Natural HOME REMEDIES & Traditional Medicine Information & Guide reference for your Pet. 
Herbal  Pet Remedies & Homeopathic  Pet Remedies

1. Why destroy the Pets/Animals Immune System with Cortisone shots when a
six dollar bottle of Herbal Licorice root or Yucca Extract does the job  well?
& herbal remedy balances the adrenal, safely!

2. Why use Toxic Antibiotics that may cause yeast infections or may not
work at all when Herbal Echinacea, Golden Seal, Eyebright, garlic can be used
instead on inflammations, infections, pus generating sores and be very effective?

3. Why let an Animal Suffer for weeks with bruised tissue and/or broken
bones when Comfrey Herb can speed healing by twenty to forty percent, as
well as Horsetail grass and/or the Homoeopathic Symphytum Invitum 200C.

4. Why use barbiturates for pain relief when there are a number of safe
herbal alternatives like, Valerian tincture, Skullcap, and St.John's wort

 Investigate the number of pain relieving herbs that are safe and
effective. St.John's wort is important for body pain from sprains, broken
bones and arthritis, and from any nerve injury. Valerian is a general pain
reliever and is quite strong; Skullcap is another effective pain remedy;
both are tranquillising. Ginseng with Royal jelly is a tonic and restorative.

Arnica tincture may be used externally for local pain where the skin is

Alfalfa provides minerals and pain relief, and increases the effectiveness
of other herbs.

Slippery elm powder mixed with honey is a nutrient food, aids internal
mucous membrane irritation, and can be used as a paste externally on sores,
swellings, skin ulcers and insect bites.

Use it with Lobelia externally for blood poisoning, abscesses or

A number of herbs make a good poultices or compresses. These include
Chaparral, Dandelion, Yellow Dock or Comfrey for skin ulcers, rashes and
skin cancers. And USE CANCEMA SALVE

Use onion poultices for boils, or make a mustard plater for inflammation,
swelling, lung congestion and tense muscles - wrap it in gauze or a
washcloth rather than placing mustard directly on the skin.

Goldenseal and Echinacea are good poultices or compress for any
inflammation. Keep these hot, but careful not to burn the skin. Place the
poultice over the pain site. If a boil, use very hot natural salt water. Or plain
hot water. After a few days of poultices, boil will rupture. Then use calendula
petals (or infusion) to seal the hole.

5. Why give toxic poisons Vet offers which DESTROY an animal's immune system and which  cost huge amts to kill worms when black walnut and pumpkin seed infusions or pomegranate bark expel the worms?
Read this inspiring article:
See this  wonderful site:

6.) why use antibiotic ointments on a tomcat's fight- holes, gashes, wounds, boils that
have burst? See a hole anywhere? (live link here,) UseCALENDULA!

Homeopathics Remedies for Pets

Dose with Aconite 30C at first onset for fear, pain, shock or trauma,
changing to other remedies later.

Hypericum 200C is for any injury involving nerve damage, especially pain in
the feet.

Arnica 30C used for blows, prevents bruising and stops bleeding; the remedy
is used internally, the tincture externally on unbroken skin only. I always
mix Arnica with rescue remedy(flower essences) together into the one

Ruta grav 30C aids injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments, where there
is bruising over bone.

Calendula cream heals cuts and skin abrasions quickly, and Hypericum also
comes in salves.

Rhus Tox 6C or 30C helps rheumatism and arthritis when the pet seems better
after moving around, dose twice daily or whenever required.

Bryonia is opposite - for pain that worsens with movement.

Use Apis 6Xwhere there is redness and swelling,as in bee stings or inflamed

Sudden acute pain or fever may respond to Chamomilla 30C, or Belladonna
200C, including mouth and toothache pain. Generally one dose needed.

For Colic try Colocythis. *See each Herb for their healing properties.

Herbal Treatment for you Pets

All 100% pure Herbal extract liquids and herbal capsules, homeopathic
remedies, best to be purchased over the counter at a ( Human ) Naturopathic
Clinics. (Best to Avoid Healthfood shop or pharmacy! - not 100% pure herbs/

- AUSTRALIA - you will find that some of these wonderful herbs are banned.

- USA - all Herbs (except Comfrey)are available for you to purchase for you
pets. COMFREY is at any plant nursery!

Licorice Root Herbal liquid extracts - is a natural cortisone and

Use it for adjusting female dogs & cats - hormones after spaying (obvious
signs are, hair loss and skin allergies after spaying) for hypoglycaemia,
bad diabetes, adrenal balancing, constipation and intestinal healing, for
the heart and circulatory system. Licorice is used in cough formulas and to
stimulate digestive enzymes. Dogs love the taste. Do not use on a pet with
high blood pressure.

