR COMPULSIONS I do alright with humans but I am a REAL cat EMPATH. I have had the same cat lineage, families, grandsires and grandkids with whiskers since 1969 and I know them and their MIND TRAITS and health problems better than YOU who went off like a bottle rocket seeing mats & weeds on his belly! Seeing a limp. Even tho you knew the bone had knitted in 6 long months.

 4.) THE vet who gadged you SAW THAT. A PRO that guy. Saw your shock, fury, outrage, empathy, MANEUVERABIITY. He knew he had a THOUSAND BUCK FOOL --a mark. So he said "OH MAH GAWD!!! I NEVER SAW WORSE' Yeah THAT CAT was scruffy but that cat came home and even LATELY slept on my bed and came in several times a day to eat,then see if my door were open. He roosts in a cute little dog house outside, with its roof, walls, clean blankets. Or he tucks in ivy weeds. ergo thistles in coat underneath. BUT I CLEANED EVERY MAT AND THISTLE OUT OF sides/ top/head. JUST NEEDED YOUR HELP for holding him to do tummy. I NEVER GOT IT.

5.) Six mos ago was when HIS LEG GOT  fractured that break in bone TOTALLY healed. IT KNITTED. ALL BONES KNIT. I KNOW from nearly FIFTY YEARS OF LARGE GROUPS OF CATS. For the LAST 5 MONTHS Rufus could jump on and off couches. Either some possum bit him or when those branches fell on his ARM CHAIR (arms saved him from blow) l he got a poke, it was a tiny hole, draining clear. I showed you hole, MEDICATED IT with NEOSPORIN while you stood there, no sign of infection. MONDAY YOU picked RUFUS up from my bed sheets where he slept, he was draining clear and very slightly. Spot on my sheet is small and clear. 6 mos ago, that hole which you thought was a dog drained. Healed. skin on cats seals. The biggest hole was 6 mos ago. That drained red for a while, then clear, then healed. NEVER got yellow or pus-colored. Have learned about cat wounds after 50 yrs.

 6.) I always wanted you to help me get tangles off tummy . Your eternal hurry made it impossible. T. W.  is in/out burger. ME ME ME. I want my reading! Tarot, Astrology, Astro dice, quick! I GOTTA BE at work by 3. SO, hey! COME EARLIER. I'm always watering the garden when you show up. I'm here awake. YOU TIMED OUR MEETINGS as you drove here at 1 pm and were always late.  But it would seem you are HUMAN ALLERGIC--

7.) The fact that you take twenty seconds to see your cat's grave in my garden, (the cat you left alone in your apartment for weeks at a time while you traveled many times a year to YOGA FESTIVALS seeking CHESTY and limber new-age girls and not one date in 4 yrs to show for it, indicating aberrant emotional patterns.Then the lack of devotion to your own darling cat. JUST devotion to your own darling DICK. SURE YOU FELT CAT LOVE FEELINGS when you were there, you are FULL OF THAT but you don't commit, sacrifice, stay home for cat's sake. SO WHAT IS LOVE without staying home, committed? Ask Jeanie, huh? T.W  was addicted to CHICK VIEWING. NEW AGE FESTIVALS Cochaella valley, espanola New mexico, and many other festivals and desert visits all the time. BURNING MAN FRESTIVAL. The only burning man was YOU and your CAT ALONE at home.

 I am forgetting your many annual perigrinations to Seattle to see Your Mom & DAD. IF this marine sergant made you this devoid of feelings or it was 50 yrs of hard alcohol you drank, I DO NOT KNOW what killed the human in you... but dad does NOT deserve the HONORS. SPIKE YOUR CAT DID. Rufus, your idea of a new chum DID. Instead you tortured him for your own wacked MENTAL REORGANIZATION ATTEMPT.

YOU were GONE FROM YOUR OWN CAT HALF THE YEAR. He gets cancer and dies ... nature's way of showing that T.W. knows how to spend MONEY on showing up at places where girls in tank tops shake it up. IMAGINE YOUR CAT SPIKE in a cage in a tile bathroom for 30 days. I GUESS YOU DID, cuz you stole my baby RUFUS (lied to his Mom ABOUT FOR WHAT) rebroke his healed bones, cut off his hormone liveliness to make him a eunuch so he wouldn't feel the PINGS you feel and hate and loathe and are ashamed of You locked him in a box...and did that to him and are dull to the death blow it is! THAT FURY AND ANGUISH and PENNED UP HORROR -- for a TRIBAL CLAN-loving ANIMAL EQUALS CANCER. LOWERS IMMUNE SYS and bingo. T.W THE CAT KILLER  Jeannie killer, spike killer, now ANITA killer

Your dry drunk fetish for PERFECTION in SELF which you know that you missed out on, 5 expensive guitars, no songwriting or performing --you walked out on the one girl who loved you and killed her dead... and killed spike and your lacks made you want to take the tiny LIMP GIMP OUT OF MY KITTEN. YOU THIRSTED for PERFECTION THRU SURGERY. AND CHOSE the AVENUE of REBREAKING the BONE that had healed and then TORTURE BY CAGE LIKE VIETNAM That peppy little guy? R U CRAZY ?

