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                            Sands Hernandez, 30$ the hour. No better,
                            cheaper natal reading anywhere! CAST YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE ONLINE FREE at ASTRO COM or ASTRO LABE send it to me by email & I'll give you reading FREE -- SEND CHART TO ME as a gif file to *astrology at earthlink net*

HOW would one create one's own chart, cast one's very own HOROSCOPE? At ASTROLABE, a great great site --- or ASTRO COM, it takes a minute flat. You do the work so that you learn to do chart circles.

Then send that horoscope circle to me as a GIF file  In exchange, I'll give some free, off the cuff impressions.A minute or two of them. But don't worry, I type fast and can read a chart fast.

A full hour of my typing YOUR natal horoscope's picture of your DESTINY /Love/ Money READING is still very cheap --- 30$ the hour (Was 25$ for last 20 yrs, was $15 in 1969 but landlady just raised rent 40% (house not apt. so can't fight her.) so I'm 30$ an hour now.) It could take me a mere half hour to give you a quick 'natal karma ' reading. If you want that half hour 15$ reading in person -- I'm in the San Fernando valley. Come over. Or, want to  talk by E-MAIL --I'm astrology at earthlink net over at PAYPAL.

Then, there are phone readings I'm at 818-774-1939 but I only plug in the phone if you schedule a time. Why? PHONE RINGS 10 to twenty times a day. Had to unplug it. Got on my  nerves as every person who phoned in wanted instant attention and research and it's hard to say no.

Last, I also do typed readings online, -- you get a FILE like this file, Same colors same print. Same typos all made by loving hands at home. FRESH baked. Kneaded by hand, Straight from the oven. Nothing pre-frozen.With graphics like this:

Picture of the heavens today, an
                          astrological map, current transits are

YOU CAN BE SPECIFIC about what you need. You will get back those questions answered and the LIFETIME KARMA DHARMA TYPED REPORT both for 30$ the hour...Your karma might be your bad stuff, the obstacles and  how to fix that pattern, indicating what you must correct. Your DHARMA is your true destiny, talents, the path you want to get on. I type for an hour.

I do the COMPARISON CHART for 60$ two people, their compatibility.You get both charts. I do the work

 I do a LIFE TIME READING ---it's like sausage, -- you pay by the pound. Tell me how much you want to spend. However, if you phone in with a few questions and DID YOUR SCOPE-casting YOURSELF, using these instructions, I'm approachable before 8PM CALIF time when the mysteries/ thrillers go on TV. We can talk it over for fifteen minutes for 10 $......That is the ultimo bargain rate.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASTRO COM: Scroll down once,  five lines of writing, middle one is FREE CHARTS. Hit that. NEW PAGE!  scroll down til end on right where LAST ICON IS " EXTENDED CHARTS." CLICK THEN it says NEW PERSON. Hit that. Fill in your birth info, city, time. HIT VIEW CHART. Then RIGHT CLICK ON CHART GRAPHIC TO SAVE IT TO CACHE. Be sure to retitle it, as it gives you a long number and letter sequence. Erase that, say MY CHART. GIF  end of story.

Surf to PAYPAL.COM, pay  me, ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK DOT NET for one hour. 60$ for two. You can specify typing time one hour, phone talk time one hour. The PAYPAL people instantly send me an email, 'so and so bought 60$ for 120 minutes..... and you can include a message, that goes thru too.

Just one look at a natal chart and a good stargazer can see your destiny (dharma, true life mission) and karmas (bad habit patterns,) & I'm glad to shoot you an email right then. ( I get so GLAD that you didn't make ME do your CHART-CASTING work. Cuz I get tired of doing the five steps I'm about to give you.

 ASTRO.COM WEBSITE will do all the math for you, cast a nalal horoscope that is gorgeous and ASTROLABE is great. Easier chart sequence of menus, too. But try both, do your chart, your sweetie, your big appointment next week. Yeah, you can work in the future. ASTROLOGY IS ABOUT THE FUTURE.

When you do your horoscope circle for me it saves me time (which I give back to YOU. )

It will look like this:(THIS WEEK WHEN I WROTE THIS PAGE)

Stars for this DAY
When you get the chart, SAVE IT WITH A RIGHT CLICK. To cache as ME.GIF or MYNAME.gif

Take note of what directory you put it on or it'll be hard to find! You know how to make a directory? File managing software that I use is ZTREE. I don't use the one that comes in Windows. But that's your call. You can download ztree free, play with it thirty days. THAT is a file manager!

So make a directory. C:\astrology is where I keep stuff related to people's horoscopes.

Once it is saved, do an email to astrology at earthlink dot net and 'attach' it. Send it to me as gif file. As an 'attachment'.

Now if later, you want astro interpreting,you and I can talk 'stars' and 'transits of Jupiter' and stuff as I put the rules of reading charts online at ANITA'S STAR LESSON PAGE.

I will give you feedback by email. Or print it out, come here to RESEDA 20 miles north of Beverly Hills, I'm 30$ the hour, 15.00$ the half hour, or I type the Dharma Karma report for 30$. Give you the whole hour, straight & Email it back to you.

PS. You will soon know enough basic astrology to pick your "GO FOR IT DAYS" and your "TURN ANYTHING COMING AT YOU DOWN DAYS."  To distinguish them. all you need is the back 6 pages of DELL HOROSCOPE mag or astro.com has a daily ephemeris.  On front page.  Say you're in need of a biz appt with a big investor. Looking at next week. The DELL HOROSCOPE MAG clearly points out in the last five pages, that Moon is in Aries, trine Mars in Aquarius sextile it Night of the 8th. Which is better, cancer rising or Aries rising? We'll go over that.

If you want, you can also learn to read charts. Take the free seminar online 'How to Interpret the chart' and then to to ASTRO COM, in 1 minute you make your circle and SEND your horoscope circle TO ME BY EMAIL. You will get some clues about yourself from a gal who's been doing stars for 62 years now... by return EMAIL! (My mother is AFA, grad of First College and Temple of astrology back in 1941. She was studying while she was pregnant with me. Teachers there said I'd act first, write later and be an astrologer. Uranus in the tenth house.) I was a day or two old when they wrote it.

I type to the hours you pay for
as you know, that sum can vary.
An hour is short,
gives 30$ report.
Two hours are long.
I can finish the song.

But my motto is --I'm like a butcher;
You just get the pounds that you pay for.
So I'm promising that in your reading,
we WILL see those things that you pray for!

Figure out what you will borrow from daddy,
The typing will start right away.
Paypal requires my e-mail addie
Checks: 7900 Zelzah, Reseda - CA!

91335. is my zipcode
I can rhyme no further than this
To you I send this small ODE
And blow you a Moon-Starry kiss.

*     *     *      *     *     *     *

Anita Sands Hernandez, top
                          Hollywood Astrologer to the stars, GURU to the
                          gurusANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, 65 SOLID YEARS OF DOING HOROSCOPES, palms, only 54 yrs doing tarot cards; See me at work THE SECRETS of Courtship and Marriage a free seminar at LUCK IN LOVE.COM Reach me at ASTROLOGY @ EARTH LINK DOT NET. and to send money that's my email which PAYPAL uses. That's all they need ---  my email addie.