Yucca Herb is gaining increasing attention among dog guardians for its
success in treating arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other bone and joint

- It reduces pain and increases mobility by production of natural steroids
in the body. Yucca also aids digestion and is a liver, blood, and digestive
system detoxifier. It is helpful for allergies, asthma, skin problems, body
odour, and stress.

Goldenseal is another major herbal antibiotic, an equivalent to sulfur. It
is a liver cleanser and antiseptic, and is used for internal bleeding and
bowel diseases (colitis etc). It lowers blood sugar and is a natural
insulin. It heals the mucous membranes and is used externally for skin

-Use goldenseal as an elixir for pets with cancer, feline leukemia, feline
infectious peritonitis, and tumours. Do not use goldenseal with
hypoglycaemic animals or add licorice root to goldenseal for them. Monitor
diabetic pets closely. Use particularly for any infections below the waist
- stomach, bowel, digestive.

* Also dilute with water and use as a antiseptic for wounds/infections
irritations etc.

Echinacea is a herbal antibiotic on the level of penicillin. It is an
infection fighter active against strep bacteria (abscesses and boils ), a
blood cleanse (blood poisoning, snake bite, poisonous insects), and a
glandular and lymphatic system cleanser. Use it particularly for
respiration infections and any disease above the waist.

-Use it only when really needed, and keep pet or person on it for a minimum
of two weeks to prevent symptoms from returning.

Arnica is a herb used for shock, pain, caused by injuries. (Use Externally
Only on unbroken skin.)

Burdock Root Cleanses and eliminate impurities from the blood. Soothing to
the kidneys. Excellent diuretic.-One of the finest blood purifiers in the herbal kingdom.

Raspberry Leaf Nutritive herb, sort throat, mouth ulcers, cleansing, aids
in easy deliveries(birth) and lactation, prevention of miscarriage.It is
also useful for diarrhoea, gas, indigestion, nauseous, and vomiting,
morning sickness.

Yarrow is for fever and infectious dis-ease; stops internal bleeding;
cleanses the liver, kidney and bladder; heals the mucous membranes; stops
diarrhoea; heals the lungs and circulation; and balances the endocrine
system. Its chemical make is close enough to insulin that yarrow may be a
significant remedy for some pets with diabetes. for an animal with this
condition, proceed slowly and with expert help, and get the person to
monitor blood sugar levels frequently. there can be not stopping and
starting in treating diabetes; if the remedy works, keep the pet ono it,
and monitor closely. * Externally, yarrow is an antiseptic for wounds,
rashes, and deep punctures - use as a poultice or compress.

Eyebright It is the main herb for protecting and maintaining the health of
the eye. Acts as an internal medicine for the constitutional tendency to
eye weakness. -Will remove cysts that have been caused by chronic conjunctivitis.

Comfrey Herb has been a woman's all-healer for thousands of years. Because
it works, the FDA has banned its sale. You will need to grow your own. Every
nursery has it. Furry leaves. Dies down in winter, returns in Spring and sends
runners underground. Soon you get second plants!

Comfrey is a wonderful herb, used internally and externally speeds the
healing of bruises, tissue and ligament tears, and broken bones non-unions.
It kills streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria, heals urinary tract
infections with blood in the urine, heals the lungs and respiratory
problems, and heals skin wounds, bites and itching (externally). It is a
nutrient, detoxifier, blood cleanser, infection/inflammation fighter. *Can
chop fresh leaves and roots as a poultice, for sprains, splints, shin
soreness, bone fractures with horses. Comfrey is also rich in Vitamin B12
so feed a small handful of shopped leaves to a horse that needs a

Horsetail Grass contains silica which is needed for calcium metabolism. Use
it for arthritis, broken bones, muscle, ligament and tissue injuries,
spinal problems, internal bleeding urinary tract and kidney infections,
circulation and artery disease.

-Horsetail builds the immune, glandular, and nervous systems, plus
skin,coat,teeth, and nails. It helps in expelling parasites/worms and is a

Valerian Herb is a calmative/sedative and pain reliever, stronger than
other herbal sedatives. It reduces anxiety, hysteria, and pain, soothes the
nervous system, and reduces high blood pressure.

Valerian slows and strengthens the heart and calms palpitations. It is
useful for muscle spasms, arthritic pain, and spinal injuries. It aids
indigestion and gas. Though synthesised to Valium, valerian is safe and

Skullcap is a calmative, nerve and nervous system repairer, anti-spasmodic,
and pain reliever. More effective than quinine, and not harmful. It is used
for epilepsy, spinal problems and injuries, neuritis, twitching muscles,
rheumatism, high blood pressure, stress, worry and restlessness.
Helps reduce high blood pressure, helps heart conditions and disorders of
the ventral nervous system such as palsy, hydrophobia and

St.John's wort or Hypericum is a major pain reliever for arthritis,
rheumatism, wounds,burns,and body injuries. Use it for nerve pain and nerve
damage from trauma, and use it for spinal problems and slipped discs. Most
known as a homepathic, hypericum is an anti-spasmodic, anti-haemorrhagic,
and heals the lungs, urinary tract, and reproductive organs. Its primary
use is for pain in cases where the skin is unbroken.