WEIRD AGENDAS come out of men tortured by their feelings about themselves! ESPEC if the man doesn't LOOK at his own wiring! The vet took one look and said 'tch tch' very nasty. 900 bucks please.' and YOU TELL ME you will not give the cat back to his mother until I pay you $$900 that I never signed up for. I always said he is fine. He sleeps where possums roam and has to learn to sleep on my bed at night as those perfectly circular nips were possum tasting tests. And he was learning to come in. WHEN YOU RIPPED HIM OUT OF MY HANDS thrusting ME INTO PHYSICAL ILLNESS. I have bigtime high blood pressure, whistle and whoosh in my ears, angina pectoris, need open heart surgery all of which you knew, didn't really want to listen to, wouldn't correlate that was a STROKE COMING..... but HUMANS' and their reactions or feelings are invisible to your mind which is ME-ME-ME obsessed, and to your heart which is the deficient organ of a life long MAJOR ABUSER of alcohol. You were a pickle til you were fifty. PICKLED HEARTS do weird things like KIDNAP a senior, loving, committed sacrificing MOTHER's CHILD? Oh there's a good idea. KILL THE BITCH. SHAME ON YOU. MAY GOD PUNISH YOU FOR THIS.

YOU ARE TOO LATE FOR EDIFICATION! There is no soul growth possible for you. You drive a car screaming angrily at other drivers. I have watched you 4 years. YOU ARE A SOUL that needs re-education but the soul material is too withered to accept even a lesson given by the woman whom you came to WEEKLY for 4 years to GET LESSONS. SO here's the thing. WHAT IS NOT YOURS IS NOT YOURS. YOU BULLIED AN OLD, SENTIMENTAL, HEART-ALIVE WOMAN with ugly threats, insults, EMOTIONAL MONEY TOO black mail. HONDLING ME FOR MONEY which I knew was just a tactic to scare a geriatric, done for YOUR AMUSEMENT. BLood thirsty JOY maybe? A sadist? YOU???

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Many unfeeling people like to TWIST A KNIFE in a responsive, feeling person.  They put them down, start street fights and bully the little people and are haughty and "BETTER THAN THEY" and unfriendly to everyone equally.

You are one of those, a sadistic misanthrope. PEOPLE HATERS do not honor people they lie to them so they can do what they please. THEY EXCULPATE and JUSTIFY their meanness with LIES .You lied about RUFUS JUST GETTING a check up. TO HIS MOM! WHY NEUTER A CAT that can't chase girls? HE STOPPED CHASING them. HE has no cat fight patterns on his body. Just round hole possum nibbles

IF YOU TOOK ONE SECOND TO CHECK YOUR FANTASY AT THE DOOR AND THINK...YOU KNEW HE WAS NOT FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM. OR COULD BE KEPT BY YOU. You knew he was a urine voider, bigtime. You saw me Monday covering sofas with plastic tarps and then sheets. I remember I did it right on front of you. Ihave many times discussed he was not a cat one could thwart as pissed, he PISSES. Not squirts, total VOID of BLADDER. But you don't listen or watch. I hae done show and tell on this issue for you. YOU THIRSTED TO OWN HIM. EVERY VISIT here was RUFUS RUFUS. YET you knew that you couldn't keep him in your apartment like you kept SPIKE cooped up for weeks without seeing you. Months, every year, actually. Spike who killed himself with despair-Cancer.


LAST I must love RUFUS above all cats if I tell my 4 year weekly ride TRUTHS LIKE THIS instead of just waiting for you to bring my baby back first time he wets your pillow.

I still have to tell you that YOU ARE a heart dead misanthrope & misogynist who only wants to control women. And your own failure to even nail ONE OF THOSE NEW AGE FESTIVAL sweeties shows the world that you are already in PENNILESS OLD MAN HELL.

THAT 900$ you spent should have gone for wining and dining some FAIRLY sweet woman. Yet I DARE to tell you the real truth every step of the way.  I AM NOT DUMB. I KNEW ANY PROTEST post facto = NO MORE food runs for ANITA. BUT YOU GOTTA see your SIN bro. I'm an Aquarian, didactic, candid, REAL -- down where the rubber meets the road, SPOTTING madness and NAILING the truth in words. 

