There's no danger of my family dying of ice cream consumption. No one in my family can pay 3$ a pint for dessert. Besides which we're all terrified of dying of fat gobs in our aorta. We take the fat off the meat before we cook it, as when it's cooked, no one can see fat.

And we have butter on our morning toast as this always seemed so irreplacable and MINIMAL. We always knew that margarine was made by boiling oil at 3000 degrees for about a year with a bunch of nickles in the cauldron and it was really a lethal withcbrew. So, AT MY HOUSE we never bit on one of those fifties "margarine for heart health" bogus diets. So what if your heart is healthy, if the rest of you is Tumor City?! We have been 'butter is better' partisans, forever. A pound a month is a few dollars but hey, a little dab will do ya!

Not to tweak your native paranoia, but did you know they really do use carcinogenic nickel to hydrogenate vegetable oils to make them thick enough to form margarine? Do you think they get all of the carcinogenic nickel out of the margarine before they sell it to us? HOW? With very tiny scalpels?

BUTTER went sky high recently, doubling in cost. My guess was that someone found out that fat in butter is actually good for us, especially stuff like monolaurin and lauric acid, so they want to jack the price just as they made this known.

The Auyvedics (India had holistic doctors way longer than we, and these are they) have been pushing clarified butter (Ghee, they call it,) for its ability to nuture healthy intestinal bacteria since Jesus and Buddha walked the earth. The above-mentioned probiotic qualities as well as the short chain fatty acids of butter in-activate a host of pathological viruses and bacteria, making these bible times alternative claims more than plausible.

If you really want to indulge with safety, lose the dairy part of the butter by boiling it into GHEE. Skim THE DAIRY FRIZZ off, give it away to the pets. Drop it in cookie recipes and give it to the neighbors. Tastes great, as it's been living with BUTTER for so long!!


GHEE (clarified, melted, rendered butter) is full of the master hormone that the body needs to create all other youth hormones. Get your daily ghee you will never wrinkle.

GHEE supplies all the body parts with the fuel it requires to make other hormones. Pregnenolone, DHEA, all the things you buy for 14$ a jar, you can get out of ghee. You can make GHEE out of butter yourself for 3$ a quart! A huge difference in cost, and Ghee is fun to eat on toast, so a BIG DIF wouldn't you say? So, save money, get rid of wrinkles and premature aging which causes cancers to take's how to do it.

Get a big half quart jar like the biggest mayonaise jar they have, sterilized. Boil for l0 min, dry upside down. Glass jar, not plastic. NOW, SIMMER one lb of good butter, unsalted butter by the way.

SKIM off all dairy particles, i.e the white-ish friz. As it simmers, the friz rises to top. IT IS THE MILK that's in all butter. It's tasty stuff so put that in a cookie batter, instead of butter. (sugar, the friz, one egg, beaten. Add wholegrain flour until it's of cookie dough softness, add vanilla, nuts, toasted sesame seeds, dried fruit, lemon rind, orange rind, bake and Give the cookies to someone else.

Now, the ghee. You have RENDERED that lb of butter, it's clear yellow liquid. NOW, You will get a big quart jar and pour the slightly cooled ghee right from pan into jar, get it full of yellow oil. Pour it into this clean jar, no funnel requ'd, COVER the ghee, screwing lid on tight as ghee absorbs aromas in the room, or in the FRIDGE, as do all fats DO. Don't want it smelling like broccoli or kale!!! Keep the ghee in fridge where it will get solid. Indians keep it in kitchen but I'm religious about refrigerating oils.

Every time you want a steak, have steamed vegies with GHEE all over it. The Indians say, 'vegetables have l00 times the hunger staving nutrition of fruits. Grains have l00 times the HSN of vegetables. MEAT has l00 times the HSN of grains but GHEE has l00 times the HSN of meat! All foods become a complete protein with ghee on it. Vegies are part proteins so are grains, but add ghee and it satisfies like a steak.

So ghee is the passport to vegetarianism. The truth about animals is that certain blood types can eat meat but they can never loose the fear and sorrow in the flesh. MEAT depresses. Worst of all, babies who suffer depress, that's lamb and veal. Next day one is totally morose after eating a suffering baby critter who has been separated from his MOM for weeks before his death!! The sorrow in that meat is HORMONAL and very real. It is like injecting YOURSELF with depression and sorrow. So, help your body to find alternative proteins. They are out there growing in your yard as we speak. Avocados, nuts, broccoli, salad, beets, carrots, etc. with a nice
serving of millet, or a tofuburger full of almonds and other crunch things. and all of your vegies and grains dripping yummy GHEE!! I like parmesan and lemon juice and cilantro greens dotting THAT entree, as well.

Oh, one more thing, GHEE can be heated when you cook anything. BUTTER cannot. Butter scorches and burns the way MILK burns in a pan. It turns brown and then black and has a burnt milk smell. GHEE can go way up even above temps used for olive oil. So we fry our tofu burgers in it. Click there, bet the recipe for tofu burgers -- the 8th wonder of the world.