Slippery Elm is Juliette de Bairacli Levy's "tree bark's flour". It is a
nutrient and food for very young,old or very weak cats or dogs. It coats
and heals all inflamed tissue internally and externally, and is used for
the stomach, ulcers, bowels and kidneys, constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery
and colitis, and the entire digestive tract. ........Use it externally for
wounds, burns, rashes, abscesses, boils, or insect bites, and internally
for the lungs, coughing, vomiting, and for stomach or bowel cancer.
.........Use slippery elm as a food in convalescence, mixed with a bit of
honey and water. It tastes sweet and pets take it readily. Or add small
amount with goats milk and beaten egg yolk(only use yolk) ..If pet is
really unwell fill empty syringe and feed this way.

Milk Thistle & Dandelion together make a good & gentle liver cleanser,
detoxifier, and repairer.

-Use it for liver or kidney damage, hepatitis(include echinacea), jaundice,
leptospirosis, and parvovirus recovery. It may be helpful in chronic skin
disorders, tumours, and cancer. This is a major antioxidant. - Pets that
have been on a lot of veterinary drugs, heartworm prevention or medication,
vaccinations, deworming drugs, or chemotherapy need this healing from this
particular herb.

Calendula or Marigold is used as a skin wash for the fast healing of
wounds, burns, insect bites, skin lesions, cut and abrasions. A favourite
of homeopaths, it is used in compresses and salves as a very effective
first aid remedy. On wounds and abscesses, make sure the opening is
completely cleaned out and all pus removed before applying the salve or
compress - calendula closes the skin rapidly and no toxins should remain
inside the wound once the skin is closed. * Calendula oil is used for ear
infections. Dilute 10 drops into one cup of water makes a good healing
lotion for cuts and broken skin. * Calendula tincture neat will stop

Alfalfa - Aids in healing allergies, arthritis, morning sickness, peptic
ulcers, stomach ailments & bad breath: cleanses the kidneys & removes
poisons from the body; neutralises acids; is a excellent blood purifier &
blood thinner; improves the appetite and aids in the assimilation of
protein, calcium & other nutrients. Give your cat 1/2 teaspoon or your dog
1 teaspoon of fresh chopped alfalfa sprouts with daily meal as a natural
enzyme for good digestion.

Ginger - Aids in fighting colds, colitis, digestive disorders, flu & gas,;
it helps increase the secretion of saliva; is excellent for the circulatory
system and helps increase stamina.

Garlic - Is extremely effective in dissolving and cleansing cholesterol
from the blood stream; it stimulates the digestive tract; it kills worms,
parasites and harmful bacteria; it normalises blood pressure and reduces
fever, gas & cramps; it used by athletes for increasing physical strength &

Rose Hip - Used to fight infection & curb stress. it is the highest herb in
Vitamin C content and contains the entire C-Complex. Buy fresh and crush
seeds and add to meals.

Blue Violet Leaf - is used with Red Clover as a Detoxifier and blood
cleanser. A Herbal cleanser for pets who have a toxic reaction to the
Annual Vaccinations - Use it for Cancer, Tumours, Cysts, Boils and
Abscesses, Skin Cancer, and Chronic Skin Ids-eases.

Ma Haung - A stimulant of the adrenal glands; helps increase energy level;
aids in healing asthma, bronchitis, lung, cough & congestive disorders.

Chapparal - Aids in healing skin blemishes, acne, arthritis & allergies;
promotes hair growth; acts as a natural antibiotic within the body with no
side effects.

Chamomile - An excellent cleanser & toner of the digestive tract; aids in
calming the nerves; expels worms & parasites; improves the appetite & helps
eliminate dandruff.

Mullein - A bone, flesh and cartilage builder; aids in healing respiratory
ailments, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhoea, sinus congestion; soothing to any
inflammation and relieves pain; acts to relieve spasms & clears the lungs.

Capsicum - cayenne. Promotes cleansing of the circulatory & digestive system;
reduces fever, purifies the blood; helps prevent muscle aches, tiredness,
skin blemishes, headaches, rheumatism, ulcers & sore throats; helps in
regulating your blood pressure and pulse rate.

Hawthorne Berries - Strengthens the muscles and nerves to the heart; aids
in relieving emotional stress; regulates high & low blood pressure; helps
combat arteriosclerosis, hypoglycaemia and heart disease.