I was your best friend --only friend ---a good friend of your personal GURU, too. And HIS GURU, YOGI BHAJAN and you hit my heart at 25mph running with a screwdriver, possibly not calculating the DEGREE of heart pain as it's only your own you can spot... and not very well, as it RUNS you into brigandry that you probably are embarassed by.. But you went wild seeing a cat who could not nail a girl. YOU KNEW you'd cream and torture a 75 yr old sick woman with a bad heart if her cat were locked in a cage in a tile bathroom at YOUR HOUSE 30 days. But in your universe, ME ME ME PREVAILS!

I am a barely living antique, a 75 year old disabled WOMAN (SSI certified for heart) WHO KNEW if she protested to your face, or to our mutual teacher, Guru Singh, which I am doing when I FISH his EMAIL ADDIE out of the COMPUTER in other room that has NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR...... with this letter, and YOURS TO ME where you say "NEVER GET HIM BACK EVER." I knew I would have to ride a bike to market 2 1/2 miles? Weekly. Maybe do-able. Maybe not.  I get winded if I just get off the chair and walk. BICYCLE RIDING to market is impossible. yet I KNEW, -- I FORESAW that any murmur of protest to LORD SADIST T.W. would create SCORPIO VENGEANCE .. YET HERE I AM! I was WILLING TO give you that OPINION Of mine --even DIE for the truth as I weave like a drunk on a bike, and with 3 or 4 bags? SUICIDE. Or when I hitchhike. I invite MURDER. Done both dozens of times. I KNEW what dangers were ahead of me too, when I said, "hey dry drunk, you want that cat even if it breaks the heart and health of his MOTHER? A cat who NOW hates you like HE HATES POSSUMS? GO WITH GOD,you withered, miserable excuse for a human. 50 yrs of hard liquor. Look at what's left. This which I have posted on the internet and will get  LAPD to read, along with your letter. OF course your bosses can google your name and get it here? And any ladies you try to date.....though in 4 yrs not one of the dozen or so you have pursued has accepted a first date so I imagine they won't even want to look up your name..

SO your dreams of love, cosmetic perfection and coming home at night to have a few minutes of JOY with a cat who loathes you..........for doing this to him. ONLY HAVING STOCKHOLM SYNDROME HE smiles desperately at you. MAY YOU PAY for the torture you gave to RUFUS, same as you have given me, too. MAY all your dry drunk dreams fail.

LIKE your desire to  murder every person you pass in traffic who isn't driving well enough, whom you curse, rail & scream at! Like those dry drunk dreams also should die. The chick dream. You run daily in the Hollywood hills to check out the girl joggers and to keep your 65 year old manly form six-packy for a 25 year old woman to love, and while you dream of cosmetic perfection and her big boobies in your horndog hands and dream of a beautiful MAINE COON kitten in your arms and while you break that gimpy kitten's leg to get cosmetic perfection  and break his mother's heart knowing that RUFUS is in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT AD PERPETUEM  in the cave of a true OGRE. LOCKED UP as you hate piss on sofas and beds and carpets. YET YOU STOLE my fur son, who IS a bedwetter, stole him with lies to me.

I PRAY to the depth of my being, MAY you meet a RATTLER in those HILLS, one who will PUT AN END TO YOUR HORN DOG DREAMS. May those Mexican young men whom you torture on the street where you live, SHOOT you dead. The ones you scrimmage with, & intoxicated by a little power as the RENTAL AGENT/ MGR for that building, the ones you evict and try to throw off the driveway and bust in the chops only they BUST YOU back HARDER --May your little aged, jaunty JEEP rack up on some desert road FOUR WHEELS TO THE SKY as you always always go to those tent out SPIRITUAL FESTIVALS to chase BUSTY WOMEN all the while leaving YOUR CAT SPIKE TO DIE COOPED up and now my cat locked in SOLITARY, in a cage so he won't PISS ON EVERYTHING ......MAY HE PISS and may you rack up. AND MAY A SNAKE TAKE YOU!. YOU ARE A SNAKE YOURSELF. AND YOU KNOW IT. You have hurt an old woman to the max, put a knife in my heart. I just imagine my cat in a cage and I AM HEAVE BREATHING WITH ANGUISH with 150 over 90 BP. You are a security guard an ex drunk with nothing to contribute to humanity. I write. 7,000 websites and 30 novels I would like to find STAMPS and PRINTER DRIVERS to submit. RAM WRITERS. DISKS. Get them out of my dead computer where I suspect the hard drive still has those bytes. Takes a special tool in a hacker's hands. None of it will I be able to do as you found a way to shoot me through my right eye. CAGE RUFUS and leave my imagination to stroke me out.

THE GURU I mentioned, who took over for Yogi Bhajan at his death, WAS indeed MIGHTY. He only had to tell T.W. to come see me and apologize, TW did it and then I got him to bring RUFUS back. Surgery left him limping three times as bad. Mr. T W still gets readings for a market ride once a week. I will never weep at his funeral, but heck a ride to the market is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.