Marshmallow Root - Soothes & strengthens veins & mucus membranes. A natural
fibre to regulate bowel activity & increase colonic flora. High in Calcium.

Cat's Claw - Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
To alleviate allergic sinus-type conditions, boost the immune system.

Golden Rod - Traditionally used for inflammation.

Mullsin Leaf - Helps to reduce pain & swelling in gland & joints. An
antispasmodics & astringent herb.

Black Walnut - fruit/nut when GREEN has juicy husk which sliced into
a carrier, vodka, lemon juice, dies liquid BLACK & kills any parasite.

Black Cohosh - Hormone balancing properties. Encourages oestrogen
production. If pet looses some hair, after being spayed.

Parsley - is a nutrient, digestive tract tonic and diuretic. It is high in
potassium, minerals, and vitamins. Use it for bladder and kidney
infections, incontinence, and for the stomach and liver. Parsley is a blood
cleanser, cancer preventive, immune builder, and a tonic for the blood
vessels. It helps a mother dog or cat stop lactating and aids in afterbirth
pains. Do not use it while the animal is nursing.

Yellow Dock - A Nutritive tonic, high in Iron and useful in treating
anaemia; also nourishes the spleen and Liver, thus effective of Jaundice,
Lymphatic problems & skin eruptions. Boils, ulcers, wounds, cleansing
blood. Mineral-rich plant, especially in iron. Anaemia.
-Excellent as a blood purifier and toning up the entire system.

Chickweed - Allergies, Appetite, asthma, blood poisoning, boils,
bronchitis, cancer, colon problems, cleansing, constipation, diabetes, hay
fever, haemorrhoids, inflammation, rheumatism, skin problems, sore throats,
swelling, tumours, ulcers.

Calendula petals, seal any wound.

Fenugreek - Allergies, Anaemia, bronchitis, bruises, colitis, colon, cough,
diabetes, digestive disorders, fever, flu, hay fever, headache, lung
problems, migraine headaches, mucous membranes, pneumonia, sinus
congestion, sore throat, ulcers, water retention.

Sarsaparilla - Eliminates poisons from the blood and helps cleanse the
system of infections. Useful for rheumatism, gout, skin eruption, ringworm,
scrofula, internal inflammation, colds and catarrh.

Uva Ursi - Very useful in diabetes and all kinds of kidney troubles.
Excellent remedy for piles, haemorrhoids, spleen, liver, pancreas and
gonorrhoea. Also good where there are mucus discharges from the bladder
with pus and blood.

Dandelion - Excellent for anaemia because it is high in iron, calcium and
other vitamins and minerals. A very good diuretic.

- Useful in kidney and bladder problems. With CATS that have cystitis
problems, one of the remedies that I recommend, 2 herbal capsules a day,
along with 1/2 a capsule daily of Burdock root powder - mix the herb powder
into daily meals. It will improve liver and kidney function and a blood
cleanser. .....For a horse with bladder infection, give at least five
(three for a pony) cups chopped plants a day for four to five days.

Devil's Claw - Very effective for arthritis symptoms as well as liver and
kidney problems.

Aloe Vera plant - This is an excellent topical application. Apply the gel
from the plant leaf every fifteen minutes to half an hour for fresh burns,
it will help quell the pain, then three times a day until healing is

- It is also a drying agent and will heal ulcerous sours. Use only pure
fresh gel from the plant.

Ginkgo Biloba - A Chinese herb. Is a good anti-oxidant. Ginkgo reduces the
tendency for dangerous clots or thrombosis to form in the veins and
arteries, aiding in the recovery from strokes and heart attacks. Scavenges
free-radicals that can damage cells and accelerate aging.

Grapeseed - Another anti-oxidant, giving a healthy cardiovascular. Is 20
times stronger that Vit C and 50 times stronger than Vit E in neutralising
'Free Radicals". Free Radical damage is linked to over 60 major diseases.

Spirulina - is know to decrease cholesterol. It works as an antioxidant to
help stimulate macrophages to destroy invading organisms and carcinogens.

Ginger Extract - prevents tumour formations - humans and animals.

Grape Compound - Slows cancer cell growths.

Turmeric & curry -Fights free Radical, helps relieve arthritis pain.

Blessed Thistle - Healing and dissolving dog & cat of brain tumours,
tumours, cysts, abscesses. (Over a 5 month period).....Along with other
herbs and vitamins when clearing cancer/tumours.

IF your pet has been diagnosed with cancer or any other serious disease,
please consult your animal naturopath or homeopath (if none in your area, a
human Naturopath or herbalist will do)as full dosage and treatment is best
handle with a practitioner.

Five Mushroom Extract - (Shiitaki16.6%, Maitaki 16.6%, Reiishi 16.6%,
Hakumokuji 25%, Tochukaso 25%) Immune Builder, anti-cancer herb, Cats &
dogs with AIDS, (use this along with 'Blessed Thistle Capsules and a Liver
repairer and cleanser, natural supplemented diet, is a excellent start to
fighting the cancer cells gently and effectively. Also change your pet to a
all preservative free diet with vitamin and mineral supplements, Rose Hip
and Vit E as additives etc. ORDER $33. 25ml bottle plus $3.00 postage in
Australia only.

- If you have a pet who needs this herbal treatment please make contact for
herbal capsule recommended dosage programme over 5 months. Stating RE - '
Blessed Thistle' programme

Flaxseed Oil - Healing of cancer with people and animals.(always mix oil
with some cottage cheese to help absorb oil correctly)

Pau d'Arco - Antibiotic, tumour-inhibiting, virus-killing, antifungal and
antimalarial properties, anemia, asthma, psoriasis, colitis & various
infections by building the immune system.

Barley Grass - Used as a food supplement mixed into daily pet meals when
required - High in calcium, iron, all essential amino acids, vitamin C, the
flavonoids, Vit B12, many minerals, plus enzymes(good digestion). .....Good
for stomach and duodenum disorders, and for pancreatitis, and is an ideal
anti-inflammatory substances.

Myrrh - antiseptic, astringent, stomach virus, coughs ,asthma.

Wormwood - anti-fungal, anti-stomach viral, anti-parasite.

Shiitake - immune regulator, tumour inhibition, anti-viral, anti-bacterial,
liver protector.

Maitake - anti-cancer with stomach, liver, leukemia,Aids. hypertension.
(diabetes, by lowering blood glucose)

Shen Qi Da Bu Wan (Ginseng & Astragalus formula) - Formula lifts the
energy, improves nutritional absorption, strengthens digestion, while
tremendously relieving fatigue. Additionally, it is a powerful immune

Inmortal - Will help drain lymph nodes in both upper body and those
affecting the respiratory.

Huang Chi - (Astralgalus) - Stimulate immune system, diuretic, tonic,
lungs, spleen, triple warmer via meridians.Aids.

While healing with Herbs, Diana also highly recommends using the individual
Vitamin/mineral tablets(crushed) & added to pets meals including the all
preservative free natural raw meat diet and optimum powder & oil
supplements in order for optimum healing to take place. eg... chelated Zinc
in pet's diet will heal eye bleeding, skin allergies, ...Vitamin E helps
heal scar tissue etc etc.


 Highly Recommended Books - 'The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs &
Cats' by Diane Stein, and 'Natural Healing' for Dogs & Cats. and the also
very informative book is the Dr.R.Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural
Health for Dogs & Cats. USED for a buck each AT!

....These Books are the best you could get, helping pet owners to
understand why our pets fall ill and how to treat your pets safely and
effectively the traditional way with Herbs, homeopathy, natural diet and
much more!

Pet Healing - Safe & Natural.

Homeopathy is a holistic way to treat syndromes illnesses by the
stimulation of the body's own healing responses. They are prepared from
natural substances; plant, mineral and animal. the use of micro-doses (
highly diluted substances) guarantees the absence of toxicity, side effects
and detection during drug tests.

Healing with Homeopathy works higher than physical vibration that reaches
the non-physical bodies, heals the dis-ease where the blueprint energy
vibration is disrupted, and the physical level healing follows from the
vibrational change and rebalancing.

Fur Balls

Feeding a good natural diet, will deter this problem as they will shed less
fur and their digestive system will have acids for lubricating. Along with
the Cat Oil supplement - (Cod Liver Oil and Safflower Oil) and Powder
Supplement -(brewers, Dolomite, Kelp powders) in their daily raw meat diet.

Tooth Plaque

Once again feeding your pets with a preservative free diet will keep your
pets from getting the harmful effects of the bacteria build up of plaque
which can build up on their teeth and become hard, the sugars that are
added to the commercial tin foods actually cause the plaque bacteria, sugar
and plaque combined, forms an acid in which it is the acid that eventually
causes the decay. ANITA SAYS: I never feed kibble unless someone
gives me a bag and then I do til it's gone. Resume real meat!

Ear Mites/Infections - HOW TO HEAL THE NATURAL WAY - Mix 5% of 3% volume of hydrogen Peroxide with 1/2 teaspoon of wheat germ Oil and add about 3 mls of water.......(Warming the mixture, by placing small bowl onto a larger bowl of warm water)

*For Ear Mites (if you see black crud in animal's ear when you use A BIGGER THAN NORMAL Q TIP> (I make my own with hyacinth sticks, landscapers way of holding droopy flowers erect, 4x the STICK WIDTH of a q tip. I HAND ROLL the cotton with a damp fingertip. USE ANY OIL, but do use very little neem in it, that stuff can be carcinogenic if 'straight.' Roll stick around, get BLACK WAX ? That's mite poop,) use either a cotton ball or eye dropper fill eye dropper and gently trickle mixture into the ear canal (approx half a teaspoon) let it run down into the ear for a few seconds then from the base of the ear gently massage it(hear the squishing sound) massage for 2/3 minutes then let the cat or dog shake their head, do this procedure each day for 3 days then repeat same the following week. Anita skips the drip but adds kick butt vermifuges like black walnut extracted from nut husks, easily, infused in lemon or vodka, garlic, tea tree oil, 1% neem oil, on your quadruple size Q tip. Swab a few days in a row. IF THE BLACK mite poop is gone, discontinue treatment.

For Ear Infections do the same except treat the ear everyday until no more brown fluid is present or the wax has been cleared. And important to put your pet on a natural raw meat/veg diet and food supplements is vitamin, many of ear infections are caused from poor quality food/food allergy/low
immune system.........I sometimes alternate with some wheat germ oil and  some herbal goldenseal(antibiotic) and use dropper to put drops into ear  canal and gentle massage a few minutes and wipe away any brown pus.

In order to completely heal the ear canal and stay free from re infections
or mites the animal needs to be put on a good nutritional diet, as the
animal will not be susceptible anymore due to lack of the essential
vitamins/minerals to maintain top health.

If you need to Vaccinate you pet always play it safe and get your pet
Vaccinated with the Homeopathic drops from you Holistic Vet or Homeopathic
Vet ... NOTE: you will need to start giving these drops at least 4 months
prior to your pet going to the boarding Kennel. Or give the chemical
vaccinations as single doses several weeks apart from each one.NO SIDE


To Antidote from the harmful side effects of 4 in 1 or 6 in 1 click
here!..Annual Pet Vaccinations - signs of having a negative effect are -
erratic behaviour problems soon after shots, small Warts/Cancer/kidney
failure/tumours, bloat of stomach, skin problems, Feline Leukemia disease, 

BIG TUMORS that grow ast......90% of  skin problems R-related to toxic vaccination, animals
have actual developed the actual disease it was vaccinated for! Especially
Feline Leukemia and Parvo, if you suspect a the dog or cats illness is
related to vaccinations -you will need to antidote the toxic reaction with
a Dose: Homeopathic Pills - Thuja 30C as soon as possible,Dose nightly for
3 nights, then dose with homeopathic Sulpur 30C - weekly for 7 more doses.

Also can use the natural Herbal Antidote which is: Blue-violet leaf and red
clover together as a detoxifier for vaccinosis reaction, whether it be
tumors or skin problems.


Natural Flea Dog Wash
Add 40 to 60 drops of Eucalyptus Oil to soapy washing water and wash dog -
reputedly rids fleas.

Mosquito Repellent
Dissolve 10 drops of Eucalyptus Oil and 30ml of Almond Oil or any vegetable
oil, and rub well onto exposed fur or skin.

Dry Skin Condition - (Dog)
Add a teaspoon of Olive Oil to food once a day until the skin condition is
relieved, then use the Optimum Oil mixture supplement. (Cod Liver Oil &
Safflower Oil - Mixture )

Mange & Flea Repellent - (Dog Wash) Thinly slice a whole lemon, including the
peel. Add it to 1 pint of near-boiling water and let steep overnight. The next day, sponge the
solution onto the animal's skin & let it dry.

Wax Build Up Olive Oil - 25 ml, Vitamin E 400IU, Almond Oil - 10ml (warm Oil) Mix and
use daily until discharge goes - Soak cotton ball or use eye dropper and
gently soak into ear canal of cat or dog's ear. Gently massage, then let
pet shake their head. If ear mite pests R-suspected, use vermifuges like black walnut tincture,
garlic, lemon, tea tree oil, 1% dilution neem oil IN OIL on a quadruple size, hand made Q tip.
Swab softly and deeply.

Skin Allergies - are actually zinc deficiencies. Buy the Chelated Zinc
Tablets and crush the tablet & mix into daily meals. Cats and dogs
benefit this mineral in their daily regular meals, along with digestive
enzyme tablet(crushed)

Rosemary Conditioner (helps repel fleas! & a Coat Conditioner! )

1 teaspoon dried Rosemary leaves (or 1 tablespoon of fresh herb) Bring to
the boil 1 pint of water. Combine & steep for 10 minutes,covered. Strain &
cool to body temperature. Pour it over your dog as a final rinse. Rub in
and towel dry without further rinsing.

Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Animals.

Using Homeopathic drops! - animals that don't like/except drops inside
their mouth then dose pet on top of head and gently rub in for a couple of

Using Homeopathic pillules! - try not to handle too much, and massage side
of mouth with tiny pill so it sits inside gum to dissolve in the pouch of
pets mouth.

Kennel Cough - Homeopathic Echinacea 6X Drops. Dosage 4/5 drops 2 X Daily
until clear.

Heart Worm Prevention - Homeopathic Nat.Phos 4X Pillules - 2 pills in fresh
filtered water daily.

'Natural Heartworm & Wormer' in one pillules DOG @$10.95 (2 year supply
bottle) ORDER within Australia.

'All Rounder Wormer' for Cat/Kittens drops @$9.95 25ml bottle ORDER within

Ear Warts - Mix Herbal tincture of Calendula, Echinacea, Hypericum into a
natural cream base and use when required.

Acute Cystitis - Cat or Dog ( bladder infection /FUS - caused by eating dry
biscuits) - Use Homeopathic - Cantharis 30C (signs of infection when
straining to go to the toilet, little fluid or blood in urine, urinating
inside house - ( which is usually letting the owner know that something is
wrong with them) Dose every 10 minutes if need be.

Chronic Cystitis - The cat that has repeated cystitis which causes a
chronic problem, use the Causticum 30C, especially good for the older
animals. Repeated attacks can be related to commercial biscuits and food
allergies.(chemicals in food or any Yeast products etc)

Chronic Cystitis Cat - Dog - Use Homeopathic Sarsaparilla 30C. Dose once a
day for 10 days.

Note: the cause of cystitis in cats is caused from the chemicals in
Commercial dry cat biscuits.Kibbles. Also, too much FISH.

100% Essential Lavender Oil - Is a good general soothing antiseptic. For
Horses - FUMES/ Substance itself TOXIC!
Must Dilute it by putting (10)ten drops of oil into one cup of
water. Use it for soothing irritated and red cuts, scratches and insect
stings. ( Do not use it on small animal eg-cats or dogs)

Slippery Elm Bark - The powdered bark is a soothing treatment for internal
inflammation. For scouring include two tablespoons of the powder in some
bland feed. do not give to pregnant mares.

Lucerne Tea - (Good for a sick horse) As an enriching tea it is given to
horses that are ill. Put one biscuit of hay into a suitably sized container
then pour over enough boiling water to just cover the hay. Cover
immediately to stop steam escaping and let steam for an hour or so. Drain
the hay and give the liquid tepid. About half a cup of unprocessed honey
may be added and dissolved.

Horse Influenza - Homeopathic Bryonia 200C drops

Horse Tetanus Preventer, Bot Fly, - Homeopathic Ledum 30C

Ticks, Lice, sheep (put in water trough) Homeopathic Ledum 30C

After Horse race, tense muscles, shock, trauma, before & after pet surgery
- Homeopathic Arnica 200C(for shock & hemoprage)

Malnutrition, & animals recovering from surgery - Homeopathic Silica 200C
or Arnica

After Horse Vaccinations - (Dry Cough) - Homeopathic Pulsatilla 30C

Animals that are stress with travelling in a vehicle - Homeopathic Aconite
12 X

Weening a young animal from parents - Homeopathic Slippery Elm

Heatstroke , Sudden onset Seizure, illness with associated - Belladonna 6X
or 30C

Cat Flu/cold - Homeopathic (this is one of a few) Aconitum Nap 30C....
Dosage: 3 drops - 3 x times only.

Cats & dogs that have a 'habit' of 'wetting' or marking inside house all
the time (if it has just started though, your cat maybe emotionally upset
and letting you know, or perhaps has a urinary infection(see Cystitis)
........But if it is just a habit of marking inside as a anxiety problem
try - Dose with Ignatia 30X Dose daily for 7 days.

Dogs that have a need to eat their own poops - Vitamin B Deficiency(Biotin)
Add to daily diet a low B-complex tablet (crush) daily into meals.
(Available at Healthfood shops)

Getting rid of the harmful effects of Cortisone shots - (unblocking) - Nux
Vomica 30C

Detoxifier for the Liver in Cats, Dogs who drag their bottom along ground
(sometimes their annul glands are block/infected and need emptying) -
Homeopathic Nux Vomica Nap 30C or 200C.... Dosage: 3 drops 3/4 times daily.
2 weeks.

Highly strung, unruly and destructive pet - Scullcap 30C Dose Daily for 12

Spasmodic attacks of hysteria - Cuprum met (along with herbal treatment)

Genetically hyper animals - Kali.Phos 6X Dose 2 daily until symptoms are

Leg trembles, stiffness in back legs and getting up. Give 3 x times a day
for 10 days and repeat every four to six months when necessary. Homeopathic
Conium 6C.

Older animals, particularly cats, treatment for chronic intestinal
nephritis. - Plumbum 6C

Discharges - Homeopathic Pulsatilla 30C

Joint Problems - Homeopathic Rhus Tox 30C when pet is sore after resting &
then moving again.

Whole Body is affected and stiff - Actea Racemosa 30C

Small joints affected eg ...neck, feet - Caulophyllum 6C

Hip Dysplasia, joint or bone disease - Homeopathic Silicea 30C

Sprains / tendons / ligaments - Homeopathic Ruta Grav 30C

For Chronic sprains. That are recurrent after prolonged rest periods -
Strontium Carb 30C Dose daily for 7 days.

Swelling of joints & joint fluid and lymphatic drainer - Apis Mell 6X &
Kali Carb 6C

Open Wounds and abrasions - Calendula Oficialis. (Ask for seed: astrology at

Rain Rot (stallions & geldings) - Homeopathic Telluriumll 30C

Rain Rot (mares & fillies) - Homeopathic Sepia 30C

Injuries / trauma / pain - Homeopathic Arnica 200C

Sebaceous glands or cysts between toes etc, give Hepar Sulp 30C daily for
seven days or Hepar Sulp 200C 2 X Daily for four days.

Dogs that pine or sulk or withdraw due to separation from owner or other
animal friend either temporary or permanent loss Give: Homeopathic Ignatia
10M Potency - Dose 12 hours apart, for 4 days then wait. Then repeat if

Dogs that always dislike being left alone - Homeopathic Pulsatilla 30C

For genetically hyper animals, as well as for those with psychological
disturbances. - Kali.Phos 6X (tissue salts)

ill-disposed towards strangers and which frets through being parted from
owner - Capsicum 10M. Dose twice daily 12 hours apart. If ineffective try
Aconite(fear), Ignatia(previous abuse).

Dogs or Cats that tend to territorial marking inside house - Ustillago
Maydis 200C Dose 3 times weekly for 4 weeks.

Cat or Dog that has habit of sometimes urinating inside house since a baby
- Ignatia 10X Dose daily for 4 days and wait, repeat if necessary a week

Sensitivity & sudden shock to loud noises like fireworks, thunder etc. -
Borax 6X Dose 3 times daily for 3 days. The every four weeks before
expected fireworks or thunder storms.

Highly-strung, unruly & destructive pets try Scutellaria 200C. Dose 2 x
Daily up to 1 week, along with perhaps Scullcap herbs drops mixed into
their daily meals 3 x daily for one week.

Dogs that continually make a lot of noise when on their own eg. continual
barking until owner gets home - Homeopathic Pulsatilla 200C - Dose ...12
hours apart eg do this 4 times) and repeat in one month if

To unblock the pets system after being on Cortizone - give one dose of Nux
Vomica 30C

Dogs or Cats that enjoy being stroked, then suddenly gets up set, strikes
out at the person and starts to withdraw and sulk. Nat.Mur 30C Dose 3

Dogs that fear being in car - where quietness, quivering & depression
displayed. - Homeopathic Tabacum 30C.

Dogs travelling in car - displays over anxious in excitement and won't
settle down. - Homeopathic Cocculus 30C - Dose 3 times on the day prior to
travel and once again before setting out on the day. ....OR (can use
Tabacum and Cocculus together in the one bottle.)

All animals domestic or working that have gone through traumatic emotional
or physical experiences either with you or from previous owners eg. car
accidents, abuse - physical beatings or emotional abandonment and
loneliness as many victims end up dumped or lost and if lucky someone takes
the pet to a good animal shelter, ( NOT the Pound - death within days of
arriving) all cats and dogs, horse will need.* Homeopathic - Ignatia 200C
or 1M to heal the passsed fears and anxiety they will still be hanging on
to unable to release this subconsciously.


Bach - Flowers Essences for Animals.

Animals with grief, separation, anxiety, from being in shelters, past
abandonment. Use the Bach - flower Essences- 'Honeysuckle' & 'Rescue
Remedy' dosing several times a day for at least 3 - 4 days if necessary

Possessiveness in Pets: Bach - Flower Essences - Chicory.

Habit of Wetting Inside(anxious) - Flower Essences - Cherry Plum & Chestnut

Excessive Grooming - Flower Essences - Crab Apple.

For Over-dominating animals - Flower Essences - Vine.

Fear - loud noises, visiting vets, people etc. - Flower Essences - Mimulus.

Grief (loss of human or companion animal friend) Flower Essences - Sweet

Abuse, neglect or abandonment - Flower Essences - Larch, Aspen, Star of

Use 'Holly' insecure feeling of jealousy of another animal.

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